The 10 Best Quizlet Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Here you will review and compare the top Quizlet Alternatives that offer stunning features and applications for prompt results. Select as per your requirement:

Quizlet is one of the best tools when it comes to making forms on quizzes, studying data, and exploring other competing options. However, it has a lot of difficulties to consider when it comes to the features and the pricing attached to it. Switching over to the Best Quizlet Alternatives is the right thing to consider.

The best apps like Quizlet come with stunning features that help you to get immediate results. The top-rated options offer premium features that yield excellent results.

The online learning tools allow you to make quizzes and give you the most information on quiz makers.

Review Quizlet – Quiz Making Platform

Best Quizlet Alternatives

Finding out the Best Quizlet Alternatives can be a difficult choice for you. To help you with this, we’ve come up with a list of the best Quizlet Alternatives available in the market.

Simply scroll down below to find out the best ones.

Market Trends: According to Google Trends, the search requirements for Quizlet alternatives are increasing at a rapid rate. Multiple tools from all over the world do come with a high volume of search requirements because of the application and features. The searches seem to be expecting a higher requirement from regions like the USA, Philippines, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

higher requirement from regions

Expert Advice: While looking for the best websites similar to Quizlet, the first thing that you need to consider is having good compatibility. Make sure the tool that you choose comes with compatibility with your device. It should work with both PC as well as mobile devices.

The next key thing is the option of having a good number of features and templates. Having a variety of templates and quiz options is crucial for achieving favorable outcomes.

Some other key factors you need to consider in study websites like Quizlet are the option of having good pricing and a number of usage. Such factors like usage and database availability also come into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I make Quizlet more effective?

Answer: One of the best quiz-making platforms is Quizlet. There are certain things that you need to follow in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your quizzes.

Star mark the concepts that you are facing problems with. Try to use different keyboard shortcuts. Create different classes and add your friends so that you can practice easily. Utilize the pretest option to get ample practice before your final exams.

Q #2) Is using Quizlet good for studying?

Answer: People who want to study virtually can use Quizlet for that purpose. Quizlet lets you create customized quizzes so that you can have a great practice of your MCQ-based topics before your final examinations. Quizlet users can easily make flashcards set for each and every course.

You can categorize your sets into different folders which makes your studying more organized and disciplined.

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Q #3) Can you make unlimited flashcards on Quizlet?

Answer: If you are wondering whether you can make unlimited flashcards on Quizlet or not, actually you can do that easily. There is no restriction or any kind of limit on the number of flashcards that you can make on Quizlet. In other words, you can create as many flashcards as you want without facing any kind of hindrance at all.

Q #4) Is there a better alternative to Quizlet?

Answer: Quizlet is one of the best online study platforms available globally. Still, there are many alternatives that are really better in many aspects than Quizlet. On the basis of a recent survey, it is found that people are using Kahoot, Anki, and Quizizz more than Quizlet as websites like Quizlet.

It is happening because of the better user-friendly interface, powerful editing tools, night mode, server stability, and other certain special features that are lacking in Quizlet.

Q #5) How accurate are Quizlet answers?

Answer: When it comes to the accuracy of the answers, Quizlet really lags behind a lot. It is so because of the custom sets which are created by its users. The answers are not completely verified and so there is a great chance that you might be learning or getting knowledge of the wrong information. You can also get good reviews in free Quizlet alternative.

Features & Pricing of Quizlet

Quizlet allows you to create multiple and custom question sets. You can follow any type of theme for setting up your quizzes.

It comes with question sets and an interactive content style. This will help students with preparations. The game format from Quizlet is a great help. There are various enjoyable content choices available. You can take the help of online and hybrid courses for more engaging material.

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Pricing of Quizlet

Quizlet is available in two options for the Quizlet Plus plan. The monthly subscription charges are roughly around $7.99/month. However, the Annual plan is available at $48 per year.

Why to look for Quizlet alternatives?

Quizlet is one of the best form-making apps and tools available in the market. However, the structure of creating forms or quizzes is monotonous and there is nothing new introduced. If you want to create forms with a new template or get new content, picking an alternative to Quizlet is a must.

How we have chosen these Quizlet alternatives?

While picking out the best Quizlet alternatives, we have taken a number of parameters into consideration. After evaluating all the available tools on the parameters, we were able to establish the best ones.

One of the key parameters was the available platforms. A tool that is available on all platforms like Android, iOS, or even from web versions was given a better priority.

A free trial on the premium version of the tool helped us to determine the features that we could receive.

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List of the Best Quizlet Alternatives

Some top and impressive competitors of Quizlet:

  2. ProProfs Quiz Maker
  3. Knowt
  4. Jotform
  5. SurveyMonkey
  6. Typeform
  7. Kahoot
  8. Qzzr
  9. Anki
  10. EasyTestMaker

Comparison Table of Top Competitors of Quizlet

Tool NameBest ForAvailable PlatformPricingRatings
Forms.appCreate forms, collect form submissionsAndroid, iOS and Huawei devicesFree, Basic for 10 USD/month, Pro for 13 USD/month, Premium for 29.5 USD/month5.0/5
ProProfs Quiz MakerBuild assessments & quizzes in one stepiPhone, iPad, AndroidFREE, ESSENTIALS for $20/month, BUSINESS for $40/month, BUSINESS+ $200/month4.9/5
KnowtThe ideal choice for flashcards & notesAndroid, iOS and WindowsSupporter for $0.83/month, Pro for $2.17/month and Limitless for $7.99/Month4.8/5
JotformA unique form builder that comes with all customizationsAndroid and iOSStarter for Free, Bronze for $34/month, Silver for $39/month, Gold for $99/month4.7/5
SurveyMonkeyThe right place for hundreds of templates for questionsChrome, FirefoxTam Plans for $25, $75 per month and Individual Plans for $39, $119 and $99 per month4.6/5

Detailed reviews:


Best for students when it comes to Creating forms and collecting form submissions.

If you want to go for a Quizlet alternatives, then look for the It comes with a huge number of advantages for the users. This is quite low in terms of cost and has a simple interface.  I appreciate the user-friendly interface that enables smooth workflow.

Apart from that, you will be able to calculate quiz scores quickly and then display the result page using the calculator tool. This has quiz template inclusion that is available in the free plan, which is great. Moreover, you will be able to access as well as build interactive forms that too from anywhere. You can use the forms application’s mobile-friendly app.

Features we like the most:

  • Easy to use with no complications. It comes with quick usage options.
  • It has a user-friendly UI to design the forms easily. You can get a good output from this.
  • Create forms easily with just a single click. You can type the theme and select from it.
  • Users are provided with secure network access and their collected data is kept secure.
  • Customize your forms for easy making. You can also change their styles and themes.


  • Payment option available
  • Add online order forms
  • Wide compatibility


  • Technical issues may arise sometimes

Why we have chosen seems to be a perfect choice when it comes to building forms around quizzes. You can easily get some good results in making quiz forms and also it becomes quite easily available.

Our review: People can have a good experience using the because of the wide range of topics that are available. This tool is easy to access for everybody and it comes with quick usage. The form builder comes with easily editable options.

Ratings: 5.0/5

Price: Free, Basic for 10 USD/month, Pro for 13 USD/month, Premium for 29.5 USD/month


#2) ProProfs Quiz Maker

Best for building assessments & quizzes in one step for easy access. It has multiple templates included.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

While I was checking out for Quizlet alternatives, I found out about the Proprofs Quiz Maker. And as the name suggests, it is a great platform that will let you create quizzes. In fact, the sign-up will be free of cost. You will be able to create quizzes as well as schedule your quizzes as needed.

What I like about this alternative is that it will let you assess both students as well as employees using quizzes. The interface is quite user-friendly and has some ready-to-use questions too.

Apart from that, you can expect to have a well-secured server system. Along with that, you will be able to add images and videos.

Features I like:

  • Free sign-up and does not require any type of registration to be done on priority.
  • Create quizzes in an instant. The tool can directly lead you to quiz-making options easily.
  • Organize your quizzes in a systematic manner by scheduling them properly. You can schedule them according to your preference.
  • Certification system for quizzes given with an option. It comes with instant certificate generation.
  • Well-secured server and always keeps secured. The data remains safe and also not shared.


  • Automatic scoring and grading system
  • Integrated network
  • Multiple language support


  • Most of the features are missing on the free demo version

Why we have chosen ProProfs Quiz Maker?

The reason why we liked the ProProfs Quiz Maker at most is because it comes with easy quiz-making options. The platform allows you to easily build assessments and quizzes in minutes. It also helps a lot in audience engagement.

Our review: ProProfs Quiz Maker is a good choice for amateur users who wish to give a great result. Most of the users have come up with a decent verdict for using this tool. It offers quick customizations and is used easily.

Ratings: 4.9/5

Price: Free, Essentials for $20/month, Business for $40/month, Business+ $200/month

Website: ProProfs Quiz Maker

#3) Knowt

Best for flashcards & notes. It has one-click access and quick-making features.


Knowt is quite similar to Quizlet and you can create quizzes pretty easily with this. This is further equipped with an AI assistant that will help you to control the tool smoothly. What I like about Knowt is the stable network connection and along with that it offers secure data connection.

However, it is 100 percent free of cost to use and you will be able to create flashcards using your notes instantly. Also, students can effortlessly share as well as browse notes with others. The preset templates are quite good and will let you create interactive quizzes.


  • Create online quizzes with just a single click. It comes with easy online creation options.
  • Equipped with an AI assistant. You can use AI for a one-step click.
  • Stable network connection for a reliable quiz contest. You can set it up and keep tracking always.
  • Secured data connection which helps in protecting the user end data.
  • Create flashcards easily to make the entire form look creative and attractive.


  • Import flashcards
  • Amazing efficiency
  • Great performance


  • Minor problems may occur

Why we have chosen Knowt?

Knowt is a great option to have a good result. The reason why we prefer the Knowt is because it comes with an AI assistant for quick customization and making options.

What we like: The Knowt comes with a great choice for most of the flashbacks and notes. It has a simple one-click access which can provide you with great results. You can easily get good one-click access and quick making.

Ratings: 4.8/5

Price: Supporter for $0.83/month, Pro for $2.17/month, and Limitless for $7.99/Month

Website: Knowt

#4) Jotform

Best for a unique form builder that comes with all customizations. It has great efficiency and usage.


Jotform is yet another great alternative to Quizlet. It will let you style your own forms which is amazing. I like that you will have access to several advanced features and then prepare distinctive quizzes.

This comes with both free as well as paid plans for all the users to choose from according to their needs. You can use all the pre-made templates and make any necessary customizations. Overall, Jotform comes with a user-friendly interface and you will have the online payment feature available for smooth transactions.

Features we like:

  • Fast service and also helps in setting up in no time at all.
  • Easy to operate with a simple interface. It comes with an advanced mechanism as well.
  • Style your own forms in your own custom needs. This device comes with a one-step configuration ability.
  • Great integrity and also has a decent formation of the quizzes.
  • Online payment feature available for quick payment modes.


  • Available on Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Data encryption
  • User-friendly user interface


  • Server issues may arise sometimes

Why we have chosen Jotform?

The reason why we have chosen the Jotform is because it comes with quick customization and usage. This tool also comes with a unique builder that has great efficiency and usage.

Our review: The Jotform is a proper tool to have for a user-friendly interface. it comes with quick customizations that allow you to get great integrity and also with quick customizations.

Ratings: 4.7/5

Price: Starter for Free, Bronze for $34/month, Silver for $39/month, Gold for $99/month

Website: Jotform

#5) SurveyMonkey

Best for hundreds of templates for questions. You can get an interactive UI presence.


SurveyMonkey is yet another alternative to Quizlet. It is pretty popular and allows you to see real-time reports. As a result, you will be able to see the impact of all your quizzes. I appreciate the ease of creating quizzes with the pre-made templates.

The technical support seems pretty good and you will have no problem with the security as it will maintain data privacy. This will let you schedule your quizzes and even will allow you to create amazing online polls. All the templates here are quite unique and interesting to work with.


  • Create online polls for quick survey or quiz requirements.
  • Add different forms in a single quiz session to complete a survey. It helps in gathering quick information.
  • Survey templates are easily available for constant usage. You can choose from a wide usage.
  • You can schedule your quizzes for regular uploads. You can also consider having a good schedule for survey work.
  • The survey analysis system helps a lot in building forms. You can get a great result with such types of forms.


  • Great technical support
  • Maintains data privacy
  • Active servers


  • Certain glitches may cause a problem

Why we have chosen SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is one of the best tools when it comes to using the right customizations and usage. It comes with great resources for real-time usage.

Verdict: The SurveyMonkey is an exceptional platform when it comes to regular quiz-making usage. It has more than 17 million active users.

Ratings: 4.6/5

Price: Team Plans for $25, $75 per month, and Individual Plans for $39, $119, and $99 per month

Website: SurveyMonkey 

#6) Typeform

Best for creating online polls in just one click. it is easy to access surveys.


Talking about Quizlet alternatives, you can check out the Typeform. This will let you export the results of your quizzes and then later on, you can analyze them. In fact, this has an easy-to-use layout so you will not have a problem in using the tool.

I like that it gives you access to a lot of good preset templates. All of them are useful and unique and will help you to create quick quizzes. Typeform has a calculator feature that will let you calculate all the scores. The compatibility is great and you will be able to create surveys, add online polls, and more.


  • Easily create surveys
  • Add online polls
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Easy to use layout
  • Simple design


  • A lot of preset templates
  • Analysis reports
  • Superb compatibility


  • Server maintenance issues may occur

Our review: This tool is a good choice if you are looking for forms that are different than others. You can get to use free signup data and other custom works done with this.

Price: Basic from 25 USD/month, Plus from 50 USD/month, and Business for 83 USD/month.

Website: Typeform

#7) Kahoot

Best for students to get the best results. It comes with great usage.

Kahoot - Quizlet Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Quizlet, then Kahoot is really a great option for you. It provides the facility to use unique templates for your quizzes. You can customize your quizzes according to your own choices, and it lets you add your own designs.

In terms of security, Kahoot provides well-secured servers where your data is fully encrypted, and there is no involvement of any kind of third-party software. People can choose from a list of multiple languages in order to interact and communicate easily with the UI.

You can easily add polls and create surveys which will let you interact more with the other people present on that platform. You will get detailed analysis reports of your tests and quizzes so that you can get to know which aspects you are lagging behind and find solutions for them.

Features I like:

  • Unique templates
  • Create your own designs
  • Great server security
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Add polls and surveys


  • Quizzes can be scheduled
  • Analyze quiz reports
  • Give certificates on the basis of grades


  • It is not a free service

Verdict: Kahoot is a top choice when it comes to making forms for the best results. Students can find this tool to be helpful.


  • Individual plans start from $17 per host per month, 360 Presenter for $24 per host per month 360 Pro for $49 per host per month, and 360 Pro Max for $79 per host per month.
  • Team Plans for 360 Presenter for Teams $29 per member per month, 360 Pro for Teams $39 per member per month, 360 Spirit for $18 per member per month, and 360 Spirit Premium for $19 per member per month.

Website: Kahoot 

#8) Qzzr

Best for students to get the best results. It comes with great usage.

Qzzr -Quizlet Alternatives

One of the best online quiz-making platforms is Qzzr. It is a great alternative option to Quizlet. Qzzr’s astonishing feature is its interactive user interface which allows users to easily operate and perform any task without facing any kind of hindrance at all. Qzzr provides really quick and smooth service to its users.

It is equipped with a lot of powerful tools, which makes your task of creating custom quizzes easier. This has the feature of adding GIFS to your design layouts. Some preset templates and designs are very cool and user-friendly.

You will get better engagement tools and a really optimized server. Data privacy of the users is also maintained in Qzzr.


  • Interactive UI
  • Quick service
  • Powerful tools
  • Add GIFs easily
  • Creative quiz layouts


  • Better engagement tools
  • Optimized server
  • Your data is encrypted


  • Issues related to server maintenance may arise

Verdict: Most of the users did find Qzzr to be a great option. The Qzzr has an interactive UI that facilitates speedy service and delivers excellent outcomes. You can also integrate powerful tools with this.

Price: $24.99 per month

Website: Qzzr 

#9) Anki

Best choice for studying for medical and law exams.

Anki - Quizlet Alternatives

Studying is a very tedious job for a lot of people, so in order to make it more fun and easy, you can use Anki. Anki is a software that lets you learn in a more creative way rather than the normal traditional learning methods. It is a content-based application, so it uses more visual and audio aspects in order to make it more interactive and engaging to the user.

This has an optimized server that has great network stability. The UI is very easy to use, and this app is easily available on the web for download.

Anki has a collection of many creative template designs. It also provides you with the facility to create your own designs easily without facing any kind of issue at all.

Features we like:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Smooth and lag-free server
  • Amazing form editing tools
  • Great collection of templates
  • Customized designs


  • Efficient system
  • Download easily
  • Very easily operable UI


  • Lack of efficiency sometimes

Our review: Anki comes with a large database of information for the quiz-making options. It has an ideal perception when it comes to studying for the law exams.

Price: $24.99 per month

Website: Anki

#10) EasyTestMaker

Best for report analysis feature present for quiz uses.

Easytestmaker - Quizlet Alternatives

If you are looking for an online test generator application, then EasyTestMaker is the perfect option for you; that is available on the web globally. With the help of EasyTestMaker, you can easily create and manage different kinds of tests. It has a feature that lets you add multiple choice-based questions which are mainly asked in quizzes.

Quickly analyze the quiz reports, and you can also print the results. They have a specialized anti-cheating feature that makes online tests and quizzes more competitive and realistic.

EasyTestMaker has multiple sharing options. You can share your quizzes on different platforms easily. You can sign up on their website for absolutely free of cost.


  • Take different types of tests
  • Create question pools
  • Report analysis feature present
  • Special system to reduce cheating
  • Multiple export options are available


  • Easily set time limits
  • Print your results
  • Generate detailed reports


  • Premium features are absent in the free version

Verdict: If you are looking for a tool that is easy to create and operate, the EasyTestMaker is a great option. This product comes with a great analysis feature which can be present for quiz forming.

Price: Free, Plus for $59.95/year and Premium for $79.95/year

Website: EasyTestMaker 


The best Quizlet alternatives come with multiple features and options which allows you to get a great result while picking out the ideal data for your needs. Such tools come in handy for making quizzes or reading data.

While reviewing, I found that the is the best free Quizlet alternative available in the market. It comes with ideal features to create forms and collect form submissions.

Some other alternatives are:

  • ProProfs Quiz Maker
  • Knowt
  • Jotform
  • SurveyMonkey

Research Process:

  • Time is taken to research this article: 20 Hours.
  • Total products researched: 15
  • Top products shortlisted: 10
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