100 Best FREE Udemy Courses To Keep Learning Anytime Anywhere In 2023

Udemy Provides 2500+ Courses that can help Anyone Master any skill. This Tutorial Provides a list of Top 100 Free Udemy Courses for you to Start Learning Today:

Nowadays, “Learning on Your Schedule” anytime, anywhere is a great advantage to the learners due to the FREE online courses available on various topics in an array of fields. Even most of the paid Udemy courses start at a very low price.

A paid subscription is for accessing longer or more advanced courses on a particular topic.

Many online platforms claim to provide the best study material with overall course coverage, video tutorials from certified professionals, certificate on completion of the course, download for offline study, etc.

Top 100 Free Udmey Courses

Overview Of Udemy Courses

Udemy is considered as one of the biggest online course provider platforms that have course categories catalog and the widest variety of courses under each catalog. These categories range from Development, Business, IT & Software, Personal development, Marketing, etc.

Working professionals are required to be updated with the new skills and latest market trends to catch up in today’s rapidly changing world. Udemy provides 2500+ courses that can help employees master any skill or role for their projects.

In this tutorial, we will cover some of the most popular free courses in different categories along with their details, ratings, etc. Enlisted below are some FAQs about Udemy that will clear your queries on the various courses offered.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q #1) What is included in Udemy courses for any category?

Answer: Regardless of the category, each Udemy course includes the following:

  • Video tutorial
  • Slides
  • Additional resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Quizzes/Practice Sets/Assignments/Coding Exercises.
  • Certificate of Completion

Q #2) Is there any limited period to complete the course, once enrolled?

Answer: You can enroll in any course of your interest and learn at your comfort and pace. There is no deadline for the completion of courses.

Q #3) Can Udemy courses be accessed on different platforms?

Answer: Yes, Udemy courses can be accessed from different devices, platforms, Android or iOS mobile apps. Udemy also has the feature to download the course to watch/study later offline from your desktop or mobile devices.

Q #4) Can a course be reviewed before enrollment?

Answer: Yes, there are a few lectures selected by the instructors that can be previewed for getting an idea about the contents of the courses. This will help you to decide on the selection of courses.

Q #5) How to ask queries to the course instructors?

Answer: Every Udemy course has Q&A, where the students can ask any questions to the instructors and see the questions and answers asked by their fellow batchmates.

List Of The Top 100 FREE Udemy Courses In Various Categories

Software Testing

Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Selenium Webdriver Java : Learn from ScratchSelenium Testing for beginners2.5Selenium WebDriver basics , Java basics4.368513956FREE
Robot Framework | Step-by-Step for BeginnersLearn Robot Framework from scratch2.5Setup, Use with Selenium, Used for Browser Automation4.535513142FREE
Robot Framework : Code management (GIT) + Jenkins IntegrationGitHub introduction, Jenkins Setup on windows machine, Allure reporting2Git using Gitbash & Integration with Jenkins4.41409183FREE
API Testing with Katalon Studio - Step by Step for Beginnerslearn API Automation Testing from scratch with SOAP & REST Sample Projects6API Automation Testing , Automation Project with Katalon Studio, API web services testing4.432916859FREE
Automating Web/ Mobile/ API applications with TestProjectAn community driven test automation tool to automate everything !4.5Working with TestProject, Working with iOS /Android /Web App automation4.313515482FREE
ISTQB Foundation Level TrainingThe best way to prepare for the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam7.5Broad knowledge about the software testing field4.35578493FREE
Git and GitHub - Step by Step for BeginnersLearn Git from scratch2Git and Github concepts and use for personal and enterprise projects4.4112124037FREE
JMeter - Step by Step for Beginnerslearn Jmeter from scratch8Jmeter, Performance testing on multiple applications4.5175129505FREE
Web Services API - Step by Step Beginner Tutoriallearn web services (soap and rest) from scratch1SOAP Web Service, REST Web Service4.3356234691FREE
Cucumber with Selenium Java (Basic)Learn the ABC of cucumber and integrating it with Selenium5BDD, Cucumber with Selenium4.3257837536FREE
Understanding Docker and using it for Selenium automationLearn docker and containers from complete ground up2Selenium Grid with Docker, Docker compose4.3261243415FREE
Creating and working with automation test report using EARSLearn and create an extendable automation test reporting yourself for you and your company3Test automation reporting portal, Building web services, Test harness system with powershell4.1998333FREE
Mocking application with MoqMocking real implementation of application with fake implementation using Moq1Mocking framework, Implementation, Working with Moq4.42318090FREE
CP-SAT - Certified Professional Selenium Automation TestingCertified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing4Automation in Agile projects, Selenium Server, Framework4.276811935FREE
Learn Test Automation with BoozangLearn test automation in an afternoon without any need for programming4.1Test Automation, Recording Basic Tests, Creating Validations4.122615223FREE

Web Development

Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Quick Start to Google Apps Script CodingExplore the basics of getting started with Google Apps Script1.5Classes and Methods to power up GSuite, Apply Google Apps Script in Projects4.6113395FREE
Create Professional Portfolio Website on Blogger - NO CODINGShowcase your professional skills, achievements and stand out as a pro!1Theme Customization, Custom Domain setup, Portfolio examples4.274198FREE
Free WordPress Beginners Course 1.0Learn WordPress Start To End4.5Publishing blog & website, Purchasing domain and hosting & connecting to WordPress3.952666FREE
Getting Started Web Development Tools and Resources 2020Learning and understanding the basic foundations for web development1Tips and resources4.1144049FREE
Pure JavaScript Calculator - JavaScript ES6 Learn JavaScriptExplore how you can create a fully functional JavaScript calculator with only JavaScript0.46Online calculator, DOM elements, JavaScript4.1235426FREE
Ultimate Web Development with HTML and CSSLearn Web Development by creating a Blog with HTML and CSS1.5HTML5, CSS3, Create Website project3.8484246FREE
Learn How to Create and ECOMMERCE Website with WordPressCreate An eCommerce Website From Scratch With No Experience! - Top Rated Instructor4Create Website, Woocommerce, WordPress Expert4.654282FREE
How to Make a Landscaping Website QuicklyLearn how to quickly make a website for a landscaping company.1wordpress fundamentals, Elementor, Landscaping website4.332221FREE
CSS 3 Loading AnimationsLearn CSS3 Simple Loading Animations with Ease.1CSS 3 Animations, Web Development. Website Animations4.4285171FREE
Developing Database Application using Spring MVC and MyBatisDeveloping a database web application using Spring MVC and Mybatis/iBatis2.5Web application using Java/ J2EE, Java framework Spring MVC and Mybatis, Database operations4.4284866FREE

Programming Language

Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
C# Programming 101 - The New Way For Beginners!Your First Step To The Programming World!1.5C# Coding Core Concepts, Sample Application, Core SQL Queries4.3174324FREE
Javascript Essentials for Absolute BeginnersAll you need is a browser nothing else5Javascript basics, Programming4.2687777FREE
Programming with Python All in OneDevelop problem solving skills10Basic programming skills, Computer science concept,Python programming language4.25010211FREE
Angular 5 tutorial from scratch - Beginners tutorialLearn angular 5 basics2.5Create angular 5 application4.4496903FREE
Python For Data ScienceCreated for Data Science / AI / ML / DL4Python programming basics4.361324323FREE
Beginner's Guide: Use Bubble to Build an App Without Codinglooking to build a profitable app without having to code4.5Bubble App Builder, Strategical Approach4.7294369FREE
Master Object Oriented Programming ConceptsObject Oriented Programming Concepts using Java1.5Object Oriented Programming Concepts4.21377076FREE
MATLAB Comprehensive TrainingComputing the heap of data in a result-oriented way8.5Error free MATLAB programs4.1989743FREE
Robotics Computer Programming - PTZ Camera Control CourseIntroduction to computer programming for robotics1.5HTML, JavaScript, Node js, Python, Robotic Computer Programming, Computer Programming4.3315407FREE
C# .NET For BeginnersAn introduction to programming using C#4Fundamentals of C# programming4.349113337FREE


Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
SQL Server in One Hour!Learn Microsoft SQL Server Database System From Scratch1Databases In SQL Server,Connecting C# to SQL server4.3876820FREE
Oracle SQL: An Introduction to the most popular databaseA quick tour of the six principal clauses of the SELECT statement.1.5SELECT statements4.5615295FREE
Microsoft SQL Server- Getting Started on Mac and WindowsSQL for beginners 20200.5Microsoft SQL Server on Mac and Windows4.1442199FREE
Getting Started with ArangoDBOne engine. One query language. Multiple models.2.5CRUD operations with AQL, Foxx Microservices Framework4.51603628FREE
Database Management Systems - MySQL-4DBMS course4.137613933FREE
Introduction to MariaDB and HeidiSQL For Beginners Learn MariaDB From Scratch2MariaDB and HeidiSQL For Beginners4.2766271FREE
Database Engines Crash Course-1MyISAM, Aria, InnoDB, XtraDB, LevelDB & RocksDB4.2155319FREE
New FileMaker 18 FeaturesDetailed Descriptions and Examples1Features4.5201481FREE
How to Create a Knowledge Base Application With CaspioCreate a database application with Caspio's rapid application development platform1.5Types of database applications4.773856FREE
How to Build Different Type of Web Forms With CaspioMaster form building with Caspio's visual application builder.1.5Create web forms4.4103984FREE

Development Tools

Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Up and Running with IntelliJ IDEAMaster the best IDEA ever2.5IntelliJ IDEA, Git Integration, Kotlin4.262119FREE
Fundamentals of CI,CD and DevOps in under 1 hour (2020)Dive into the world of CI,CD and DevOps0.43CI, CD and DevOps4.37611254FREE
LocalHost easy setup Node and ExpressWant a quick easy way to setup your developer environment using the http protocol?0.34Express running localhost, Setup of Node and Express4.922499FREE
Magic Sprinkle of Blockchain - Introduction for DevelopersGuide to New Blockchain Developers0.44Blockchain Development, Scilla, Zilliqa Technology, Cryptocurrency4.6383223FREE
Captivate In Action: Creating a Tabs InteractionGet started with creating a tab interaction inside of Adobe Captivate 20191.5eLearning Development, Adobe Captivate4.2711980FREE
Learn SAP PO REST, JSON and API Basics-2JSON, REST and API4.237210420FREE
Docker Containers For Beginners in DevOps (Hands-on Course)Hands-on course for busy professionals and absolute beginners in DevOps2Docker Container Life Cycle Management4.237413139FREE
BIM World Implementation StrategiesBIM standards and implementation strategies in the AECO Industry worldwide3.5BIM standards and implementation strategies4.6773647FREE
Easy CLI Live server setup for node localhostSetup your own localhost on your computer in minutes using node npm liveserver0.41Create files and folders in CLI4.7685896FREE
Net DevOps: Cisco Python, Automation, NETCONF, SDN, DockerLearn Cisco Network DevOps19.5NetDevOps, Cisco ACI, Kubernetes, SDN4.6106646025FREE


Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
PHOTOSHOP Drawing With 14 Simple ProjectsLearn Important Exercises With knowing Photoshop Tools3.5Photoshop And Drawing Practices4.124969FREE
Getting Started with Google Sites Easy website setupExplore how easy it is to quickly create a website using Google Sites1Google Sites website4.6133774FREE
Free Hosted Website on GitPages and simple Git GuideExplore how you can get started with GitHub0.44Setup GitPage, Use Git Commands4.1253582FREE
Comprehensive Photoshop CC 2020 for the impatientMaster Photoshop CC 2020 essentials in this beginner course4Create designs, Useful parts of Photoshop4.594612FREE
Permaculture Made Easy! A Design Course for Sustainability!World reknowned teachers share about the best regenerative design systems and the importance of human relationships2Permaculture Gardening4.2271405FREE
Free Blender 2.8 Crash Course!Start now to create your 3D Scenes!2.5Blender Interface, Animation, Polygonal Modeling, Flying Plane Scene Animation, Basic Materials4.71144977FREE
Fundamentals of User Interface DesignLearn to create slick UI's as you learn the fundamentals of design such as typography, color theory, design principles.3.5Typography, Design Principles, Color Theory, Basics of AdobeXD4744685FREE
The Ultimate Canva Survival GuideCreate some more engaging content w/ Canva0.41Canva's newer features, Organizational graphics4.46936FREE
Siemens NX Unigraphics basic to advance levelComprehensive learning videos of Unigraphics software where you will see every single step explain in details4.5NX tool training from scratch, CAD basics4.3672879FREE
Website Hosting for beginners cPanel with Siteground accountExplore how you can get online create your first Website Hosting and get your own website URL using common cPanel1Web hosting4.6144345FREE


Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
How to Make an E-commerce Business with WordPress - 2020 NEWCreate Your Own Online Store With No Experience Necessary8.5WordPress, WooCommerce, E-commerce, Web Design4.493146FREE
Amazon PPC Playbook: Success Made EasyFollow this step-by-step process to make Amazon sponsored ads work for you.5Retail Readiness, Ad Creation, Campaign Optimization, Automation4.4143011FREE
Youtube For Begginers -Beginner How To Set Up YoutubeBuild By Youtube Beginner for Youtuber Begginer0.37Youtube ideas, Set up a optimized youtube channel4.1172971FREE
Digital Marketing Leads GeneratorLets Invest in Your Business and Take It to the Next Level1.5Strategic Digital Marketing Techniques, Develop a Marketing Funnel, Effective Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads4.2305329FREE
Content Marketing Strategy Trends for 2020Learn how the latest user behavior trends are going to change content marketing strategy and tactics1Creating content marketing plan482372FREE
Grow Your Brand with Tik Tok in 2020A Tik Tok Content Creation Guide0.38Content Creation Guide4.6201160FREE
Free SEO Training Course 2020: Rank your website in Google.Basic SEO training course to learn how to do SEO in 20204.5Complete overview, Increase traffic to site.4.110111841FREE
Marketing Automation 101Growing through automation and systems0.33Interview Questions, real world Applications4263555FREE
Google Ads (Adwords): Run Successful Search Ad CampaignsLearn Google Ads essentials and best practices to create effective advertisements that appeal to your customer3Promoting websites, Google Ads campaigns, Google Ads (Adwords)4.51177261FREE
B2B Growth Marketing TrainingLearn how to run a small and mid sized b2b marketing department with the 10x speed, 10x savings, & 10x results.2B2B Marketing4.93873FREE

Personal Development

Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost
Digital Marketing Secrets 4 Smart Dummies | Work From Wi-FiUnlock the Secrets of Email, Google Ads, Copywriting and Other Skills that will kickstart Your New Career or Business.4.5Email Marketing, Content Marketing For Conversions, SEO Basic Foundation, Lead Generation and Lead Magnets4.2858408FREE
Learn how to Properly Set and Accomplish Goals Under 40 MIN!-0.4Proper goal setting and accomplishment5143FREE
Shopify and Growth Marketing Setup 101Learn how to set up your advertising for Google Ads, Google Shopping and Facebook, as well as other growth strategies.1Set up Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics in Shopify, Building campaigns4.631646FREE
Link Building Outreach 101: Build Traffic, Boost SEO RankingLearn How To Get More Traffic and Boost Your Website's Rankings With These Expert Link Building SEO Techniques2.5Skyscraper Technique, link-building strategies4.1133416FREE
Internet Marketing SuccessHow To Convert Traffic Into Sales1Build a list of active subscribers and increase conversions4.472125FREE
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-0.38Right keywords, Description Tag, Title Tag, Edit site for Search Engines4.2432263FREE
Video Marketing Made Easy - A To Z Step By Step GuideVideo Marketing For Your Business1Video Marketing, Youtube marketing4.1101936FREE
Learn to Write What Ranks (SEO Blogging)SEO-Driven Blogging Tactics1.5Content Creation Strategy, Framework, Optimization, SEO Blogging Tricks4.6653959FREE
Video Production For Online Beginners And Online MarketersUse InVideo For Video Production For Beginner0.37Video Poduction4.4182873FREE
Content Marketing-0.32Developing content, Content Audit, Developing Content4.2171323FREE


Course NameTaglineHoursTopics coveredRatingReviewsStudents EnrolledCost (in USD)
Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced + FrameworksMaster SELENIUM java course54.5Selenium Automation4.637179108920$11.99
WebServices/ Rest API Testing with SoapUI +Real time ProjectsMost Popular #1 SoapUI Test automation Course19Webservices Automation Testing, REST API, SOAP UI4.5833238076$10.99
The Complete 2020 Web Development BootcampBecome a full - stack web developer with just one course. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB and more!53HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Front end Web Development.4.738673136617$13.99
The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects!Master JavaScript with the most complete course!28JavaScript and programming fundamentals4.663453274050$10.99
Java Programming Masterclass for Software DevelopersLearn Java In This Course And Become a Computer Programmer80Software tool setup, Java Tutorial, OOP4.699287417228$12.99
Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3Learn Python like a Professional!24Python, Object oriented programming4.5232189854274$13.99
The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to ExpertBecome an In-demand SQL Master by creating complex databases and building reports through real-world projects20NodeJS and MySQL, CRUD Commands4.633410160575$10.99
Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes +Swarm from a Docker CaptainBuild, test, deploy containers with the best mega-course on Docker, Kubernetes, Compose, Swarm and Registry using DevOps19.5Docker, Compose and Kubernetes4.631111142539$10.99
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice TestsPrepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrators Certification with live practice tests right in your browser13.5Kubernetes Cluster4.7652130628$10.99
The Ultimate Drawing Course - Beginner to AdvancedLearn the #1 most important building block of all art11fundamentals of art4.577755327860$13.99
Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing CourseLearn How to Draw People and Character Designs Professionally26.5Draw Characters4.535288166838$15.99
The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1Master Digital Marketing23.5Grow a Business Online From Scratch4.57524675246$13.99
Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per ClickHow our clients have transformed their sales using Google Ads & get your Google Ads certification!25.5Google AdWords Campaigns4.733872134868$10.99
Reiki Level I, II and Master/ Teacher ProgramLearn Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Master Level to become a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner/ Instructor5Perform and learn Reiki sessions4.733215115123$17.99
Become a SuperLearner® 2Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory5Memorization skills4.420693130250$12.99


You must have got an idea about the variety of free courses available on the Udemy platform for different categories that can help you master any skill. You can start learning from anywhere at your pace to increase your knowledge or to add certifications to your resume.

Have you picked one from the above list?