Top 9 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage In 2023

Comprehensive List & Comparison of Dropbox Alternatives With Description, Features, and Pricing to Help you Select the Best Dropbox Competitor for your need: 

Dropbox is a hosting service that helps you to keep all of the important data in the cloud. This software helps individuals and companies store important files safely that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Dropbox is considered to be of great use for companies and individuals since it helps you to conserve much of the space in the hard disk. No matter which platform you are using, it is very easy to access the service Dropbox. You can also share large and small files with individuals with just a few clicks.

Dropbox alternatives

Market Trends: According to Markets and Markets the cloud storage market size is growing at a CAGR of 23.7% during the period 2017 to 2022. The market size was $30.7 billion in the year 2017 and it is expected to be $88.9 billion by 2022. CloudPro research says that 87% of businesses use cloud storage services. It has also researched the types of cloud storage that are in use.

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What is Dropbox?

Dropbox was designed by Dropbox Inc. which offers several other services like client software, file synchronicity, and personal cloud. With the help of Dropbox, it is very easy to collaborate and share files like Photoshop, PowerPoint, and Sketch in an efficient manner.

Through this cloud storing platform all of your files can be stored in a central place. This makes it easier to access a particular file without much of a hassle.

Dropbox also has a special feature called a Paper where you get a chance to collaborate with the team members from a remote location. It is very easy to work on several file formats like videos, PowerPoint presentations, text, etc.

Dropbox Features:

  • View every file with ease: In case, you require feedback on Adobe illustrator but you don’t have an illustrator pre-installed then Dropbox will give you a chance to view several types of files over the net.
  • Selective syncing: During online preview or while making editions on a file over the internet most people prefer to store a few files on Dropbox. In case you require an additional space then click the selective sync option on the software.
  • Keep a track of your sharing: The online file-sharing application allows you to look at whether the files you are sharing are up to the mark or not. This process will prevent you from sending a file to the wrong address; you just have to click on a link or the sharing button.
  • Customization of notifications: With the use of push and email notifications on Dropbox, you get a chance to comment as well as share various files with ease. To get the features you can either go to the events tab of Dropbox or can browse the history through your account.
  • Get to previous versions: In case you did some wrong edition on an exclusive file then Dropbox allows you to seek previous versions of the file. Moreover, the software also gives you an option to view files which you have deleted by accident.

Dropbox Dashboard

It is very easy to use Dropbox since it has user-friendly GUI features and the software is easy to navigate. In the left-hand corner, you also get information about the total space which is left for storage utilization. Thus you can manage it beforehand.

You can easily upload, edit, or delete a file on your dashboard with only a single click of the mouse button. This makes it ideal for businesses.


Dropbox Pricing

You can opt for three different services on Dropbox viz. standard, advanced, and enterprise. The standard service is considered to fetch you the basic facilities of the online file-sharing software.

While you get unlimited data usage in advanced and enterprise-level services. At the enterprise level, you can also choose various customized solutions as per the demand of the business. Standard and advanced plans are offered for $12.50 and $20 respectively. In case you want to acquire it for enterprise then you just have to quote a price.

Pricing plans of Dropbox

Cons of Dropbox (Why should you look for alternatives?)

  • When you use Dropbox, it is necessary to manage the uploading speed on your own or it can choke the modems.
  • In case selective syncing hasn’t been enabled on a certain folder or file, you are required to download assets. Due to this, the memory of the computer gets consumed.
  • While using Dropbox, you can even find it difficult to locate files on the software with the use of a search option.
  • Lack of security is another such issue that individuals and business houses have to deal with when they use the services of Dropbox.

Rating: 4.3

Website: Dropbox

Expert Advice: How to choose the right Cloud Storage service?
There are a few things that you need to consider before choosing the right cloud storage software viz. effective protection over the internet. This will safeguard your interest. While picking a cloud service, you should also look at the total amount of storage it is providing.


Though Dropbox provides ease in sharing different types of files over the internet and you don’t have to use much of the computer space, the software lacks to provide perfect security. Moreover, there are a few other issues that could hinder your performance.

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List of Top Dropbox Alternatives

  1. Internxt
  2. pCloud
  4. Workzone
  5. Google Drive
  6. SpiderOak One
  7. OneDrive
  8. Box
  9. Amazon Drive
  10. Tresorit

Comparison of Dropbox Competitors

Cloud service providersBest forFeaturesFree storagePriceRating
DropboxMedium Business and FreelancersQuick file sharing and syncing2 GB$12.5 per month for standard4.3
InternxtSmall, medium, large business, freelancers and personal use.Quick file and photos sharing and syncing, privacy, security.10GB10GB - Free
20GB - €0.89 month, or €10.68 billed annually
200GB - €3.49 month, or €41.88 billed annually
2TB - €8.99 month, or €107.88 billed annually.
pCloudMedium, Large business, and freelancers.Quick uploading and synchronizing.10 GB$175 for lifetime5
Google DriveMedium, large business and Freelancers.Syncing and storing files.15 GB$5 and $10 per month.4.5
One DriveMedium, large business and FreelancersHigh speed, collaboration and connectivity5 GB$1.99 per month for 50 GB4.4
Amazon DriveSmall, medium, large business and freelancersCopying at block level amazing GUI5 GB$15 per month for 3 TB4.3

Review of the top-listed Dropbox alternatives.

#1) Internxt

Best for overall privacy and security.

Internxt Dashboard

Internxt is an open-source and blockchain-based cloud storage service that stands out as an extremely modern, ethical, and more secure cloud alternative to Dropbox. Super safe and private, all files synced and backed up to the Internxt cloud are end-to-end encrypted and scattered across Internxt’s massive decentralized network.

Internxt prioritizes security and users’ right to privacy (unlike Dropbox), ensuring first and third parties have absolutely no access to backups, user data, and personal information.


  • Zero unauthorized access to your information and data.
  • All uploaded, stored, and shared data is end-to-end encrypted via the AES-256 encryption protocol.
  • Internxt services are 100% open-source and verifiable on GitHub.
  • All plans (including the free plan) have all features enabled and grant access to all Internxt services: Drive, Photos, and Send.
  • Generated sharing links allow the user to limit the number of times files are shared.

Verdict: What Internxt lacks in size compared to Dropbox, it more than makes up for in safety and ethics with its use of zero-knowledge technologies and its serious commitment to putting users’ right to privacy above all else. Internxt also gives you 10GB (more than Dropbox) of free online storage with access to all its premium features and primary services.

Rating: 5.0

Pricing: Internxt also beats Dropbox in pricing, offering a free 10GB plan and a similar 2TB plan for less at only $11.50/month. Other paid plans start as low as $1.15/month, plus various other business or annual plans are also available.

Internxt Pricing

#2) pCloud

Best for medium to large-sized businesses and freelancers.


pCloud offers a drag-and-drop facility with the help of which you can quickly upload a file. Synchronizing features of pCloud allow large files to get uploaded quickly.

After you complete the file sharing over the Internet, it is very easy to erase the file from pCloud for security reasons. This online file-sharing software can easily be used by any type of software on your computer.


  • With cloud file-sharing software, you will find it easy to create archives straight in the cloud. Moreover, it saves files in batch in zip format which will give you ease in sharing.
  • You get a chance for customization of automatic upload. This way you can upload commercial photographs clicked straight to the cloud system.
  • pCloud allows you to resize an image directly from the online storage application, this feature is very effective as you will get to save a large amount of time.
  • With pCloud, you also get an opportunity for easy retrieval of the file as you can add various filters and narrow the search results.

Verdict: Unlike Dropbox, pCloud offers you a 10 GB online data storage facility and it is considered a great facility even for big business houses. In comparison to Dropbox, you will get effective online storage features at a nominal price range.

Rating: 5.0

Pricing: This cloud storage service is considered ideal for medium and big businesses. You get a chance to select from the annual and lifetime services of pCloud. In both segments, you get a chance to choose from premium and premium plus options.

The storage capacity ranges from 500GB to 2TB and you will get an opportunity for tracking and restoring files that are older up to 30 days.



Best for small to large businesses.


With the use of, it is very easy for an individual to know which file is still pending. Additionally, the taskbar offers you guidance regarding syncing activity. This confirms whether the files are duly uploaded or not.

You can keep an eye on files remotely and can share them with friends and colleagues without downloading any other plug-in.


  • After the installation, the Sync folder will appear on your system, this provides relative ease in the live synchronization process on multiple computers where you have installed the application.
  • The software also provides you with an opportunity to use the web interface and move several files to the cloud.
  • Once the up-gradation of files is complete older versions stay secured for at least 30 days. In the pro version, you can even increase the time length of file deletion.
  • Links through which files are shared have a date of expiration and it is sensitive to time.

Verdict: While comparing with Dropbox, is a better option as it offers live file capturing and provides an efficient way for file versioning. The UX and UI features of this cloud file-sharing software are excellent which makes the software easy to use.

Rating: 4.2

Pricing: is recommended to individuals as well as to well-established business houses as it helps them to quickly share files over the internet. This online file-sharing software offers different types of packages for individuals and companies.

Business teams can go for Standard ($5 per user per month), Plus ($8 per user per month), and Advance ($15 per user per month)


  • Standard: You get 1TB of file storage per user.
  • Plus: You get 4 TB per user.
  • Advanced: Here you get 10 TB per user along with the option of live support at $15 per user monthly.

#4) Workzone

Best for small to large businesses.


Workzone helps you manage different clients simultaneously which not only saves time but also enables you to provide better service to your clients. This gives you the power in managing real problems that occur in business.

The software also gives alerts as well as cross-project views. Through this software, you can assign responsibilities and tasks to your project managers remotely.


  • With the use of Workzone, it is effective to keep track of expenses and provide efficient email alerts to your customers.
  • The software also offers several other features viz. Gantt chart, image markup, and group calendar.
  • You will get thorough support and get to work on API and SSO.
  • Workzone is very helpful during high-priority projects as it provides several templates and an overview dashboard.

Verdict: Workzone is great software and it is considered an integral part of a company that wants to provide excellent customer service. It provides great support to the clients and unlike Dropbox has effective safety features.

Rating: 4.0

Pricing: Workzone is an effective project management and cloud hosting application that is highly used in medium and big corporate organizations. The software offers 3 different types of pricing plans viz. Team, Enterprise, and Professional. The pricing is given through the quoting process.


  • In the Team version, you will be offered 100GB of storage with file sharing and unlimited workspace. You will also receive training support and thorough reporting about the project. It will cost you $24 per user per month
  • The Enterprise version provides you an opportunity for 200GB storage, access to API, and custom reporting. It will cost you $44 per user per month.
  • The Professional plan allows 150GB of storage and your whole team will be featured. It will cost you $34 per user per month.


#5) Google Drive

Best for medium to large businesses and freelancers.


Google Drive provides an option to save videos, photographs, word documents, and other files. It also offers various other applications like calendars and photos which you can use. This helps you to open any type of file without any problem. There is also a wide collaboration of software in Google Drive which allows you to work with great ease.


  • Drag and drop is one of the most effective features of Google Drive where you can upload files quickly.
  • You also get the facility of search filters and thorough document management, which provides great help while completing exclusive projects.
  • Google Drive also provides the mechanism of encryption and file collaboration.
  • The software also provides you free storage of 15GB and two-way authentication.

Verdict: If compared with Dropbox, Google Drive is far more cost-effective which will exert less pressure on your organization’s budget. It also has a collaboration of different software and provides quick syncing of files which saves much of your crucial time and projects get completed fast.

Rating: 4.5

Pricing: Google Drive is file syncing, sharing, and storing software that is used by individuals and also by medium and large companies. The software provides 2 different types of plans viz. basic and business of $5 and $10 respectively.

Both of the plans provide a great deal of working space and you will also be offered administrative controls. Moreover, 24 hours of email support will provide you with efficacy in running your business smoothly.

GoogleDrive pricing

Website: Google Drive

#6) SpiderOak One

Best for privacy features and provides plans for unlimited devices.

5.SpiderOak One

SpiderOak One provides a powerful service as you get to retain countless historical files. The backup speed of this software is quite fast and it offers encryption to provide safety while sharing files over the internet. The command-line option is another feature of this software that increases its value.


  • The software provides an end-to-end encryption facility along with scheduled and continuous backup.
  • You will also receive a transfer algorithm at the block level. This will allow you to create a lot of backups.
  • Syncing as well as sharing features of SpiderOak One is considered one of the most effective features which will make you save large images and files without any hurdle.
  • The software also provides a quick link-sharing feature, with the help of which you can create a link to files for future reference and tracking.

Verdict: This online file-sharing software is considered beneficial for large companies as it can easily provide backup to unlimited computer systems.

Pricing: The software provides different plans on a monthly as well as yearly basis. The below image will show you the details of the plans. It can be tried for free for 21 days.


Website: SpiderOak One

#7) OneDrive

Best for medium to large businesses and freelancers.


OneDrive is designed by Microsoft and has upgraded its security patch several times. The software is exceptionally good in the collaboration and productivity department. This allows you to easily connect it with several online applications.

The GUI features of OneDrive are quite commendable and it will make you use the product with a great deal of ease.


  • OneDrive provides perfect integration with the online application of Microsoft Office, thus you can easily open, collaborate, and edit various Office documents.
  • Your videos and photographs will be saved by OneDrive automatically from the device which is connected to the computer.
  • This online file-sharing software also comes with embedded Skype, thus it will be easy for you to make conference calls.
  • To provide excellent syncing OneDrive is integrated into OneNote which is very excellent for sharing notes.

Verdict: OneDrive has excellent service in the field of speed, collaboration, and productivity. Moreover, it also gets connected to several applications of Microsoft, which makes it more comforting to use in comparison to Dropbox.

Rating: 5.0

Pricing: OneDrive is considered one of the most effective file-sharing software for medium and large enterprises and also for personal use.

OneDrive provides 5GB storage in its free plan and you will get to choose from several plans based on whether you want to use it individually or for business purposes. The highest storage which is offered by OneDrive is about 5000GB.

OneDrive pricing

Website: OneDrive

#8) Box

Best for small to large businesses.


Box is a file-sharing application that allows you to collaborate with the help of any platform. Box is highly recommended in the world of business as it provides quick collaboration, authentication, and syncing of files.

This application uses encryption technology which is managed by customer and activity logs. You will be offered excellent security service.


  • This online file-sharing software provides immediate syncing with your desktop and you can even access it through a mobile phone.
  • It provides you with effective security services like double authentication, thus you don’t get prone to online fraudulent activity.
  • There are several partner applications that you can use and it also provides a rich preview of the file.
  • In case you are looking for excellent workflow automation and better compliance than this, you should go for this application.

Verdict: Box provides round-the-clock customer care which will be a great support to your business. You can either download it on several platforms or can use it over the web. Unlike Dropbox, it provides great security which will keep your data secure.

Rating: 4.0

Pricing: Box is file-sharing software that provides help in project management and proper automation of workflow. With this online file-sharing application, you can share files externally with ease and it is ideal for medium, large and small companies.

Along with a free trial, Box provides different types of plans which are considered ideal for companies. You can also go for customized plans.

box pricing

Website: Box

#9) Amazon Drive

Best for small to large businesses.


Amazon Drive provides you an option to choose the time of the transaction, thus there is no need for live synchronization. The syncing method used by Amazon Drive is through block-level methodology, this enhances the overall performance of this application.

This application also provides syncing of the newly created document and appears beside the renamed version. This helps you to keep proper track of your project.


  • Amazon Drive uses file copying at the block level, this method provides ease in fast syncing as it copies file parts that needed correction.
  • You will also get notifications on the taskbar which provides a great deal of aid in increasing syncing speed.
  • This online file-sharing application provides a preview of even common files like Microsoft Office etc.
  • The GUI of Amazon Drive is easy to understand and you can start working on it without much effort.

Verdict: Unlike Dropbox, Amazon Drive is cost-effective and users are getting fast syncing of files over the internet. The download and upload speeds on Amazon Drive are quite impressive which will help you to complete your project faster.

Rating: 4.3

Pricing: Amazon Drive is recommended to individuals and corporate organizations, irrespective of their size since you get to choose a great range of plans.

It is considered the most cost-effective service provider and you will be offered 5GB of free storage when you sign up. You will get a 100 GB plan for just $1.09 monthly which is considered the best for an individual.

amazon pricing

Website: Amazon Drive

#10) Tresorit

Best for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers.


One of the best uses of Tresorit is that it provides a seamless teamwork opportunity from anywhere and offers monitoring options. The encrypted cloud services of this application help you to secure confidential files and data safe from hackers and various governmental agencies.

You will be offered to store over cloud service which ranges from audio recording, bank transactions, etc.


  • Through the help of Tresorit, you can acquire zero-knowledge authentication and outlook integration.
  • The online file-sharing application also offers several other advantages like version recovery and file control at a team level.
  • Offline access to the application is considered a great help for companies as it makes them complete various projects in a small time duration.
  • File uploading in Tresorit takes place very quickly, you don’t have to do any modification to the existing folder, and thus there is zero possibility of a data breach.
  • The application also supports several languages and the dashboard is pretty easy to navigate, thus you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

Verdict: The main focus of Tresorit is to provide excellent service to its users with the help of zero-knowledge encryption, contrary to this, Dropbox doesn’t have proper security service.

During the file uploading process data gets replicated on different servers, the process is just like RAID. Moreover, it offers more features in comparison to Dropbox.

Rating: 5.0

Pricing: Tresorit is an ideal file syncing and sharing application for firms and small businesses that are indulged in providing confidential services and do not want data breach incidents to take place.

The application provides a free trial solution and you can even acquire it for a price range of $20, $12, and $24 per user per month for Small Businesses, Businesses, and Enterprises.

For a small business, you will get end-to-end encryption, outlook integration, security policies, and permission control. In the case of firms, you will be offered HIPAA compliance, GDPR addendum, and password recovery solution. If you are an owner of an enterprise then you will be offered an Audit for API, trail, and several features for business.


Website: Tresorit


For businesses and organizations, it is essential to use online file-sharing applications to provide better service to their clients. Dropbox and its alternatives offer cloud storage services and online file sharing.

Dropbox alternatives that can truly enhance your business are Google Drive, Tresorit, Workzone, and SpiderOak One. In case you want quick and cost-effective file synchronization then Google Drive is the best option. If your main focus is on impeccable security and fast uploading of files then Tresorit is the application to select.

Workzone is an online file sharing and synchronizing tool with which you can give flawless services to your customers. It also offers different pricing plans to choose from.

ShareRoom feature of SpiderOak One provides a great contribution to companies in regulating their daily services with ease as you can send data in bulk to several clients simultaneously which saves time. The command-line option is another feature that makes it worthy for businesses.

Our Review Process:

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  • Top Tools Shortlisted For Review: 9
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