JMeter Tutorials: The Complete Free Training on JMeter (20+ Videos)

Learn Apache JMeter Performance testing tool with the help of this comprehensive video series of JMeter Tutorials for beginners and experienced professionals.

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What is JMeter?

JMeter is the best open source load testing tool to measure the performance of an application.

By the end of this series of articles and video tutorials, you would be able to understand the basic concepts of JMeter, how to send requests and modulate load factor, how to use assertions to validate responses from the server and real time example which can be implemented in your live projects. 

Apache JMeter tutorial series

This series intends to target testing professionals who are in Manual Testing and wants to switch over to Performance Testing and professionals who are already doing performance testing of applications.

Here is a brief overview of what all we will be covering in this series of tutorials:

  • Components of JMeter
  • Test Plan, Test Scenarios Creation in JMeter and Thread Group
  • Timers
  • Samplers, Controllers, Processors, Config Elements and Listeners
  • Assertions and test execution
  • Performance Tuning

Text Tutorials:

Tutorial #1 Apache JMeter Download and Installation (Also check video tutorial #1)
Tutorial #2JMeter Components
Tutorial #3JMeter Processors and Controllers (Check below video tutorials)

Video Tutorials:

Tutorial #1Introduction, JMeter Download, and Install
Tutorial #2JMeter Test Plan And WorkBench
Tutorial #3Working With HTTP Requests
Tutorial #4Working With FTP Request
Tutorial #5Using CSV DataSet Config
Tutorial #6User Defined Variables
Tutorial #7JMeter PreProcessors
Tutorial #8JMeter Listeners
Tutorial #9 Regular Expression Extractor Post-Processor
Tutorial #10 XPath Extractor Post-Processor
Tutorial #11JMeter Plugins
Tutorial #12JMeter Timers
Tutorial #13Correlation
Tutorial #14JMeter Controllers 1
Tutorial #15Controllers part 2
Tutorial #16 JMeter Variables And Functions
Tutorial #17JMeter HTTPS Test Script Recorder
Tutorial #18JMeter BeanShell Scripting Part 1
Tutorial #19BeanShell Scripting Part 2
Tutorial #20Integrating JMeter With Selenium
Tutorial #21Database Testing With JMeter
Tutorial #22Java YourKit Profiler
Tutorial #23Blazemeter Plugin And JMeter Template
Tutorial #24Top JMeter Interview Questions

Hope you will find this free JMeter training useful.