10 BEST Mint Alternatives | Free & Low cost Mint.com Alternatives

Detailed Mint Review and Comparison of the Top 10 Mint Alternatives with Features and Pricing. Read This Article to Select the Best Alternative to Mint.com:

When you are on top of your money its good to have a financial advisor or a manager for managing all your finances in one place. We always want our money to be invested or spent in a useful way but this cannot happen always.

Everybody who is earning well wants their finances to be managed properly.

For managing your finance there are many free and paid tools that are available in the market. Mint is one of them. Now let’s discuss Mint.com and its alternatives in detail.

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Mint Alternatives

What Is Mint?

=> Official Mint Website 

Mint is a free financial budgeting tool that helps you manage all your incoming and outgoing money in one place. You can add all your accounts, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal wallets and all other accounts to Mint.com.

By adding all these accounts, you can keep track of your money and know where you are saving and where you are investing.

In addition, Mint also helps you to manage your bills and other payments by giving a message alert so that you never miss your payment. This is the best part of Mint as it always allows you to stay on top of your money and time.

Not only that, Mint.com has over 20 million users and there is also an online version that helps you manage your finances directly from there.

Mint Dashboard

Mint dashboard

[image source]

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Mint has a very nice and clean dashboard that helps the users to interact easily. In the above image, you can see that on the left side it shows your balance, all your accounts, investments, property, and all other sources of your finance.

On the right side, you can have an overview of your financial data, transactions, current trends, useful investment, and ways to save your money. The dashboard allows you to stay updated and be on your money so that in the future when circumstances change you can use your money wisely.

Mint.com Features

  • Mint helps you to effortlessly stay on your money, bills, and investments by getting timely alerts of your bills, wisely invest your money at the right place, track your money and that too at one place.
  • You can also personalize your Mint account by creating budgets, making your bill payments easier than ever before, look for what has been charged, receive alerts for each and every transaction, and help yourselves to improve your credit score.
  • Mint is a free service to use and is secured with 256-bit encryption level. Moreover, the data exchanged with Mint.com is secured with 128-bit SSL.
  • Mint automatically categorizes all your transactions accurately so that you can know where you are spending. Moreover, you can easily edit or remove the transaction from one category to another.
  • Mint.com budgeting is another best part, as it allows you to set a budget for different categories. You can also set your budget on a weekly or monthly basis as you wish to. It automatically sets your budget depending on your transaction history and you can also change it whenever you want.
  • Mint also provides the users with graphical representations of their investments on the basis of range like monthly or weekly. Watch your current trend and reports that are customizable too. It provides different reports like net worth, spending, net investment, debts, etc.

Mint Pricing

There is no pricing plan for Mint. The app is completely free to use and it helps you to manage all your financial goals in one place.

Disadvantages Of Mint.com

There are some negative aspects of Mint which make the users opt for different alternatives that are available in the market.

Let’s see why the users need to switch from Mint to its Alternatives:

  • Mint has one of the biggest problems with customer data sync. It does not connect with smaller banks and your connectivity with different banks is interrupted. Mint.com often asks the users to rebuild the connectivity with banks and your data might stay without being updated for days or weeks.
  • Mint vigorously shows ads on its website related to your search and preferences which hinders the user interaction with the dashboard and leaves a bad experience.
  • They do not even provide any fine investment tool when compared to its alternatives. It’s OK to use Mint’s investment tool for a short period but one cannot continue using it for the long term.
  • They also have very poor customer service support which id claimed by many users. There are several unresolved complaints, unanswered questions, and a lack of support for users.
  • Lack of reconciliation i.e. the data you downloaded is assumed to be correct and you cannot reconcile against your transactions or bank statements.

Pro Tip: Always select the tool which you think could be the perfect option and then compare that tool with its alternatives for making a clear decision.

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List Of The Top Mint Alternatives

We have seen both the Pros and Cons of Mint so far. This will show you why the users switch from Mint to other available tools. There are other top alternatives that are available in the market and you have to choose your tool very wisely by comparing all the tools.

  1. Personal Capital
  2. Tiller
  3. YNAB (You Need A Budget)
  4. Quicken
  5. Banktivity
  6. Every Dollar
  7. Moneydance
  8. PocketSmith
  9. CountAbout
  10. Status

Comparison Chart Of Mint.com Competitors

FeaturesBest ForPlatformPrice / YearMultiple CurrenciesSecurityOur Ratings

Mint logo
BudgetingWindows, iOS and AndroidFreeNo256-bit encryption4.5/5

Quicken Logo
In depth and breadth toolsWindows and Mac$32.99 to $79No256-bit encryption4/5
Personal Capital

Personal capital logo
InvestmentWindows, iOS and AndroidFreeNo256-bit AES4.5/5

YNAB logo
Control over moneyMac, iOS and Android$84NoBcrypt hashing4/5

Banktivity Logo

Personal finance managementMac and iOS$69YesEnd-to-end encryption3.5/5

CountAbout logo
Tracking FeatureAndroid and iOS$9 to $39.99NoMulti-factor login protection4/5

Here we go..!!

#1) Personal Capital


[image source]

Like Mint, Personal Capital is completely free to use and is a web-based application. It works better in a way that focuses more on investment and retirement rather than just letting you know where your is money is spent.

Moreover, it is an app that manages and tracks all your money with proper budgeting and investment options.


  • Personal capital is a single platform for both budgeting and investment management that helps you build a better tomorrow.
  • It offers a free financial dashboard for tracking all your financial transactions and helps you to spend wisely.
  • Investment tracking is also available, hence you can make the right investment at the right time and see where it takes you.
  • The best part is that their customer support service is really good. You can contact them 24/7 a week and they will listen to your problems very seriously. Moreover, for wealth management service, they offer live advisors as well to make you clear.
  • Security is much better and it includes Two-factor authentication, Read-only platform, 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), Fingerprint scanning, etc.


For Financial management, it is completely free to use but it offers some plans for Wealth Management services:

  • Investment Service: For up to $200 K investments.
  • Wealth Management: For up to $1 M investments.
  • Private Client: For over $1 M investments.

Personal Capital - Pricing

A part of the amount is charged for different services and you have to contact and register with Personal Capital for that.

Verdict: When we compare Personal Capital with Mint, it is clear that Personal Capital is a much better option as it is a single platform for both Financial and Investment management. It provides some great tools for investment as well.

Website: Personal Capital

#2) Tiller

Tiller dashboard

Unlike other apps, Tiller works in a completely different way. Tiller shows and manages your complete financial data in a spreadsheet that gets updated automatically every day.

Also, Tiller claims that this is the only tool that updates Google Sheet and Excel automatically for your daily expenses and transactions. You just have to sign with Google and in three easy steps, you are ready to rock.


  • Tiller uses Google sheets templates for personal finance and businesses. It makes your boring stuff automated.
  • With Tiller, you can manage all things in one place. Like you can see your daily transactions from 18,000 different resources directly into your Google sheet.
  • Spreadsheet workflows allow you to use familiar formulas, favorite add-ons, custom reports, charts, and pivot tables too.
  • The best part is that Tiller does not display ads based on your finances, it protects your data with 256-bit AES encryption and Two-factor authentication.
  • It automatically categorizes your transactions as per your guidance and rules. You can manually categorize your transactions as well.


Tiller pricing

Tiller offers very simple pricing and that too with a free trial for 30 days. After completion of your free trial, you will be charged $59 per year (i.e. $4.92 per month).

Verdict: Tiller is a simple and great alternative to Mint. It doesn’t make things fizzy, you just log in with your Google account and start managing your financial transactions with your favorite Google spreadsheet workflows.

Website: Tiller

#3) YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB dashboard

[image source]

YNAB is an award-winning software and has a bit different concept than the other tools. It focuses more on gaining total control over money and their motto is “Stop living pay check-to-pay check, get out of debt, and save more money”.

They teach you how to manage your money like a boss and get ahead for something good. YNAB claims that on an average basis, new budgeters save $600 by month and $600 by their first year.


  • YNAB is a proven method of budgeting successfully and building a better future for moving ahead.
  • It allows you to budget together with your partner by accessing real-time information from anywhere and any device.
  • Track your goals, watch out your reports, graphs, and charts, for setting a budgeting nerd and move towards progress.
  • YNAB offers 100+ free and live workshops for personal support to their users.
  • Data is completely secured with bcrypt hashing of all passwords and encryption of user data.


YNAB pricing

YNAB also offers a free trial for 34 days with no credit card required. YNAB charge $84 yearly (i.e. $7 per month). However, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel like you have no use with YNAB anymore.

Verdict: If you want complete and total control over your money, then this is the only best option as it is a proven method and is trusted by everyone.

Website: YNAB

#4) Quicken

Quicken Dashboard

Quicken is also a great app for taking control over finances. Clients claim that no other software offers the depth and breadth of tools like this. Quicken is used by many business companies as it is the most reliable, supportive, and the best tool for Financial management.


  • Get your complete financial life picture at a glance in one place.
  • Smart tracking helps you to manage your spending and assists to save more.
  • Easily view and manage your bills and track your investments.
  • Great customer support and 5 GB online storage from Dropbox.


For Windows:

Quicken Pricing Windows

Quicken offers four different plans for windows:

  • Starter: For control of money ($34.99 per year).
  • Deluxe: For managing and saving money ($39.99 per year).
  • Premier: For maximizing investments ($59.99 per year).
  • Home & Business: For managing personal and business transactions at one place ($79.99 per year).

For Mac:

Quicken Pricing Mac

It offers three different plans for Mac:

  • Starter: For control of money ($34.99 per year).
  • Deluxe: For managing and saving money ($39.99 per year).
  • Premier: For maximizing investments ($59.99 per year).

Verdict: Quicken offers value for money as it provides in-depth tools for managing and taking control of financial transactions. Obviously, it is a great alternative for Mint.

Website: Quicken

#5) Banktivity

Banktivity Dashboard

Banktivity is a personal finance management suite developed by IGG software for Mac OS and iOS platform. It was formerly named as iBank and later it has been named as Banktivity.

It has released a total of 7 versions of desktop software with new and advanced features in each version. It connects all your accounts in one place and lets you make smarter decisions.


  • It offers different types of accounts like savings, investment, cash with debt/loan management, hide/show accounts, account groups, details, and much more.
  • It works with multiple currencies and allows you to download exchange rates of different currencies. You can also transfer the amount in different currencies.
  • The calendar features provide running balance, posted transactions, scheduled transactions, and investment performance.
  • The importing features offer inline importing, importing from Quicken, direct access, download, and web download.
  • Comparative reports, customizable categories, flexible tags, file management, budgets, mobility and even much more.


Banktivity Pricing

Banktivity has 7 different versions. The pricing of the two latest versions is:

  • Banktivity7: $69.99
  • Banktivity6: $64.99

Verdict: Best suitable software for those who are using a macOS or iOS operating system.

Website: Banktivity

#6) Every Dollar

Every Dollar Dashboard

Every Dollar is another free software for budget management and for removing money stress. It helps you to create a monthly budget and achieve your aim every month. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

It also offers Every Dollar Plus for those who want advanced features and premium budgeting. Every Dollar Plus is not free to use.


  • Add your monthly income, start your budget, and plan your expenses with customizable templates.
  • Track your monthly spending for each time you spend, create a transaction, and track it to your budget.
  • The features like Multi-transaction drop, split transactions, debt reduction tool, and bank syncing make it more convenient.

Pricing: Every Dollar is completely free to use but there is another tool that has a pricing plan i.e. Every Dollar Plus. Every Dollar Plus is billed annually with a total amount of $129.99.

Verdict: Every Dollar is the best tool for those who want their budgeting on a monthly basis. When compared with Mint, both the tools are different in their way. One can use both Mint and Every Dollar according to their choice.

Website: Every Dollar

#7) Moneydance

Moneydance Dashboard

[image source]

Moneydance is a personal finance management software that contains all the features that one requires like online bill payment, net banking, account management, investment management, budgeting, etc. Moreover, it also handles multiple currencies with payment reminders and you can virtually perform any financial task.


  • Online banking with Moneydance automatically categorizes your transaction and cleans up your history whenever required.
  • Account summary gives you an overview of your finances like net balance, investments, expenses, upcoming and overdue transactions.
  • Graphs and reports help you to visualize your expenses and income. The graph can be printed and saved as an image too.
  • The account register helps you to enter, edit, and delete transactions in an account and it automatically calculates the balances and sorts the transactions.
  • Payment reminders can also be set up on your mobile as well as a desktop. It allows you to follow your investments and generate a portfolio.


Moneydance Pricing

You can buy Moneydance software from their official website at a price of $49.99

Verdict: Great software with value for money and can handle multiple currencies and virtual connectivity which Min cannot do.

Website: Moneydance

#8) PocketSmith

PocketSmith Dashboard

PocketSmith can be considered as a time machine for your money with cash flow forecasts that help you to understand your money. It helps you to keep an eye over your money and control your unnecessary spending.

One can also see their future finances for up to 30 years in advance. Moreover, one can easily find the old transactions with their special search engine.


  • Find and organize your transactions in a category with automatic live bank feeds and send your expenses to zero.
  • It also handles multi-currency, easy and powerful forecasting, budget calendar, and flexible budgeting.
  • Finest reporting with an interactive dashboard, your net worth, income, and expenses as well as cash flow statement.
  • Complete security with two-factor authentication, import data from Mint, can invite other users, and email notifications for your ease.


PocketSmith Pricing

It offers two paid plans and one basic plan for free.

Paid plans include:

  • Premium: For intermediate budgeting and investing ($9.95 per month).
  • Super: For premium budgeting and investing ($19.95 per month).

Verdict: PocketSmith is costlier than other tools but has some great features like cash flow statements, flexibility, user invitation, etc. which make it a great alternative.

Website: PocketSmith

#9) CountAbout

CountAbout Dashboard

[image source]

CountAbout is a customizable, secure, and easy to use personal finance software that can import from Quicken or Mint, automate your transaction downloads, and help you to manage your money from anywhere.

The tracking feature of CountAbout is much better than Quicken and Mint. Moreover, the software has got great reviews from the industry users as well.


  • Transactions between more than a thousand financial institutions, Multi-factor login protection, category customization, and tags.
  • Budgeting, account reconciliation, graphs & reports, investments, and split transactions.
  • Invoicing, recurring transactions, description renaming, register balances, and reporting for a category as well as tag activity.
  • Report exporting, Attachments, QIF importing, Android and iOS apps, and much more.


CountAbout Pricing

CountAbout offers two different pricing plans:

  • Basic: For basic use ($9.99 per year)
  • Premium: For premium use ($39.99 per year)

It also offers add-ons like:

  • Attachments: Adding images ($10 per year).
  • Invoicing: For tracking invoices ($60 per year).

Verdict: When compared to Mint, it has a much better tracking feature. It stands out to be a great alternative to Mint.

Website: CountAbout

#10) Status

Status Dashboard

[image source]

Status is considered to be the social network for your finances. It actually connects you with your loved ones’ or peers and you can share financial tips and reports with them. You can also compare finances and generate insights that will help you out to intelligently manage your money.


  • It helps you to connect to your peers, get the latest information related to finance, anonymously post questions, and get likes on your post.
  • Works as a social media account for all your finance related queries and topics and helps you to earn rewards and badges.
  • Status links all your accounts, tracks and manages your financial data, and helps you to perform comparisons.
  • Net worth tracking, easy budgeting, cash flow projections, free credit monitoring, account alerts, etc.

Pricing: Status is a free software product.

Verdict: We cannot compare Mint and Status as both the software have different purposes but both the software are of great use.

Website: Status


There are numerous finance/money management software tools available in the market. Here we have compared Mint and its alternatives. Each software tool has a different set of features but some tools are similar.

For example, there is not much difference among Mint, Status or Banktivity. All of these are used for financial management but the only difference is that Status is more like social media app and Banktivity is only for Mac OS and iOS.

If we go for better and more powerful tools then Power Capital, Quicken, YNAB, PocketSmith are the best options available for better investment and saving purposes, but they are a bit costlier.

Tools like Moneydance, Tiller, CountAbout, and Every Dollar have a different perspective and can be used for personal finance management.

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