Top 20 Best Automation Testing Tools in 2019 (Comprehensive List)

List and Comparison of the Best Test Automation Tools in 2019:

Here is a comprehensive list of the Best Test Automation tools for your convenience. You can research and finalize the best fit for your project.

Automation testing means running the software programs that carry out the execution of test cases automatically and produce the test results without any human intervention. 

It is one step ahead of the manual testing. It saves the human effort and time up to a great extent and it also leaves no or very less scope for errors in testing. Once ready, automated tests can be run any number of times to test the same application thus minimizing redundant manual work.


With the increased need & demand for automation in the field of IT, there are several best automation testing tools available these days.

Below is the inclusive list of most extensively used test automation tools.

This list includes both commercial and open source test automation tools. However, almost all licensed tools have a free trial version available which facilities you to work on the tools before deciding which one suits best to your requirements.


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Top 20 BEST Automation Testing Tools Compared

Here is the list of the best automation testing software for your reference:

  1. Selenium
  2. TestComplete
  3. QMetry Automation Studio
  4. Micro Focus QTP/UFT
  5. Cypress
  6. Katalon Studio
  7. Testsigma
  8. LambdaTest
  9. Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise (QC)
  10. TestComplete
  11. Test Studio
  12. IBM Rational Functional Tester
  13. Ranorex
  14. Appium
  15. Robotium
  16. Cucumber
  17. EggPlant
  18. SilkTest
  19. Watir
  20. Sauce labs
  21. Sahi Pro
  22. Sikuli
  23. IBM Performance Tester
  24. Apache JMeter
  25. BlazeMeter
  26. Micro Focus LoadRunner

Apart from the above, we have some more automated testing tools:

  • WAPT by SoftLogica
  • NeoLoad
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • WebLOAD
  • Test Anywhere
  • Visual Studio Test Professional
  • FitNesse
  • TestingWhiz
  • Tosca Testsuite
  • WatiN
  • SoapUI

Let us introduce you to the most popular Automation Testing Tools one by one.

Here we go!

#1) Selenium


It is the #1 automation testing tool for all web application testing tools. Selenium can be executed in multiple browsers and Operating systems. It is compatible with several programming languages and automation testing frameworks.

With selenium, you can come up with very powerful browser-centered automation test scripts which are scalable across different environments. You can also create scripts using Selenium that is of great help for prompt reproduction of bugs, regression testing, and exploratory testing.

It is an open source tool and all the selenium downloads are available here

Want to learn Selenium automation tool? We have a detailed series of tutorials you can check here.


#2) TestComplete


TestComplete is the top automation testing tool for desktop, mobile and web applications. With TestComplete, you can build and run functional UI tests via robust record & replay capabilities or by scripting in your favorite languages, including Python, JavaScript, VBScript and more.

With support for a wide range of applications, such as .Net, and native and hybrid iOS and Android apps, along with regression, parallel, and cross-browser testing capabilities, you can scale your tests across 1500 +real test environments for complete coverage and improved software quality using TestComplete.

=> Download your 30-day free trial here.


#3) QMetry Automation Studio

QMetry logo

QMetry Automation Studio(QAS) is a leading software automation tool built on Eclipse IDE and leading open source frameworks, Selenium and Appium.

QMetry Automation Studio brings structure, efficiency, and reusability to automation efforts. The studio supports advanced automation strategy with coded automation and enables manual teams to transition into automation seamlessly with scriptless automation methods.

In addition to test authoring, QAS provides a unified solution for an Omnichannel, multi-device, and multi-locale scenario by supporting the web, mobile native, mobile web, web services, and micro-services components. This helps the digital enterprise to scale automation thereby eliminating the need for special purpose tools.

QAS is part of the AI-enabled QMetry Digital Quality Platform, one of the most comprehensive software quality platforms offering test management, test automation, quality analytics in a single suite.

=> Try QMetry Automation Studio for 30 days free.
=> Visit QMetry website to know more.


#4) Appium


Appium test automation framework is mainly intended for mobile applications. The good news is that it is an open source tool.

It supports automation of native, hybrid and mobile web applications built for iOS and Android. Appium uses vendor-provided automation frameworks and is based on client/server architecture.

Appium is easy to install and use. it has gained huge popularity and stability over the last few years as one of the best mobile automation testing tools.

Visit Appium Website here.


#5) Cypress

cypress io logo

Cypress is a front end automated testing application created for the modern web. Cypress is built on a new architecture and runs in the same run-loop as the application being tested. As a result, Cypress provides better, faster, and more reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. Cypress works on any front-end framework or website.

The open source Cypress Test Runner is architected to handle modern JavaScript frameworks especially well. The Cypress Dashboard Service is an optional web-based companion to the Test Runner. The Dashboard records tests run in Continuous Integration so the developer can understand failures, share results with their team, and optimize test runs. The Dashboard is sold as a SaaS service.

If you are frustrated with your current front-end testing you can test your code, not your patience, with’s end to end testing framework.

=> Click here to go to their website and start testing


#6) Katalon Studio

Katalon studio new logo

Katalon Studio is a comprehensive test automation tool that covers from API, Web, to mobile testing. It has an A-to-Z set of features: recording actions, creating test cases, generating test scripts, executing tests, reporting results, and integrating with many other tools throughout the software development lifecycle.

Katalon Studio is versatile as it runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also supports testing of iOS and Android apps, Web applications on all modern browsers, and API services. Katalon Studio can be integrated with a variety of other tools such as JIRA, qTest, Kobiton, Git, Slack, and more.

Katalon Studio is available for free and has paid support services for businesses and enterprises.

=> Download Katalon Studio here


#7) Testsigma


Testsigma is among the best Automation Testing tools available today and has marked the beginning of a new era of smart automation that is best suited for today’s Agile and DevOps market.

Testsigma is an AI-driven test automation tool that uses simple English to automate even complex tests and well meets the continuous delivery needs. Testsigma provides a test automation eco system with all the elements required for continuous testing and lets you automate Web, mobile applications and API services and supports thousands of device/OS/browser combos on the cloud as well as on your local machines.

See how Testsigma is unique and how this AI-driven automation software meets your automation requirements in a demo. You can request a demo here.

=> Click here to visit Testsigma website


#8) LambdaTest

LambdaTest logo

LambdaTest is one of the leading Cross Browser Testing automation tool that helps you run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud based Selenium grid. User can perform automated cross browser testing across 2000+ browsers and ensure that your users get perfect experience across all browsers, browser versions and operating systems.

LambdaTest integrates with all leading project management tools like JIRA, Asana, Github, Trello, Slack etc.

=> Visit LambdaTest website here


#9) Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise (QC)


Micro Focus Quality Center software standardizes testing. It is basically an integrated IT quality management software. Automated testing is one of its key features which constantly allows you to test earlier and quicker.

Asset sharing and reusability allows QC to deliver bug-free and reliable applications.

It is again a licensed tool but you can download the trial version to see how it performs.

Visit QC Website here

Recommended read Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise (QC) Tutorials


#10) Micro Focus UFT


Unified Functional Testing (UFT) tool given by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is one of the best automation testing software for functional testing. It was previously known as QuickTest Professional (QTP).

It brings developers & testers coming together under one umbrella and provides high-quality automation testing solutions. It makes functional testing less complex and cost-friendly.

Its top features include Cross browser & multi-platform compatibility, Optimized distributed testing, multiple testing solutions, image-based object recognition and canvas – visual test flows.It is a licensed tool.

However, the good news is that its trial version (valid for 60 days) is available free of cost. Click

Click here for Micro Focus UFT 60-day free trial. You can also purchase an enterprise based customized solution from Micro Focus as per your testing requirements.

Want to learn Micro Focus Quick Test Professional (QTP)? We have a detailed series of tutorials you can check here.


#11) Test Studio

Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is a comprehensive test automation solution. It is well suited for GUI, performance, load and API testing.

It allows you to test desktop, mobile and web applications.

Its main features include Point-and-click test recorder, support for real coding languages like C# and VB.NET, central object repository and continuous integration with source control.

Visit the Test Studio Website here.


#12) IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester

This tool is primarily intended for automated functional testing & regression testing. It also allows you to perform data-driven and GUI testing. The automated testing in RFT is based upon script assure technology which highly improves the efficiency of testing and provides easy script maintenance.

IBM RFT supports a variety of web-based and terminal emulator based applications.

Visit IBM Rational Functional Tester Website from here.


#13) Ranorex


Ranorex is flexible, all in one GUI testing tool where you can execute automated tests flawlessly throughout all environments and devices. What makes it superior to other GUI testing tools is its super smart object recognition feature that automatically detects any change in the UI and keeps the test going.

Other significant features of Ranorex include reusable code modules, early bug finding, seamless integration with other tools, simple test recording and easy to use the editor.

It is a licensed tool but its free trial can be downloaded from the Ranorex website.

Visit Ranorex Website here.


#14) Robotium


Robotium is an open-source test automation framework primarily meant for Android UI testing. It supports both native and hybrid applications.

Using Robotium, you can write time-saving, readable and easy to use automated gray box UI tests intended for android apps. You can also perform system testing, functional testing, and user acceptance testing over Android-based apps with the help of Robotium.

Visit Robotium Website here.

15) Cucumber


It is an open-source tool that is designed over the concept of BDD (Behavior-driven development). It is used to perform the automated acceptance testing by running the examples that best describe the behavior of the application. It gets you a single up-to-date living document that is having both specification and test documentation.

Cucumber is scripted in Ruby. However, it now supports a few other languages as well such as Java and.NET. It also has cross-platform OS support.

Visit Cucumber Website here.

#16) eggPlant


eggPlant is a licensed tool (built by TestPlant) which is primarily aimed for application testing and GUI testing.

For testers, Eggplant offers a variety of test automation tools using which you can perform different types of testing. You have eggPlant functional for doing functional testing and eggPlant performance for doing the performance, load and stress testing.

Rather than the object-based approach employed by most of the test automation tools, eggPlant works on image-based approach. Using a single script, you can perform testing on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and much more.

Visit eggPlant website from here.

#17) Silk Test

Silk Test

Silk Test is a licensed product of Microfocus aims at automated functional and regression testing. It has cross-browser support and provides unified test automation for a variety of applications including desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps, rich-client applications and enterprise applications.

It enables efficient, speedy and high-quality automation testing.

Visit Silk Test website here

#18) Watir


Watir (pronounced as water) is an abbreviation for Web Application Testing in Ruby. It is a very light-weight open source tool for automating web application testing. The best part of the tool is that it supports your web application regardless of considering over which technology your app is designed.

With water, you can come up with simple, flexible, readable and easily maintainable automated tests. There are many big companies that use Watir including SAP, Oracle, Facebook, etc.

Visit the Watir website here.

#19) Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs

It is a selenium cloud-based solution that offers automated testing over cross-browsers and multiple platforms. It has support for both mobile and desktop apps. It is known for significantly accelerating test cycles.

Various well-known companies including Yahoo, Zillow, and OpenDNS have testified that they have reduced their testing time by a huge extent with the help of SauceLabs.

This tool is licensed. However, it also provides free testing for open source projects.

Visit Sauce Labs website from here.

#20) Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro

It is a tester centric web automation tool. This cross-browser/cross-platform tool comes with a lot of fantastic features like Smart accessory identification, record and playback on any browser, no ajax timeout issues, end to end reporting, powerful scripting and inbuilt excel framework.

It offers a flexible license. Additionally, you can try it out before purchase.

Click here to download the free trial of the tool. 

#21) Sikuli


Sikuli is based on image recognition and has the capability of automating anything that we see on the screen. Currently, it supports desktop apps only which run on Windows, Mac or Unix/Linux. This tool is good at reproducing bugs quickly and its users have reported it to be very useful as compared other tools when you are going to automate an application which is not web-based.

This tool is good at reproducing bugs quickly and its users have reported it to be very useful as compared other tools when you are going to automate an application which is not web-based.

Sikuli is an open source testing tool.

Click here to download Sikuli. 

#22) IBM Rational Performance Tester

IBM Rational Performance Tester

This tool is designed for doing automated performance testing over web and server based apps. It has RCA capabilities to remove performance bottleneck. It provides real-time reporting and test data customizations. It also offers load and scalability testing.

It is a licensed tool. However, IBM provides its free trial.

Visit Performance Tester Website here.

#23) Apache JMeter

Apache Jmeter

Apache JMeter is an open source Java desktop application designed for load testing. It mainly focuses on web applications. This tool can also be employed for unit testing and limited functional testing.

Its architecture is centered around plugins with the help of which JMeter provides a lot of out of box features. It supports many types of applications, servers and protocols like Web, SOAP, FTP, TCP, LDAP, SOAP, MOM, Mail Protocols, shell scripts, Java objects, database. Other features include powerful Test IDE, dynamic reporting, command line mode, portability, multithreading, caching of test results and highly extensible core.

It supports many types of applications, servers and protocols like Web, SOAP, FTP, TCP, LDAP, SOAP, MOM, Mail Protocols, shell scripts, Java objects, database. Other features include powerful Test IDE, dynamic reporting, command line mode, portability, multithreading, caching of test results and highly extensible core.

Other features include powerful Test IDE, dynamic reporting, command line mode, portability, multithreading, caching of test results and highly extensible core.

Visit JMeter Website here.

#24) BlazeMeter


With BlazeMeter, you can easily create load and performance tests. It is truly compatible with JMeter tool described above. Any JMeter test works well on BlazeMeter as well.

Having BlazeMeter, you can easily setup API tests, do user interactive website testing, perform scalable load testing using virtual user traffic and do a lot more. This tool supports both native and mobile web apps.

It is a licensed tool. But its free testing trial is also available which allows 50 concurrent users, 10 tests, and 1 shared load generator. So, you can actually try doing load and performance testing for free by using this tool.

Visit BlazeMeter Website here.

#25) Micro Focus LoadRunner

HP LoadRunner

This is again an automated load and performance testing tool provided by Micro Focus. It supports testing in various environments and over different types of applications.

Though it’s a licensed tool it is quite affordable. It supports mobile and cloud testing as well. Micro Focus LoadRunner gives a clear picture of the system performance, allows you to do the RCA and fix the bugs before the application is released to the live environment.

Visit the Micro Focus LoadRunner Website here.


Testim logo leverages machine learning for the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated test cases. We use dynamic locators and learn with every execution. The outcome is super fast authoring and stable tests that learn, thus eliminating the need to continually maintain tests with every code change. Netapp, Verizon Wireless, and others run over 300,000 tests using every month.

Testim, a Heavybit portfolio company, has dual offices in San Francisco and Israel (R&D) and is backed by Spider Capital (Appurify, PagerDuty), Foundation Capital and other U.S. based investors.

=> Click here to start automating using

Additional Tools

Few other tools which are worth mentioning here:

#27) WAPT by SoftLogica


WAPT is an affordable load and stress testing tool for website testing. It is based on AJAX and RIA technology.

Visit the WAPT website here.

#28) Neoload


Neoload is also very popular and automated performance testing tool. It replicates the real user activities and brings out the system bottlenecks. It supports both mobile and web apps. It comes at flexibly priced license but its free version is also available to perform small level tests.

It supports both mobile and web apps. It comes at flexibly priced license but its free version is also available to perform small level tests.

Visit NeoLoad Website here.

#29) Perfect Mobile

Perfect Mobile

Perfecto test automation solution supports automated application testing over cross browsers and mobile devices. It can be integrated with various test automation framework. It is a licensed tool. Like other tools, it also offers a free trial.

Visit Perfecto Website here.

#30) WebLOAD


The WebLoad tool provided by Radview Software is a load, performance, and stress testing tool for mobile and web applications. It integrates well with other testing tools like Selenium, Perfecto mobile, etc.  It provides analytics dashboards to perform RCAs of the issue.

It provides analytics dashboards to perform RCAs of the issue.It is a licensed tool but its free trial is available.

Visit WebLoad Website here.

#31) Test Anywhere

Test Anywhere

It is a tool for automated and simplified frontend testing. It has an inbuilt test builder tool that replicates the real user actions and we do not need to write any code.

Visit Test Anywhere Website here.

#32) Visual Studio Test Professional

Visual Studio Test Professional

This tool provides exploratory browser-based testing. It is a helpful licensed tool for streamlining quality and continuous delivery. It has the free trial available as well.

Visit Visual Studio Test Professional Website here.

#33) FitNesse


FitNesse is an automation acceptance testing framework. It’s an open source tool.

Visit FitNesse Website here.

#34) TestingWhiz


TestingWhiz is a licensed tool which offers automation solutions for regression testing, web testing, mobile testing, cross-browser testing, web services testing and database testing. It has codeless architecture and supports continuous integration very well.

Visit TestingWhiz Website here.

#35) Tosca Testsuite

Tosca Testsuite

Tosca Testsuite by Tricentis is an automated functional testing tool for performing functional testing and regression testing. Business dynamic steering is one of its coolest features.

It is a licensed tool but offers a free trial as well.

Visit Tosca Testsuite website here.

#36) WatiN


It is an abbreviation for Web Application Testing in .NET. It is an open source test automation framework for IE & FF browsers. It’s a good tool for UI & functional testing of Web apps.

Visit WatiN website here.

#37) SoapUI


SoapUI by Smartbear is an open source functional testing tool. It provides an end to end API Test Automation Framework for SOAP and REST.

Visit the SoapUI website here.


We have a number of Automation Testing Tools available which aim at different types of testing. Some of these tools are open-source while some are licensed. Yes, the choice of the tool will always depend upon your requirements but we hope that the above list of test automation tools will surely help you while making the selection.

If we have missed out any tool here that you think aids in automation testing, your suggestions and experiences are most welcomed!

=> Feel free to contact us to add any other listing here.