Top 6 Stonebranch Alternatives [2023 Updated Rankings]

Explore the top Stonebranch Alternatives with their features, pricing, and comparison in this tutorial. Also, see the comparison of Stonebranch with our top recommended solution, ActiveBatch:

Stonebranch is a hybrid IT automation software with functionalities to orchestrate IT tasks, jobs, and workload over on-premise and cloud environments.

This event-based IT automation solution can be used for various use cases such as workload automation, cloud automation, DevOps Automation, etc. Stonebranch offers always-on availability.

Stonebranch Alternatives

Stonebranch Review

Features of Stonebranch:

  • Stonebranch offers the features of event-based scheduling.
  • It has features for DevOps, Big Data Management, and container-based workload management.
  • It has native managed file transfer functionalities.
  • Stonebranch is the platform with features of centralized control, limitless integrations, reports & business intelligence, and easy installation & simple upgrades.
  • It has an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.
Fact Check: According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), 56% of businesses use multiple scheduling and automation and 75% of them have recently changed their automation tools. EMA research also says that various businesses use an analytics solution to make it easier to work with cross-platform dependencies. 88% of such businesses that are using multiple WLA tools are planning to consolidate on to one tool.

Please refer to the below research image:

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) report

What features are required with the tool for creating the seamless end-to-end workload automation?

A good workload automation solution will allow you to manage everything on a single platform. By centralizing your processes, the tool will help you to elevate your IT automation strategy. The selected tool should be able to future-proof your automation. It should have the capacity to connect to any tool that will be added to your environment. This can be achieved through the features like REST API Adapter.

The Dynamic Resource allocation feature provided by the tool will give you seamless machine scalability. The tool should be able to provide high availability non-cluster fail-over. The reliable high availability service will help you to complete jobs on schedule even in case of potential outage or failure.

A mature and feature-rich workload automation & job scheduling platform provides the features like event & schedule-driven triggers, Change Management Tools, Workflow optimizer, role-specific views, self-service portals, auditing & compliance, reporting & monitoring, and security.

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List of Top Stonebranch Alternatives

Here is a list of popular Stonebranch competitors:

  1. ActiveBatch (#1 Alternative to Stonebranch)
  2. Redwood RunMyJobs
  3. Tidal Workload Automation
  4. Control-M
  5. IBM Workload Automation
  6. Broadcom Automic Automation

Comparison of Top Alternatives to Stonebranch

NameOur RatingsBest forFeaturesFree trial

Star_rating_5_of_5Workload automation & job scheduling capabilities.REST API Adapter, Integrated Jobs Library, event-driven job scheduling, etc.Demo and 30-day free trial available.
Redwood RunMyJobs

Star_rating_5_of_5Workload automation SaaS solution.Fully-hosted infrastructure, all connectors, etc. Available on request.
Tidal Automation

Star_rating_4_of_5Its rich job and calendaring capabilities.Job and calendaring capabilities, define SLA policies, etc.No

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Complex application workflows.Workflow orchestration, Data pipelines, MFT, etc.Available

Star_rating_4_of_5Batch and real-time hybrid workload managementWorkflow folders, self-service automation, hybrid workload automation, etc.Available for 30 days.

Comparison: Stonebranch Vs ActiveBatch

Let us see the comparison of Stonebranch with our top recommended solution: ActiveBatch in the below table.

Customer SupportStonebranch offers professional services at an additional cost.ActiveBatch offers White Glove Onboarding and customer success resources with every engagement.
Mobile AppStonebranch doesn’t have a mobile appActiveBatch has a mobile app that will let you monitor, troubleshoot, trigger, and disable jobs when out of the office.
Role-based ViewsStonebranch has a generic environment.ActiveBatch provides a highly customizable console that contains a lot of role-based views & a self-service interface
Ease of useAs per reviews, Stonebranch has a clunky interface that makes it difficult to use. Because of this power-users find it difficult to multi-task.ActiveBatch offers a low-code GUI. Its intuitive interface will make the tool easy to use.

Let us review the alternatives in detail:

#1) ActiveBatch (#1 Alternative to Stonebranch)

Best for workload automation & job scheduling capabilities.


ActiveBatch is a workload automation software for building, monitoring, and managing the end-to-end processes. It provides intelligent tools and endless integrations. It will be central automation. ActiveBatch can be connected to any tool that will add to your environment. It provides the REST API Adapter that will future-proof your automation.


  • ActiveBatch provides an integrated jobs library that has a lot of pre-built and platform-neutral connectors. It has low-code API accessibility.
  • It has features of event-driven job scheduling.
  • You will get policy-driven governance through centralized compliance management.

Verdict: ActiveBatch is a solution for centralized orchestration across all the cross-platform and automated processes. It has a low code drag-and-drop GUI that will make it easier and faster to build end-to-end processes. It provides infinite extensibility and unparalleled reliability.

Price: Its pricing is usage-based. You can get a quote for pricing details. A demo will be available on request.

#2) Redwood RunMyJobs

Best for workload automation SaaS solution.

Redwood RunMyJob

Redwood guarantees 99.95% uptime. It provides fast & easy migration and a fully managed environment. In a single package, you will get all the required functionalities. It will seamlessly get integrated with all your applications, even with SAP®. Redwood has capabilities for automating the entire enterprise.


  • Redwood has all the connectors included, which will help you with automating any application.
  • All your processes and data will be protected through full encryption and the security-first, single-tenant design.
  • It provides the features for coordinating and managing the data pipelines to Redshift, Hadoop, Snowflake, etc.
  • It has simple API wizards to incorporate REST or SOAP web services quickly.

Verdict: There might a serious hassle while connecting across the diverse enterprise with workload automation solutions like Stonebranch.

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It is a traditional job scheduler and can slow down your business. Redwood workload automation and job scheduler will provide improved performance & increased visibility and help you with ensuring governance and regaining control.

Price: With Redwood, you will have to pay only for what you have used. You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is also available on request.

#3) Tidal Workload Automation

Best for its rich job and calendaring capabilities.


Tidal Workload Automation solution can orchestrate the workloads running on public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, SaaS, and on-premise. It has a centralized and enterprise-wide interface that will let you plan and control the execution of business processes, applications, infrastructure, data, and middleware. It has a mobile app for the iPhone to manage and control on-the-fly.


  • Tidal Automation platform provides job and calendaring capabilities.
  • These job and calendaring capabilities will let you plan and run the processes based on schedule, event, and dependencies.
  • It has service level management capabilities to track the status of critical jobs and their performance against SLAs.
  • You can define SLA policies for the critical jobs and the tool will alert you for the SLAs that are at risk.

Verdict: You will be able to automate anything with the Tidal Workload Automation solution. It is a scalable solution. It is easy to deploy and easy to use. It supports scheduled-based, event-based, and dependencies-based planning and running of processes.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

#4) Control-M

Best for complex application workflows.


Control-M is the solution for the workflow orchestration of data and application over on-premise or as a service. Defining, building, scheduling, managing, and monitoring production workflows will be easier with the help of Control-M. You will be able to embed workflow orchestration in your CI/CD platform. It provides out-of-the-box support for cloud services such as AWS Lambda, Azure Logic Apps, etc. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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  • Control-M has features for workflow orchestration, data pipelines, and managed file transfer.
  • It offers the functionalities for building job types, workload archiving, and SLA management.
  • REST API and JSON will accelerate app building and testing.
  • At every stage, you will be able to get a 360-degree view of data pipelines.

Verdict: Control-M has advanced workflow orchestration capabilities. It can be connected to any application, data source, and critical systems. It provides robust support for audits, compliance, and governance.

Price: Control-M offers a free trial. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Control-M

#5) IBM Workload Automation

Best for batch and real-time hybrid workload management.


IBM workload automation can optimize and automate complex workloads. It has a powerful and intuitive dashboard. It simplifies deployment and management through a streamlined container architecture. It provides predictive analytics and centralized management, and hence your decision-making will get improved. You can use the application programming interfaces like REST and SOAP for scheduling and monitoring workloads.


  • IBM Workload Automation provides the features of hybrid workload automation and advanced monitoring.
  • It will help you with streamlining the release management process.
  • It provides ready-to-use integrations.
  • It provides self-service automation
  • It will allow you to customize the workload dashboard.
  • It provides dedicated interfaces to application developers and operators.

Verdict: IBM Workload automation platform has a powerful and intuitive dashboard. It will let you organize the jobs and job streams with the hierarchy of folders. You will be able to manage security through access control at the folder level.

Price: IBM Workload Automation offers a free trial for 30 days. The price for the tool starts at $94.95 per 1000 jobs per month.

Website: IBM Workload Automation

#6) Broadcom Automic Automation

Best for service orchestration.

Broadcom Automic Automation

Broadcom Automic Automation is a platform for service orchestration and automation. With the help of this tool, you will be able to manage complex workloads from microservices to the mainframe. It has the capabilities of self-service, visual workflows, and reusable building blocks. It can be integrated with open-source tools, big-data stores, and third-party schedulers.


  • Broadcom Automic Automation has features for infrastructure management with automatic provisioning and de-provisioning.
  • It provides resource abstraction and reusable templates that will help you with managing infrastructure across cloud vendors.
  • It provides the key features of infrastructure management, version & life cycle management, zero downtime upgrades, and self-service.

Verdict: Broadcom Automic Automation is the platform for the end-to-end orchestration of complex and hybrid workloads over multi-clouds. It is a massively scalable platform and supports automation as code.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Broadcom Automic Automation


Mid-size and large organizations are adopting multi-cloud and/or hybrid technology. Because of the scattered environment of businesses and IT, the complexity increases. This makes it difficult to manage the data and systems. A good workload automation solution will give you control over your systems and data. The right solution will elevate your IT automation strategy.

We have seen the top 6 alternatives of Stonebranch. ActiveBatch is our top recommended solution as it overcomes all the cons of Stonebranch and provides advanced features for centralized workload automation and job scheduling.

We hope this article will guide you in choosing the right alternative to Stonebranch.

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Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 25 Hours
  • Total tools researched online: 23
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 6
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