11 BEST Online Product Management Courses For 2023

Explore the top Online Product Management Courses with features and comparisons to decide on the best training course for your career:

One of the most fascinating roles in an organization right now is the Product manager. They are close to the center of the action and have an excessive influence over key decisions. Product managers often start their own companies. And that has made this job one of the hottest and most promising careers in the U.S.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about the courses that will help you get into this career.

Is Product Management the right career for you?

Product management is thankless, all-consuming, and nerve-racking. However, when it works, it makes you feel like you were meant for this, and only this. But before you get into this job, find out what drives you and if this is the career for you.

Online Product Management Courses

Product Management Courses

You are meant for Product Management if you

  • Feel fulfilled by solving people’s problems.
  • Enjoy driving the growth of a business.
  • Like to work closely with various people.
  • Good at developing a strategy.
  • Can get things done.
  • Can influence and lead a team.
  • Communicate often and widely.
  • Are good at making decisions.
  • Like creating stunning experiences for others.
  • Are detail-oriented, and like being prepared and organized.

The Career is not for you if you

  • Feel fulfilled by appreciation.
  • Are used to having your way around.
  • Don’t enjoy being around people.
  • Like always being right.
  • Enjoy building things yourself.
  • Want everyone to like you.
  • Avoid meetings, communication, and people.
Fact Check: Most percentages of product managers are bachelor degree holders as compared with master degree holders. However, Master’s degree holders are higher paid product managers as compared to any other degree holders.

bachelor degree holders

[image source]

Pro-Tip: Product management is a job that requires a feisty attitude and a love for social mixing. If you are not comfortable around people and you always look for appreciation, this is not the career for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What qualifications are needed for product management?

Answer: Many product management posts require a bachelor’s degree in business or an equivalent degree in a related field.

Q #2) How do I get a product management job with no experience?

Answer: Several companies offer associate product manager programs and hire people without experience, usually right out of college. However, you might need to have a computer science background.

Q #3) How hard is it to get into product management?

Answer: It is not easy since the competition in the field is very high. And most companies look for a few years of experience before you apply for them.

Q #4) Does product management pay well?

Answer: Yes, it is one of the best-paying jobs in technology companies.

Q #5) How stressful is product management?

Answer: It is a very versatile and challenging job. Although it is a rewarding and fulfilling job, it can also be frustrating and extremely stressful as well.

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List of Top Product Management Courses

Enlisted below are some popular product management training courses:

  1. Masterclass
  2. Skillshare
  3. Digital Product Management
  4. Udemy Become a Product Manager
  5. Edx Digital Product Management
  6. Google Project Management Professional Certificate
  7. Edx Product Management
  8. One Week Technical PM
  9. Product Management Course by Product School
  10. Career.pm
  11. Professional Scrum Product Owner
  12. Product Management by Cornell University
  13. Product Management 101

Comparing the Best Online Courses for Project Management

Name of
Does the
Free Courses Type of
Course Duration Course PricingWebsite
MasterclassYesNoAnnual10 Minutes on averageStarts at $15/month (Billed Annually)Visit
SkillshareYesYesMonthly--Subscription fee starts at $13.99/monthVisit
Digital Product ManagementYesYesMonthly5 MonthsFree (One course per year), $49-$79/monthVisit
Udemy Become a Product ManagerYesNoPersonal8-12 weeks$29.99/mo,
Free trial for 7 days
Edx Digital Product ManagementYesNoNone9 Months$1,795.50Visit
Google Project Management Professional CertificateYesYesMonthly6 Months$39/month,
Free trial for 7 days
Edx Product ManagementYesNoFor
5 Months$895.50Visit

Detailed review:

#1) Masterclass

Best for Bite-Sized Video Lectures.


There are a lot of courses in the Masterclass platform that focus on sales and marketing. Its business category is brimming with lessons, each lasting about 10 minutes on average and each being thought by a legitimate business manager or entrepreneur.

You can watch this lectures anytime you wish from any device you have. Depending on the subscription you take, you’ll also be able to download these lectures for offline viewing.

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  • Video Lessons Thought by Business Professionals
  • Offline Viewing
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Self-Paced Learning

Verdict: You want to learn more about the basic and fundamentals of product management from the mouths of professionals themselves, then Masterclass has plenty to offer you.

Price: Individual Plan: 15/month, Duo Plan: $20/month, Family: $23/month (billed annually)

#2) Skillshare

Best for Beginners and professional product managers.

Skillshare Course

Skillshare is home to a plethora of different courses on product management. Most of these courses are centered on how one can improve their product management skills. You’ll get to explore topics like Jira, Fusion 360, etc. These classes are taught by experts and professionals in their field. They cater to both beginners and professional product managers trying to hone their skills.

Based on your preference, you’ll find classes that range in duration from less than 15 minutes to those that go on for more than 60 minutes and contain more in-depth insight into the subject matter.


  • Classes spearheaded by industry leaders.
  • Unlimited access to courses on a small subscription fee.
  • You can join Skillshare as a teacher.
  • Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android.

Verdict: Skillshare’s sizeable library of courses on product management are enough to turn any novice into an expert in the field. For a small fee, you’ll have unlimited access to all the courses available on the platform to boost your knowledge and skills.

Price: The subscription fee starts at $13.99/month, 7-day free trial is available.

#3) Digital Product Management

Best for current and new product managers applying for the modern process for developing teams and products.

Digital Product Management

The specialization is for someone who is already working as a project manager and wants an upgrade in their skills or someone who wants to start a career in this field. They offer five courses to cover product design applications, along with everything in modern product management.


  • You get a certificate upon completion of the course.
  • It is entirely an online course.
  • You can start instantly.
  • You can finish the course on your schedule.
  • It offers a flexible schedule.
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Although it is in English, it has subtitles in many other languages.
  • Offers financial aid.

Verdict: It is a good course if you are already working full time. It allows you to finish the course in your own time. Try its product management free courses for a year and then pick your course plan.

Price: Free (One course per year), Single learning program: $49 – $79/month, Multiple courses: $59 /month, Coursera plus annual: $399/year

#4) Udemy Become a Product Manager

Best for a comprehensive course of the most updated Product Management job and process.

Udemy Become a Product Manager

Udemy offers a comprehensive and updated product management course that teaches you all the tricks to excel in the job. You get to learn everything, from your role in the job to ace it and build a shining portfolio out of it. They also teach you how to pick the best job in the field and what to ignore. It is one of the best product management courses available.


  • No pre-requisites are required.
  • Provides on-demand videos of 13 hours.
  • Offers plenty of downloadable resources.
  • You get 25 articles.
  • Offers access on mobile and TV.
  • You get a certificate after completion of the course.
  • You can complete the course in 8-12 weeks.

Verdict: If you want to upgrade your qualification quickly, this course is meant for you.

Price: $29.99/mo, Free trial for 7 days

Website: Udemy Become a Product Manager

#5) Edx Digital Product Management

Best for obtaining your master’s degree quickly and gaining experience in understanding the product management job.

Edx Digital Product Management

The MicroMasters program in product development allows you to become a tech-savvy and data-driven leader who inspires the team and leads them to success. It allows you to develop knowledge and capabilities to excel in your job. With this course, you will develop strategies and business models that will succeed within digital disruptions.


  • Offers 5 graduate-level courses.
  • You can finish the course in 9 months.
  • Offers expert instructions.
  • Allows you to try a course before paying.
  • You can study at your convenience.
  • Have verified certificates and university-backed programs.

Verdict: If you want to earn a degree or accelerate your career, EDX digital product management course is a good choice for you.

Price: $1,795.50

Website: Edx Digital Product Management

#6) Google Project Management Professional Certificate

Best for gaining in-demand skills for preparing for an entry-level job.

Google Project Management Professional Certificate

This program is one of the best and comes with over 6 courses that offer you skills for an entry-level job. You get to learn from Google employees whose careers were launched with foundations in product management. Upon completion of the course, you can apply to Google, Walmart, Best Buy, etc for jobs.


  • You get a certificate after completing the course.
  • The course is 100% online.
  • You can start instantly.
  • Allows you to finish on your own schedule.
  • Only available in English.
  • You can apply directly to Google, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. after course completion.

Verdict: If you are looking for product management courses online to help you start your career as well, this one is it.

Price: $39/month, 7-day free trial

Website: Google Project Management Professional Certificate

#7) Edx Product Management

Best for obtaining a management certificate for the skill sets for the entire lifecycle of a product, from conception to delivery.

Edx Product Management

Edx Product Management course starts with the fundamentals and helps you understand why this role is so desired by future startups and CEOs. It helps you to explore the roles and responsibilities of the job and identify its relationship with other roles in an organization and outside it.


  • Offers 5 courses for skill-building.
  • You get expert instructions.
  • Allows you to progress at your own speed.
  • Offers a free trial before payment.
  • Has verified certificates and university-backed programs for credits.
  • You get to hear from global peers and university partners.

Verdict: This product management training course offers you skill-building from basic to advanced over various courses. It is a good program for both beginners and experts.

Price: $895.50

Website: Edx Product Management

#8) One Week Technical PM

Best for learning key fundamentals of product management.

One Week Technical PM

This course teaches you the basic essentials of product management. With the help of this course, you can create your own project and ace the interviews. You will also learn technical skills and product leadership. This course will also help you in building your network and craft an eye-catching resume and online presence.


  • Provides more than 70 lectures.
  • You get over 6 hours of content.
  • Offer over 5 downloadable product management templates.
  • Gets you exclusive interviews with product managers and leaders of the industry.
  • Prepares you to ace the interviews.
  • Offers certificate after course completion.

Verdict: This 7-day course allows you to get skilled in product management and is a good option if you want a quick boost.

Price: $350

Website: One Week Technical PM

#9) Product Management Course by Product School

Best for obtaining industry-recognized product management certificates and getting in touch with the best product managers across the globe.

Product Management Course by Product School

This course offers the guidance of product leaders from silicon valley companies like Facebook, Amazon Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, etc. They offer industry-recognized certification with course options that fit your schedule. You can pick the 2-month part-time course or a fast track one of 5 days. This is one of the flexible product management training courses available online.


  • Offers weekly sessions with top product leaders of top companies.
  • Lessons are created by Silicon Valley’s best.
  • You learn with the same tools like professionals.
  • You remain a part of the largest community of product managers in the world even after you have been certified.

Verdict: If you are looking for an industry-recognized certificate and want to learn from the best, this is the perfect course for you.

Price: $4,199 (upfront tuition price)

Website: Product Management Course by Product School

#10) Career.pm

Best for learning the skills, practices, and frameworks for becoming an outstanding product manager.


The course was co-founded by two former product managers who turned into consultants to help others who desire to become the best in the field. The course comes with guidance from experienced product managers and peers who have overcome the challenges of the job. It helps you learn quickly and with real-life examples.


  • Offers videos and written guides.
  • Comes with live interactive sessions and workshops with experienced instructors.
  • You get on-demand webinars and podcasts.
  • You can attend conferences and become a part of the global product management community.

Verdict: It is a platform with a simple user interface that allows you easy access to all the resources.

Price: Community: Free, Growth: $99 /year, PM coaching: $199 /month, Leadership coaching: $399 /month

Website: Career.pm

#11) Professional Scrum Product Owner

Best for understanding the scrum framework to develop, deliver, and sustain products in a complex environment.

Professional Scrum Product Owner8

The set of three online product management courses allows you to get a firm grasp on the product’s value drivers, along with growing a keen sense of Scrum and agile practices for maximizing that value. The assessment allows you to validate and certify your understanding of the role of product managers and how to respond to challenges.


  • Offers tailored training programs for your needs.
  • You get professional trainers.
  • Every class comes with a free attempt at certificate assessment.
  • Offers hands-on and activity-based training.
  • Their website keeps you listed as being certified forever once you get the certification.

Verdict: If you are looking for product management courses online to boost your career and add to your glorious resume, this is the perfect one for you.

Price: PSPO I Assessment: $200, PSPO II Assessment: $ 250, PSPO III Assessment: $ 500, Free one attempt

Website: Professional Scrum Product Owner

#12) Product Management by Cornell University

Best for obtaining a deeper understanding of how to convert an idea into a product and launch it successfully.

Product Management by Cornell University

This course provides an opportunity to learn vital features of road mapping a product and using several activities to prototype it. You will learn how to partner with designers, measure progress against objectives, and present your product. You get to learn the tricks to be a successful product manager.


  • Offers a 100% online course.
  • Teaches you modern-day’s most in-demand skills from top minds.
  • Internationally recognized.
  • Flexible structure to allow you to learn on your schedule.
  • Personalized classes tailored for the best learning experience.
  • Learn with a global peer network.

Verdict: This course will power your career, making you better at it with various professional tools.

Price: $3,600 or $650/mo

Website: Product Management by Cornell University

#13) Product Management 101

Best for learning how to become a more strategic product manager and create a greater impact on the products and your company.

Product Management 101

This course will teach you how to become amazingly strategic in your field. You can learn the best practices of product marketing. The course is designed for novices and beginners to help them meet the basic purpose of product management.


  • You get on-demand videos and downloadable resources.
  • Access on TV and mobile.
  • The course is for beginners.

Verdict: This course gives beginners and insight into the complex working of the product management field. You can check its product management free courses for a week and then decide if you want to go ahead.

Price: $29.99/mo, 7-day free trial

Website: Product Management 101


It is a long and unpredictable road to becoming a product manager. However, you can always start by selecting the right course for you that will help you gain the right knowledge and master vital skills for the field.

If you are already working as a product manager, these courses can boost your skills and careers so that you shine in this competitive field. You can try courses from Udemy and Google. Their monthly payment schedule makes them affordable and these are the most reputable and known names among all the product management courses.

Research Process:

  • We spent 18 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which course will best suit you.
  • Total courses researched-25
  • Total courses shortlisted-11
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