25+ Best Project Management Software Tools To Boost Your Project Success

The list of best free and commercial Project management Software Tools and Apps for almost any project task.

What is Project Management?

“Project management” deals with managing the project activities like using advanced tools and innovative techniques, various skills, involving the experts who have application knowledge etc. Results of all these activities lead to meet the project requirements.

Managing a project from its starting stage called “Conception” till Completion involves five phases. 

They are mentioned below:
(i) Initiating
(ii) Planning
(iii) Executing
(iv) Monitoring & Controlling
(v) Closing.

Project Management Tools

To handle the Project Management System smoothly, effectively and efficiently we use Project Management Tools or Project Management Applications.

With the help of such tools, one can keep track of the activities being carried out in the project like which task is assigned to which resource/team member, which phase of the project is completed and when it is completed etc.

Project management (PM) approaches can be many like AGILE, WATERFALL, PMBOK, PRINCE2 etc.

PMBOK – Project Management Body Of Knowledge

PRINCE2 – Project IN Controlled Environments

Online Project Management Tools are also available like Web-based or Cloud-based and also like desktop applications.

To select a specific Project Management Software for a project we need to consider the below criteria

  • Duration of the project
  • Of people working with the project
  • Budget to be spent for the tool
  • Storage Capacity of the software tool
  • PM Functionalities available with the tool like email communications, file sharing, tracking etc.
  • Usability

Based on the above-mentioned points the list of the best-highlighted PM tools is as below:

  1. GoPlan
  2. Backlog
  3. Dapulse
  4. Allthings
  5. Freedcamp
  6. Trello
  7. Wrike
  8. Teamwork Projects
  9. Jira
  10. ActiveCollab
  11. Taiga
  12. Asana
  13. Podio
  14. BaseCamp
  15. TimeCamp
  16. Microsoft Project
  17. Smartsheet
  18. Insightly
  19. Projecturf
  20. Zoho Projects
  21. Producteev

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Top Project Management Software and Tools

Here we go!


=>> Let us know if you want to add any other tool in the list.


#1) GoPlan

GoPlan Logo

  • GoPlan is a Web-based Project Management application.
  • GoPlan is used for the Agile type of project management.
  • Main features of GoPlan application is Automated Reporting system. It enables you with the progress of the project whenever you log into the application.
  • The main drawback of this app is that it does not support Gantt Chart.
  • GoPlan can be used for 30 days under free trial and later we should go for any paid plan.

You can visit the tool website here and browse for more information regarding the tool.


#2) Backlog

Backlog testing tool logo

  • Backlog is an online project management tool built for development projects. It also has a self-hosted enterprise version.
  • Main features of Backlog are task management with Projects, Issues, sub-tasking, Gantt and Burndown charts, Wiki, Git, and SVN.
  • It is scalable and popular amongst small to enterprise teams.
  • It comes with native mobile apps in both iOS and Android.
  • Backlog is available for free to teams of up to 10, or 30-day free trial for paid plans including the enterprise version.

Free trial of this tool is available here.


#2) Dapulse

Dapulse Logo

  • Dapulse tool supports Agile Project management.
  • Dapulse supports various operating systems like Windows, Android, web-based, mobile apps etc.
  • One can organize this tool according to their organizational requirements.
  • This tool can be incorporated into other tools like JIRA, Dropbox, email etc.
  • Dapulse tool is available for free trial of 30 days. If we like the tool, then we can take any paid plan.

You can visit this tool website here for more details on paid plans.


#3) Allthings

Allthings Logo

  • Allthings is the best Agile project management application and an inherent tool that restructures
  • Allthings is mainly used to manage time and focus on the priority tasks of the projects.
  • Using the drag and drop feature of Allthings, we can distribute or allocate multiple tasks among the team and balance the workload.
  • If we input the project details, issues, targets, priorities etc into allthings, then it transforms the teamwork and their communication.
  • Allthings is a free tool for a limited period.

To learn more about this tool, you can visit here


#4) Freedcamp

Freedcamp Logo

  • Freedcamp is a web-based tool that uses cloud computing for resource & task management, learning, teamwork, tracking the issues, budgeting etc.
  • Freedcamp is able to send SMS notifications to concerned users on the updates.
  • The only disadvantage with Freedcamp is its mobile platform which is not yet modernized or updated perfectly.
  • Free trials of Freedcamp is limited to only a few applications like Calendar, Tasks, and Files etc.

Free trial of this tool is available here


#5) Trello

Trello Logo

  • Trello is an extremely flexible tool that makes project management easier. It is the best tool for personal business or an organization with large teams.
  • Using Trello we can have the visual overview of the activities of a project like which resource is engaged in which task or phase of the project.
  • The drawback of Trello is its simple way of handling the project activities. Sometimes user’s need to download some extensions to cope up with their task.

You can check the pricing details and other features of this tool from here 


#6) Wrike

  • Wrike is an agile, real-time and online project management application that boosts communication among the teams. Its simplicity and responsibility make the users achieve the results on time.
  • Wrike is mainly used in mid-sized or large projects.
  • Wrike gets integrated with all devices like Android, iPhone etc through which the users stay updated on open projects as well as completed projects.
  • It is too expensive for small companies or projects.

Check out from here for pricing details and other features.


#7) Teamwork projects

Teamwork projects Logo

  • Teamwork projects is a handy tool that organizes your tasks by reducing the unwanted meetings.
  • This great tool is designed in such a way that it coordinates and works easily with the tools you are already using in your project.
  • This online tool is mainly used by professionals and is accessible for the team and clients from anywhere.
  • Teamwork projects tool is not available for free.

For more pricing information and other features check out here 


#8) JIRA


  • Jira software is one among the agile project management tools used for software development and various Project management activities like tracking the bugs and issues, reporting, release details etc.
  • Jira is a web application which needs to be installed on a server system so that the clients on the same network can interact with it through browsers.
  • Jira can be available as open source for few projects that satisfy certain criteria like non-academic, non-commercial etc.
  • The drawback of Jira is that one cannot easily customize the user interface.

Visit Jira website from here for further details on pricing and other information.

=> Want to learn more about Atlassian JIRA? We have a detailed series of tutorials you can check here.


#9) Active Collab

Active Collab Logo

  • Active Collab can be used as a desktop application (on a private server) and also as a web-based application using cloud service.
  • This tool is used by the design team which helps them to deliver the results on or before time by spending less time on managing the project.
  • Active Collab is compatible for Mac, Windows, and Android machines or devices.
  • The main drawback of this tool is its GUI which is a bit confusing.

For a free trial of this tool, visit here


#10) Taiga

Taiga Logo

  • Taiga is a dominant, spontaneous and an open source tool that is used by project managers, design teams and agile developers.
  • We can even integrate video conferencing with this tool by making use of some third party services.
  • For small projects, the features available in Taiga will be too much at first.

For further queries or information on this tool, access from here


#11) Asana

Asana Logo

  • Asana is the web (Saas) and as well as a mobile application used for managing the project activities by users without any help of emails.
  • Without forwarding an email or setting up a meeting one can view the progress of the project in a single glance.
  • The application’s complexity is its main drawback.
  • Asana is available for a free trial and also for subscription based on the plans.

Visit Asana website from here for more features.

#12) Podio

Podio Logo

  • Podio is a web-based tool that uses cloud service to enable its users to collaborate in an online environment.
  • Project teams can create their own apps for businesses by using a drag-and-drop feature of Podio.
  • As this tool supports mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android etc, the users can download Podio from Google Play Store and can work on it whenever it is required.
  • This tool is not available for free trial. One needs to subscribe to any of its plan to use it.

Visit Podio site from here for further details.

#13) Basecamp

Basecamp Logo

  • Basecamp allows real-time management of project activities like event organization, productivity reporting, and project archiving etc using cloud-based management software.
  • In spite of your role in the project, Basecamp keeps the users on the same page as everyone is working towards the completion of the project.
  • Lack of task management is the main disadvantage of this tool. Even some Clients face some difficulty in using this tool.

For a free trial of Basecamp for 30 days, visit here

#14) TimeCamp

TimeCamp Logo

  • TimeCamp project management software perfectly suits the businesses that have issues related to time tracking agendas, mistaken reports, erroneous client bills etc.
  • This tool can be integrated with few other tools like Podio, Trello and Asana etc for better time management.
  • Start-up companies can use this tool as it supports multi-level Project management.

Free trial of this tool is available here 

#15) Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Logo

  • Microsoft Project is a strong tool for the agile type of project management.
  • It supports customization, tracking of issues and reporting, resource & task management, learning and team collaboration etc.
  • MS Project is a most excellent tool for Project Portfolio Management (PPM).
  • Difficulty in learning this tool is its main drawback.
  • MS Project is available as a desktop application.

For additional information on MS Project, access from here

#16) Smartsheet

Smartsheet Logo

  • Smartsheet is a cloud-based Project management system that is used to manage and automate mutual or shared work.
  • It’s a perfect application to speed up the execution of the business and improve the set visibility.
  • The main advantage of this tool is its integration with Skype for business.
  • To get used to this software one needs a bit of training.

Check out the website from here for further information about a free trial, subscription plans etc.

#17) Insightly

Insightly Logo

  • Insightly is a free online management tool that makes a business strong, easy and powerful.
  • Insightly Customer relationship management (CRM) possess dominant applications used in project management for small and emerging businesses.
  • Lack of resource management and Gantt charts is its disadvantage.
  • This is a paid tool but a free trial is available to try its functionality.

Visit Insightly from here for more details on this tool.

#18) Projecturf

Projecturf Logo

  • Projecturf is a web-based tool that supports real-time notifications, instant email notifications, data filtering, inline commenting etc.
  • It is a simple, easy and clear-cut tool that removes barriers and promotes team communication.
  • A unique email address is assigned to every project (Can be viewed in the settings tab) so that one can access the tasks, files etc on the go using the Email-in-feature.

Try this tool for 14-day free trial from here 

#19) Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects Logo

  • Zoho Projects is an online project management tool that gives a wide-ranging way out to day-to-day issues in the project management activities.
  • The value of every project lies in its planning. Project planning using Zoho Projects software requires less time so that rest of the time can be concentrated on real-time work.
  • Zoho Projects software has an online forum where every team member can interact with the other even though they are geographically separated.

For more information on this tool, visit here

#20) Producteev

Producteev Logo

  • Producteev is a task management tool that supports all types of applications like web, desktop, and mobile. It uses cloud-based technology.
  • By using this tool one can get the real-time updates of the project, allocate tasks, manage to-do lists etc.
  • Producteev tool is free for unlimited users, tasks, and projects. But free version does not provide personalized support and interface customization feature.
  • Lack of Gantt chart view and no calendar feature are its drawback.

Access the tool’s site here

#21) Open project

Open project Logo

  • Open Project is an open source project management application. And also a desktop application (Cloud edition is a paid service).
  • Open Project can exchange and use information between Gantt charts, Pert charts, Projects etc.
  • This tool is used across the life cycle of the project. This can be used in Planning, task management, timeline reports etc.
  • Users can access the tool to a full extent. Privacy and Data Security is ensured.

Visit here for more details.

#22) Redbooth

Redbooth Logo

  • Teambox Project Management Software is now rebranded as “Redbooth”. Redbooth is a web-based and on-premises (within a network) tool used for task management and project management.
  • If a project uses this tool then all the project work and its respective status can be viewed in a single glance so that no micromanagement is required.
  • Task management feature of this tool makes the processes easy by using checklists and templates.

You can visit the website from here for further information.

#23) Apollo

Apollo Logo

  • Apollo is a web-based tool that supports CRM.
  • This tool is used to track the project activities and send alerts to the concerned authority to take the required action.
  • Apollo facilitates the outsiders to access the organization’s data by maintaining reliability and confidentiality. In few cases, this feature helps to exchange or share data between two organizations.

Try the free trial of Apollo from here

#24) ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow Logo

  • ProWorkflow is a web-based technology/application used for managing the project activities like tracking the tasks & time, creating task lists for employees, watching the real-time activities.
  • One can attain complete knowledge regarding the performance of the company using the report’s manager feature.
  • Its main disadvantage is the lack of risk and issue management.

Explore the site from here for more features.

#25) OrangeScrum

OrangeScrum Logo

  • OrangeScrum is an open source project management software that supports end-to-end project planning, task management etc.
  • The progress of the tasks can be innovatively displayed using Gantt charts of this tool.
  • As it is an open source tool there should be direct customer support. But there is no phone contact to OrangeScrum (Supports Email service). This is the main disadvantage of this tool.

Download the free version of OrangeScrum here

Additional Tools

Below are few more additional software project management platforms that can be used for managing the projects.

#26) MyCollab

Visit official website from here 

MyCollab is an open source Project Management tool with a complete set of features like CRM, document software and project management that are used for small or mid-sized companies.

#27) Odoo

Visit official website from here

Odoo is a real-time Project Management Application used to manage & track the ongoing tasks, track the project deadlines, concentrate on customer agreement and billing.

#28) Tuleap Open ALM

Visit official from here

Tuleap Open ALM is an open source management system that supports agile development, document management, and collaborative tools.

#29) Agilefant

Visit official website from here

Agilefant is a web-based tool (open source) that supports product management, iteration management, portfolio, and project management.

#30) Redmine

Visit official website from here

Redmine is open source, free and web-based tool that supports multiple projects and subprojects. Users of the tool including Clients can access it.

#31) MeisterTask

Visit official website from here

MeisterTask is entirely a web-based Project Management application that holds all types of workflows like from basic project boards to software sprints, Kanban Systems etc.

#32) KanbanFlow

Visit official website from here

KanbanFlow is a Lean Project Management platform that focuses on boosting your team’s productivity, task management by tracking the real-time activities.

#33) LibrePlan

Visit official website from here

LibrePlan is a web-based and open source Project Management application that provides a well-off web user interface for monitoring and controlling the projects. Also,  provides a collaborative tool for planning.

#34) ProjectLibre

Visit official website from here

ProjectLibre is an open-source tool that is an alternative to MS Project. It supports features like task management, Gantt charts, tracking and resource allocation etc.

#35) Confluence

Visit official website from here

Confluence is Project Management software that supports team collaboration by maintaining the team’s work in an organized manner at a central place.

#36) Huddle

Visit official website from here

Huddle is a cloud-based online collaboration application that helps to create a social network for its users to manage the workflow, share files etc.

#37) Lighthouse

Visit official website from here

Lighthouse is a web-based application that is used for87. Even it gathers the feedback from all its users.

#38) Bitrix24

Visit official website from here

Bitrix24 is an online Project Management software that supports Gantt charts, group chat, video conferencing, document management, task automation etc.

#39) GanttProject

Visit official website from here

GanttProject is an open source Project Management system used for scheduling the projects. This software can be used without the internet as it is a desktop supported an application.

#40) Project Open

Visit official website from here

Project Open is an Enterprise level Project Management system that supports agile technology. It is a dual licensed software.

#41) 2-Plan

Visit official website from here

2-Plan is Project Management software is a package of 3 applications. They are 2-Plan Desktop (PM tool for Project Managers), 2-Plan Team (web-based PM tool) and Work-2-gether (task management board).

#42) Slack

Visit official website from here

Slack can be used as a Project Management system for individual businesses or 2-member team. To use it for a larger team one needs to install few add-ons. Slack is the best tool for team collaboration.

#43) Freshdesk

Visit official website from here

Freshdesk is a customer-support technology used by the companies to support their customers for any services. Freshdesk is cloud-based software used for helpdesk way out.

#44) Fieldbook

Visit official website from here

Fieldbook is a hat helps the small/mid businesses or start-up companies those are looking forward to shifting their business operations from spreadsheets.

#45) Harvest

Visit official website from here

Harvest is a simple and perceptive web-based interface that supports tracking of expenses, time, time-based reports, and invoices.


In this article, we have included a huge list of Project Management Tools. Selecting the tool for a project may vary from one another. It is based on the project’s requirement, Clients choice, expenses etc. Considering the entire criteria, one can select the tool they need from the above list and continue to work on it.


If you want to add any other tool to the list, let us know here.