The 10 BEST Tidal Automation Alternative Platforms of 2023

This review compares the top Tidal Automation Alternatives with features to help you select the best Tidal Automation Competitor per your requirements:

For centralized management of systems and controlling the scheduling of jobs across all business sectors like IT and operations, the Tidal software tool is used. With the usage of automation tools, companies save an enormous amount of time, resources, and costs.

The complex workflow of the applications, environment, and systems is made easy and handy through workload automation tools.

Across different systems, platforms, and sites, Tidal Automation software allows you to schedule the processes. Having a centralized management system, Tidal automation offers a unified workload automation platform for scheduling event-driven or dependent jobs.

Tidal Automation Workload Tool

Tidal Automation Alternatives

Tidal software is presently operating in many companies all across the world. Tidal can be operated on both clouds as well as on-premises having physical infrastructure. Supporting over 60 + pre-built integrations, Tidal offers a modern, secure, and resilient platform that performs automation across complex environments.

With the enhanced features of reporting & analytics, security and control, developer-friendly automation, integrated resource management, monitoring, alerts, recovery, time and event-based scheduling of calendars and jobs, it is a fully packaged solution for automating the workload.

Why are we looking for Tidal Alternatives?

Technology is getting more advanced day by day. Similarly, in the market of automating the workload new software tools are discovered. For ease of usage with minimum resources and maximum productivity, these new workload automation tools are taking place.

ActiveBatch, RunMyJobs, Control-M, etc. are a few tools that have enhanced functionality for viewing and monitoring jobs through UI, dashboard, and graphics. Therefore, for processing and running the jobs, instead of Tidal software, people prefer other newly launched software tools.

Hence, in this article, we have covered a few automation workload tools with their functionalities and features.

Market Trends: The market for workload automation is rising every day. As per the analysis, the market of scheduling and monitoring was around 2.68 USD billion in 2022. By 2031 it is expected to reach 4.72 USD billion.

Work Scheduling and Automation Market

Expert Advice: In the market, there are different types of automation tools available. Depending upon the need and usability, you can choose the automation tool for your feasibility. Tool offering the ease of training, scalability, flexibility, compliance, and security features should be chosen.

Apart from that, supporting platforms, environments, SLA monitoring, notifications, reporting features, and pricing should also be noted.

Who is this article for?

For small, medium, and large-scale businesses and enterprises, automation tools are the best way to help in reducing the workload. For handling the bulk quantity of data, operating systems, etc. the workload automation tool offers the flexibility to work as per your timing, needs, and usage.

Factors to consider while selecting Tidal automation alternatives

Before selecting an automation tool for your organization, a few things need to be kept in mind.

Firstly, the user must know all the supporting platforms, CI/CD integration capabilities, supporting programming languages, reporting functionality, limitations of the tool, time to learn, understand and implement the tool applications, costing (management and overhead), and availability of technical support team.

All these key factors play an important role when considering a workload automated tool.

How have we tested these tools?

There are a few parameters for selecting and testing the workload automation tools. Firstly, the tool must deliver quality work on time. Secondly, on all major platforms and applications, it should be available. Thirdly, it should handle the bulk amount of data.

Minimum support will be required during the installation, setup, and at the time of running the jobs. Lastly, the tool must be reasonable and cost-effective. If a tool has all these features and functionalities, then it should be selected to minimize the workload of the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the process of workload automation?

Answer: Across distinct platforms and applications, workflow automation works for scheduling, managing, and monitoring jobs related to the back end. More than 80% of organizations are taking the help of workload automation tools for reducing risks, minimizing error and cost.

Q #2) What are the features of AutoSys workload automation?

Answer: With the enhanced feature of a single point of workflow, all the jobs running in the IT environment can be viewed and controlled through Hadoop. HDFS, HIVE, Oozie, and SQOOP like Hadoop jobs can be easily integrated with AutoSys workload automation. No knowledge of coding is required while using AutoSys.

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Q #3) For what purpose does ActiveBatch is used?

Answer: For scheduling and monitoring the jobs, ActiveBatch provides a centralized hub. For the problems of business, ActiveBatch has provided software tools like ERP, CRM, work order management, BigData, ETL, and project management. On all these tools, without any human interference, the work can be automated seamlessly.

Q #4) What does an IBM scheduler do?

Answer: The main work of an IBM scheduler is to distribute the file across the network. During the creation of a plan, the production files are created or updated. All logging and reporting of the network is managed by the scheduler. At the time of the event, the IBM scheduler performs as an event processing server.

Q #5) What is the usage of the Stonebranch workload automation tool?

Answer: From the UI, the entire workload of a business can be managed. Jobs can be scheduled and the workload can be automated using Stonebranch.

Leveraging Stonebranch Universal Automation Centre, it helps organizations manage, automate, and orchestrate IT processes. Across different applications and platforms, the processes can be automated.

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List of the Best Tidal Automation Alternatives

Some remarkable competitors of Tidal Automation:

  1. ActiveBatch
  2. Redwood RunMyJobs
  3. Stonebranch
  4. IBM
  5. JAMS
  6. VMware Cloud Director
  7. CA 7
  8. AutoSys
  9. Control – M
  10. SMA OpCon

Comparison Table of Top Competitors for Tidal Automation

Tool NameBest ForFeaturesPlatformPrice
ActiveBatchMedium and large scale enterprises Role specific views, Self service portals, Workflow Optimizer, Low Code GUI, IT Process Automation Windows
Open VMS
mac OS
Free trial for 30 days
Redwood RunMyJobsIT and Software companiesSelf Service automation, Hybrid Cloud Automation,
ERP Automation,
Managed File Transfer Automation,
IT process SLA monitoring
On premises,
Hybrid & Cloud Based
Free trial for 30 days
Stonebranch IT and Insurance sectorAdvanced product architecture, Easy product integration, DevOps enabled, Reporting & monitoringOn-premises,
Containerized microservices
Free trial is provided by Stonebranch
IBMSmall to large businessesPowerful dashboard, Managed file transfer capabilities, Anomaly detection in workloadsWindows
For 30 days the free trial is offered by IBM
AutoSys Banking and IT sectorScalability, Application Support, Built in Fault tolerance, Security and ComplianceOracle
Free trial is not available
SMA OpCon Finance, Insurance & Transactional companiesCustomized Process, Flexibility, Dynamic Adjustments and ScalabilityIBMi45000 dollar per year for on-premises

Detailed Review:

#1) ActiveBatch

Best for centralized automated hubs, monitoring and scheduling of ERP, ETL, work order management, project management, and supply order management can be done for distinct businesses and organizations.

Active Batch

Automate job scheduling with the help of a central automation hub using ActiveBatch. All cloud-based resources, applications, and workflows across hybrid, on-cloud, and on-premises can be easily managed.

Leveraging low-code GUI, customized, reliable end-to-end processes can be created. ActiveBatch can be easily connected to any server, application, or service. It offers infinite scalability.

Through a single platform of ActiveBatch, IT process automation, ETL automation, business process automation, digital infrastructure automation, script lifecycle management, and managed file transfers can be handled. The manual process of working is reduced.

Hence, the database operations, Hadoop workloads, and ETL tasks are simplified. With the help of it, the right resources at the right time with cloud management tools and dynamic provisioning can be offered.

With dynamic features of role-specific views, dynamic resource allocation, change management tools, self-service portals, workflow optimizers, event and schedule-driven triggers, low code GUI, job step library, security, compliance, monitoring, and high availability of non-cluster failovers, ActiveBatch is a feature-rich platform for performing dynamic workload activities.

The setup process is easy, quick, and straightforward as compared to Tidal software. Apart from that, the users feel that the pricing of ActiveBatch is reasonable as compared to Tidal.

Features we like the most:

  • Managed File Transfers: Using pre-built actions, the files can be managed very easily.
  • Business Process Management: By orchestrating BI, BPM, and ERP processes, the digital transformation processes can be accelerated.
  • Digital Infrastructure Automation: With the help of cloud management tools, the resources can be delivered at any time and at any location.
  • IT Process Automation: Leveraging ActiveBatch, the manual work of managing and completing the tasks is eliminated.
  • Script Lifecycle Management: Scheduling and integrating scripts cross-platform and from end-to-end in any language is possible with ActiveBatch.
  • Low Code GUI: With the help of production-ready job steps, the focus can be on workload and on a graphical-ready environment.
  • Role-Specific Views: Leveraging role-specific views of every department, the metrics that are most important to work with can be focused and prioritized.
  • Workflow Optimizer: Speeding the run times of non-dependent jobs can be done in a parallel way with the usual workflow.
  • Self-Service Portals: With the usage of self-service portals, automation within the IT sector or community can be done.

Why we have selected this tool:

For seamless working without any human intervention, ActiveBatch software is preferred by business organizations. Leveraging low-code REST API adapters, no-code connectors features, and end-to-end workflow management can collaborate into a single pane of glass.


  • Simple to use and cost-effective price value.
  • Enterprises level feature with a highly flexible environment.


  • For a new user, it takes some time to understand the features and functionalities.
  • Training needs to be provided for installation and how to leverage the tool.
  • Lack of customized features.

Our review: ActiveBatch is one of the finest automation tools. For its excellent features and usability, it is one of the most selling tools among all the workload automation tools. Users can experience increased scalability, visibility, performance of workload, and enhanced analytics.

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 is the overall rating given by the users.

Price: You can enjoy the free trial for 30 days within your environment.

#2) Redwood RunMyJobs

Best for enhancing features of predictive SLA notifications and centralized monitoring, the workload can be automated using the RunMyJobs tool. RunMyJobs offers a seamless experience to the user for the migration process from one environment to another.


With the feature of automation on demand, RunMyJobs is specifically designed for SaaS (Software As A Service). RunMyJobs offers more than 35 plus integrations for APIs, connectors, and direct integration.

For triggering the jobs based on time, date, and other events, RunMyJobs offers complete visibility of every automated task. For all enterprise applications, RunMyJobs offers scalable and flexible full-stack automation.

Having a high-availability architecture, through RunMyJobs millions of jobs can be made run accurately. With the help of one-click installation and updates, RunMyJobs runs without any system downtime. Leveraging the RunMyJobs automation catalog and integration to the latest modules and features can be done instantly.

With the feature of creating process flows on a simple UI, without any programming or coding is the power of automation that can be leveraged using RunMyJobs. Using drag-and-drop methodology, workflows can be customized. With an extensive library, the process can be created in minutes using integrations, wizards, and templates.

With advanced features of error-handling capabilities, integration with multiple systems and operations, and robust job-building capabilities, RunMyJobs outperforms the Tidal workload tool.

Features we like:

  • Hybrid Cloud Automation: All operating system activities, web API interactions, and cloud applications can be automated without any complexity.
  • Managed File Transfer Automation: The user can easily copy and move millions of files per month.
  • ERP Automation: The existing ERP can be easily connected with the cloud platforms and modules such as S/4 HANA and SAP using the RunMyJobs software tool.
  • IT process SLA Monitoring: With customized alerts and escalations when jobs are going wrong, IT people are alerted at the right time.
  • Self-Service Automation: All data either on-premises, mainframes, cloud, or applications can be connected seamlessly.

Why we have selected this tool:

Through a single platform, you can manage everything. RunMyJobs provides a completely packaged solution. Millions of jobs can be run on a single day through the RunMyJobs architecture. It provides unlimited connections to applications and systems.

For all support and query, there is a technical assistance team for resolving them. Within a span period of 15 minutes, the problem will be solved.


  • Easy to use
  • Extensive library with pre-built processes and ready-to-use integrations
  • Easy to connect with any application, server or services
  • Migration and onboarding services
  • Consulting and services for understanding package, plan, terms and conditions
  • 24*7 support from the technical team


  • More detailed documentation is needed
  • Many users find difficulties in downloading and converting the Excel sheet into another format.

Our review: RunMyJobs is an easy-to-use, user-friendly, and adaptable software. As per the need, the user can schedule the jobs on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. With the features of multi-platform scheduling, centralized monitoring, logging, and notifications alert features, RunMyJobs is highly chosen by the users.

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 is the overall rating given by users.

Price: For the first 30 days, the user can enjoy all the benefits without any cost.

#3) Stonebranch

Best for improving workflow visualization, driving automation in real-time, and enabling self-service automation, Stonebranch provides end-to-end IT process solution services.


Stonebranch offers a single platform for IT automation solutions that are event-based. With minimal supervision and a smart and intelligent response to business needs, Stonebranch can perform on both physical and virtual operating systems.

Being an enterprise-level workload automation software tool, Stonebranch can be used as an Infrastructure as a code. Software as a Service (SaaS). It can be deployed on-premises and on the cloud too.

In real-time, the IT processes can be automated, managed, and orchestrated on different platforms. Full control and visibility through a centralized system can be done through the Stonebranch software solution. Using the DataOps methodologies functionality feature, end-to-end data pipeline workflow can be managed automatically.

Universal automation center, universal agent, universal controller, universal data mover, and universal data mover gateway are the Stonebranch flexible and modern IT automation platforms for managing, controlling, and monitoring processes. From a centralized solution platform, data collection, loading, and distributing analytics can be done through Stonebranch.

In comparison with Tidal software, Stonebranch is preferred due to its user-friendly graphical user interface.

Features I like:

  • Advanced Product Architecture: Automated backups, disaster recovery, isolated virtual private cloud environment, and SLA monitoring are role-based and security-enhanced features provided by Stonebranch.
  • Easy Product Integration: Tasks connected to a third-party environment can be customized with the help of a universal agent. The universal automation center offers the ability to schedule a task.
  • DevOps Enabled: The priorities between IT Ops and DevOps can be aligned together for infrastructure-as-code and job-as-code.
  • Secured Network: The data transmission between the mainframes, cloud service environment, and on-premises networks is always secure and safe.
  • Reporting and Monitoring: More than 20 inbuilt monitoring processing and custom reporting features are available.

Why we have selected this tool:

Using the Stonebranch tool, it is very easy to schedule, navigate, and run the jobs. It is a lightweight web application with a user-friendly user interface. The cost of management expenditure and infrastructure is not to be borne by the user. All these additional costs are taken care of by Stonebranch itself.


  • Easy to upgrade with the latest features without any external help.
  • Integration with any platform and application can be done very easily.
  • Subscription-based pricing. Setup, upgrades, and maintenance costs are included in the subscription package.


  • The initial setup of Stonebranch is a time-consuming and complex process.
  • Enabling and disabling the job triggers is of very short duration.

Our review: With ease of use, easy installation process, and quality support, the Stonebranch automation tool is widely used by finance, banking, IT, and insurance sector industries. Users can experience the job-as-code and outbound webhooks features. Stonebranch tool provides value for money for its excellent support and top-notch services.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 is the overall rating given by users.

Price: The free trial is provided by Stonebranch workload automation. Flexible and cost-effective commercial models based on subscription, perpetual, and usage-based are available.

Website: Stone Branch

#4) IBM Workload Automation

Best for accelerating the business process with job-licensed IBM workload automation. It can be deployed as a private cloud, public infrastructure-as-code service, and on-premises.


IBM workload automation is a single point of control for all automated activities. The user can manage, model, monitor the workloads, and embed the analytics through it. To enhance the graphical views, leveraging a customized dashboard is also possible with IBM automation.

With a single point of control, all the automated activities can be controlled. Integrating operations, IT, and business workflows, IBM offers a platform for the execution of event-driven and unattended processes.

With the features of monitoring batch applications, suggesting new features, and support for triggering jobs in multiple nodes, IBM workload automation is preferred more as compared to the Tidal software tool by the consumers.


  • Powerful Dashboard: For data-driven decisions and integration of data transfer operations, the results can be seen on a modernized UI interface.
  • Managed File Transfer Capabilities: Leveraging the new workload designer, the files can be streamlined and easily moved from one folder to another.
  • Easily Defined Workflows: Every scheduling object is designed with a graphical view and contextual help for the ease of defining workflow.
  • Anomaly Detection in Workloads: Using AI-powered historical data analysis and anomaly detection for selected jobs or for all tasks that can be done.
  • Self-Service Automation: With the leverage of a self-service catalog and services, the tasks can be easily submitted.

Why we have selected this tool:

With the help of automated IBM workloads, the tasks can be automated using a user-interface that manages, model, and monitor the workloads. Using graphical views, a customized dashboard can be created. Adjacently, embedded analytics, business workflow, and operations can be optimized.

Apart from this, through the IBM workload software, the execution of event-driven and unattended processes can be done successfully.


  • Resource management and optimization can be easily handled.
  • Enterprise observability.
  • Optimized workload management.
  • Single point of control for all activities.
  • Incident resolution, remediation, and avoidance.


  • Complexity in understanding the architecture of IBM workload automation.
  • Compared to other workload tools, the IBM workload tool has high pricing.

What we like: IBM workload automation is one of the significant tools for cost saving, accelerating workload and overall business growth. The user can experience REST API, an option editor, and support for open services. With ease of deployment, excellent features, and cost-effective pricing, IBM is the most preferred automation tool.

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 ratings are given by the users.

Price: For the first 30 days, you can enjoy the free trial.

Website: IBM Workload Automation

#5) Control-M

Best for simplifying the application or orchestration of the data workflow, Control-M is easy to build, define, manage, schedule, and monitor the production workflow.


With ease of visibility, users can build, define, manage, and monitor workflows. Through Control-M, data workflow orchestration and simplification of applications can be done. For governance, audits, and compliance robust support is provided.

From the mainframe to the cloud, the data source, application, and critical systems of records are connected through advanced workflow orchestration capabilities in Control-M workload automation.

The installation and setup process is easy for Control-M as compared to Tidal. For automating file transfer and monitoring workflows, Control-M has more capability as compared to Tidal.

Features we like:

  • Predictive SLA: With the help of intelligent predictive analysis, the user can proactively handle SLA management.
  • Availability: On-time support for governance, compliance, and audits.
  • Zero downtime: Stability to handle a million jobs with zero downtime.
  • Advanced level of connectivity: Advanced level of workflow orchestration capabilities for connecting the mainframe to the cloud.

Why we have selected this tool:

For simplifying the workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments and for securely transferring files, the BMC software tool is good. Apart from that, for robust delivery of data-driven outcomes and increasing collaboration between dev and Ops, the Control-M tool provides full visibility and reliability of service level agreements.


  • Centralized management with platform support.
  • Alert notifications if the jobs are running the wrong way.
  • Monitoring and visibility of all the jobs and on all the platforms.


  • Unable to handle bulk database.
  • Installing and upgrading the versions is a pain-taking task.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 is the rating given by the users.

Our review: For managing file transfer and processing the workload, Control-M is highly recommended. Users found the tool reliable, well-developed, and with the least chance of job failure.

Website: Control-M

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#6) JAMS Workload Automation

Best for critical business operations, JAMS provides centralized workload automation. The jobs are run, managed, and monitored by a JAMS job scheduling software.

JAMS Workload Automation

On any platform, the jobs can be automated through JAMS workload automation. Whether it is Linux, Windows, UNIX, OpenVMS, zOS, or IBMi. The status of all jobs can be checked whether it is active, stopped, etc. can be known anytime. Adjacently, notifications for failure or success of the job are alerted through notification.

JAMS also provides an additional feature of a detailed audit trail for every job that is executed.

Based on scalability, implementation, support, and usability, JAMS is preferred in comparison with Tidal software. For running the jobs, JAMS offers more options like sequence, setting up, scheduling, etc.


  • Integrations + API: Under a centralized console, the scripts for various job schedules are done through REST API and .NET API.
  • Relational Job Diagram: With the help of a JAMS relational job diagram, a graphical view of running jobs, relationships, triggers, and dependencies can be seen.
  • PowerShell: With more than 50 + cmdlets, maintaining, managing, and administering the job schedule on the .NET framework can be done.

Why we have selected this tool:

With enhanced features of customer-centric, code-driven, and centralization, JAMS provides automation across all platforms, APIs, and scripting languages. With the feature of security and auditing capabilities, full control over the jobs can also be done.


  • Centralized the automation process
  • Scalability
  • Process management
  • Able to view insights
  • Alerts and notifications


  • For cloud initiatives such as hybrid, and on-cloud the assistance of AWS is needed.
  • Organizing the jobs is difficult and a painstaking task. It is highly difficult to move the job from one folder to another.

What I like: Being smart and intelligent, JAMS is a powerful and robust workload automation tool. Users prefer JAMS for great automation and job scheduler tasks.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 ratings are given by users.

Price: JAMS offers an annual subscription package of 15,000 dollars for 5 agents and one scheduler

Website: JAMS Workload Automation

#7) vCloud Director

Best for leveraging vCloud director, the cloud service business can be easily managed and operated. All across the world, vCloud Director offers cloud resources that can be delivered in a secure, efficient, and elastic way.

VM ware - Tidal Automation Alternatives

With the feature of a user-friendly interface, simplifying and managing the jobs through applications in VMware Cloud Director is hassle-free. Efficient, elastic, and secured cloud services are offered by VMware to enterprises all across the world.

Apart from that, automated deployment and allocation of resources can be done through VMware. It can entirely transform the infrastructure and working style of an organization.


  • Multi-Site Management: Through a single pane of glass, resources can be monitored across all sites and locations.
  • Cloud Migration: Without facing the hassles of complex networking and understanding a difficult architecture, the users can migrate on their own.
  • Cloud Native applications and deployment: VMware supports native K8s, Tanzu Basics and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. For sandboxing and deploying the applications, Vmware can integrate with the supporting applications.
  • Automation: The complex infrastructure as a code can be automated by the VMware Cloud Director.
  • Enhanced security: With the assistance of vTPM (Virtual Trusted Platform Module), virtual machines can be protected from unauthorized access and other security-related threats.

Why we have selected this tool:

With unique features of operational efficiency, security, hybridity, and monetization Vmware provides a secure, isolated, compute, elastic virtual data center. In a self-service model of VMware, the data can be computed and stored.


  • Operational efficiency
  • Secure and hybrid
  • Monetization


  • Finding the correct log is very difficult. There are several logs and the searching process is not easy to do.

Our review: For integration, deployment, evaluation, contracting, and technical support, the VMware Cloud Director tool is an ideal software tool. IT, Healthcare, Telecommunication, and Banking industries are widely using VMware for their business growth.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 ratings are given by the users.

Website: vCloud Director

#8) AutoSys Workload Automation

Best for reducing business critical complexities, managing workloads, and enhancing business responsiveness on all platforms, AutoSys Workload Automation provides reliable and consistent services.

AutoSys Workload Automation - Tidal Automation Alternatives

For managing large volumes of critical business workloads, organizations need to manage business challenges. With the ease of AutoSys, the complex workload across platforms, ERP systems, and cloud can be fully controlled and seen.

The efficiency of work can also be increased as human work is replaced by machines. Leveraging it, the quality of work can be improved within a shorter duration of time and effort.

AutoSys offers a user-friendly UI, simple setup, scalability, and consistent availability. Adjacently, for the promptness and reliability in executing the tasks, AutoSys is considered by the users as compared to Tidal workload automation.


  • Scalability: Whether it is physical, virtual, or on-cloud, monitoring the entire workload through multiple servers is possible through scalability. By centralizing all jobs can be monitored.
  • Application Support: To maintain business applications on Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft, a dedicated team for resolving queries/ problems is set up. It overall decreases the operating cost.
  • Security and Compliance: Access permissions at all levels are compliant and restricted. Restricted entry is given. Apart from that, by fetching history, changes made can be tracked.
  • Built-in Fault Tolerance: Automated recovery, reliability, and for lighting the operations work, the tool is built for errorless delivery.

Why we have selected this tool:

With consistent and reliable service delivery, AutoSys Workload Automation provides complete control and visibility across all workloads on different platforms. This overall assists in reducing the cost. Also, managing complex business-critical processes is easy to handle.


  • Able to handle bulk volume of jobs
  • Jobs can be triggered in a few milliseconds.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Installation and setup are easy to do


  • Lack of advanced features and functionalities i.e. Can’t do monitoring of front-end websites
  • Technical support services through chat are not an option in the present version of the tool.

Why I opted for this: With a user-friendly interface, AutoSys is very easy to use. Visibility of batch processing and file transfer protocols are some of the unique features of AutoSys that make it entirely different from other automation tools. Excellent monitoring is a highly appreciated feature by the users.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 is the average rating given by the consumers.

Website: AutoSys Workload Automation

#9) CA Workload Automation

Best for workload automation and monitoring, the time-consuming and pain-taking tasks are done by the CA 7 workload automation intelligence edition.

CA Workload Automation - Tidal Automation Alternatives

CA 7 workload automation provides an agile and business-centric environment. By automating labor-intensive tasks and monitoring the systems, the CA workload automates complex processes and gives performance management. For changing SLA requirements, it automates the existing processes by making them more efficient and quicker.

Integration with multiple ERP solutions such as Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft can be done. Through the web UI, the number of active jobs, SLA, and other workload activities can be tracked.


  • Real-time analytics: With the usage of advanced analytics, a fine-tuned, real-time, and efficient CA 7 WLA environment using workload automation iDash can be created.
  • Cross-Enterprise application support: For integrating business processes across a wide number of platforms, CA 7 workload automation intelligence provides an extension for automation through workload automation agents.

Why we have selected this tool:

Leveraging predictive analysis and managing multi-platform applications can be done. With the features of clear visibility, CA 7 Workload Automation Intelligence provides a smarter and more efficient way of working.


  • Full visibility and control over the system
  • Efficient and smart work for timely delivery


  • The details for failed jobs cannot be fetched through the logs.
  • Monitoring active jobs through UI is a little bit difficult. For the first-time user, some training is required to understand the entire process of monitoring.

Our review: With ease of integration, less time in setting up, and less overhead for managing the CA automation workload is a robust software tool.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 is the overall rating by the users.

Website: CA Workload Automation

#10) SMA OpCon

Best for reducing human efforts, saving time, reducing cost, and for effective and smart work, SMA technologies provide OpCon solutions that can be applied on-premises and on the cloud too.

SMA Technologies - Tidal Automation Alternatives

For finance, insurance, and other transactional businesses, OpCon is a robust, powerful, and easy-to-use software for managing the workload. OpCon eliminates manual work done by humans. Leveraging this tool, the chances of human eye errors are almost zero percent. With the ease of it, the strategic contribution is done for transforming the entire way of organization.

Database functionality and graphical user interference are highly appreciated by the users. With the help of self-service, overall productivity can be improved with the least dependency on the IT team. Therefore, as compared to Tidal software, OpCon is preferred by users.


  • Scalability: OpCon supports the latest and new technologies.
  • Customized Process: It operates the jobs sequentially, independently and concurrently. The job processes on priorities are taken first.
  • Flexibility: Automatic response is delivered to the job messages and system. At the time of pre-running the jobs, the files are provided and checking is done.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: As per the policies, contingency plans, and distinct scenarios of the database, the environment is automatically changed.

Why we have selected this tool:

About 90% of the entire workload can be automated through OpCon. With an easy-to-use function, OpCon can provide remote access, customized branding, auditing, and SLA management for task processes across distinct environments, infrastructure, and operations.


  • Easy and fast process of automation
  • Offers a lot of flexibility for scalability


  • Not supporting rapid and latest changes happening in the IT sector.
  • Programming the system is a complex task

What I like: More than 78% of the accounting people are using OpCon workload automation. Being among the top 10 automation tools, OpCon has all the functionality features required for automating the entire workflow. It is one of the most popular tools used by large enterprises.

Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 is the average rating given by the users.


  • OpCon On-Premises: 45000 dollars per year
  • OpCon Cloud: 65000 dollars per year

Website: SMA Technologies


In the above article, we have gone through different workload automation tools present in the market. For proactively working, managing tasks, and automating end-to-end tasks, distinct workload tools can be leveraged. Depending upon the usage, features, functionalities, and pricing, you can choose the tool that best fits your requirements.

ActiveBatch and RunMyJobs are the most preferred automation tools used by small and big enterprises for workload automation. With the ease of installation, setup, all-time technical support availability, reasonable pricing, top-notch features, and availability on cross-platform, RunMyJobs and ActiveBatch deliver a seamless experience to the users.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: We spent 26 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of tools with a comparison of the top 5 for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 32
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 10
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