10 Best Website Testing Services Companies You Can Trust [2021 SELECTIVE]

List And Comparison Of The Top Website Testing Services – Select the Best Website Testing Company for your Business From This List:

Website testing plays an important role in maintaining a company’s credibility. A fully tested website will give you more confidence in your business. It can even improve search engine rankings.

Website testing services explore the functionality, reliability, and performance of a website to ensure that the website is working for users.

Top Website Testing Services

Review Of The Top Website Testing Service Providers

Fact Check: MarketWatch research says that the Global Software Testing Services market size is expected to be $29.84 billion by the end of 2023. It is growing at a CAGR of 12% during the period 2020 to 2023. According to IBISWorld, the market size of software testing services in the US is $5.2 bn in 2020.
Research Details:

Research Details

Pro Tip: While choosing a web application testing service, you should select a service based on factors like a low risk, accurate deliverables, on-time deliveries, budget compliance, and the enlisted recommendations below. To select the right solution you should be very clear about your goals. Knowing your goals and constraints will help you control your website testing budget.

Few more tips for the selection of the right Website Testing Company:

  • The company should be smart enough to decide the perfect combination of browsers, devices, and operating systems for your website.
  • It should be able to choose from various technical platforms and design patterns. These two factors increase the complexity and make it difficult to test adequately.
  • It should be able to test digital assets like images, advertisements, links, etc.
  • As there is never enough time to test everything, deciding what to test and how in-depth to get will help the companies finish testing by the decided deadline.
  • You should not select a company that isn’t a good fit for your business model or budget structure, or one that has low rates with an uncertain timeline.
  • While evaluating the website testing companies, price or rate should not be the criteria for the selection. Most of the time, lower-priced solutions can include higher risks.
  • Beware of the low priced solutions as they may include junior or inexperienced testers.

Types Of Website Testing

There can be several types of website testing such as functionality testing, database testing, interface testing, etc.

The below image will show you the various types of Web testing.

Types of website testing

[image source]

Challenges of Website Testing

Website testing includes several challenges. For Example, the website should be responsive irrespective of the user’s device, OS, and browser. It should also meet security, industry standards, and regulatory compliance. Challenges also include the functioning of websites across firewalls and the website’s performance with low internet speeds.

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List Of Top Website Testing Companies

  1. Mindful QA (Top Recommendation by STH)
  2. Digivante
  3. QualiTest
  4. QualityLogic
  5. UserTesting
  6. TestCo
  7. ScienceSoft
  8. Test IO
  9. TestFort
  10. Testlio
  11. Crowdsourced Testing

Comparison Of Top Web Application Testing Services

Website testing servicesHeadquarterFounded InRevenueEmployeesCore ServicesLocations
Mindful QA

Los Angeles----51-200 employeesWebsite Testing, Mobile Testing, Software Testing, etc.Testers located across the USA

Digivante - Logo
UK2011$2 Million11-50 employeesAll website testing services i.e. Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing etc.Testers located across the globe.

London1997$12.89 M to $80 Million1001-5000 employeesLocalization, Performance & load testing, Automation, Security Testing, etc.London, Bucharest, California, San Diego, etc.

Boise, Idaho1986$5-$10 Million51-200 employeesFunctional Testing, Load & performance testing, Regression testing, test automation services, etc.Idaho, California, and Oklahoma City

San Francisco, CA2007$94.5 Million201-500 employeesTesting of products and Design & UXSan Francisco, Mountain View, and Georgia.

Texas, US2002$5 Million10-100 employees.Website Testing services.Texas

Review of the Top Web Application Testing vendors

#1) Mindful QA – Best Website Testing Company


Mindful QA is an American QA testing company that provides all types of testing services for websites and applications. It doesn’t require long-term contracts and offers a fast and flexible onboarding process. It tests websites, mobile apps, and other applications of all sizes and types.

Headquarter: Los Angeles
Employees: 50-200 employees
Locations: It has software testers in every American time zone. 100% of Mindful QA testers are located in the USA.
Core Services: Website testing, Mobile App Testing, Software Testing, Usability testing, Express testing, Regression testing, etc.
Other Services: QA Consulting, QA for Digital Agencies, Backup Coverage, Agile Process Consulting, etc.
Clients: Google, Zillow, Hulu, Taco Bell, Microsoft, H&R Block, etc.


  • It can test websites across more than 200 browser/device combinations.
  • Mindful QA testers have an average of 5+ years of experience.
  • It has tested hundreds of websites and apps for clients across industries, ranging from small start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.
  • All testing is on-demand, whether you want a one-time sweep of 20 hours or a full-time resource.

#2) Digivante

Digivante Dashboard

Digivante exists to identify issues that stop websites and apps performing to their optimum potential through website and app testing. This is delivered using unrivaled test coverage at a speed that allows you to release quicker, safer, and ultimately allow your digital platforms to deliver higher customer satisfaction and increased online revenues.

Digivante provides various types of website testing services such as functional testing, regression testing, usability testing, exploratory testing etc. Testing services run 24*7, 365 days a year, globally.

Headquarter: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Employees: 11-50 employees
Locations: Global
Core Services: All website testing services: Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing, etc.
Clients: Gymshark, Audi, Channel 5, Calvin Klein, VISA, Arcadia


  • Digivante has a global network of 55,000 managed professional testers.
  • Can carry out 24 days of testing in 24 hours.
  • Performs a full-functional-test in 4 hours.
  • Tests across 440 devices/browser combinations.

#3) QualiTest


QualiTest will provide the end-to-end solution for testing websites that can identify vulnerabilities, functionality issues, and performance issues. It will test websites across various platforms and browsers. It provides services to multiple industries like financial services, insurance, media, entertainment, retail, etc.

Headquarter: London
Founded: 1997
Employees: 1001-5000 employees
Locations: London, Bucharest, California, San Diego, etc.
Revenue: $12.89 M to $80 M
Core Services: Localization, Performance & Load testing, Accessibility, Automation, Security testing, Functional testing, Managed Crowd testing, etc.
Other Services: Software testing consulting, Mobile testing, EDI testing, etc.
Clients: Microsoft, MultiPlan, Ministry Health Care, FujiFilm, Stratus, Avaya, etc.


  • All the components of testing like functional and non-functional will be handled by QualiTest.
  • It will make sure that your website can handle the predicted traffic volume.

Website: QualiTest

#4) QualityLogic


QualityLogic provides the various test services including the website testing services. It is available through all the stages of development. It has worked for complex websites with fast-growing companies. It can provide the services using field-managed software quality engineering & test teams.

It can develop surveillance test systems, create sanity checks, support the release of new code in limited time frames, and design, create, & support test automation systems.

Headquarters: Boise, Idaho
Founded: 1986
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Idaho, California, and Oklahoma City
Revenue: $5-$10 Million
Core Services: Functional testing, Load & performance testing, Regression testing, Test Automation services, Exploratory testing, etc.
Other Services: QA Test tools, Test & technology training, WCAG Compliance Testing & Certification, etc.
Clients: AT&T, SMUD, Verizon Wireless, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, etc.


  • QualityLogic can provide cost-effective, quick, and efficient QA website testing services.
  • It has multi-disciplinary capabilities.
  • It can provide direct agile support.
  • QualityLogic provides location-independent services. Its services will be available even in the areas where it is difficult to hire a QA resource.

Website: Quality Logic

#5) UserTesting


UserTesting provides a platform for businesses that will help them to get a first-person understanding of how their target audience behaves. It has solutions for Product, Design & UX, Marketing, and Executives. It can be used by researchers & power users, product managers & non-researchers, and for professional services.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Founded In: 2007
Employees: 201-500 employees
Locations: San Francisco, Mountain View, and Georgia.
Revenue: $94.5 Million
Core Services: Testing of products and Design & UX.
Other Services: Marketing
Clients: Sony, eBay, Yahoo, PayPal, Johnson & Johnson, National Geographic, Spotify, etc.


  • You will get to see the way users explore your design on desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android tablet.
  • It provides access to the largest and the diverse first-party panel.
  • It is the fastest way to get quality human insight.
  • It provides the easy to use the platform to scale research across your organization.
  • It has been serving the top brands for more than 10 years.

Website: UserTesting

#6) TestCo


TestCo provides software testing services for the long-term as well as on-demand. It has a manual and automated testing service. It can provide the on-demand testing services with the shortest notice of one day.

Headquarters: Texas, US
Founded In: 2002
Employees: 10-100 employees.
Locations: Texas.
Revenue: $5 Million
Core Services: Website testing services.
Other Services: QA Outsourcing, Mobile App Testing, Software QA automation, etc.
Clients: Lombardi Software, SKYLIST, Carbonite, etc.


  • TestCo has expertise in developing the right strategy for test automation.
  • It maintains the testing suite for top QA performance over time.
  • It has been working since 2002 as an outsourcing company.

Website: TestCo

#7) ScienceSoft


ScienceSoft provides Web application and Website testing services. It will test for all the functional and non-functional aspects. It will make sure that the website is convenient, user-friendly, and is secure to use for all the operating systems, platforms, and browsers used by the audiences.

For over 30 years, ScienceSoft is providing custom and platform-based solutions to medium-sized and large companies of various industries like Healthcare, Banking, Retail, etc.

Headquarters: McKinney, Texas
Founded: 1989
Employees: 501-1000 employees
Locations: Texas, Belarus
Revenue: $3.5 Million
Core Services: Usability testing, Performance testing, Functional testing, Compatibility testing, Web security testing, etc.
Other Services: QA consulting, QA Outsourcing, Mobile App testing, etc.
Clients: Walmart, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, T-Mobile, etc.


  • ScienceSoft has 30 years of experience in software testing.
  • It has industry-specific expertise across various domains like healthcare and banking.
  • It can handle various project challenges like changing project requirements, lack of effective collaboration in the project team, lack of cross-browser compatibility, etc.

Website: ScienceSoft

#8) Test IO


Test IO is a part of the EPAM family. It has expertise in software crowd testing. Your website will be tested across the entire range of browsers and form factors. Test IO can perform various types of testing like user story testing, regression testing, functional testing, beta testing, usability testing, etc.

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
Founded: 2011
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Germany
Revenue: $45 Million
Core Services: Website Testing.
Other Services: Mobile testing, Wearables testing, and IoT testing.
Clients: 98point6, EatStreet, BuzzFeed, SoundCloud, Sideshow, Saatva, DriveTime, etc.


  • Test IO will run the functional tests on every browser and device.
  • It will run the sanity tests before merges and pull requests.
  • Test IO will finish regressions in minutes by executing tests in parallel.

Website: Test IO

#9) TestFort


TestFort will test the website to the point of perfection. You will get impeccable performance, usability, and security of your website through the TestFort’s high-grade QA services. It provides full-cycle testing services to any type and size of businesses.

Headquarters: Stateline, Nevada
Founded: 2001
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Nevada, US
Revenue: $53 Million
Core Services: Functionality testing, Compatibility testing, Performance testing, Security testing, Usability testing, and Integration testing of websites.
Other Service: Manual testing, Automated testing, QA outsourcing, QA Consulting.
Clients: Freckle, Skyhook, Universal Electronics, etc.


  • TestFort has more than 18 years of experience.
  • It has more than 160 QA engineers and 250 physical devices.
  • It has experience of completing 800 projects.

Website: TestFort

#10) Testlio


Testlio provides services for testing SaaS platforms, online retail stores, social networking sites, and some other apps that are task-based. It tests these apps or websites for browser compatibility and functionality under strain.

Testlio supports continuous deployment for the web with fully managed test cycles. Testlio’s test management plans will cover the product completely. It gives the freedom to testers to perform the activities exactly like users.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas.
Founded in: 2002
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Texas and Tallinn
Revenue: $12-$15 Million
Core Services: Web App testing.
Other Service: Desktop, iOS, and Android App testing.
Clients: Google, Microsoft Disney, Skype, Verizon, FOX, Etsy, Hotels.com, etc.


  • Regardless of the time zones, Testlio will provide the solution at the scheduled time.
  • It can provide a dedicated QA team.
  • It has more than 15000 expert testers from 100+ countries.
  • You will get a comprehensive suite of function testing, automation management, localization assurance, data compliance, live stream testing, usability testing, regression testing, etc.

Website: Testlio

#11) Crowdsourced Testing


Crowdsourced testing services can provide flexible plans, help building test plans, and have fully managed QA teams. It provides the services for Websites, iOS applications, Android applications, Mac or PC, or for a video game.

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
Founded In: 2012
Employees: 11-50 employees
Locations: Quebec & Chile
Revenue: $1-$2 Million
Core Services: Functional testing, Usability testing, and Localization testing.
Other services: Testing of iOS application, Android Application, Mac or PC, or for a video game.
Clients: Tabacus Initiative, Pente Group, Sonic Boom, Motion displays, etc.


  • An exploratory test will be performed by a group of expert software testers.
  • It can perform test-case driven tests that will ensure your website is working flawlessly on all the devices.

Website: Crowdsourced Testing


There are many active websites available in the world, maybe more than 1.8 billion – so users will not spend the time on a website that is not performing well. A fully tested website will benefit you through many advantages including bringing back visitors more often, increased conversion, better search engine ranking, and more.

Mindful QA is our top recommended Website testing Service. We hope this article will guide you to select the right website testing company for your business.

Review Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 20 Hours
  • Total tools researched: 20
  • Top tools shortlisted: 10
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