Top 10 Cloud Security Companies And Service Providers to Watch

We have listed here the top Cloud Security Service Providers to watch in 2018!

Nowadays, most of the Enterprises are shifting their resources to Cloud technology, which in turn raises the security issues as major barriers. As a result of which, many cloud security solutions are emerging out day by day.

Generally, Cloud Security or Cloud Computing Security means nothing but protecting the cloud data or information from hacking, deletion, any online theft, leakage etc. 

This Cloud Security is offered through a group of applications, firewalls, policies, VPNs controls, technologies, little software-based tools etc. Cloud Security is a part of the network or computer security.The companies which offer the security services related to Cloud Computing are therefore termed as Cloud Security Solutions and Services.

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Selecting an influential or a commanding cloud security provider depends on that respective Company’s ability in addressing the security controls like conformity and privacy issues, to protect our data from malicious threats, hijacking, etc through safety measures and setting few tests.

Cloud Security Companies


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Given below are few Cloud Computing Security Companies that ensure immense arrangements against cloud security services.

Top Cloud Security Companies and Vendors

Here we go with a brief overview of each individual cloud Security services.

#1) ScienceSoft


ScienceSoft is an IT consulting and custom software development company having information security services among their priorities.

As a recognized IBM Business Partner in Security Operations & Response and a Gold Microsoft Business Partner, ScienceSoft applies their 30-year experience in the IT industry to ensure their clients’ cloud protection.

ScienceSoft’s area of expertise includes:

  • Tuning special security components, such as Azure Security Center, to ensure strong threat protection in the cloud.
  •  Continuous security monitoring across clients’ cloud environments.
  • Analyzing the event logs from cloud solutions the clients use and detecting malicious activities promptly.
  • Remediating the detected cloud protection weaknesses.
  • Ensuring the compliance of the customers’ cloud solutions with the appropriate security policies.

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#2) Sophos

Sophos Logo

Sophos is a Hardware and Software Security Company that provides co-ordinated security between firewalls and the endpoints with real-time aptitude. Sophos Cloud has now been termed as Sophos Central.

  • Sophos Central offers services like modernized plan or aim, improved safety, locating the threats more rapidly and exploring them, simplified enterprise-level security solutions etc.
  • Sophos also offers few other security solutions that include email, web, mobiles, servers, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Sophos was established in 1985, and as per the 2016 annual report, there are about 2700 employees in the company
  • Sophos Central is available for a 30-day free trial
  • As per the financial reports for 2016, the yearly revenue of Sophos was $478.2 million

Sophos cloud security services, free trial, portfolio and other information can be viewed from here.

#3) Hytrust

Hytrust Logo

Hytrust is a Cloud Security Automation company that has automated the security controls related to networking, computing etc through which it attained the maximum point of visibility and data protection.

  • Hytrust offers various services like cloud and virtualization security, cloud encryption, encryption key management, automated compliance etc.
  • Hytrust’s main motto is to facilitate reliable communications across public and private clouds
  • Few of the Chief clients of Hytrust are IBM Cloud, Cisco, Amazon Web Services, and VMware etc.
  • Hytrust Company was established in 2007 and presently they have around 51 – 200 employees in their organization

Visit Hytrust website from here.

#4) Cipher Cloud

Cipher Cloud Logo

CipherCloud is a privately held leading cloud security company that protects your data flawlessly and more effectively by incorporating data monitoring & protection, risk analysis, and cloud detection.

  • CipherCloud has extended its services across various sectors like financial, healthcare & pharmaceutical, government, insurance and telecommunications etc.
  • This Company offers a wide range of services like cloud computing and security, data loss prevention, tokenization, cloud encryption gateway etc to the above sectors as mentioned in the previous point
  • CipherCloud was founded in 2010, and now there are approximately 500 employees in that company
  • CipherCloud protects Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365, SAP etc.

For details on free demo or free trial and other company related information, visit here.

#5) Proofpoint

Proofpoint Logo

Proofpoint is a foremost security and Compliance Company that offers enterprise and corporate level cloud-based encryption solutions.

  • Proofpoint protects the sensitive data related to business through cloud-based email security and compliance solutions
  • Using Proofpoint solutions one can stop the attacks through attachments to a maximum extent
  • The solutions offered by Proofpoint are a bit complex and it includes more modules. Such numerous modules may cause few problems for smaller companies
  • This company was established in 2002 and it has around 1800 employees at present
  • Proofpoint’s total revenue for the year 2016 was $375.5 million

You can reach here for further details on Proofpoint.

#6) Netskope

Netskope Logo

Netskope is a chief cloud security company that uses some patented technology to provide security over various networks like remote, corporate, mobile etc.

  • Netskope’s cloud security is trusted by many of the larger enterprises or organizations because of its rough security policies, advanced cloud technologies, unique cloud-scale architecture etc.
  • Few of the leading clients of Netskope are Toyota, Levi’s, IHG, Yamaha etc.
  • Netskope is the only Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that provides complete sophisticated threat protection for cloud services by some multi-level risk discovery
  • Netskope is a privately held American based software company established in 2012 with 500 employees approximately

For more information regarding this company, visit here.

#7) Twistlock

Twistlock Logo

Twistlock is a privately held Information Technology and Services company that provides uninterrupted and end-to-end security for containerized applications.

  • Twistlock’s sophisticated, highly developed intelligence and centralized platform protects the environment from next-generation threats, malware, exploits, etc.
  • Twistlock extends its services to few of the reputed customers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aetna, InVision, AppsFlyer etc.
  • The safety solutions offered by Twistlock are Automated Runtime defense, Vulnerability Management, Proprietary Threat feeds etc.
  • Twistlock was established in 2015 with present staff count of around 200 employees

More featured information on this company, including free trial, is available here

#8) Symantec

Symantec Logo

Symantec is the world’s foremost Computer Software and Cyber Security Company that safeguards the vital data of the organizations. To characterize the potential of cybersecurity, Symantec has acquired Blue Coat Systems (Leader in highly developed enterprise security) in 2016.

  • With the acquisition of Blue Coat by Symantec they became the leader in data loss prevention, cloud generation security and website security, email, endpoint etc.
  • Symantec and Blue Coat together are solving the greatest challenges faced by their customers like Safeguarding the mobile labor force thereby avoiding the advanced threats etc.
  • Few of the incorporated products by Symantec which offer supreme protection to minimize the risk are Messaging Security, Endpoint & Hybrid Cloud Security, Information protection and Secure Web gateway (SWG) etc.
  • Symantec is a Public Company that was launched in 1982. Approximately there are 11,000 employees in that organization at present

Detailed information about this company can be accessed from here.

#9) Fortinet

Fortinet Logo

Fortinet is a Computer and Network Security Company that develops and promotes firewalls, anti-virus, security gateways and also other cybersecurity software to safeguard your Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud.

  • FortiCASB (Fortinet Cloud Access Security Broker) is an important module of Fortinet’s Cloud Security Solution
  • FortiCASB is planned to afford data security, visibility, threat protection and compliance for the cloud data of all sized enterprises
  • Few of the Featured Customers who are utilizing the services of Fortinet are Panasonic, Edward Jones, Harley Davidson Dealer Systems (HDDs), and Cash Depot etc.
  • This company was established in the year 2000. And now the company size has extended up to 5000 employees
  • Revenue of Fortinet for the year 2016 was $1.28 billion

Visit here for more information on Fortinet Company.

#10) Cisco Cloud

Cisco Cloud Logo

Cisco is world’s foremost Computer Networking Company that makes, expands and sells high technology products & services, networking hardware, domain security etc.

  • Cisco Cloud Security helps its users to protect their data and application by blocking the threats in advance, extending its protection wherever the user goes and access the internet
  • It also enables the compliance and protects it against malware, data breaches etc.
  • Cisco Cloudlock is a CASB that uses automated approaches to handle the threats in the cloud app security eco-system
  • Cisco was established in the year 1984.  And presently there are around 71,000 employees in the company

Complete details regarding Cisco Cloud Security can be accessed from here

#11) Skyhigh Networks

Skyhigh Networks Logo

Skyhigh Networks is the leader in Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that helps enterprises to tackle data security challenges in the cloud by enforcing data security policies and defending against the threats.

  • With Skyhigh cloud data security, the organizations can spot and rectify the confidential user threats, insider threats, unofficial cloud entries etc.
  • Using Skyhigh data encryption approach one can protect the data that is already uploaded to the cloud and the data that is to be uploaded
  • Few of the customers who have adapted Skyhigh Networks cloud security are Western Union, HP, Honeywell, Perrigo, Directv, and Equinix etc.
  • Skyhigh Network is a Computer and Network Security Company which started in 2012 with a present staff count ranging from 201 to 500 employees

Skyhigh Networks services, portfolio, and other information can be viewed from here. 

Additional Cloud Security Services:

#12) vArmour

vArmour is a Cloud security company and data center that has a Distributed Security System (DSS) through which it offers agentless built-in security checks to safeguard the significant data or applications over multi-clouds.

Check here for more details.

#13) ZScaler

Zscaler is an internet, computer, network and information Security Company that provides 100% cloud-based security. It protects the data of the enterprises that transform to the cloud computing world from evolving cyber threats, malware etc.

Check here for more details.

#14) Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a leading next-generation cloud security company that extends its service to mobile users and remotely located clients through few pioneering methods and safely protects the resources of the organizations.

Check here for more details.

#15) Qualys

Qualys is a foremost supplier of cloud-based security solutions and fulfillment solutions which can be merged into a sole platform. Cloud security by Qualys helps in simplifying the security operations of the businesses.

Check here for more details.

#16) CA Technologies

CA Technologies is one of the world’s leading independent software companies. With CA security solutions the clients, employees, and partners are able to use the right data and protect their data flawlessly.

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We have listed the top Cloud Computing Security Companies here in this article. We hope that this list might be helpful to you when you look for a cloud security company that would fulfill your requirements.


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