7 Best Remote Desktop Software of 2023 [TOP Selective ONLY]

List of the Top Remote Desktop Software in 2023:

Remote Desktop Software is a software or feature that grants permission to the local system desktop environment to run remotely in one of the systems while it is actually on some other system.

The word “Remote” – refers to a local connection

In simple terms, Remote Access Software helps the user to access any other user’s machine in its local system through the software over the same network for any business purpose issue like desktop sharing, remote control, file transfer, etc.

These tools are heavily used by organizations help desks for troubleshooting the issues faced by the client, thereby saving time and reducing complexity, and increasing customer satisfaction accordingly.

How does Remote Access Software Work?

remote desktop software

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When a user starts a remote desktop session, the client system transmits a signal through a standard listening port via the internet to the system which is acting as a host asking for access to connect and login.

Now the system which is acting as the host responds back asking for login credentials which it checks in the list of the remote desktop user through an internal validating process.

After the user login, the user can see the data or screen of the hosted system and can perform the operation, and have control over the system just like the user who is working in the local system.

Multiple connections in Remote Desktop are not possible, and if one tries to connect then the connection will be automatically terminated.

Benefits of Remote Desktop Manager

Given below are the benefits of Remote Access Software:

  • The sole benefit of working remotely is by virtualizing concepts and thus increasing the productivity of an employee.
  • Remote Desktop Connection Software provides good security of data and information as you have a team that looks after the server against the security breach.
  • Cost-saving increases as a company do not have to invest in new servers or employees for that.
  • Easy access to data worldwide in just a few minutes thereby increasing productivity.
  • Management of the accessibility to the team becomes a lot easier.

There are many Remote Access Software available in the market among which the top tools are mentioned below with all the necessary details for the user to decide which tool is better for their organization.

Our TOP Recommendations:

Zoho Assist LogoSolarwinds LogoNinjaOne LogoRemotePC Logo
Zoho AssistSolarWindsNinjaOneRemotePC
• Unattended remote access
• Allows file transfer in live session
• Supports multiple monitors
• Supports multi-platform
• Attended & unattended computers accessible
• Reboot crashed computers.
• Windows & Mac endpoints accessible
• One-click access
• Secure access
• Always-On Remote Access
• Attended Access
• Endpoint cloud backup
Price: Starts at $10/month
Trial version: Available
Price: $294/license
Trial version: 14 days
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Trial version: Free trial available
Price: Starts at $29.62 per year
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Most Popular Best Remote Desktop Software

Given below is a list of the best Remote Access Software in the market.

Comparison of Top Remote Desktop Access Tools

Tool NameOS & DevicesDeployment Type
Free TrialPrice per month
in USD
Annual RevenueOur Rating
SolarWinds Dameware Remote SupportWindows, iOS, & Android. On-premiseAvailable for 14 days. One time purchase:
$388 per license for 1 technician & unlimited end-users.
$833.1 M5/5
Zoho AssistWindows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android.Cloud basedAvailableFree plan forever
Other plans from $8
$310 M4.6/5
Manage Engine RAPWindows, Mac, LinuxCloud based and On-premises.AvailableGet a quote$365.2 M4.6/5
Supremo Remote DesktopWindows, Mac OS, Android, iOS.Cloud & WebAvailable for 21 days.Free for Personal use.
Paid plans start from $6/month per user.
$2.7 M4.4/5
NinjaOne (Formerly NinjaRMM)Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, & Android.On-premises & Cloud-basedAvailable for 30 daysGet a quote$30 M-$40 M4.4/5
RemotePCWindows & MacCloud & WebAvailable
30 days
$0 to $49.95 $2 M4.4/5
Remote Desktop ManagerWindows, iOS, & AndroidCloud & WebAvailable
30 days
Starts from 149$$2.9 M4.3/5
Team ViewerWindows, Linux, iOS, & AndroidCloud & WebNot available.
Free version available
$ 49 to $ 199$199.6 M4.2/5
VNC ConnectWindows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, AndroidWindows & Linux based deployment.Available$ 0 to $ 400 $17.1 M4.2/5
LogMeInWindows & MacCloud & WebAvailable >$ 30$700 M4.3/5
GoToMyPCWindows & MacCloud & WebAvailable
7 days
$ 35 to $ 200$1.13 B4.2/5

Comparison Graph of Top Software based on user satisfaction where the X-axis represents tools and the Y-axis represents User Rating:

Top Remote Access Tools

#1) SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support


SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support is a package of remote control and system management tools. It provides built-in remote admin tools. You will get one console to control multiple Active Directory domains. It provides powerful utilities and tools that will simplify routine tasks.

Dameware Remote Support will be an easy-to-use platform to gain remote access to all your PCs inside and outside your network. This platform will let you resolve IT issues for even non-responsive machines.

SolarWinds Remote Desktop


  • The tool contains the Dameware Mini Remote Control for multi-platform remote access to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems.
  • You will be able to remotely troubleshoot computers without launching a full remote control session as it provides system tools and TCP utilities.
  • SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support provides features to manage multiple AD domains, groups, and users.
  • You will be able to remotely unlock user accounts, reset passwords, and edit Group Policy.


  • SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support has multi-factor authentication.
  • It will allow you to access sleep and powered-off computers remotely.
  • It provides a mobile app for iOS and Android devices to help you remotely access network computers.
  • You will be able to export AD properties, system configurations, and software information in CSV or XML formats.


  • Dameware Remote Support doesn’t provide a screen recording functionality.
  • As per the reviews, the interface is not that good.

#2) Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist logo

Zoho Assist is a multi-functional remote support software that helps you with remote support, access to unattended computers, and screen sharing.

Zoho Assist supports Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, Android and iOS devices, Raspberry Pi devices, and Chromebooks, so you can support a wide range of clients. Technicians can initiate sessions from their favorite browser, or the desktop or mobile application.

Zoho Assist’s pricing starts at an eye-catching $8 and is worth every penny if you are working with a tight budget.

Zoho Remote Access Software

Features of Zoho Assist are listed below:

  • Multiple features that aid troubleshooting includes file transfer, text chat, VoIP, run as service, multi-monitor navigation, and quick launch options to access the command prompt, control panel, and other essential aspects of the remote computer.
  • Easy management of unattended computers with features like computer grouping and departments.
  • Bulk deployment options to configure large numbers of computers for unattended access.
  • Customer data is safeguarded with features like data anonymization, breach notifications, data encryption, role-based access, and customer consent for activities like file transfer, remote print, and clipboard sharing.


  • The user interface is intuitive and clutter-free, making it easy for first-timers.
  • Available at affordable costs when compared to other remote support software.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • You can record all sessions initiated by Zoho Assist.
  • Multi-language support (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and more).


  • Remote print works only for Windows.
  • Only screen sharing is possible with a Chromebook.

#3) Manage Engine RAP


Remote Access Plus is a comprehensive troubleshooting tool that comes in handy for system administrators and IT help desk technicians in resolving issues. Remote Access Plus is built on an intuitive interface that makes it easy to set up and easy to use.

Remote Access Plus is an end-to-end troubleshooting solution to access Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Manage Engine RAP

From advanced remote desktop sharing with in-built tools to over 12 diagnostic tools like command prompts, file managers, event log viewers, device managers, and more, the tool covers the basics. It also features added tools such as voice, video, and text chat, wake on LAN, and remote shutdown.

Starting at just $6, there’s a fitting plan for small businesses and enterprises. Remote Access Plus comes free forever with access to up to 10 computers. The vendor also offers a great free trial plan that lets you see every feature of the product in action.

What’s so unique about Remote Access Plus?

  1. Voice, video, and text chat support for clear communication channels.
  2. HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-ready remote access with 256-bit AES encryption.
  3. Active directory-based administration to add computers under management instantly.
  4. Ability to track and audit all troubleshooting tasks performed.
  5. Two-factor authentication and role-based access control.

#4) Supremo Remote Desktop

SupRemo Logo

Supremo is a lightweight and easy-to-use software that does not require any installation or configuration of routers and firewalls to access the remote PC or server. It allows multiple simultaneous connections on the same machine and above all a single license can be used on an infinite number of computers.

Supremo can be installed as a Windows service which is a very important feature as it allows you to automatically launch Supremo when Windows starts and the user will have the possibility to control the remote machine without any human intervention on the controlled PC or server.


Price: Supremo is free for personal use and has subscriptions with quarterly & annual plans starting from $6/month per user.


  • Unlimited installations on an unlimited number of PCs and Servers.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Unattended access (Windows Service).
  • Powerful free Address Book.
  • Customizable interface with your brand or logo.
  • Monitoring of remote connections with Online Reports.
  • Chat
  • Easy-to-use File Manager.
  • Meeting support.


  • No configuration or installation is required.
  • Available on Windows, macOS, and mobile (Android and iOS).
  • 21-day free trial.
  • Pricing


  • No voice support.
  • No remote printing.
  • No session recording.
  • No black screen feature for the remote monitor.

#5) NinjaOne (Formerly NinjaRMM)

NinjaOne_Best Remote Desktop


  • NinjaOne directly takes control of Windows and macOS devices with integrated Cloud RDP, TeamViewer, and Splashtop.
  • Monitor all your Windows and macOS workstations, laptops, and servers.
  • Remotely manage all your devices without interrupting end-users through a robust suite of remote tools.
  • Automate OS and third-party application patching for Windows and macOS devices.
  • Standardize the deployment, configuration, and management of devices with powerful IT automation.


  • Leverage the power of industry-leading TeamViewer and Splashtop remote desktop solutions.
  • Take advantage of a full solution for IT management to reduce the need for remote desktop software.
  • Self-heal remote desktop services when issues arise.


  • None

#6) RemotePC Desktop Software Tool

Remote PC

RemotePC is a renowned desktop software tool that helps to stay connected with your house or work system without commuting to the place.

It easily manages files, transfers files, and prints information remotely. It actually calls a person to access our system temporarily to work on presentations or documents in real time. It is mainly used by small-scale organizations that require remote access.

RemotePC Architecture Flow:


Features of RemotePC Desktop Software are mentioned below:

  • RemotePC is always on remote access and with one-time instant access.
  • RemotePC is platform-independent, Secure, Scalable, and accessible via the web.
  • Easy file transfer, chat between computers, remote printing, and whiteboard.
  • Invite to collaborate, capable of recording a remote session with the ability to drag and drop local files.


  • RemotePC has a good interface with a simple and straight learning curve.
  • It is lightweight, hence it’s fast & effective, and has a password protection feature as well.
  • Low cost when compared to other desktop tools.
  • Powerful integration and compatibility.


  • Sometimes connectivity gets discontinued.
  • If we want to add members to edit the files then it takes time.
  • UI can be improved.
  • It is not capable of displaying more than one remote screen in the same window.

Customers: Cast Box, Slack, Petuum, Instacart, HCL, NSEIT, Amazon, etc.
Headquarters: Calabasas, California, US.
No. of employees working: Currently, around 50 employees are working.


Remote Desktop Manager

REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER is one of the famous Remote Desktop Software which is widely used among many organizations.

It guides to make one remote connection tool, data, and password configuration and allows it to operate on a secure platform that is easy to operate.

Remote Desktop Manager keeps a check on security and productivity throughout the company while decreasing the risk factor. It has the support of multiple integrated technologies like protocols and VPNs.

Remote Desktop Manager Architecture Flow:

3.Remote Desktop Manager Architecture flow

Features of Remote Desktop Manager Software are mentioned below:

  • Remote connection management and password management features help to centralize all remote connections from a single platform and store all the passwords in a secure manner.
  • Protects connections from various security attacks using granular protection access protocols.
  • Complete integrated features for teams and perform audit and report operations.
  • Ease of management by allowing the required access to the users.


  • Remote Desktop Manager is user-friendly and the configuration setup is simple and quick.
  • The ability to centralize the connection details in a single interface is incredible.
  • Multiple integrations are included.
  • Features like follow-up and schedules are readily available.
  • GPS tracking is implemented.


  • Remote Desktop Manager has very few features that are included in its free version.
  • The interface design needs to be improved.
  • Sometimes it makes the system really slow due to its processes.
  • The user has to save the file on the cloud first and only after that, the user can move the file to a different location.

Head Quarter: Laveltrie, Quebec.
Customers: IBM, Microsoft, HBO, SAP, Nokia, Nike, Yamaha, Bosch, Xerox, Motorola, Symantec, Sony, Shell.
No. of employees working: Currently, around 100 employees are working.

#8) Team Viewer Desktop Tool

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a famous software in the Remote Software Innovation industry.

Team Viewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. It acts as a catalyst to promote and amplify people’s ideas and their ability to solve issues and overcome challenges.

TeamViewer is a complete package that can remote access and share meeting applications that run under all systems and mobile platforms. Team viewer also comes with a trial version of the account for personal use.

Team Viewer Architecture Flow:

4.Team Viewer architecture flow

Features of Team Viewer Software are mentioned below:

  • Team Viewer has Remote device control and provides powerful cross-platform access.
  • It has VPN alternatives, mobile device access, and strong secure unattended access.
  • It automatically wakes up, restarts, and installs applications.
  • It has flexible file sharing, IOS screen sharing, and remote printing.
  • 4K remote desktop access, increasing customer satisfaction, and time-saving shortcuts.


  • Team viewer is a strong support and control software that is simple and easy to install.
  • Team viewer helps to make collaborations simple and quick across various locations thereby reducing cost.
  • Very handy in managing cloud PCs using the Team Viewer app.
  • It comes with a free version with limited features which are more than enough for non-commercial usage.


  • Lack of audio conferences with VOIP and mobile phones on one bridge.
  • Sometimes the versions are not compatible with each other after the upgrade.
  • Team Viewers cannot view two remote systems at a time.
  • Team Viewer is not capable of sharing a huge file as it lags in time intervals.

Customers: HCL Technologies, SAP, FreshWorks, Zendesk, Tribridge, Ellucian, Secret Escapes Limited, Henry Schein Inc., Atlassian Jira, Amazon Workspaces.

Headquarters: Goppingen, Germany.
Number of Employees Working: Around 600 employees are currently working.

Official Site: Team Viewer

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#9) VNC Connect Desktop Tool


VNC Connect is a famous remote access software that is used by many multinational companies.

This provides remote access to your system from where ever and whenever required. VNC Connect provides secure and reliable screen sharing. It helps to connect users and devices for control, support, administration, monitoring, training, collaboration, etc.

It has solutions and toolkits for secure integrations and real-time access remotely into its own devices and products. It runs on multiple platforms.

VNC CONNECT Architecture Flow:

5.VNC CONNECT architecture flow

Features of VNC CONNECT Desktop Software are mentioned below:

  • VNC CONNECT has an intuitive remote control and cross-platform support.
  • Attended and unattended access with tried and tested performance.
  • VNC is designed securely with multi-lingual support.
  • File transfer, printing, chat, virtual desktops under Linux, and online team management.
  • Remote deployment with pre-installed or connect on demand.


  • VNC Connect has a password protection feature that blocks unauthorized users from accessing remote desktops.
  • VNC Connect has a powerful mechanism to transfer and upload files.
  • Good remote printing.
  • Connects quickly, responds faster and screen sharing is easy.


  • VNC Connect doesn’t support multiple screen sharing in the same window.
  • Shortcuts can be improved if we use one connecting tool within another tool.
  • Documentation and explanation need to be improved as at the initial level it can be difficult for the new user to understand.
  • The mobile app should not be too intuitive and clunky.

Headquarters: Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Customers: Philips, NASA, Shell, IBM, Dream Works.
No. of employees working: Currently, around 100 employees are working.

Official Site: Real VNC

#10) LogMeIn Desktop Software Tool

Logme in

LogMeIn is one of the leading remote connection software companies which provides remote connectivity and support solutions of all types to small-scale industries and consumers.

Companies use the LogMeIn tool to remotely work and exchange data more efficiently. It helps to keep your work at your fingertips. It stores, shares, and collaborates with just one click. It has powerful endpoint management and provides a premier remote assistance experience.

LogMeIn Architecture Flow:

7.LogMeIn architecture flow

Features of LogMeIn Desktop Software are mentioned below:

  • File transfers from one system to another without size restrictions with remote printing and unlimited remote access.
  • LogMeIn comes with a multi-monitor display and screen sharing.
  • LogMeIn has a good remote control and strong password management.
  • LogMeIn has 1TB of file storage and unlimited users to access.


  • LogMeIn has a strong remote access ability.
  • LogMeIn has good security features and a free trial version is available.
  • Managing users becomes easy as each user is allowed to create their own account ID and password.
  • For every remote system, it provides the ability to customize the required time and password.


  • LogMeIn has no local email client.
  • The price is high against the features provided.
  • File transfer from Mac to PC can be complicated as syncing issues may arise.
  • Multi-screen features need to be improved.

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
Customers: ABC Financial, ABS, Arise, DEX Imaging, HTC, KAZAM, HOLOGIC, MAM Software, MIDMARK, Nissan, Rice Toyota.
No. of employees working: Currently, around 2800 employees are working.

Official Site: LogMeIn

#11) GoToMyPC Desktop Software Tool

Go To My PC

GoToMyPC is a remote connection tool that helps users remotely access systems by using web connectivity.

It is well-developed and easy to use, providing a perfect balance between functionalities and use. It helps to work more efficiently by reducing your commutation, connecting while traveling, and being home more.

It comes with total mobility and freedom. It has a powerful work mechanism and thus is preferred by many companies in the industry.

GoToMyPC Architecture Flow:

8.GoToMyPC Architecture flow

Features of GoToMyPC Desktop Software are mentioned below:

  • Remote access i.e., users can work on MAC or PC from anywhere.
  • Easy installation with copy-pastes among the shared computers.
  • Good file transfer feature between shared computers.
  • Multi-monitor support and we can also hear music on the PC which we are accessing.


  • GoToMyPC has a strong remote printing capability, which makes work easier.
  • No software is required to be installed, we just have to log into an account and connect with the systems available on the list.
  • Even when connecting, multiple system performance does not go down.
  • We can see if the other user has logged in, thereby increasing transparency.


  • GoToMyPC comes at a high price when compared with other desktop tools.
  • Logging out sometimes takes a lot of time.
  • The setup is a bit complex and requires a good technical person to install it correctly.
  • Screen resolution can be improved by auto-syncing the data.
  • Does not allow multiple users to connect to the same system.

Headquarters: Santa Barbara, California.
No. of employees working: Currently, around <100 employees are working.

Official Site: GoToMyPC

#12) ISL Light Remote Desktop

ISL Light Logo

ISL Light Remote Desktop is a secure and reliable desktop software to support your customers and access unattended computers. It is cross-platform and you can run it on Windows, Mac, Linux computer, or mobile device. It is either a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution.

It is very easy to use and allows you to connect and manage any server or remote computer in seconds. Among its features, it has unlimited user numbers, screen sharing, file transfer, chat, video calls, email invitations, multi-monitor support, etc. It offers rich customization options and OEM white labeling.

ISL Light is a highly secure remote access software, with 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication used by governmental institutions, banks, insurance, and hospitals worldwide.


  • ISL Light offers high-speed screen sharing and secure unattended access.
  • It allows users to reboot and restart a remote computer within the same session.
  • You can offer mobile support to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.
  • It provides maximum security with 256-bit AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys.
  • ISL Light allows you to establish secure RDP connections between your PC and a remote desktop without compromising your network by making changes to your firewall or by using a VPN.
  • It includes session recording, computer sharing, file transfer, multi-monitor support, Wake on LAN, Reports, and External authentication.


  • ISL Light is an easy-to-use remote desktop and offers many different ways to connect.
  • It offers a license plan that does not limit the number of users, installations, or endpoints you support.
  • Customer support is very responsive and available via knowledge base, online chat, and phone.
  • It has a great price-performance according to users’ feedback.
  • It’s translated into 28 languages.


  • Remote printing is possible but complicated.
  • Reporting tools can do this with a little more detail.
  • It offers a free trial, but not a free version of the software.

Additional Tools



SPLASHTOP is a popular remote software that delivers the best value remote access, remote support, and screen mirroring solutions.

It is reliable, secure, very easy, and simple to deploy. The user can access the system from anywhere by giving a feel of using their own system from another place. It is mainly designed for IT and service providers to remotely support clients’ systems and servers.

Customers: Harvard University, AT&T, GE, NHL, UPS, Toyota.

Official Site: Splashtop

#14) Chrome Remote Desktop Software

9.Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is also one of the top remote connection managers which is an extension of Google Chrome that allows users to access other systems remotely.

It is basically a kind of plugin in the browser and mobile app which allows one system to connect with another system over a network and they can control it and perform operations as required.

Google Chrome should be installed on a local device for this to happen.

Official Site: Chrome Remote Desktop Software

#15) Terminals 

Terminals Remote Desktop Software

Terminals is a powerful remote software that is capable of connecting multiple remote computers via various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH.

We have to start Terminals as an administrator otherwise there are chances for it to get crashed. We can create connections and arrange them in the sidebar. It is highly configurable. It also offers a wide range of network tools.

It’s open source and works on the windows platform.

Official Site: Terminals

#16) 2X Client

2X Client Remote Desktop Software

2X Client is one of the good software which is now acquired by Parallels Inc. Company. It has a cost-effective application delivery and VDI solution that allows users to access and use applications, desktops, and data from any device.

It is very easy and simple to deploy, configure, and maintain. It delivers high performance, flexible deployment, and is secured. Here we can update once and publish the data to all the users.

Official Site: 2X Client

#17) mRemoteNG Remote Desktop Tool

mRemoteNG Remote Desktop tool

mRemoteNG is a famous open-source remote connection manager.

It has panels and tabs which allow combining connections together. It supports multiple protocols like SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS. It is simple in organising and maintaining the list.

It has some features like quick connect, quick search, and auto-update feature. With the help of this, the user can view remote session info and log off sessions. It is portable. It also allows for creating nested folders to organize connections.

It is released under GPL and a user can import connections from the active directory.

Official Site: mRemoteNG Remote Desktop tool

#18) Multidesk Remote Desktop Tool

Multidesk Remote Desktop Tool

Multidesk is a popular tabbed remote desktop software through which a user can establish remote connections between two systems and can access all the functions remotely.

It has a new status bar and inherits the username and password from properties. It can connect to the admin or console session.

It can import cached and servers by scanning the provided IP address. It supports the master password and starts the program on the connection. We can also change the connection port. It has a powerful process for remote handling.

Official Site: Multidesk Remote Desktop Tool

#19) Iperius Remote

Iperius Logo

Iperius Remote is a remote desktop access software that is lightweight, powerful, and convenient. It allows you to connect remotely to any device. It’s compatible with iOS and Android. It’s a perfect tool for connecting to any computer unattended.

You can manage multiple connections. Professional features like the shared management of groups, permissions & operators, multi-user chat, and detailed statistics make Iperius Remote a perfect desktop software to work remotely.

Iperius Remote

Price: It is available for free. For more advanced features, it provides professional versions, Small (Euro 96), Medium (Euro 246), Large (Euro 386), X-Large (Euro 596), Huge 30 (Euro 1129), Fifty (Euro 1849), and Cento 100 (Euro 3609).


  • Iperius Remote provides functions for the management of several operators and related viewing and connection permissions.
  • It provides functionalities to remotely support customers, work from home, transfer files, and share the screen with an unlimited number of users.
  • It can be used for unattended access.
  • It will give you detailed statistics related to remote connections made.


  • You will be able to connect to any computer that is connected to the internet.
  • You just have to download a simple executable file.
  • You will immediately have access to all the features.


  • No such cons to mention


In the above article, we learned about what Remote Desktop software is, how it works, its user reviews, satisfaction, performance, popularity, and its impact on the organisations using it. Based on the above features and cost mentioned, we can conclude which tool would be best suited for which industry.

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Small-Scale Industry: For small-scale industries VNC Connect, RemotePC and LogMeIn will be more suitable due to their low cost and good features and it also does not require a specific team to handle any operations specifically.

Medium & Large Scale Industry: Zoho Assist, Remote Desktop Manager, Team Viewer, and GoToMyPC would likely be suitable for these types of industries as their enterprise version is costly and big companies can afford cost as well as manpower. They also require a team of 24/7 support teams for the heavy workload.

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Hope this list will help you in selecting an apt Remote Access Software!!