Top 10 Mobile Testing Service Provider Companies

What are various Mobile Testing Services and companies providing the Mobile App Testing Service:

The mobile application is the core of digital transformation. Now, the customers have the option to choose any other app if they don’t like one.

If an app is slow, not user-friendly or is taking too long to load the information, then the customers don’t wish to use it anymore. And they start looking for better alternatives. Any app has to be near to perfect to increase a company’s business in the mobile world. Not only the development but testing also plays a very vital role in launching an app successfully.

The focus has now shifted from a functional to a secure functional app and not always a company has the resources to handle such complex testing.

Mobile testing services

At times, due to lack of resources, testing is outsourced to another company that has the expertise to handle the same. Even after having experts and experienced people for testing still, they encounter roadblocks while testing across devices and OS configurations.

The testing services may be outsourced for some period of time or till the project tenure comes to an end. It varies from company to company about what testing services they want to outsource.

But the bottom line is that it saves a lot of time which otherwise would be spent in learning the mobile technology and even the finances have to be spent in hiring the experts.

Challenges Involved in Mobile Testing

What are the challenges that force companies to hire or outsource mobile app testing services?

Mobile application testing is a very challenging entity in itself. The market is dynamic and evolving, the team has to stay up to date on every new aspect of the mobile world, be it the launch of an OS update or a new phone model or latest automation tool or latest trends in testing.

If a company is new in this field, it is obvious that they may not be having the appropriate expertise or experience required to test a mobile app. It may happen that the release duration is short and hence the company doesn’t have enough time or finances to hire people, create test beds etc.

Following are some of the significant challenges faced by the companies which compel them to hire testing services:

#1) Team of Required Experts:

If an app is complex, then it is obvious that one QA can’t test the whole app all alone, hence you need a team of experts to carry out the testing process.

#2) Short Release Time:

Due to the increase in the number of competitors, the customers or product owners don’t want to wait for 3-4 months to release the app and in such situations, people who have hands-on experience on automation (and manual) testing are preferred more.

#3) Test Labs:

For exhaustive OS version and phone model testing requirements, development can be done using emulators or simulators but not testing.

In such cases, you need to invest and buy the devices with the OS and model size combinations, thus it is a big investment. Hence testing services are hired from those who already have such testbeds created.

#4) Automation Tools Required for Testing:

Mobile apps are very prone to security threats and hence the security of apps is a major concern in the app development process. Apart from this, the performance of the app is another concern because no one wants to wait for 5-10 minutes for the app to load the required information.

Advanced tools are required for such testing and that may be an overhead cost. Along with this, if these tests are to be done on multiple OS – model combinations then it costs a lot.

Mobile Testing Services

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing a Best Provider

What are the factors to weigh before selecting a mobile App testing company?

There are a lot of mobile test service providers in the market but before selecting a provider, weigh them against your criteria for selection. Create a list of the criteria that should be met by the service provider.

Not all the service providers may provide all the services, you may be looking for cross-functional testing but the provider works only on a specific platform (like only Android or only iOS or only Windows). Likewise, you may want both manual and automation testing services but the provider you chose specializes only in automation testing or vice versa.

Always collect estimations from a few service providers and then make a wise decision.

Following is the list of few factors to be considered while selecting the best provider:

1) Complete Coverage of Testing Services: The service provider should have complete testing coverage. To verify if all the functionality is completely covered, you can have them provide some sample test cases or suites for some given functionality. That way by looking at the sample you can judge how good the coverage is.

2) The Number of Mobile Testing Projects Delivered Successfully: Whenever you are taking testing services from any provider, make sure that you ask them to provide the details of mobile projects that they completed successfully. It can be details like feedbacks, reports, contact details of their clients, etc.

3) Mobile App Test Lab and Devices: Take account of the test labs and take data about the number of devices, the number of devices with your required OS version, etc to check if their labs are matching your testing requirement.

4) The Number of Mobile App Testing Specialists: The service provider should have sufficient testers for different testing that needs to be done for the app. There should be specialized testers for manual, automation, performance testing, etc. Apart from this, there should be some extra members in case of emergency or testers exiting.

5) Pricing and cost-saving offerings: This is one of the most important factors to finalize the provider. Usually, it is observed that the best service provider has high pricing and it is very difficult to negotiate with them. Hence it is better to compare with some ‘good’ providers. Based on the budget, the provider should be selected.

List of ALL Software Testing Services

In general what are the QA testing services provided by the companies?

The testing services offered by the companies may differ to some extent but in general, almost all the companies cover the basic testing. Some companies may or may not provide cloud testing, field testing etc.

In general, the testing covered by the companies includes functional testing, non-functional testing, and automation testing.

Following is a pictorial representation of the various testing services:

Testing Type Services

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Top 10 Mobile App Testing Service Providers

Given below is the list of top 10 mobile app testing service providers across the globe.

  1. Mindful QA
  2. Global App Testing
  3. Raxis
  4. ScienceSoft
  5. QA Mentor
  6. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.
  7. Capgemini
  8. ThinkSys
  9. Testlio
  10. QualiTest Group
  11. TestingXperts
  12. QA InfoTech
  13. Zymr
  14. A1QA Technologies
  15. Indium

Comparison of Top Companies

Service ProvidersHeadquarterFoundedRevenueCompany SizeCore Services
Mindful QA

Los Angeles, CA2018-50-200iOS & Android Mobile App Testing,
Manual Testing, Automated Testing (Appium), Performance Testing,
API Testing,\
Website Testing,
User Experience,
QA Process Optimization,
Agile Consulting.
Global App Testing

London, UK2013Around $9 Million 50-200 employeesLocalized Testing, Exploratory Testing,
Test Case Execution.

Atlanta, GA2012Around 1.5M10-15Mobile application penetration testing,
Application and network penetration testing,
Secure code review.

US1989$20 - $25 Million550+ employeesFunctional testing, UI testing, Compatibility testing,
Unit testing, Integration testing, Regression testing.
QA Mentor

QA Mentor Logo
New York, US2010Around $6 Million200-500 employeesAutomated Testing,
Manual Testing,
Mobile App Testing,
Website Testing,
Crowdsourcing Testing,
API Testing,
Blockchain Testing,
IoT Testing,
Machine Learning & AI Testing,
Performance Testing,
User Acceptance Testing,
User Experience,
QA Audit,
QA Transformation,
Agile and DEVOPS Consulting,
QA Training.
Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Galaxy Weblinks
Boston, USA1998$5 - $10 Million50 - 249 employeesMobile Web Testing,
Mobile Penetration,
Mobile Application Testing,
Security Testing,
Mobile app Functional testing,
Automation mobile testing, 
API Testing,
Android app testing,
iOS app beta testing.

Paris, France1967Around 12 Billion EurMore than 10000 employees.Functional testing, Compatibility Testing,
User Experience Testing, Localization testing, Performance testing,
Security Testing.

Sunnyvale, California2012Around $2 Million51-200 employeesApplication Testing,
Web Testing, Penetration & Security Testing, Performance Testing, & Localization Testing etc.

San Francisco, California2012Around $4 Million51-200 employeesMobile Testing, Functional Testing, Localization Testing, and Test Automation.
QualiTest Group

Fairfield, Connecticut1997Around $80 Million1001 to 5000 employeesAutomation Testing,
Managed Crowd Testing, Performance Testing,
Functional Testing etc.

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania1996Around $9 Million1001 to 5000 employeesInstallation Testing, Upgrade Testing, Broken links testing, Connectivity testing,
Memory Testing, Battery drain testing etc.

Let's review each in more detail.

#1) Mindful QA (Los Angeles, CA)


Mindful QA: Thoughtful, reliable Agile QA testers available quickly, whether you need 20 hours or full-time.

Flexible process with testers that can join your standups, Jira, and Slack as desired. Founded by QA professional  with 10+ years of experience, named “Top 50 Tech Visionary of 2019.” 100% of testers located in America, 10% of profits donated to charity.

Best for: Start-ups, digital agencies, non-profits, and businesses of all sizes looking for an ethical QA company with experienced mobile app testers.

Headquarter: Los Angeles, CA
Founded: 2018
Company size: 50-200

Core Services: iOS & Android Mobile App Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing (Appium), Performance Testing, API Testing, Website Testing, User Experience, QA Process Optimization, Agile Consulting

Prominent Clients: Google, BMW, Mott’s, Zillow, H&R Block, Discovery, Microsoft, Taco Bell, Volkswagen, Mission Minded, and many more

Service cost/packages: On-demand, simple hourly pricing with no long-term contracts required.

=> Visit The Website: Mindful QA

#2) Global App Testing (London, UK)

globalapptesting logo

Global App Testing is a crowdsourced QA company established in 2013, specializing in mobile app testing and takes a customer-focused approach to quality,

The company allows tech teams to leverage over 20,000 vetted professional testers with real devices in real environments in over 105 countries.

Best for providing exploratory testing, test case creation & execution, and localized testing services.

Founded in: 2013
Revenue: Around $9 Million.
Company size: 50-200 employees
Prominent Clients: Evernote, Facebook, Microsoft, WhatsApp, Instagram, Spotify, and many others.
Core services: Localized Testing, Exploratory Testing, and Test Case Execution.

Service cost/ packages: Global App Testing has three pricing plans, Enterprise, Scale, and Starter. Starter plan price starts from $2900 per month. Scale plan price starts at $5200 per month. Enterprise plan starts at $15840 per month.

=> Visit The Website: Global App Testing

#3) Raxis, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)


Raxis Best for: Companies looking to evaluate the security implementations on mobile and other appliance fixtures through full manual penetration testing.

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Founded: 2012
Employees: 10-15
Revenue: $1.5M +

Prominent Clients: Southern Company, Nordstrom, Delta, Scientific Games, AppRiver, BlueBird, GE, Monotto, etc.

Core services: Mobile application penetration testing, API, application and network penetration testing, secure code review, etc.

Service cost/packages: Each project is customized per customer. Contact us for a quote.

=> Visit The Website:

#4) ScienceSoft (McKinney, TX)


ScienceSoft is a US-based IT consulting and software development company that offers all-encompassing software testing and QA services with a special focus on test automation.

Backed by 18 years of experience in automated testing, its ISTQB-certified testing professionals employ best practices and modern testing tools to automate testing of web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Best for the companies looking for a reliable and trustworthy automated testing partner.
Founded in: 1989
Company size: 550+ employees
Revenue: $20 – $25 Million

Prominent Clients: Baxter, PerkinElmer, Chiron Health, RBC Royal Bank, Walmart, Nestle, Leo Burnett, eBay, Viber, NASA, and more.

Core services: functional testing, UI testing, compatibility testing, unit testing, integration testing, regression testing.

Service cost/packages: We offer flexible pricing models. Contact them for detailed pricing information.

=> Visit The Website: ScienceSoft

#5) QA Mentor (New York, USA)

QA Mentor Logo

QA Mentor – CMMI appraised, ISO Certified, multi-award-winning New York based QA Company.

283 MobileTestersutilizing 400+ mobile devices at our lab ready for functional, compatibility, automation, performance, usability, security, penetration testing for your mobile application and website responsiveness.

With unique product propositions from a crowdsourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers to a test management platform, unique and economical services offerings and QA education from e-learning and corporate training.

Best for Start-ups, digital agencies, product companies.
Headquarter: New York
Founded: 2010
Revenue: 6 million
Company size: 200-500

Core services: Automated Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Website Testing, Crowdsourcing Testing, API Testing, Blockchain Testing, IoT Testing, Machine Learning & AI Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, User Experience, QA Audit, QA Transformation, Agile and DEVOPS Consulting, QA Training.

Prominent Clients: Citi, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Experian, BOSCH, Aetna and many more.

Service cost/packages: On-demand models with no minimum reserved hours requirements and flexible cost model including cost per test case design and execution. Mobile Testing starts from $13 per hour.

=> Visit QA Mentor Website


#6) Galaxy Weblinks Inc. (Boston, USA)

Galaxy Weblinks

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. is a full-cycle QA testing service provider having expertise in web/mobile testing like- Performance Testing Services, automated performance testing, Security Testing Services, UX testing for enterprises.

Best for providing mobile testing services including Android app testing, Mobile app functional testing, Automation mobile testing, iOS testing, etc.

Founded in: 1998
Revenue: $5M – $10M
No. of Employees: 50 – 249

Core Services: Mobile Web Testing, Mobile Penetration, Mobile Application Testing, Security Testing, Mobile app Functional testing, Automation mobile testing,  API Testing, Android app testing, iOS app beta testing.

Service cost/Packages: Get a quote for its pricing details.

=> Visit The Website: Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

#7) Capgemini (Paris, France)


Best for providing structured testing services with a wide range of testing tools and for different mobile devices and platforms.

Founded in: 1967
Revenue: Around 12 Billion Eur
Company size: More than 10000 employees.
Prominent Clients: Capgemini provides services and solutions to almost all industries.

Core services: Mobile functional testing, Mobile Compatibility Testing, Mobile User Experience Testing, Mobile Localization testing, Mobile Performance testing, and Mobile Security Testing.

Service cost/ packages: Get a quote for pricing details.

=> Visit The Website: Capgemini

#8) ThinkSys (Sunnyvale, California)


Best for providing excellent testing services, their efficiency, and proficiency.
Founded in: 2012
Revenue: Around $2 Million.
Company size: 51-200 employees
Prominent Clients: Shutterstock, Servicemesh, ProActive, Roto-Rooter, Nowvel, 50 on Red, Bond University, and many more.

Core services: Mobile Application Testing, Mobile Web Testing, Mobile Penetration & Security Testing, Mobile App Performance Testing, Localization Testing for Mobile Applications, and many other services related to Mobile App testing.

Service cost/ packages: The free trial is available for the services. For pricing, there are three policies, Hourly, Project, and Dedicated.

=> Visit The Website: ThinkSys

#9) Testlio (San Francisco, California)


Reliably Fast Mobile Application Testing

Best for providing fast and scalable testing solutions.
Founded in: 2012
Revenue: Around $4 Million
Company size: 51-200 employees
Prominent Clients: Microsoft, Flipboard, Hornet, Strava, Pipedrive, lyft, and many more.
Core services: Mobile Testing, Functional Testing, Localization Testing, and Test Automation.
Service cost/ packages: Get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Testlio

#10) QualiTest Group (Fairfield, Connecticut)


Best for the testing services and their professionalism.
Founded in: 1997
Revenue: Around $80 Million
Company size: 1001 to 5000 employees
Prominent Clients: Microsoft, MultiPlan, Fujifilm, Avaya, Stratus, Omnitracs, and many others.

Core services: Automation Testing, Managed Crowd Testing, Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Accessibility Testing, Privacy & Security Testing, Roaming Testing.

Service cost/ packages: Get a quote for pricing details.

Website: QualiTest Group

#11) TestingXperts (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)


Best for providing innovative solutions for testing.
Founded in: 1996
Revenue: Around $9 M
Company size: 1001 to 5000 employees
Prominent Clients: It has clients from different industries like banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare etc.

Core services: Installation Testing, Upgrade Testing, Landscape Testing, Broken links testing, Connectivity testing, Memory Testing, and Battery drain testing etc.

Service cost/ packages: Get a quote for pricing details. As per online reviews, it offers the pricing rates of $50 to $99 per hour.

Website: TestingXperts

#12) QA Infotech (Noida, UP)


Your software testing partner

Best for providing application testing services.
Founded in: 2003
Revenue: Around $5 Million
Company size: 1001 to 5000 employees

Prominent Clients: QA InfoTech provides solutions to different verticals like Healthcare, Media, Travel, Retail, and Government etc.

Core services: Mobile Functional Testing, Mobile Performance Testing, Mobile Security Testing, Mobile Usability Testing, Mobile Accessibility Testing, and Instructional Design.

Service cost/ packages: Get a quote for pricing details. As per the online reviews, it offers the pricing rates of less than $25 per hour.

Website: QA InfoTech

#13) Zymr (San Jose, CA)


Accelerate Quality Driven Results with Zymr’s Cloud Technology Solutions

Best for their expertise in technical knowledge and trustworthiness.
Founded in: 2012
Revenue: Around $4 Million
Company size: 51 to 200 employees
Prominent Clients: Cisco, Vodafone, Splunk, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Plume, and many others.

Core services: Cloud Security, Cloud Mobility, Cloud Applications, Cloud Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, and Cloud Orchestration.

Service cost/ packages: Get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Zymr

#14) A1QA Technologies (Lakewood, Co)


Unbiased mobile testing services for the delivery of true software quality.

Best for testing services they provide and for their professionalism.
Founded in: 2003
Revenue: Around $10 Million.
Company size: 501 to 1000 employees
Prominent Clients: Adidas, Genesys, Croc, ForexClub, Kaspersky, QiWi, and many more.

Core services: Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Compatibility Testing, 3rd Party Interruptions, Security Testing, Usability testing, and Network Connectivity.

Service cost/ packages: Get a quote for pricing details.

Website: A1QA

#15) Indium (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)


Establish confidence in the behavior of the mobile app.

Best for Indium’s Mobile Automation Framework supports different OS (Windows, iOS, Android, and Symbian), Browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari, and Opera), Devices, and platforms.

Founded in: 1999
Revenue: Around $4 Million
Company size: 501 to 1000 employees
Prominent Clients: It provides services to different industries like retail, life science, technology, Gaming, and Education.

Core services: QA Testing, Test Automation, Mobile Testing, Game Testing, Security Testing, and Performance Testing.

Service cost/ packages: Get a Quote for pricing details.

Website: Indium

Additional Mobile App Services Companies

#16) Astegic:

Astegic offers services for mobile and IT. Astegic was founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Falls Church, VA. Astegic has annual revenue of around $5 Million.

For Mobile Quality Assurance and Control, it provides the services of Automated testing, Functional Testing, Stress Testing, Usability Testing, Unit Testing, and Compatibility testing etc. Its Client list includes Ford, AT&T, and ASTA, etc.

Website: Astegic

#17) Cygnet InfoTech:

Cygnet InfoTech offers the IT services to small, medium, and large enterprises across many different countries. It provides the Agile Testing and Test Automation services for Mobile Applications. Cygnet was founded in 2000. It is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The solution is offered to many different industries like Healthcare, Transportation, Advertising, Hospitality, and Education.

Website: Cygnet InfoTech

#18) Tech Mahindra:

Tech Mahindra provides IT Services. It was founded in 1986. It is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra.

For testing Mobile apps, Tech Mahindra offers the services of test design, system testing, regression testing, test automation, and compliance measurement for iOS, Windows, Android, Symbian, and Blackberry phone devices.

Website: Tech Mahindra

#19) Virtusa:

Virtusa provides solutions for digital transformation and IT outsourcing. Virtusa was founded in 1996. It is headquartered in Southborough, MA.

For mobile application testing, it provides services of Manual test execution, Test scripting & maintenance, Results analysis & Reporting, Device provisioning and management, and Test execution. The company has more than 10000 employees.

Website: Virtusa

#20) Anadea:

Anadea provides web and mobile application development services. It also provides different types of quality assurance and testing services like automated & manual testing, functional & regression testing, load & stress testing, Usability testing, and Compatibility testing. Anadea was founded in 2011. It has revenue of $18 Million.

Website: Anadea

#21) SQS:

SQS now become an Expleo. Expleo was founded in 2017. It provides services for digital transformation including quality services. It is headquartered in Lie-de-France. It has more than 10000 employees.

Website: SQS

#22) Amdocs:

Amdocs provides the software and services to any sized company. Amdocs was founded in 1982. It is headquartered in Chesterfield, MO. Amdocs has more than 25000 employees. It has revenue of $3 billion.

Website: Amdocs


Companies are at times unfit to handle the complexities and scope involved with testing for (and with) the complete ecosystem of mobile platforms, devices, and services.

It is not always affordable and possible for every company working on mobile app development to have an in-house team of mobile testing experts.

Hence testing service providers are approached to provide well-tested apps and give the organizations an opportunity to maintain high quality thereby reducing costs and time to market.

We have seen some of the top Mobile Testing services in details.

To conclude, ThinkSys provides excellent mobile testing services. Testlio provides fast and scalable mobile app testing solutions. QualiTest Group is best for their professionalism. TestingXperts provides innovative solutions by blending technology. Capgemini is best for providing structured testing services.

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In our upcoming tutorial, we will discuss more on Mobile Beta Testing Service Providers.