12 BEST CCleaner Alternatives In 2022 [DOWNLOAD FREE]

Read this CCleaner review and comparison with top CCleaner Alternatives to select the best alternative to CCleaner:

CCleaner software is a utility app that is used to optimize Windows registry entries, erase cookie data, cache, and browser history. You can also use the app to clean temporary, unwanted, and potentially invalid files.

CCleaner Alternatives

CCleaner Software

There are many other registry and temp file cleaner apps that you can use instead of CCleaner. We have scoured the net and picked for you the 12 best CCleaner alternatives that can safely delete unwanted files and repair registry data.

Fact Check: The global PC utility application market size was $268.4 million in 2019. The market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3 percent and reach $537.2 by the end of 2026, according to MarketWatch.

Global PC Utility Market Sizes Growth

Pro-Tip: Always buy a registry cleaner app from a trusted software publisher. You should also download the software directly from the publisher’s website. Downloading a registry cleaner app from third-party sources is not recommended as the software may contain adware, malware, and viruses.

FAQs About Registry Cleaner Software

Q #1) What is a registry cleaner application?

Answer: Registry cleaner apps such as CCleaner and its alternatives clean more than just the registry. They also remove junk and corrupt files. The tools can delete invalid, temporary, and other unwanted files from the system.

Q #2) Why use CCleaner alternative apps?

Answer: CCleaner – version 5.33.6162 – was hacked in 2017. Furthermore, Windows 10 flags the software as potentially unwanted software (PUA) due to suspicious behavior. It is recommended that you use CCleaner alternatives that are safe for use on Mac and Windows devices.

Q #3) What are the features of CCleaner alternative apps?

Answer: These apps have varied features. Some apps only clean corrupt and invalid registry entries in Windows application. Other apps also delete files that have become corrupted due to hardware issues. Moreover, almost all the CCleaner and alternatives can remove temporary files that are created by some programs during installation.

Q #4) What are the benefits of CCleaner alternative apps?

Answer: Using the CCleaner app optimizes the system by removing unwanted and corrupt files. These files make the system slow, unstable, and tedious. Cleaning up the clutter can have a positive impact on system performance.

Q #5) Are there any risks of using CCleaner apps?

Answer: These apps are generally safe for use to clean junk, temporary, and privacy-related files (cookies and caches). But unless you know what you are doing, it is advisable to avoid using the registry cleaner feature. Microsoft does not support the use of a registry cleaning utility and will not claim responsibility that arises due to using the registry cleaner app.

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List of Top CCleaner Alternatives

Here is a list of the most popular alternatives to CCleaner:

  1. Restoro
  2. Outbyte PC Repair
  3. Defencebyte
  4. Avast Cleanup
  5. AVG PC Tuneup
  6. PrivaZer
  7. CleanMyPC
  8. System Mechanic
  9. Advanced System Optimizer
  10. Glary Utilities
  11. Daisy Disk
  12. CleanMaster
  13. Bleachbit
  14. MacBooster 8
  15. Onyx Mac

Comparison Of Best Alternatives To CCleaner

Tool NameBest ForPlatformPriceFree TrialRatings

Restoro Logo
Active protection to PC. WindowsIt starts at $29.95Available5/5
Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte Logo
System OptimizationWindows 10, 8, & 7 and Mac.$29.95Available for 7 days5/5

Defencebyte Logo
Speed up the system’s performance.WindowsIt starts at $38.95.Available to download5/5
Avast Cleanup

Avast Logo
Boost and tune-up system performance.Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.The annual cost for a single PC is $59.99 and the cost for 10 PCs is $69.9930-days trial5/5
AVG PC Tuneup

AVG Logo
Clean up unwanted files and boost the system.Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone devices.The annual cost is $49.99 for 10 devices.30-days trial5/5

Privazer Logo
Removing unwanted files, delete privacy data, and visualize deleted files. WindowsFreeN/A5/5

CleanMyPC Logo
Deleting junk files and removing malware files.WindowsThe annual subscription cost for a single PC is $89.95.
Annual licenses for 2 and 5 Pcs are $179.9 and $199.95, respectively
System Mechanic

System Mechanic Logo
Clean, stabilize, and speed up PC performance. WindowsThe basic version is free.
System Mechanic Pro costs $69.95.
The System Mechanic Ultimate version costs $79.95.
Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer Logo
Cleanup registry optimizes disk space, remove privacy files, and resolve common system issues.WindowsThe annual cost is $69.95. N/A4/5

Review of the CCleaner Competitor tools:

#1) Restoro

Best for active protection to PC.


Restoro is a tool with powerful technology for securely and safely repairing the PC. It detects dangerous websites and removes malware threats. It will free up the disk space and restore the max performance. Restoro will replace the damaged Windows files.


  • Restoro can restore and replace DLL files.
  • It will stop the PC from freezing and crash.
  • Restoro has features for repairing virus damage, Windows stability issues, and application stability issues.
  • It will download new and healthy files.
  • It can perform operating system restoration.

Verdict: Restoro is the tool for optimizing the Windows Registry. It will repair and rebuild Windows. It works for restoring peak performance, detecting threats in real-time, and protecting PCs from malware.

Price: Restoro’s free trial is available to download. It offers three licensing options, 1 License & One-time Repair ($29.95), Unlimited Use & Support for 1 Year ($29.95), 3 Licenses with Unlimited use for 1 Year ($39.95). It provides free support and free manual repair.

#2) Outbyte PC Repair

Best for system optimization.


Outbyte PC Repair tool is a comprehensive solution. It gives an overview of the performance of your system through details like CPU load, amount of RAM available, etc. It has functionalities to clear the disk space by removing temporary and cached files. It supports Windows 10, 8, and 7, and Mac.


  • Outbyte provides the features of Real-Time Privacy that will let you disable the Windows telemetry features.
  • It provides a facility of Real-Time Boost that will switch priority according to the switching of programs.
  • This feature will let you prioritize the specific app for CPU time.
  • Outbyte PC Repair offers many more features such as Smart File Removal, privacy protection, performance improvement, etc.

Verdict: Outbyte can be a perfect alternative to CCleaner. It is a comprehensive tool and has abilities to identify and resolve performance issues. It improves the performance as well as privacy & security of your system.

Price: Outbyte PC Repair Tool is available for $29.95. Its free trial is available for 7 days.

#3) Defencebyte

Best for speeding up the system’s performance.


Defencebyte registry cleaner has encapsulated the comprehensive technologies for examining the computer glitches and registry malfunctions. It provides the benefits of a faster & more stable system, more free space, and quicker startup. It supports Windows platforms.


  • Defencebyte cleans up the computer’s registry and makes the hardware space free.
  • It can eliminate useless programs and files.
  • It has features of working as a task/app manager i.e. tracing of CPU usage.
  • It has functionalities to erase uninstalled entries, remove invalid paths & programs, eradicate non-existent shared dlls, etc.

Verdict: Defencebyte is a feature-rich computer optimizer for the Windows platform. This outstanding registry cleaner can examine computer glitches and registry malfunctions. It improves the overall performance of the computer.

Price: Defencebyte Computer Optimizer will cost you $38.95 for one computer, $78.95 for 3 computers, $11.95 for 5 computers, etc. You can download a free trial of the tool.

#4) Avast Cleanup

Best for boost and tune-up system performance of Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Avast Dashboard

Avast Cleanup is the best value CCleaner alternative for checking registry files and optimizing system performance. The software has advanced features such as automatic app updates, disk defrag, and bloatware removal.


  • Disk defrag
  • Automatic updates of important apps
  • Disk checkup
  • Remove bloatware
  • Registry cleanup

Verdict: Avast Cleanup is the best alternative to CCleaner due to its advanced disk cleaner and optimizing features. The price of the software is also affordable as it costs just $5 per month for a single PC.

Price: The annual cost for a single PC is $59.99 and the cost for 10 PCs is $69.99. You can also download a 30-days trial version to test the functionality of the software.

Website: Avast Cleanup

#5) AVG PC Tuneup

Best for clean up of unwanted files and boost system on Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone devices.

AVG Dashboard

[image source]

AVG PC Tuneup is another comprehensive tool for cleaning the registry and optimizing system performance. The software comes with useful features such as deleting browser history, optimizing PC performance, removing bloatware, and a deep scan of the hard disk to detect and resolve issues.


  • Browser history cleaner
  • Deep clean hard disk
  • Find and remove bloatware
  • Optimize PC performance
  • Registry cleaner

Verdict: AVG PC Tuneup has similar features to Avast Cleanup. It is more value for money app if you want to register for up to 10 PCs.

Price: The annual cost of the software is $49.99 for 10 devices. You can also download a 30-days trial version to test the software functions.

Website: AVG PC Tuneup

#6) PrivaZer

Best for removing unwanted files, delete privacy data and visualize deleted files on Windows for free.

Privazer Website

Privazer is a free Windows app with useful functionalities. The application allows you to clean junk files and remove the traces of deleted apps. Moreover, it can also visualize deleted files and delete privacy files. The in-depth scan will search not just hard disk but also removable media such as USB, SD memory card, and storage devices.


  • Clean up unwanted files
  • Visualize deleted files
  • Remove traces of deleted files

Verdict: Privazer may not have advanced disk management and registry cleanup features. But no one can complain since the software is available for free. You get what you pay for is true, particularly with this app.

Price: Free.

Website: PrivaZer

#7) CleanMyPC

Best for deleting junk files and removing malware files on Windows.

CleanMyPC Website

CleanMyPC is a useful registry recovery and system optimization tool. The software has advanced features as well such as multi uninstaller, autorun manager, file shredder, privacy protection, and extension manager.


  • Free junk files
  • Remove malware
  • Delete recent files
  • Uninstall software
  • Startup management

Verdict: CleanMyPC is a costly yet valuable tool to optimize registry and boost system performance. The application has all the features required to resolve issues and improve the performance of the Windows system.

Price: The annual subscription cost for a single PC is $89.95. You can also buy annual licenses for 2 and 5 PCs for $179.9 and $199.95, respectively. There is also a fully functional 14-days trial version available that allows you to test the functionality of the software.

Website: CleanMyPC

#8) System Mechanic

Best for clean up, stabilization and speed up of PC performance.

System Mechanic Dashboard

System Mechanic is a popular disk cleaner and system optimizer app for Windows users. The app has similar features to CCleaner. Some valuable features of the app include resolving registry issues, malware removal, optimizing PC speed, and recovering deleted files.


  • Boost PC speed
  • Malware removal
  • Erase hard disk
  • Recover deleted files
  • Resolve registry issue

Verdict: System Mechanic is one of the most reliable PC optimizer and malware detector application for Windows users. The software comes with basic features like system optimizer and advanced features such as hard disk repair, privacy protection, password management, and malware removal.

Price: System Mechanic Basic version is free that comes with PC performance optimization features. System Mechanic Pro costs $69.95. It has additional features of malware removal, erases hard drives, and recover deleted files. The price of the Premium version of the software is $79.95. It comes with advanced features such as protect online privacy and securely manage passwords.

Website: System Mechanic

#9) Advanced System Optimizer

Best for the cleanup registry, optimize disk space, remove privacy files, and resolve common system issues on Windows.

Advaced System Optimizer Dashboard

Advanced System Optimizer offers a great package for Windows users. The software has advanced system cleanup and disk optimizer features. There is also a disk explorer as well as backup and recovery features.


  • System cleaner
  • Disk optimizer
  • Startup disk checkup
  • Disk explorer

Verdict: Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best software for Windows users to boost system performance and clean hard disk drivers. The price may be high but you only have to pay onetime instead of making multiple annual payments.

Price: You can buy an advanced system optimizer for $69.95. The developer offers 60 days money-back guarantee. Moreover, you can download the trial version to test the software functionalities for one day.

Website: Advanced System Optimizer

#10) Glary Utilities

Best for performing system maintenance on Windows and Android mobile devices.

Glary Utilities Dashboard

[image source]   

Glary Utilities is yet another great Windows registry cleaner for Windows and Android applications. It is the best alternative to CCleaner as it comes with similar features. You can repair the Windows registry, backup and restore drivers, remove duplicate files and empty folders, and manage the context menu. Additionally, you can use the software to completely uninstall unwanted apps.


  • Windows registry repair
  • Driver backup and restore
  • System tweaks
  • Anti-malware
  • Hard disk checkup and defragment

Verdict: Glary Utilities is suited for personal and commercial users. The Basic version is adequate for individuals who want to fix PC errors and boost performance. The Commercial version is suitable for business users who want advanced features like privacy protection, scheduled maintenance, and technical support.

Price: Glary Utility free version comes with basic features such as fix PC errors and maximizes system performance.

Glary Utilities Pro costs $39.95, which has advanced features including erasing privacy tracks on Windows logoff and shutdown, scheduled maintenance, web update, and free technical support. There is also a fully functional trial version that allows you to test the product for up to 30 days.

The following table summarizes the advanced features of the Pro version:

Glary Utilities Plans

Website: Glary Utilities

#11) DaisyDisk

Best for previewing disk content and cleaning junk files on Mac OS 10.10 or newer system.

DaisyDisk Dashboard

DaisyDisk is a great app for cleaning junk files and removing privacy risks. It has a unique feature of cleaning six different types of privacy risks. Furthermore, the software can scan and fix issues with device drivers and optimize system startup and network settings.


  • Clean junk files
  • Scan and fix device drivers issues
  • Clean 6 types of privacy risks
  • Remove unwanted startup files
  • Optimize system and network settings

Verdict: DaisyDisk is a cheap software that comes with advanced disk cleanup and system optimizer features. It has an interactive UI that allows easy cleanup and optimization of Mac systems.

Price: The lifetime cost of the software is $9.99. You can also download a 15-days fully functional trial version to test the functionality of the app before buying.

Website: DaisyDisk

#12) Clean Master

Best for cleaning junk files and optimizing system and network performance on Windows.

Clean Master Dashboard

CleanMaster comes with a long list of features to optimize the system and clear private files from the system. The software can update drivers and recover lost files. Additionally, the software can shred confidential files from the PC.


  • Auto-clean junk files
  • Driver update
  • File shredder
  • Clear browser history
  • Recover lost files

Verdict: CleanMaster may not be cheap software, but the price is worth it as it comes with several features to optimize PC and clear private history and confidential files. It is geared towards business users and priced appropriately.

Price: The yearly cost of the Clean Master is $29.90. It comes with features such as junk cleaning, PC boost, privacy clean, file recovery, driver booster, auto-clean, file shredder, and browser auto-clean. There is no trial version. You can download a limited feature free version that comes with junk file cleaning and PC booster features.

Website: Clean Master

#13) Bleachbit

Best for removing private, junk, and temporary files on Linux and Windows for free.

BleachBit Dashboard

Bleachbit is yet another great system optimizer app for Windows users. The open-source software is donationware. You can donate to support the developers of the app. It supports a command-line interface for scripting and automation. Moreover, expert users can use CleanerML to write their cleaning software using XML.


  • Delete private files
  • No installation required
  • Supports 64 languages
  • Shred files
  • Overwrite free disk space

Verdict: Bleachbit is a great value system optimizer application. The software supports basic disk cleanup and privacy removal features.

Price: Free.

Website: Bleachbit

#14) MacBooster 8

Best for cleaning up junk files, removing malware and virus, and optimize hard disk on Mac OS.

MacBooster 8 Dashboard

MacBooster 8 is another great system optimizer application for Mac operating system. The software boost system and deletes privacy files. Furthermore, it can also detect and remove spyware and malware files from the system.


  • Fully system clean
  • Remove malware and spyware
  • Delete virus
  • Boost memory and start-up

Verdict: MacBooster 8 is an overall good system optimizer app for Mac users. The monthly subscription cost and the lifetime cost is lower as compared to other similar software with advanced system optimizer features.

Price: MacBooster 8 is available in three price packages including Standard, Premium, and Lite versions. The Standard version with a license for one Mac costs $2.49 per month and comes with basic features like virus and malware removal, privacy files cleaner. The Premium version costs $4.16 per month that has all the features of the Standard version but is suitable for three Macs.

The Lifetime plan with a license for 3 Macs costs $79.95.

MacBooster 8 Pricing

Website: MacBooster 8

#15) Onyx Mac

Best for system maintenance and optimization for Mac OS X Software.

Onyx Dashboard

Onyx Mac is free utility software for Mac users. The software comes with basic features such as optimize system performance, clear cache, temporary, and junk files. It also boasts of advanced features like SMART hard disk status check and repair.

You can also use the software to hide show volumes and tweak features such as animated background, disable Safari and iTunes, and configure dock icon and ripple effect for new widgets.


  • Tweak Mac performance
  • Clean up temporary files
  • Clear caches, passwords, and logs
  • Optimize system after new software installation
  • SMART status check of hard drives

Verdict: Onyx Mac is no-obligation free software of Mac OS users. It is a great free up for optimizing the system and checking the health of the hard disc. The only missing feature is scheduled checkup and maintenance, according to reviewers.

Price: Free

Website: Onyx


We have reviewed different types of CCleaner alternatives. If you want an app with basic disk cleaning functionalities, you should try Onyx Mac on Mac and Bleachbit for Windows and Linux that you can download for free.

For advanced registry cleaner and advanced disk cleanup and file restore functions on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, the best software is AVAST and AVG disk cleanup app that has similar functionalities. The best software for disk management on Mac is DaisyDisk and on Windows is Privazer.

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Research Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: It took us 10 hours to research and write this review of CCleaner alternative apps so you have an easier time selecting the best one.
  • Total tools researched: 24
  • Top tools shortlisted: 12
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