10 BEST Healthcare Software Development Companies in 2023

Review the top and most popular healthcare software development companies in the market with features, comparisons, and pricing.

With technological advancements in every field, the healthcare system across the globe has also seen huge improvements and innovations.

Software development companies have started building applications for hospitals, pharmacies, and other health organizations. These applications are built while keeping in mind the operations and complexities of that particular organization.

The top medical software development companies offer you the following features to be built into an application:

  1. Medical invoicing and billing
  2. Receiving digital payments
  3. Keeping a digital record of patients’ data
  4. Tools for virtually consulting the doctors
  5. Scheduling appointments and getting reminders
  6. Analytical tools that help medical staff improve their performance by getting access to reports on data on patients’ history.
  7. Maintenance of healthcare infrastructure

Custom Healthcare Software Development Company

BEST Healthcare Software Development Companies

Healthcare software helps doctors, patients, insurance companies, and other staff members in several ways.

healthcare software

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In this article, you will get to know about the top best healthcare software companies, the top features they offer, along with other details about them. Go through the details and choose wisely the most suitable hospital software development company for your organization.

Market Trends: According to a report by Market Research Future, the global healthcare enterprise software market is expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13% from the year 2021 to 2025 and reach a net worth of $76.45 Billion. North America is expected to keep dominating the market, followed by Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World.

healthcare market fact

Expert Advice: While choosing the healthcare software developer for your organization, you must look for the one with high expertise in the field, as a small error can cause you big troubles. Plus, look for data management and security features so that your organization’s data stays safe.

FAQs About Medical Software Companies

Q #1) What is healthcare software development?

Answer: Healthcare software helps in making the operations of a healthcare organization more smooth and more efficient by offering you tools for digital invoicing, billing, payments, appointment scheduling, virtual consulting with doctors, patient engagement, data management, and more.

There are some highly trusted medical software companies like ScienceSoft, Codal, TatvaSoft, and Athenahealth, that develop such software as your organization’s functioning.

Q #2) Why is healthcare software important?

Answer: Healthcare software has become a need for today’s health organizations. The reason for this is the highly useful set of features that they offer you.

This software makes the whole operation extremely efficient, error-free, and time savvy. Plus, you get access to huge data of patients’ health records, which can help the medical staff in improving their treatment plans.

Q #3) What is the difference between EMR and EHR?

Answer: EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records, while the other hand, EHR stands for Electronic Health Records.

EMR represents the medical history of a patient. EHR is a broader term, which represents the records of the overall health of the patient.

Q #4) What is included in the healthcare database?

Answer: The healthcare database consists of information about patients’ prescriptions, medications, healthcare procedures, data of operations, admission and discharge details, etc.

The healthcare database helps doctors in getting easy access to patient history. These databases can also be used in making progress in medical care.

Q #5) How long does it take to make a medical app?

Answer: A full-fledged app can be built within weeks or months, depending upon the complexity of the app and the requirements of the client.

Q #6) How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app?

Answer: The minimum cost of developing a full-fledged healthcare app would be $40,000. As the complexities and features increase, the costs will also go up.

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List of Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

Some well-known healthcare software companies list:

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. Andersen Labs
  3. Vention
  4. Itransition
  5. Interexy
  6. Glorium Technologies
  7. Appinventiv
  8. Symfa
  9. CleverDev Software
  10. Innowise
  11. Codal
  12. TatvaSoft
  13. Itechcraft.com
  14. LeewayHertz
  15. Cerner Corporation
  16. Change Healthcare
  17. Athenahealth
  18. Hidden Brains
  19. Kanda Software
  20. DICEUS
  21. i3 Healthcare Solutions
  22. Surf
  23. Altoros

Comparison of Top Healthcare IT Companies

Platform NameFounded inLocationsNumber of EmployeesEstimated Annual Revenue
ScienceSoft1989USA, Finland, Latvia, UAE700+$30 Million
Andersen Labs2007USA, UAE, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, Georgia3500+$27 Million
Vention2002New York, San Francisco, London, Vienna3000+$45M
Itransition1998US, Europe, Mexico, UAE, Asia3000+More than $100M
Interexy2017Miami, Florida, Dubai, UAE, Warsaw, Poland150$14.7M
Glorium Technologies2010USA, Ukraine, Cyprus, Poland.200+-
Symfa2008USA, Poland250+--
CleverDev Software2020USA, Poland50+$1 Million
Innowise2007Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, US.1400+$70 Million
Codal2009India, UK, USA150-200$10.52 Million
TatvaSoft2001USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India1000-2000$10-50 Million
IT Craft2001USA, Germany, Estonia300+$51 Million
LeewayHertz2007San Francisco, New York, Chicago250-350$10 Million

Detailed Reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft (McKinney, TX, USA)

Best for the development of healthcare software with advanced features.


Relying on 17 years of experience in healthcare IT, ScienceSoft provides expert IT consulting and software development services to software product companies, healthcare providers, and medical device manufacturers.

With a portfolio of 100+ successful healthcare IT projects, ScienceSoft’s development competencies cover the full range of medical solutions:

  • Patient-centered apps (including telehealth)
  • Robust Hospital Solutions
  • Cutting-edge SaMD products
  • Medical device software
  • IoT-powered monitoring systems and more

ScienceSoft is proficient in all major regulations like HIPAA, HITECH & GDPR and is ready to assist with FDA/CE submissions.

Core Services: Healthcare software development (web, mobile, desktop), medical IT consulting, IT support and modernization, digital evolution for healthcare providers, and more.
Founded in: 1989
Office Locations: USA, UAE, Europe
Number of Employees: 700+
Recent Awards: Healthcare IT Services Market Leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ 2022 SPARK Matrix, The Best Healthcare Technology Solution Award 2022 from Health Tech Digital, IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 list, and more.
Data Security: ISO 27001 certification
Customers of ScienceSoft: bioAffinity, Montex Swiss, IBM, Deloitte, Leo Burnett, NASA, eBay, Nestle, and Viber.


  • Expertise in AI, ML, IoMT, data analytics, image analysis, VR/AR, blockchain, telehealth, etc. to introduce advanced digital health functionality.
  • Reliable and scalable architectures tailored to the needs of each specific project.
  • Smooth & convenient UI/UX design that earns praise from patients and healthcare professionals alike.
  • Seamless integration with medical devices and healthcare software using HL7 v.2, HL7 v.3, XDS/XDS-I, etc.
  • In-house cybersecurity competencies to ensure full PHI protection and regulatory compliance.


  • Decades-long experience in product and custom solution development, and digital transformation.
  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 certifications, and hands-on experience with IEC 62304 and IEC 82304-1.
  • Focused on delivering tangible business outcomes: e.g., higher MAU or ARPU, better development KPIs, significant operational cost savings.
  • Frequent software releases due to the Agile approach, established CI/CD and DevOps practices, and testing automation.

Verdict: ScienceSoft is known for its advanced healthcare solutions and commitment to complete software security. The company is the best match for medical software product companies or innovative startups looking for an experienced partner to drive their project to success.

However, ScienceSoft has also proved its competence as a developer of custom medical solutions for mid-size and large healthcare providers by delivering complex practice management systems, laboratory software, nurse applications, and more.

Price: $50 – $99 per hour

#2) Andersen Labs (New York, NY)

Best for startups, small and large businesses, from regular software development to AI applications with devices integration.


Andersen, a leading provider of top-notch Healthcare Software Development Services. Through agile development methodologies, rigorous testing, and continuous feedback loops, Andersen ensures that their healthcare software solutions are highly functional, reliable, and scalable.

What sets Andersen apart is their commitment to quality and patient-centricity. They prioritize usability, interoperability, and data privacy to create software that enhances healthcare workflows, improves patient outcomes, and optimizes operational efficiency.


  • TeleHealth app development and integration services
  • Development of advanced and secure EHR/EMR systems
  • User-friendly mobile apps for patients and doctors
  • Smart speech recognition software and chatbots and reliable text and medical image recognition tools
  • RPM software to collect and assess medical data
  • Development of Health Information Exchange interfaces
  • Medical coding and billing software solutions

Prominent Clients: Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Ryanair, UNESCO, Paysera, GlobePayroll, MediaMarkt, TUI, Swiss Red Cross, Johnson & Johnson, Verivox, BNP Paribas.

Key Features:

  • 150+ delivered Healthcare Projects across the globe
  • 300+ Healthcare Engineers.
  • 16 years of experience;
  • 98% of customers return back for new projects;
  • Free consultation and estimate of your price.
  • Healthcare advisory board of 30+ Experts

#3) Vention (New York, United States)


Vention is an industry-leading custom software development company equipping fast-growing businesses and startups with dedicated engineering teams and cutting-edge technology services.

Driven by a human-centric mindset focused on change, Vention’s access to 3,000+ engineers leads clients to develop successful future-proof products, covering all aspects from diagnostics to patient care. Vention also partners with companies that eliminate manual recordkeeping and outdated medical practices so physicians can devote more focused time to their patients.

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While tackling all verticals of healthcare challenges to propel clients to the next level, Vention provides software development services such as custom healthcare development, integration with third-party systems, security and compliance, and medical data analytics and consults.

With integrity, Vention works diligently to create products with its user needs top-of-mind, utilizing the latest stack and paying attention to a myriad of regulatory requirements for ongoing support.

Core Services: Healthcare custom software development and consulting, HIPAA compliance, digital transformation, etc.
Founded in: 2002
Office Locations: 20+ cities across 10+ countries, including New York, San Francisco, London, and Vienna
Number of Employees: 3,000+
Customers: Mount Sinai, Smile Direct Club, ClassPass, Thirty Madison, Dialogue, Imagen Technologies


  • Faster time to market
  • A pool of healthcare focused engineers
  • Full cycle software development teams
  • Solutions compliant with HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS

Verdict: Vention focuses on covering the whole range of healthcare aspects, from diagnosis to medical care and administration. The company’s development teams integrate digital transformation within the workflows of the most traditional medical institutions.

Pricing: Contact for details.

#4) Itransition (Lakewood, Colorado, USA)


Itransition is a well-known healthcare software development company with over 25 years of experience in healthcare IT. Itransition serves a variety of healthcare organizations, including hospitals and clinics, medical device manufacturers, medical ISVs, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare companies.

Itransition relies on the internal Healthcare Center of Excellence to deliver its customers a full scope of healthcare IT services in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards.

Itransition is highly competent in developing:

  • Software for medical devices
  • Patient portals
  • Mobile healthcare apps
  • Hospital management software
  • Pharmacy management solutions
  • Telehealth solutions
  • Healthcare data analytics
  • Internet of Medical Things software

Core Services: Healthcare IT consulting, web, mobile, and desktop healthcare software development, medical device software development, healthcare software integration with third-party systems, and legacy systems reengineering.

Founded in: 1998
Office Locations: US, Europe, Mexico, UAE, Asia
Number of Employees: 3000+
Recent Awards: Top service provider by Zinnov Zones report in Telehealth and Medical Devices ratings, recognized in Forrester’s 2022 Modern Application Development Services report.
Data Security: ISO 27001, IEC 62443, adherence to OWASP
Customers: Terumo, Maxmed Healthcare, eBay, Toyota, GSM Association, IATA, the Economist, and more.


  • Expertise in healthcare standards coding protocols, like DICOM, FHIR, ICD-10, and CPT.
  • Hands-on experience with FDA classes II and III, and IEC 62304 classes A, B, and C of medical devices.
  • Proficient in integrating healthcare solutions with advanced technologies like AR/VR, RPA, AI and ML, medical image analysis, and blockchain.
  • Transparent service delivery with regular KPI-based reports.
  • Adherence to Agile principles during software development.

Verdict: Itransition is a solid leader in healthcare IT services with developers experienced in major healthcare standards and different types of healthcare software. Healthcare IT solutions delivered by Itransition’s teams can provide facilitate accurate diagnostics and better patient and medical staff experiences.

#5) Interexy (Florida, USA)


Interexy is a leading healthcare software development company with over 5 years of experience. Among their clients are such prominent companies as SAP, Pampers & Square, and others. The company has a wide range of services that it offers its clients, from appointment app development to fitness app development.

Interexy also has a great reputation for its customer service, and it has been able to provide top-notch services to many customers over the years.

Their clients value high adaptability, responsiveness, and proactivity that they offer at each and every step. Therefore, your product will be done based on your unique wishes without sacrificing quality and compliance with the industry’s guidelines.

Founded in: 2017
Employees: 150
Locations: Miami, Florida; Dubai, UAE; Warsaw, Poland;

Services and Projects: Consulting, App development from scratch (iOS, Android, Web), Web development, Blockchain development , Metaverse development & deployment, AR/VR Development, DeFI projects, healthcare (mHealth & telemedicine) development.

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Clients: SAP, Pampers General Electric and tech product companies.

#6) Glorium Technologies (New Jersey, USA)

Glorium Technologies

Glorium Technologies is a custom software development country. Their efforts and wide range of services are aimed at satisfying the needs of startups at various stages of their development and funding. The company also cooperates with SMEs and enterprises.

Drawing from over 11 years of experience, Glorium Technologies (which was founded in 2010) is focused on helping startups realize the vision of their digital product by developing custom software solutions or supplementing their teams with expert developers. The company builds custom digital products, reduces digital products’ delivery time to market, and provides software development and growth services.

Their core proposition is outsourcing software development. Their software engineers serve as a workforce for startups to deliver flawless code, while managers do great work to organize the working process, and business analytics ensure the end product will be a market success.

Core Services: Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development for Medica, Real estate and Financial services etc.
Founded in: 2010
Office Locations: USA, Ukraine, Cyprus, Poland
Number of Employees: 200+

Recent Awards: ‘Top Developers Companies in Clutch’, Top Custom Software Development Companies in GoodFirms’, ‘Top Custom Software Development Companies in UpCity’, and more.

Data Security: HIPAA/HITRUST compliance, ISO-13485 certified for medical device development, ISO-9001 certification for quality management, ISO-27001 certification for information security standard

Customers of Glorium Technologies: CAE Healthcare, AGFA Healthcare, REALPAGE, control.IT, BBMK Technologies, m.Doc, Astarte Medical, PACS Harmony, VitalWare, Doxy.me, and more.


  • Get a custom web, desktop, or mobile app that’s modern, scalable, and user-friendly.
  • Project Management Services
  • Glorium Technologies is a reliable supplier of top developers, engineers, designers, and software solutions architects.
  • Healthcare Software Development

Pros: Glorium Technologies has been awarded many times by prestigious listings and publishers. They were named among the Inc5000 fastest-growing private companies in America for three years in a row (2020 through 2022). That shows the development of the company.

Glorium Technologies is a well-oiled machine and one of the best options available among offshore software development companies. 80% of their developers are at the senior level. Agile technical teams on demand are some of the best at outsourcing the software development market.

Price: $25 – $49/hr

#7) Appinventiv (Noida, India)

Appinventiv Healthcare

Delivering top-notch healthcare software development services for more than 7 years, Appinventiv is a globally recognized healthcare solution service provider.

For automating various health and fitness businesses around the world, Appinventiv’s professionals develop world-class healthcare software solutions. With its cutting-edge healthcare solutions that aim to streamline healthcare operations, the company hopes to create a more rapid ecosystem for streamlining medical business operations.

With over 50 digital healthcare projects, Appinventiv, a custom healthcare software development company, has helped them overcome their biggest issues, from clinical management to efficient patient treatment and diagnosis solutions.

Their healthcare app development services automate the current administrative process that overall improvises efficiency hence minimizing the cost of healthcare.

Appinventiv’s healthcare app developers have first-hand expertise in creating a variety of healthcare apps, including daily health apps, mPrescriptions, and medical insurance apps. electronic health records, lab management apps, lifestyle tracking apps, and many more.

Development Services:

  • Full-Cycle Product Development Ideation & Design
  • Full-Cycle Product Development Software Development
  • Product Growth Research & Innovation

Minimum Project Size: $25,000
Hourly Rates: $20- $25
Technology Stack: React Native, Swift, Node js, JavaScript, C, and C++
Major Clientele: Dominos, IKEA, Adidas, Hukoomi, Pizza Hut
Number of Employees: 1000+
Year of Establishment: 2015

#8) Symfa (Warsaw, Poland)


Symfa is a 250-strong international custom software developer with a key Customer Care center in Miami Dade, Florida, and Delivery center in Europe. One of the company’s core expertise areas is Healthcare and Healthtech.

The accumulated comprehensive knowledge in the area is combined with robust technical proficiency, which empowers us to design HIPAA/GDPR-compliant, and uncompromisingly secure applications for medical facilities, pharmacies, medical equipment manufacturers, etc. We also partner with HealthTech companies and startups and apply our skills to contribute in designing technically faultless products.

We thoroughly analyze every requirement provided by stakeholders and thoroughly examine the intricacies of business to address the following challenges effectively:

  • Healthcare workflows and document management automation
  • Patient and EHR/EMR management
  • Medical staff management
  • Inventory & prescription management
  • Supply chain management
  • Analytics & data management

Founded in: 2008
Employees: 250+ employees
Locations: USA, Poland

Healthcare development services we provide:

  • Custom healthcare software development, including PoC & MVP elaboration
  • Full spectrum of software modernization services and maintenance
  • Interactive medical dashboards
  • Patient portals
  • Mobile apps for caregivers and patients
  • Custom CRM, ERP applications
  • Web apps for healthcare providers
  • Telehealth applications
  • Scheduling & booking apps
  • Smart device & IoT mobile apps
  • Integration with healthcare systems, insurers, payment gateways, and secure Health Information Exchange (HIE) enablement.

Technologies we use for healthcare software development:

  • Computer vision for image processing and anomaly detection
  • ML-enabled predictive analytics and diagnostics
  • ETL tools for efficient data management
  • BI Reporting tools for data visualization & analysis
  • Blockchain-based health information exchange
  • Smart tracking and tracing platforms for drug supply chain
  • Cloud computing technologies
  • AR/VR technology implementation
  • Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions

#9) CleverDev Software (Austin, USA)


CleverDev Software is a healthcare software development and consulting company that specializes in innovation-led healthcare solutions. The company is committed to transforming the healthcare industry into a data-driven and automated field by delivering custom technology solutions that enhance clinical pathways and improve patient experiences.

CleverDev Software offers a range of services to help clients achieve their healthcare technology goals. Their custom healthcare tech solutions are exclusively tailored to clients’ internal processes and objectives.

The list of healthcare software solutions from CleverDev Software:

  • Custom healthcare tech solutions built from scratch
  • System modernization and enhancement
  • Enterprise-grade system integration
  • Health tech consulting
  • IoT solutions for healthcare
  • Smart hospitals
  • Clinical labs
  • Remote patient care and others

The team at CleverDev Software has experience building compliant and business-driven applications that align with major industry benchmarks.

CleverDev Software’s strong health tech expertise enables them to deliver task-driven solutions with custom integrations, automated pathways, and cutting-edge features. The company develops software in accordance with healthcare security standards. Their health tech solutions meet stringent healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and other types of compliance.

The company provides high-quality, innovative, and business-driven healthcare development services. They take a vendor-agnostic approach, which enables them to select the best technology for their clients’ needs. They also have a large pool of engineering talent and offer cost-efficient engagement models that can help clients reduce their development expenses and accelerate project release time.

CleverDev Software is a healthcare software development and consulting company that offers end-to-end medical software development services. The company’s custom solutions, system modernization and enhancement services, enterprise-grade system integration services, and health tech consulting services help clients achieve their healthcare technology innovation goals.

#10) Innowise (Warsaw, Poland)


Founded in: 2007
Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, US.
Number of Employees: 1400+
Estimated Annual Revenue: 70 million

Innowise Group is a healthcare software development company with over 15 years of experience in providing quality software development to hospitals and clinics. The company has 1400 developers who are committed to providing the best possible customer service.

Innowise Group is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and has offices in Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland, and the USA. The company’s focus is on providing innovative solutions that help hospitals and other healthcare organizations meet their stringent deadlines and quality standards.

Innowise Group’s experienced team can provide you with customized software development solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

#11) Codal (Chicago, USA)

Best for UX designing and development.

Codal - Healthcare Software Development Companies

Codal is a custom healthcare software development platform. They offer you services for product designing and development, CRM, modernization of business operations, and much more.

Codal is an award-winning and trusted company that works to provide agility, innovation, quality, trust, transparency, reliability, and expertise to its clients so that they can have a sustainable future.

Core Services: UX designing, software, website development, eCommerce, etc.
Founded in: 2009
Office Locations: India, UK, USA
Number of Employees: 150-200

Recent Awards: ‘2022 Local Excellence – UpCity’, ‘2022 Top Python & Django Developers – Clutch’, ‘2021 BigCommerce Agency Partner of the Year’, and more.

Data Security: GDPR-compliant data security.
Customers of Codal: Samsung, Pepsi, Charles Schwab, and more.


  • Website and mobile application development.
  • Tools for the digital transformation of your organization.
  • Data analysis tools that help in business decision making
  • Helps in adopting best practices and making strategies for delivering quality services to customers.


  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Cloud-based deployment.


  • Based on customer reviews of the platform, some customers are a bit annoyed with the support team in resolving their issues.

Verdict: The platform has helped over 200 clients with web and app development to date. The company has an estimated annual revenue of $87 Million.

Codal specializes in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, iOS, Android, and JavaScript. The services offered by Codal are commendable. The prices are also reasonable.

Price: $145 per hour

Website: Codal

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#12) TatvaSoft (Ahmedabad, India)

Best for solving complex business challenges.

TatvaSoft - Healthcare Software Development Companies

TatvaSoft is a 21-year-old, highly trusted custom healthcare software development company whose clients include start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

The company has completed more than 1800 projects to date, serving in 36+ countries, with 810+ customers. The platform would be highly useful for SMEs and startups.

Core Services: Software development, mobile app development, web development, and more.
Founded in: 2001
Office Locations: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India
Number of Employees: 1000-2000
Recent Awards: ‘Software Suggest High Performer’, ‘Software Suggest Best Value’.
Data Security: ISO 27001 certification, HIPAA privacy, and GDPR-compliant data security.
Customers of TatvaSoft: NSW Health, KFC, Fiji Airways, Ferrero Rocher, and more.


  • Gives you custom software solutions based on your unique requirements.
  • Builds innovative web applications based on your ideas.
  • Builds mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Hybrid devices.
  • Tools for online payment by integrating with third-party payment apps.
  • Online consultations, appointment bookings, and more.


  • Wide range of highly useful features.
  • Supports PHP, .net, Java, Nodejs, Angular, React, and Vue technologies.


  • Their services are more suitable for SMEs and startups only.

Verdict: They claim to build a full-fledged application within weeks or months, depending upon your requirements. Plus, they also offer post-app development assistance, for up-gradation purposes. The company claims to have a 90% customer retention rate and has served in over 22 types of industries.

Price: $18- $30 hourly rate

Website: TatvaSoft

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#13) IT Craft (New York, USA)

Best for being an all-in-one healthcare software developer company.

IT Craft - Healthcare Software Development Companies

IT Craft is a trusted healthcare software development company, having a total of more than 300 clients from all over the globe.

The company has accomplished over 2250 projects to date and is providing its services in 21 countries. The company works for startups, businesses, healthcare organizations, education departments, digital agencies, indoor positioning, and outdoor navigation.

Core Services: Web, Mobile, MVP Software development.
Founded in: 2001
Office Locations: USA, Germany, Estonia
Number of Employees: 300+
Recent Awards: Top App Developers 2021 – by The Manifest, Top Mobile App Development Company – by Goodfirms.co
Data Security: HIPAA, GDPR-compliant data security.
Customers of Itechcraft.com: Nando’s, EBD Group, 99 Coaches, Estalea, and more.


  • Get a healthcare mobile application built from Scratch.
  • Development of a web application that is compatible with all devices and supports all levels of complexities.
  • Upgradation of an existing app.
  • App support and maintenance.


  • Suitable for your complex requirements.
  • Develops an application that is compatible with all devices.


  • It is a bit costly but a highly useful platform.

Verdict: IT Craft is an experienced and trusted company for healthcare mobile app development. They build applications beneficial for doctors, patients, hospital administrations, and insurance companies. Their customer support team is dedicated to help you get your desired results.

Price: Contact directly for a price quote.

Website: IT Craft

#14) LeewayHertz (California, USA)

Best for offering cost-effective services.


LeewayHertz builds on-demand applications for startups as well as enterprises.

These services include building medical billing software, medical inventory software, healthcare CRM software, and hospital management software.

This 15-year-old American healthcare app development company has 250+ full-stack developers on board and offers different services, including software development, IoT development, artificial intelligence, NFT marketplace, and more.

Core Services: Blockchain Development, Software Development, Software Consulting, Designing, etc.
Founded in: 2007
Office Locations: San Francisco, New York, Chicago
Number of Employees: 250-350
Recent Awards: ‘Top IoT App Developers’, ‘Top Developers’, ‘Top App Developers USA’, and more.
Data Security: HL7, CDA, CCD, EDI, HIPAA Mirth, BlueButton+, FDA, WCF, WPF compliant services.
Customers of LeewayHertz: XinFin, Kinesis, Hershey’s, USPN, Siemens, and many more.


  • AI-based data analysis tools.
  • Automation tools for medical workflows.
  • Virtual meeting of the patient and the doctor.
  • Builds EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software.


  • Excellence in AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT, cloud, and mobile.
  • High data security.


  • Based on the reviews of the customers of LeewayHertz. Very few of them had any disappointment with the services.

Verdict: The company has delivered more than 100 digital apps and has worked with more than 30 Fortune 500 companies to date.

LeewayHertz delivers HL7, CDA, CCD, EDI, HIPAA Mirth, BlueButton+, FDA, WCF, and WPF-compliant services. We would recommend the company, because of its highly rated services, data security features, and advanced technology.

Price: $50 – $99 per hour.

Website: LeewayHertz

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#15) Cerner Corporation (North Kansas City, MO, USA)

Best for being cost-effective and user-friendly.

Cerner - Healthcare Software Development Companies

Cerner Corporation is a dedicated, global healthcare software development services providing company.

The company functions on a core mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion. They offer a wide range of solutions, including analytics, population health management, clinical solutions, and more.

Core Services: Products offered to increase the efficiency of clinical operations and reduce costs.

Founded in: 1979
Office Locations: Egypt, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East, USA, and Canada.
Number of Employees: 2000+

Recent Awards: Helen Darling Award for Excellence in Health Care Value and Innovation, Forbes World’s Best Employers, Kansas City Business Journal Healthiest Employers Honoree, and more.

Data Security: Supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols, HIPAA compliance, ISO 27001, and NIST 800-88 certifications.

Customers of Cerner Corporation: McKesson Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, and more.


  • Clinical solutions, including communication and collaboration tools.
  • Enterprise documents management and health information management tools.
  • CRM and analytical tools.
  • Open APIs that allow integration with other platforms.


  • 24/7 functioning Immediate Response Center.
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • A steep learning curve.

Verdict: Having more than $5.5 Million in annual revenue, Cerner Corporation is recommended, as one of the best medical software development companies, which helps in integrating health data, managing healthcare systems, and much more, with the help of a user-friendly system.

Price: Contact directly to get a price estimate.

Website: Cerner Corporation

#16) Change Healthcare (Nashville, TN, USA)

Best for offering innovative healthcare solutions.

Change Healthcare

As the name suggests, the platform is built with the motive of changing healthcare and is one of the top healthcare IT companies.

The platform offers you innovative solutions for transforming the whole process of managing and monitoring the health system. The platform claims to have completed 15 Billion transactions a year, and every third of the US patient records is touched by their clinical connectivity solutions.

Core Services: Pharmacy Management Software Solutions, Pharmacy Business Intelligence Solutions, Revenue Cycle, Billing Solutions, and more.

Founded in: 2007

Office Locations: Alpharetta, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Vancouver, Dublin, San Juan, London

Number of Employees: 15000+

Recent Awards: 2021 North America Customer Value Leadership Award for Clinical Decision Support, 2020 Compliance and Ethics Award, and more.

Data Security & Certifications: HIPAA, PCI DSS compliance, fraud monitoring, and security alert features.


  • Tools for billing, payments, and reconciliation.
  • Automated workflows and powerful analytical tools.
  • Business intelligence tools, to monitor all operations.
  • Pharmacy management solutions include patient engagement, drug dispensing, and more.


  • Wide range of features.
  • Powerful AI-based tools.


  • Customer support is reportedly not up to the mark.

Verdict: Change Healthcare is a renowned name. The platform offers ease of use to its users. But the customer support is not very nice.

The tools offered are useful and appreciable. The platform allows patients to access healthcare online while paying digitally. The platform is a community of 800,000 physicians, 117,000 dentists, 60,000 pharmacies, 5,500 hospitals, nearly 400 vendors, and 600 laboratories.

Price: Contact directly to get a price estimate.

Website: Change Healthcare

#17) Athenahealth (Watertown, MA, USA)

Best for highly useful mobile applications.


Athenahealth is an American, one of the top healthcare software development companies. The company offers cloud-based solutions for medical billing, digital health records, patient engagement, advisory services, and more.

Having more than $5.7 Billion of annual revenue, Athenahealth is a big and trusted name in the field of healthcare.

Core Services: EHR, speech-to-text dictation product for accurately documenting patient encounters, medical billing, patient engagement tools, and more.

Founded in: 1997
Office Locations: Atlanta, Austin, Bangalore, Belfast, Burlington, Chennai, Pune, Seattle, Watertown
Number of Employees: 12000+
Recent Awards: Best in KLAS 2022, Top U.S. medical apps, and more.
Data Security and compliance: HIPAA compliance

Customers of Athenahealth: More than 110 Million patients and 1 Million registered physicians use the Athenahealth application (Epocrates).


  • Tools to keep health records electronically.
  • Billing, Payment receiving, appointment scheduling, and more.
  • Detailed reporting tools.
  • Single dashboard to give you patient information and more.


  • 24/7 live customer support, eLearning videos, virtual training, and more.
  • Mobile application with the name ‘Epocrates’.


  • I found the platform a bit expensive.

Verdict: The platform is cost-effective. Athenahealth is suitable for different medical fields including OBGYN, Orthopedics, FQHC, Member-centric organizations, start-ups, Ancillary Service Organizations, and more.

The customer support team is quite helpful. Plus, they claim to have resolved 87% of issues within a day.

Price: $140 per hour

Website: Athenahealth

#18) Hidden Brains (Ahmedabad, India)

Best for developing applications for the Web, mobile, and cloud.

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains offers you innovative technology for the digital transformation of the operations of your organization.

Built with core values of accountability, excellence, transparency, integrity, innovation, and collaboration, this custom healthcare software development platform promises to deliver agility and expertise to its customers.

Core Services: Software Consulting, Web/Mobile/Cloud app development, and more.
Founded in: 2003
Office Locations: Europe, India, USA, UK, Australia
Number of Employees: 500+
Recent Awards: Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, World Quality Commitment Award, and more.
Data Security and compliance: ISO 27001, ISO 29001 certification, and HIPAA compliance

Customers of Hidden Brains: Raymond, Mall of Africa, PlantVillage Nuru, GT Bank, Implant Direct, Digicel, and more.


  • Web design and mobile app development services.
  • Let’s you hire developers for iOS, Web, PHP, Codeigniter, NodeJs, WordPress, Asp.net, and more.
  • Stores Patient data electronically.
  • Allows virtual consultations between doctors and patients.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Billing, invoicing, and analytical tools.


  • Tools for assigning tasks to the staff.
  • Dedicated and praiseworthy customer service.

Verdict: The platform has won 10+ prestigious awards for excellence and innovation. Having more than 2400 clients and serving in 107 countries from all across the globe, Hidden Brains is suitable for small to enterprise-scale businesses.

The range of features offered by the healthcare industry is commendable.

Price: Contact directly to get a price estimate.

Website: Hidden Brains

#19) Kanda Software (Newton, MA, USA)

Best for a team of talented, knowledgeable experts that understand your needs well.


Kanda Software is one of the top healthcare software companies. The services offered by the platform make it a highly recommended one. The platform has a total of more than 350 clients.

With Kanda software, you can improve business agility, transform digital experiences, increase efficiency in operations, and much more.

Core Services: Software Development and Designing, Mobile App Development, Cloud Migration, Quality Assurance, and more.

Founded in: 1993
Office Locations: Belarus, New York, California, Newton
Number of Employees: 650+

Recent Awards: Top Healthcare Information Exchange Consulting/Services Companies, Bio-IT World Conference, Expo Best of Show winner, and more.

Data Security and Compliance: PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, FFIEC, SOX, HIPAA, and more.
Customers of Kanda Software: Imprivata, Accenture, College Interactive, LionBridge, Nuance, Janssen, and many more.


  • Software Design and Development Services.
  • Building a mobile application.
  • Cloud Migration services include data migration, cloud optimization, and testing, legacy application modernization, and more.
  • Data integration, querying, reporting, scalable data processing, and management services.



  • It’s a bit costly as compared to its alternatives.

Verdict: Kanda Software is a Google Cloud Premier partner, AWS advanced consulting partner, and Microsoft GOLD partner.

The platform is loaded with top-notch talent, skilled with languages like C/C++/C#, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, underlying platforms, IDEs, APIs as well as other languages, SDKs, databases, and frameworks.

Price: $50 per hour

Website: Kanda Software

#20) DICEUS (Delaware, USA)

DICEUS - Healthcare

DICEUS is a healthcare software development company headquartered in Austria, and Vienna. Since 2011, DICEUS has completed more than 120 projects for customers from healthcare, insurance, banking, and many other industries.

Core services include web/mobile app development, custom software development, DWH development, CRM/ERP system implementation, system integration, cloud-managed services, and many more. DICEUS is a trusted Microsoft and Oracle Partner.

Founded in: 2011
Employees: 100-200
Locations: Austria, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Poland, Lithuania, UAE, Ukraine, USA

Core Services:

  • EHR and EMR apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Hospital management apps
  • Medical device software
  • Wearables and IoT software
  • Telemedicine software

#21) i3 Healthcare Solutions (Nashville, TN, USA)

i3 Healthcare Solutions

They offer flexible, customizable, easy-to-use software, combined with a personal relationship to leverage the technology to support better patient satisfaction and outcomes, efficient workflows, and higher reimbursements for the healthcare administration community.

Core Services: EHR systems, practice management software, revenue cycle management services, online payments, interoperability solutions, appeals & grievances, network development & contracting, provider outreach, provider credentialing & provider site surveys.

Founded in: 2012
Headquarters: Nashville, TN, USA
Number of Employees: 1400+


  • Provider Solutions: Configured for each practice based on specialty, service line, documentation preferences, patient base, staffing, geographic location, and workflows allowing practices to thrive in today’s challenging healthcare environment.
  • Payer Solutions: Appeals & Grievances, Network Operations, Member Services, Compliance, Back Office and IT. Built on the industry-leading content services platform by Hyland.
  • Organization Solutions: Our expert business solution architects are ready to listen to your goals and challenges and present a solution that works for your company and your budget

Price: Contact them for details

#22) Surf


Based on our 12 years’ experience, we offer the entire range of medical software solutions for startups and healthcare providers: custom mobile apps, websites, dashboards, ERP systems, and more.

For 5% of the project cost you get a reasoned MVP features set, design concept, integration plan and risk review, review of the back end condition, detailed project assessment, backlog, and medical app project development map.

We provide our clients with a stable team and PM as a main point of contact. Surf experts stand out for their strong engineering background and culture. Our Middle+ healthcare software development team implements projects of any level of complexity. We limit the team rotation to a practicable minimum.

For 12 years in the market, we have collected rich cross-industry experience that we bring to every new project. We know in practice how to

  • create a brand new UX on the industry-scale,
  • grow a startup to a market leader,
  • make app users buy three times more often.

Core Services: Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Real estate and Financial services etc.
Founded in: 2011
Office Locations: Delaware, USA
Number of Employees: 200+

#23) Altoros (Pleasanton, California, USA)


Altoros provides a comprehensive suite of custom healthcare software development services aimed at streamlining hospital workflows, increasing diagnostic accuracy, and enhancing preventive medicine. Alongside the core services, Altoros offers data engineering and IoT services, such as proactive maintenance, personal health tracking, replenishing drug supplies, and smart medical devices.

Altoros’ team, with 20+ years of experience in IT, delivers secure, scalable, and cloud-native applications, adhering to healthcare regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. They have delivered numerous successful projects to companies worldwide, with services extending to 24/7 maintenance and support.

Core Services and Solutions: Healthcare custom software development and consulting, telemedicine software, EMR/EHR software, Pharmacy management software, Veterinary software, Revenue cycle management software, Remote patient monitoring software, Medical practice management software, etc.

Founded in: 2001
Office Locations: 10+ countries, including USA, Canada, Argentina, Norway, Poland, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Georgia
Number of Employees: 300-500
Customers: Pfizer, Roche, CipherHealth, Qiagen, Elim Biopharm


  • Fast time to market – first code in production within 4 weeks
  • Proven expertise – with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, Altoros has successfully delivered dozens of projects to Global 2000 Healthcare companies worldwide
  • Security and compliance – as a proficient company developing software for hospitals, Altoros ensures compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • A highly skilled team – Altoros’s engineering team comprises middle- and senior-level software developers with 8+ years of experience on average in the IT industry

Verdict: Altoros sets a high standard in the healthcare software development sector, offering a broad spectrum of tailored services, expertly leveraging decades of experience, a highly skilled team, and a strong commitment to security and compliance, making it a trusted choice for both established healthcare entities and innovative startups.

Pricing: Contact for details.

Other Notable Platforms

#24) McKesson Corp (Irving, Texas, USA)

Best for being an all-in-one for hospitals and pharmacies.

McKesson Corp is 189 years old, renowned, and well-established healthcare solutions provider. The company is based in Irving, Texas, employs 76,000 people, and serves 14 countries worldwide.

Their services include pharmacy services and technology, specialty drug distribution, medical supplies, pharmaceutical distribution, and more.

Price: Contact directly for a quote.

Website: McKesson Corp

#25) Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (Chicago, USA)

Best for offering innovative, user-friendly healthcare solutions.

Allscripts offers healthcare solutions named FollowMyHealth, Care Director, and more. These platforms help with patient engagement, communication with doctors and nurses, appointment scheduling, creating holistic care plans, and much more.

Price: $150 per hour

Website: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions


Proper healthcare is the need of every country and every citizen. But how does proper healthcare reach remote areas where there are very few, or no hospitals, no doctors, no proper medical supplies, etc.?

Thus, medical software companies come into existence to develop Mobile/Web/Cloud applications, allowing the patients to connect with doctors and other staff 24/7, virtually.

Some of the best healthcare software development services providers are ScienceSoft, Codal, TatvaSoft, LeewayHertz, Cerner Corporation, McKesson Corp, Athenahealth, and Kanda Software.

These companies will talk to you, understand your idea, and will develop an application, according to your requirements. You can choose whether you want a web application, a cloud-based software or a mobile application, or one that is compatible with all devices.

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