Redwood RunMyJobs Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

This tutorial reviews the Redwood RunMyJobs alternatives with features, pricing, and comparison to help you select the best Redwood RunMyJobs Competitor:

Redwood’s Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Software, RunMyJobs is a SaaS-based application for building reusable automation. It has low-code wizards, templates, and a drag-and-drop UI.

It helps you with proactive monitoring through alerts and viewing of processes in real-time. It has capabilities for reducing manual intervention such as adding conditional logic. It offers the features for automating anything anywhere.

The solution comes with out-of-the-box connectors that will let you automate any application. RunMyJobs pricing is based on pay-for-what-you-use.

Redwood RunMyJobs Platform

Redwood RunMyJobs Alternatives


  • Redwood RunMyJobs has features for coordinating and managing the data pipelines to Redshift, Hadoop, Snowflake, etc.
  • It allows you to incorporate REST or SOAP web services through simple API wizards.
  • It has features for publishing automated processes as microservices or interactive service endpoints.
  • Its fully integrated MFT lets you securely manage file transfers from anywhere to anywhere.
  • It has built-in SLA monitoring capabilities.
Fact Check: Business Wire research says that workload scheduling and automation solutions market size is growing at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2020 to 2026. It is expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2026.

Business Wire research

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Pro Tip: While choosing the workload automation solution, along with its capabilities and price you can check for few more factors such as vendor history, customer support, and availability of on-demand training. To choose the vendor for your IT automation initiative, you should check the product roadmap with the vendor.

Self-Hosted Platform Versus SaaS-Based Platform

Self-hosted platforms are reliable, efficient, & scalable. SaaS-based platforms are for modern digital businesses. These are better solutions for high volume and dynamic scheduling.

Self-hosted platforms like ActiveBatch charge based on the number of servers and hence there will not be an extra charge for higher CPU or core counts. SaaS-based platforms like Redwood follow a pay-for-what-you-use pricing policy and hence there can be price surges or overage penalties based on the usage.

There are pros and cons to each type of platform. We will see the advantages of both types of platforms to help you decide the type of platform that is suitable for your businesses. We will take the example of Redwood RunMyJobs as a SaaS-based platform and ActiveBatch as a Self-hosted platform.

The reasons you’d go with a self-hosted platform (ActiveBatch) are:

  • More control over data and where data is held therefore, there can be a lower risk of data breach or loss.
  • Potentially the only option, based on industry or regulatory compliance requirements.
  • No need to rely on a third party to ensure uptime and reliability.
  • Still supports cloud-based or virtual operations, but admins can choose whether this is public or private cloud, on-premises, or some combination.

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The reasons you’d go with a SaaS-based platform (Redwood RunMyJobs) are:

  • Simplified maintenance since the platform is hosted by the provider.
  • Upgrades, service packs, and hotfixes are all managed by the provider.
  • Typically includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for uptime, less pressuring the internal team to create and uphold an internal SLA to its business units.
  • Easier to implement and scale as it is partially pre-configured by the vendor.

Business Processes: Benefited From Workload Automation

To ensure SLA and save money businesses should implement automation of FTPs through enterprise job scheduling, end-to-end automation of data warehousing & BI processes, and automation for passing data & managing dependencies between applications.

According to ActiveBatch research, business process automation can reduce operating costs up to 90%. Most of the data processing (50% to 70%) is batch and file transfers are part of these processes. Enterprise job schedulers provide extended visibility and control over complex batch processes.

Workload automation solutions help businesses with efficient integration and management of workflows across the data warehousing environments. This gives better data quality and reporting.

According to RunMyJobs reviews, it is easy to use, but it lacks in capabilities to meet the business requirements. Redwood Software competitors like ActiveBatch provide more functionalities to meet the business needs. Also, these solutions offer better feature updates and roadmaps.

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In this tutorial, we have shortlisted the top RunMyJobs Alternatives.

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List of Top Redwood RunMyJobs Alternatives

Here is the list of popular Redwood Software RunMyJobs Alternatives:

  1. ActiveBatch (Recommended)
  2. Tidal Automation
  3. JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler
  4. Control-M
  5. Stonebranch
  6. IBM Workload Automation
  7. Cisco Workload Optimization

Redwood Software RunMyJobs

ToolsBest for DeploymentFree Trial/PriceOur Ratings
Redwood RunMyJobsAutomating anything anywhere.SaaS, On-premises, Cloud-based & HybridFree trial available for 30 days. Pay as you go pricing plans. Star_rating_5_of_5

Comparison of Redwood RunMyJobs Competitors

CompetitorsBest for DeploymentFree Trial/PriceOur Ratings
ActiveBatchProviding a central automation hub to schedule and monitor.On-premises, Cloud-based & HybridDemo available.
Get a price quote.
Tidal AutomationAdvanced calendaring capabilitiesOn-premises, Cloud-based & HybridDemo available.
Get a price quote.
JAMS Enterprise Job SchedulerCross-platform scheduling. Cloud-based & On-premise. $0.121 per hour on AWS marketplace. Star_rating_5_of_5
Control-MSimplifying application & data workflow orchestration. On-premise & as a service. A free trial is available. Get a price quoteStar_rating_4.5_of_5
StonebranchIT automation solutions for the modern enterprise. SaaS and on-premise. A free trial available. Get a price quote. Star_rating_4.5_of_5
IBM Workload AutomationBatch & real-time hybrid workload management.SaaS, private cloud, public cloud, on-premise, Free trial available for 30 days. Get a price quote. Star_rating_4.5_of_5

Let us review the above-listed Redwood Software Competitors below.

#1) ActiveBatch (Recommended)

Best for providing a central automation hub to schedule and monitor.


ActiveBatch is a workload automation and job scheduling software that can orchestrate the entire tech stack. It provides no-code connectors and a low-code REST API adapter. Its low-code drag-and-drop GUI will help you with building reliable, customizable end-to-end processes easily.


  • ActiveBatch provides a robust Job Step library.
  • It contains a lot of pre-built actions for the common file operations.
  • It has dynamic provisioning and cloud management tools that will help you with delivering the right resources at the right time.
  • It has many more features and functionalities like script lifecycle management, IT process automation, business process automation, managed file transfers, data warehouse/ETL, etc.

Verdict: ActiveBatch can be connected to any server, any application, any service and hence provides infinite extensibility. It has a low code drag-and-drop GUI. This central automation hub will bring together all the functionalities to schedule and monitor the business-critical systems in a single pane of glass.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. Its pricing is usage-based.

#2) Tidal Automation

Best for advanced calendaring capabilities.

Tidal Automation

Tidal Workload Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling Software is a solution for orchestrating the execution of complex workflows over systems, applications, etc. Tidal automation has rich job and calendaring capabilities for planning and running scheduled-based, event-based, and dependencies-based processes over multiple applications, systems, and sites.


  • Tidal Automation has advanced calendaring features that perform the automatic calculation and adjustment of jobs to the time zones of the workflows.
  • It has centralized process management and error recovery features for defining and managing cross-application processes.
  • You can align processes with global business calendars and events.
  • Availability of functionalities such as process operations security, managing outage windows, and managing execution audit logs helps you with ensuring policy compliance.
  • Its built-in state-of-the-art DR will provide high resilience.

Verdict: Tidal Workload Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling Software is a scalable solution that will let you automate anything, anywhere, fast & easy. The platform is easy to deploy and use. It can run any job, anywhere.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

#3) JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler

Best for cross-platform scheduling.


JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduling Software is workload automation and enterprise job scheduling software suitable for businesses of any size. It is easy to use. It has cross-platform scheduling capabilities.

JAMS .NET Class Library provides easy integration. The most common use cases where JAMS workload automation is used are Financial Batch Processing, Cross-Platform Logistics, Secure ETL, ERP Automation, etc.

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  • JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduling Software has features of resource-based scheduling.
  • It has a PowerShell Host to execute PowerShell scripts.
  • It provides load balancing features for the complete server load balancing.
  • It has capabilities to let you run jobs in series/parallel, repeat the same job with a series of input variables, include if/then logic.
  • The software will allow pausing workload automation workflows to pause midstream and wait for user input.

Verdict: This powerful workload automation software can be used for an unlimited number of associated job and file dependencies. It can track all processes running across the systems. In case of any alerts or issues, the software will alert you through notifications. You can automate jobs on any platform such as Windows, Linux, IBM i, z/OS, and OpenVMS, etc.

Price: For the cloud version, the price of the JAMS platform is $0.121 per hour on the AWS marketplace. You can get a quote for on-premise licenses. You can also check the pricing at the Azure marketplace.

Website: JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler

#4) Control-M

Best for simplifying application & data workflow orchestration.


Control-M is a platform for application workflow orchestration. It has functions for building, scheduling, managing, defining, and monitoring production workflows. It improves the SLAs.

The platform will let you implant workflow orchestration into CI/CD pipeline. It provides AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform integrations and simplifies workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


  • Control-M provides advanced workflow orchestration capabilities.
  • It provides connectivity to any application, data source, and all the critical systems of record.
  • Its advanced operational capabilities will make the platform suitable for DevOps, etc.
  • Its intelligent predictive analytics will help you with proactive SLA management.
  • It provides robust support for audits, compliance, governance, etc.

Verdict: Control-M is a platform with capabilities for workflow orchestration, data pipelines, managed file transfer, SLA management, workload archiving, etc. Its Jobs-as-Code approach will scale Dev and Ops collaboration. Its integrated and intelligent file movement capabilities will give you control over file transfer operations.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Control-M

#5) Stonebranch

Best for IT automation solutions for the modern enterprise.


Stonebranch provides hybrid IT automation software and solutions. This workload automation solution can orchestrate cross-platform processes and jobs. It has real-time scheduling capabilities. It has solutions for workload automation, cloud-service automation, DevOps Orchestration, Hybrid Cloud File Transfers, Big Data Pipeline Orchestration, Enterprise Job Scheduling, etc.


  • Stonebranch provides a centralized view of orchestration of cross-platform processes & jobs.
  • It provides intelligent event-based scheduling capabilities.
  • Its hybrid cloud automation features will help you manage the entire IT infrastructure.
  • It has features of native managed file transfer, automated infrastructure deployment, container-based workload management, big data management at scale, etc.
  • Its reports will give you real-time guidance, SLA monitoring, and updates on the entire operation.

Verdict: Stonebranch Workload automation platform will give you centralized control, always-on availability, and limitless integrations. It is easy to install and provides simple upgrades. It has a drag-and-drop user interface that will let you easily create workflows.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. It offers a free trial for the platform.

Website: Stonebranch

#6) IBM Workload Automation

Best for batch & real-time hybrid workload management.

IBM Workload Automation

IBM Workload Automation Solution offers the functionalities for batch and real-time hybrid workload management. This analytics-fueled solution will streamline your workload management. To organize and manage jobs and job streams by a line of business, there are workflow folders. It has an intuitive & powerful dashboard and new streamlined container architecture that simplifies deployment and management.


  • IBM Workload Automation provides predictive analytics and centralized management that will improve decision-making.
  • It has capabilities of self-service automation, advanced rerun flexibility, and scheduling through REST APIs.
  • It provides ready-to-use integrations.

Verdict: IBM Workload Automation is a platform with a powerful and intuitive dashboard. Manual activities get eliminated by the use of this software and hence reduces the cost. Workload Automation 9.5 contains new features that improve the management of enterprise workloads.

Price: A free trial is available for 30 days. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: IBM Workload Automation

#7) Cisco Workload Optimization

Best for application resource management over the hybrid cloud.

Cisco Workload Optimization

Cisco Intersight is a Workload Optimizer for hybrid cloud. It provides functions for the continuous optimization of critical IT resources. This tool will help you with ensuring workload performance and lower operational costs on-premise and in the cloud.


  • Cisco Workload Optimizer provides full-stack visibility such as visibility into application and infrastructure interdependencies, etc.
  • It simplifies operations and increases efficiencies through automated actions.
  • It has capabilities of hybrid cloud optimization.
  • It can analyze complex telemetry data using AI-assisted analytics.

Verdict: Cisco Workload Optimizer has features and functionalities for simplifying the operations and reducing the cost. It has solutions for assuring application performance, optimizing hybrid cloud resources, etc.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Cisco Workload Optimization


Redwood RunMyJobs is award-winning SaaS-based workload automation and job scheduling software but Redwood RunMyJobs alternatives like ActiveBatch offer more features, better updates, and roadmaps.

Platforms like ActiveBatch will help you with building and automating the workflows quickly and without scripting. It will give you operational peace of mind through capabilities like real-time insights, customizable alerting, etc.

We hope these detailed reviews and comparisons of Redwood Software RunMyJobs Alternatives will help you find the right solution for your business.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 25 Hours.
  • Total tools researched online: 22
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 7
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