10 Best Online Presentation Software & PowerPoint Alternatives

Comprehensive Review, Comparison & Features of Online Presentation Software To Help You Select The Best Free Presentation Tool or PowerPoint Alternative:

If you’ve been given the task of putting together a presentation, then you want to knock it out of the park and impress both your superiors and subordinates. You might be a phenomenal communicator and a cerebral strategist, but only personal skills are not enough. You also need a presentation tool that will help you design, present, and share your efforts effectively.

With heaps over heaps of presentation tools to choose from, it can be very difficult to land on the one that suits your needs and desires. Well, we are here to help you with that. We will introduce you to some of the most popular and efficient presentation apps available in the market beyond the familiar presence of PowerPoint.

Top Presentation Software

In this article we are going to look at the presentation apps features, its price, whether it offers any free trial or not, its pros and cons, and finally present you with a well-rounded list of tools and PowerPoint Alternatives to choose from. The list is expansive, but don’t worry we will leave with some of our recommendations alluding to the best from the best.

Presentation Software Overview

Presentation software enables users to create presentations with the aid of differing slides, text, graphics, images, and audio among other things. In short, it allows users to create professional sound and creative templates for their otherwise ordinary business presentations.

Pro Tip: Here are some factors to consider before choosing your desired presentation app or software.

  • It should have a vast design library containing a variety of templates, images, and other media.
  • It should be conveniently shareable across other media and platforms with other colleagues and users.
  • It should be simple enough for most users to use and operate.
  • It should fit well within your budget without compromising on quality.
  • It should be compatible with multiple devices.
Fact Check: In a study conducted by Prezi, Almost 70% of marketers believe that presenting interactive content is key in creating a compelling presentation. Moreover, an additional study by Prezi states that presentations with visual aids are 43% more persuasive than presentations without any visual aids. Whopping 83.4% presenters said that they created slides that were heavily visually focused.

Despite its obvious short backs, PowerPoint remains a major player in presentation software games, with over 86 % of market share as of 2019.


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FAQs for Presentation Apps

Q #1) How does presentation software work?

Answer: Different presentation software has a different appeal and way of functioning. They are loaded with their unique feature and can satisfy users on a variety of different levels. Most software works by selecting a template, adding text and images, editing text, inserting graphics, and adding slides in multiple templates if necessary.

Q #2) What are the benefits of Presentation Software?

Answer: A presentation software allows users to create robust and professionally sound presentations without much effort. A good app will allow its users to be flexible in their approach while editing a slide. It allows them to be creative by offering a plethora of graphics and images and helps create content that is visually arresting while being informative at the same time.

Q #3) Why should I pay for a Presentation Software when there are free options available?

Answer: It’s entirely your choice to use free presentation tools like PowerPoint to make your presentations. However, most paid apps come with the set of advanced features that are missing from free tools. Paid software gives you access to more premium graphics, images, and other audio-visual content that can substantially increase the quality of your presentation.

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List of Online Presentation Tools

  1. Doratoon-Video Maker
  2. Visme
  3. Slidebean
  4. Vyond
  5. Haiku Deck
  6. Prezi
  7. Google Slides
  8. Apple Keynote
  9. Slides
  10. ZohoShow
  11. Custom Show

Comparison of Best Presentation Software

NameBest ForDeploymentPlatformFree TrialRatingsFees
Doratoon-Video Maker

Doratoon-Video Maker Logo
Creating Engaging Presentations with AI-Powered Text to Speech Features.Web Based, CloudWindows, MacLifetime5/5Basic Plan: Available for Free
Pro Plan: $5/Month
Pro+Plan: $19/Month

Visme logo
Creating presentations, infographics, social media graphicsCloud HostedWindows, iPhone, iPad, MacNone4.5/5Free Basic Plan : $99/month
Paid plan starts from $14/month - $75/month

Making presentation powered by AIWeb Based, SaaS, CloudWindows, Linux, Mac, Web BasedNone5/5Free Version
Premium Plan: $8-$19/month

Creating animation and dynamic video presentationsWeb Based, Cloud, SaaSWindows, iPhone, iPad, Mac14 Days4/5$39/month-$89/month
Haiku Deck

Creating presentations on Apple iOS devices exclusively.iOS and SaaS, Cloud, Web BasediOS and Mac exclusive7 days5/5Free version,
Premium $5 - $100/month

Creation of conversational presentations for all platforms In-House SEOCloud HostedWindows, iPhone, iPad, Mac14 Days4.5/5Free Version available, $5/month - $59/month

Review of Best Presentation Software

#1) Doratoon-Video Maker

Doratoon Dashboard

Best for creating engaging presentations using motion graphics.

Trial: Lifetime

Are you tired of using the same old presentation software and looking for something new and exciting?

Look no further than Doratoon. Whether you are a teacher looking to engage your students or a business owner looking to make a pitch, it has the tools to create dynamic and eye-catching presentations.

With an unlimited number of features and a template library to choose from, Doratoon has something for everyone.

Its easy-to-use interface makes animation a breeze, even for those who are new to the software. Plus, you can customize the features to fit your specific needs and create interesting presentations in the fields of education, marketing, business, and so on.


  • Massive Library of Presentation Templates
  • Stock Free Images & Videos
  • AI-Based Text to Speech
  • Animated Characters & Props


  • Some of the advanced templates offered by Doratoon are unavailable with the Basic plan.

Verdict: Doratoon is a powerful tool for creating interactive presentations for all relevant requirements. It is easy to use and doesn’t take much time to master. The free Basic Plan is a great way to get started, especially if you are a beginner. Overall, Doratoon is a good choice for those looking to add interactive elements to their presentations or videos.

Price: Free Basic Plan, Paid Plan starts from $5/month to $19/month.

#2) Visme


Best for creating presentations, infographics, social media graphics, etc.

Trial: No free trial available.

Visme is a cloud-based presentation tool that allows both designers and non-designers to create presentations that are creative and visually absorbing. It comes with its vast library of stock images, photography, vector icons, fonts, and color themes. It helps users create beautiful slideshows with the help of pre-designed templates and themes.

What sets Visme apart from others on this list are the various interactive options it lays at your disposal. This includes hyperlinked elements, embed video, and audio upload with recording features.


  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Built-in library of icons, images, fonts, etc.
  • Animation and transition options
  • Brand kit feature to save your brand elements
  • Organize your work and collaborate with other team members


  • It can be complex for first-time users due to its vast amount of designs and slide layouts.

Verdict: Although this software seems complex for the first time, it is a great tool to create interactive content for your site. Its features are vast and it offers its users a free basic plan to allow them to explore the software. It is worth a try.

Price: Free Basic plan, Paid plan starts from $14/month – $75/month

Website: Visme

#3) Slidebean


Best for creating presentations powered by artificial intelligence.

Trial: None

Slidebean is a web-based software that harnesses the power of AI to create visually engaging slides. If offers an easy user interface and convenient customization options. As it is cloud-based software, users can use it from any location and from any machine in the world.

Users can also easily export the slides from Slidebean into PPT or PDF format. It offers users a huge gallery of templates, designs, color palettes, fonts, and images. Slidebean also comes with tracking functionality and insights that allow users to track the reach of their content.


  • Automation
  • A rich gallery of templates, images, fonts, etc.
  • Sample decks
  • Convenient integration with websites


  • Can face stability issues with web browsers

Verdict: Slidebean is a wonder when it comes to presentation software. It has an intuitive AI-powered system that makes the task of making presentations 10 times easier. With a new revised affordable price, this software is worth every penny you spend.

Price: Free Basic version, $8-$19/month

Website: Slidebean

#4) Vyond


Best for creating animation and dynamic video presentations.

Trial: 14-day free trial.

Videos are known to be way more appealing and engaging than text. Likewise, Vyond is the perfect candidate to be on this list. It helps users create powerful and dynamic video presentations that can lighten up an otherwise dull business meeting. It provides users with the tools they need to create interactive media without any technical knowledge.

It allows you to create character-driven stories and visualize data to engage and inform your audience. Its novel animation features are motivational enough for you to invest in this software. Vyond can also help in creating GIFs that can be used to add some humor to your presentation.


  • Offers three different video styles with an array of stock characters, props, and more at your disposal.
  • It helps in animating and creating characters within minutes to tell a compelling story.
  • It allows multiple people to edit simultaneously.
  • Drag and drop editing.
  • Creates short clips and GIFs.


  • You can take a while to get used to the software.
  • The sound over videos can sometimes be shoddy.
  • Need to rely on your creativity.

Verdict: Vyond comes with all the features you would now have come to expect from a presentation software. Some customers have complained about its complexity and high premium price. However, its ability to create short video clips and GIFs gives it a special appeal.

Price: $39/month-$89/month

Website: Vyond

#5) Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

Best for creating presentations on Apple iOS devices exclusively.

Trial: 7 Day free trial.

This Apple-exclusive software helps users create beautiful and engaging presentations that can do wonders for your career. With a huge gallery of templates, designs, and fonts to choose from, Haiku Deck is fairly simple to use.

This software is hosted on the clouds and can save files automatically. It also allows users to download presentations in PPT format and also facilitate video presentations with audio narration. Apart from royalty-free images, you will also find graphs and charts to add that aesthetic charm to your presentation.


  • Huge gallery of images, templates, and fonts
  • Highly customizable
  • Simple easy to use layout
  • Design friendly tools


  • The free version has only limited features.
  • Not suitable for Windows and Android.

Verdict: Haiku Deck lays a huge gallery of fonts, images, templates at the disposal of its users. It is very simple to use but is only available for iOS devices. No other software has as vast a gallery of royalty-free images as Haiku Deck

Price: Free version, Premium – $5/month – $100/month.

Website: Haiku Deck

#6) Prezi


Best for the creation of conversational presentations for all platforms.

Trial: 14 Day free trial

Prezi launched itself in the market as a more creative alternative to the existing PowerPoint, and in many ways, it has held to its claims. It is more suited to users who want to create an organic and conversational presentation without breaking a sweat.

Prezi allows users to import PowerPoint presentations and transform them into their own little Prezi presentations. The content is imported without any hassle. The tool also offers analytics, so users can now analyze the performance of their published presentations.


  • Native Desktop Apps to provide online editing.
  • Easy user interface
  • Engaging design
  • Complete control of the size, shape, image, and font of presentation.


  • Essential features are only available with the most expensive plan.
  • The web-based and desktop app does not support internet explorer.

Verdict: Prezi is easy to use and can help users create mind-blowing presentations with the help of its huge gallery of templates, designs, and fonts. Although expensive, its amazing UI and expansive features are worth it.

Price: Free version, Premium – $5 – $59

Website: Prezi

#7) Google Slides

Google Slides

Best For online cloud-based collaboration, creation, and editing of presentations.

Trial: 14 Day free trial

Google Slides offers excellent and convenient flexibility to its users who want to create engaging presentations. It is loaded with impressive features, themes, fonts, animations, and embedded videos. It allows multiple people to collaborate on the same video from a variety of different locations.

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Although it is cloud-based, it offers offline editing and presenting as well. Users can download slide presentations in PPTX formats. For extra convenience, it provides users with chat, comment, and review features to facilitate real-time collaboration.


  • Cloud-Based
  • No additional software required
  • Multi-Browser support
  • Free Google Slides templates
  • Real-time collaboration on presentations


  • Users might face formatting issues while opening slides in PPTX and other formats.
  • Offline editing is only available on chrome browsers

Verdict: Google slides is widely popular, accessible, and free to use. It is great for students and novice users who want to try something other than PowerPoint, yet still, keep things simple.

Price: Free Presentation Software for G-mail and Google account users. Premium plan @ $6/month

Website: Google Slides

#8) Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote

Best for creating presentations for Apple product users like Mac and iPhone devices.

Trial: None

Apple’s Keynote comes preinstalled in its Mac and iPhone devices. It has an intuitive interface that helps users create visually arresting and informative presentations without breaking a sweat. It offers live collaboration with multiple users through its chat feature. Keynote presentations can be controlled remotely through mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Comparatively, it also has a better transition and animation effects than most free presentation tools. Moreover, you can also use Apple pencil to create drawings on the tools with the help of your iPad. Apple’s Keynote offers real-time collaborative file editing to its users.


  • Presenter tools like ‘Voice-over Narration’.
  • A plethora of Slide Designs, icons, and animation graphics
  • Enables Powerpoint support
  • Cloud-based version to be accessible from any device in any location.


  • Cloud-based versions only accessible through the iCloud account.
  • Constant glitches while converting the file to PPT.

Verdict: Keynote is to Apple is similar to what PowerPoint is to Microsoft. It has all the features you would need to create a visually appealing presentation. However, it is only exclusive to Apple devices.

Price: Free Presentation Software for Apple product users.

Website: Apple’s Keynote

#9) Slides


Best for cloud-based presentation management.

Trial: 14 Day free trial

Slides is a software that offers users a platform to create beautiful presentations with the help of a very simple user interface and effortless collaboration. It facilitates cloud-based presentation management with great flexibility and convenience.

Slides can easily help users import PDF’s to be processed into slides presentations. It allows users to publish their presentations online so other users can have access to it too. It uses the power of two browser windows to provide features like a presentation view.

Moreover, slides also present users with the opportunity to broadcast their presentations live to remote audiences and also edit their presentation live while their online eyes watching. It also offers offline presentation as the file can be downloaded on PDF file, HTML, CSS, and JS bundle.


  • Highly customizable
  • Easily accessible
  • Advanced features
  • Facilitated efficient collaboration


  • Functions run smoothly only with high-speed internet.
  • PDF and PowerPoint conversion may be shoddy.

Verdict: With its offer of live presentation broadcasting, Slides is a favorite of many employees working in managerial roles. It is also quite cheap, however, it does need high-speed internet to function smoothly.

Price: $7 – $18/month

Website: Slides

#10) Zoho Show

Zoho Show

Best for creation, collaboration, and broadcast of published presentations.

Trial: None

Zoho Show is a web-based software that enables users to create, collaborate, broadcast, and publish presentations instantly from your web browser. Its best feature is its ability to be both highly flexible and customizable.

It facilitates direct integration of presentation with an existing website through an iFrame code snippet. It offers users the opportunity to publish their presentations internally for the entire organization or the general public.

It has an array of modern and sleek designs, templates, and fonts to choose from. You can also share presentations with non-Zoho users with its expirable URL sharing feature. It also has a dedicated IOS and Android applications to create presentations on smartphones and tablets. You can also live-stream your presentation online via Android TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast.


  • Dedicated application for Android and Apple
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Dedicated chrome extension
  • Facilitates PowerPoint import


  • A limited number of pre-designed templates.
  • Slow internet speed can lead to frequent page crashes.

Verdict: Zoho Show offers an affordable plan that facilitates the creation, sharing, and broadcasting of visually engaging presentation that seamlessly integrates across multiple platforms and browsers. However, a limited number of templates will be something that sticks out like a sore thumb for those who expect more.

Price: Free personal plan. $5 -$8/month– premium plan.

Website: Zoho Show

#11) Custom Show

Custom Show

Best for Sales and Marketing teams to create design-focused presentations.

Trial: None

Custom Show is a robust design-focused presentation tool that is solely focused on meeting the demands of the marketing and sales teams. Marketing and sales professionals can create beautiful presentations using the tool.

It also seamlessly integrates with tools like SalesForce to allow users to track the progress of their presentation. The presentation created on Custom Show can be shared by multiple people at the same time. Users can also add music, videos, and other brand assets to their presentations while using Custom Show.


  • Highly engaging content creation
  • Easy access to Presentation online
  • Simple UI
  • Controls brand look


  • No search function within the library.
  • Speed can get affected if large size files are involved.

Verdict: This software is a boon for sales and marketing professionals, thanks to a simple UI and a system that allows them to track the performance of their presentation online. It is also great for personalized branding.

Price: Free version available, subscribers have to send an email to their team and they will revert with the quote for the premium version.

Website: Custom Show

#12) AhaSlides

Best for creating presentations that facilitate live interaction from your audience.
Pricing: Trial – None. Free plan available.


AhaSlides is on a mission to make presentations less boring. It focuses on the power of interactivity between the presenter and the audience to create wonderfully exciting and engaging presentations for use at work, school or any social event.

Users get access to an ever-growing list of slide types, including multiple-choice polls, scale ratings, brainstorming sessions, and even fun quizzes and games, to create an interactive presentation.

The audience joins the presentation via their phones and can interact with each slide as the presenter presents it in front of them, making for a more involved, more invigorating experience for everyone.


  • 18 slide types and growing.
  • Template library
  • Data export
  • Import from Google Slides and PowerPoint.
  • Audience-paced presentations for surveys and homework.


  • Free plan limits the audience to a maximum of 7 participants.
  • Lacks an in-built function to test a presentation before presenting.

Verdict: AhaSlides is a simple and super easy-to-use tool for anyone who wants to create more excitement in their audience. The free plan is quite generous, especially in comparison with other interactive presentation tools out there, and its wealth of features help you create a truly engaging dialogue with your audience within minutes.

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans range from $1.95 p/mo for an educational plan, up to $49.95 p/mo for large events. One-time plans are also available from $2.95.


Presentation Software has evolved and can offer so much more than the days of creating simple PPT presentations. Managers and employees want to impress their colleagues and cement their position in the company they work for. The above-mentioned presentation tools can do the trick for you.

We have spent hours going through the intricate details of every software on this list. Their features, pros, cons, and their compatibility across browsers and platforms were all considered before shortlisting them. Only the most popular and best-reviewed PowerPoint alternatives were chosen to grace our list.

Now, if you are looking for an app that is affordable and easy to use, then we recommend you go for Google Slides.

If you consider yourself a pro in creating the presentation and want to create more compelling slides than we suggest you use Prezi or the AI-powered Slidebean. If you are Apple loyalist, then Apple’s Keynote and Haiku Deck’s exclusive features will be enough to satisfy your requirements.

Research Process

  • We spent 7 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what presentation software will best suit you.
  • Total Presentation Software Researched – 19
  • Total Presentation Software Shortlisted – 10
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