Top 15 Performance Testing Tools of 2018: Load Testing Tools List

Below is a comprehensive list of most widely used performance testing tools for measuring web application performance and load stress capacity. These load testing tools will ensure your application performance in peak traffic and under extreme stress conditions.

The list includes open source as well as licensed performance testing tools. But almost all the licensed tools have a free trial version so that you can get a chance to work hands-on before deciding which is the best tool for your needs. 

Performance Testing Tools

Top 15 BEST Performance Testing Tools

  • WebLOAD
  • LoadUI NG Pro
  • LoadView
  • Apache JMeter
  • LoadRunner
  • Appvance
  • NeoLoad
  • LoadComplete
  • WAPT
  • Loadster
  • LoadImpact
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Testing Anywhere
  • OpenSTA
  • QEngine (ManageEngine)
  • Loadstorm
  • CloudTest
  • Httperf


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Here we go!

1. WebLOAD


Description: Enterprise-grade load and performance testing tool for web applications. WebLOAD is the tool of choice for enterprises with heavy user load and complex testing requirements. It allows you to perform load and stress testing on any internet application by generating load from the cloud and on-premises machines. WebLOAD’s strengths are its flexibility and ease of use – enabling you to quickly define the tests you need with features like DOM-based recording/playback, automatic correlation, and JavaScript scripting language.

The tool provides a clear analysis of your web application performance, pinpointing issues and bottlenecks that may stand in the way of achieving your load and response requirements. WebLOAD supports hundreds of technologies – from web protocols to enterprise applications and has built-in integration with Jenkins, Selenium and many other tools to enable continuous load testing for DevOps.

System Requirements: Windows, Linux

Free trial: WebLOAD download


2. LoadUI NG Pro


Description: Create sophisticated load tests with just a few clicks.
LoadUI NG Pro makes it easy to model real-world loads on your API. LoadUI supports REST, SOAP, JMS, MQTT and many other API formats. LoadUI’s easy-to-use graphical interface makes it simple for new users to setup load scenarios, and also provides advanced scripting features for those with more experience.

This tool allows you to spend more time on analyzing the results than on configuring and building tests by hand. You can learn even more about your application by making use of LoadUI’s ability to report on server performance data. You can set up local or globally distributed load agents for your load testing scenarios. LoadUI NG Pro easily allows you to reuse your existing functional test cases from SoapUI and SoapUI NG Pro. With just three clicks you can transform your SoapUI NG Protest cases into sophisticated performance tests.

System Requirements: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Download link: LoadUI NG Pro download


3. logo


This load and performance testing tool provides advanced testing functions. With JMeter at its core, it will be instantly familiar to any of its users.

Creating a test in is very simple. You can make test scenarios without scripting just by clicking in an embedded browser. There’s also no proxy setup or browser plugin necessary.

It features automatically generated reports with all details about the test and its results. The results contain auto-evaluated acceptance criteria, statistics, graph comparison tool, and trend analysis of multiple test runs.

The tool is also strong in distributed testing, CI integration, and offers unparalleled performance testing support for Vaadin apps.

System Requirements: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Download link: download.


5. LoadView



Description: LoadView is a fully managed, on-demand load testing tool that allows for completely hassle-free load and stress testing. Unlike many other load testing tools, LoadView performs testing in real browsers (not headless phantom browsers), which provides extremely accurate data, closely emulating real users. Only pay for what you use and no contracts required. LoadView is 100% cloud-based, scalable, and can be deployed in minutes.

Advanced Load Testing Features Include: Point and Click Scripting, Global Cloud-Based Infrastructure, Real Browser Testing

Trial Account Link: Load Testing by LoadView here


6. Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter

Description: Open source load testing tool: It is a Java platform application. It is mainly considered as a performance testing tool and it can also be integrated with the test plan. In addition to the load test plan, you can also create a functional test plan. This tool has the capacity to be loaded into a server or network so as to check on its performance and analyze its working under different conditions.

Initially, it was introduced for testing the web applications, but later its scope had widened. It is of a great use in testing the functional performance of the resources such as Servlets, Perl Scripts and JAVA objects.  Need JVM 1.4 or higher to run.

System Requirements: It works under Unix and Windows OS
Download link: Apache JMeter download


7. HP LoadRunner


Description: This is an HP product which can be used as a performance testing tool.  This can be bought as an HP product from its HP software division.  Also, it is very much useful in understanding and determining the performance and outcome of the system when there is an actual load. One of the key attractive features of this testing tool is that it can create and handle thousands of users at the same time.

This tool enables you to gather all the required information with respect to the performance and also based on the infrastructure.  The LoadRunner comprises of different tools; namely, Virtual User Generator, Controller, Load Generator and Analysis.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows and Linux are the favourable OS for this measuring tool.
Download link: LoadRunner download


8. Rational Performance Tester

Rational Performance Tester

Description: The Rational performance tester is an automated performance testing tool which can be used for a web application or a server-based application where there is a process of input and output is involved. This tool creates a demo of the original transaction process between the user and the web service. By the end of it, all the statistical information are gathered and they are analyzed to increase the efficiency. Any leakage in the website or the server can be identified and rectified immediately with the help of this tool.

This tool can be the best option for building an effective and error-free cloud computing service. This Rational Performance tester was developed by IBM (Rational software division). They have come up with many versions of this automated testing tool.

 System Requirement: Microsoft Windows and Linux AIX good enough for this performance testing tool.
Download link: Rational Performance Tester download


9. NeoLoad


Description: Load and performance testing software: This is a tool used for measuring and analyzing the performance of the website. The performance and the end result can be evaluated by using this tool and any further steps can be taken. This helps you in improving and optimizing the performance of your web application. This tool analyzes the performance of the web application by increasing the traffic to the website and the performance under heavy load can be determined.

You can get to know the capacity of the application and a number of users it can handle at the same time. This tool was developed by a French company named as Netosys and it was written in JAVA.  It is now available in two different languages; English and French.

System Requirements:  This tool is compatible with operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
Download link: NeoLoad download


10. LoadComplete


Description: Easy and affordable performance testing tool. LoadComplete enables you to create and execute realistic load tests for websites and web apps. It automates creating realistic load tests by recording user interactions and simulating these actions with hundreds of virtual users either from your local computers or from the cloud.

LoadComplete helps you check your web server’s performance under a massive load, determine its robustness and estimate its scalability. It also provides detailed metrics and reports that help you to get in-depth insights into infrastructure performance, application behavior, and end-user experience.

System requirements: This tool works on 64-bit operating systems such as Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 or later.

Download link: LoadComplete download

11. WAPT


Description: Performance testing tool for websites and intranet applications: WAPT refers to the Web Application Performance tool.  These are the scales or analyzing tools for measuring the performance and output of any web application or web related interfaces. These tools help us to measure the performance of any web services, web applications or for any other web interfaces. With this tool, you have the advantage of testing the web application performances under different environment and different load conditions.

WAPT provides detailed information about the virtual users and its output to its users during the load testing. This is considered to be the best cost-effective tool for analyzing the performance of the web services. The WAPT tools can test the web application on its compatibility with the browser and operating system. It is also used for testing the compatibility with the windows application in certain cases.

WAPT System Requirement: Windows OS is required for this testing tool.
Download link: WAPT download

12. Loadster


Description: Loadster is a desktop based advanced HTTP load testing tool. The web browser can be used to record the scripts which are easy to use and record. Using the GUI you can modify the basic script with dynamic variables to validate the response. With control over network bandwidth, you can simulate large virtual user base for your application stress tests.

After the test is executed HTML report is generated for analysis. This tool is best to identify the performance bottlenecks in your application.

Loadster System Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Download link: Loadster download

13. LoadImpact


Description: LoadImpact is a load testing tool which is mainly used in the cloud-based services. This also helps in website optimization and improvising the working of any web application. This tool generates traffic to the website by simulating users so as to find the amount of stress and maximum load it can work on. This LoadImpact comprises of two main parts; the load testing tool and the page analyzer. The load testing can be divided into three types such as Fixed, Ramp up and Timeout.

The page analyzer works similar to a browser and it gives information regarding the working and statistics of the website. The fame of developing this load testing tool belongs to Gatorhole AB. This is a freemium service which means that it can be acquired for free and is also available for a premium price. But, you have the advantage of many options and features when you buy them for a premium price.

System Requirement: This works well on Windows OS and Linux.
Download link: LoadImpact download

14. Testing Anywhere

Testing Anywhere

Description: Test Anywhere is an automated testing tool which can be employed for testing the performance of any website, web application or any other objects. Many developers and testers make use of this tool to find out the bottlenecks in their web application and rectify them accordingly. It is a powerful tool which can test any application automatically. This testing tool comes along with a built-in editor which allows the users to edit the testing criteria according to their needs.

The testing anywhere tool involves 5 simple steps to create a test. They are object recorder, advanced web recorder, SMART test recorder, Image recognition and Editor with 385+ comments. Originally, this testing software was developed by San Jose based Automation Anywhere Inc. Today, there are more than 25000 users for this product.

System Requirement:   This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.
Download link: Testing Anywhere download

15. Appvance


Description: Appvance UTP: The first unified software test automation platform, Appvance UTP eliminates the redundancies created by traditional siloed QA tools that clog DevOps teams. By unifying tests with its advanced write-once methodology, a functional test can be re-used for performance, load, compatibility, app-penetration, synthetic APM and more, thereby increasing velocity and productivity, reducing costs and finally allowing teams to work and collaborate together.

Appvance UTP offers complete integration with Jenkins, Hudson, Rally, Bamboo, and Jira, and also remains compatible with existing tools such as Selenium, JMeter, JUnit, Jython, and others. You can also pass data between application and script types without any code needed.

Trial account link:  If you’re interested, you can sign up to “test drive” the product and request a free demo on the website.

16. Apica LoadTest


DescriptionEnterprise-Grade Application and Website Load Testing

Test the scalability of all your applications, identify performance bottlenecks and deliver remarkable customer experiences that transcend the ever-growing expectations of your end-users.

Apica offers flexible self-service and full-service load testing able to test 2M + concurrent users, through a network of 50+ locations around the world. Test on demand or automate testing throughout development lifecycles. Easily integrated into existing Dev stacks using their partnership integrations and their REST API.

Advanced Features include: AJAX/WebServices, XML/JSON Data Viewer, API data/Execution

Download link: Apica LoadTest download

17. QEngine (ManageEngine)

QEngine (ManageEngine)

Description: QEngine (ManageEngine) is a most common and easy-to-use automated testing tool helping in performance testing and load testing of your web applications. Many developers find it to be the most simple and easy tool to use for finding out any leakage in their web services or websites. The key important feature of this testing tool is its ability to perform remote testing of web services from any geographical location.

Other than that, QEngine (ManageEngine) also offers various other testing options such as functional testing, compatibility testing, stress testing, load testing and regression testing. This automated testing tool has the capacity to generate and simulate a lot of users so that the performance can be well analyzed during the maximum load. This is a free software available for the users online.

System Requirement:  This tool works with the Microsoft Windows and Linux.
Download link: QEngine download

Few more bonus options:

18. Loadstorm


Description: Cloud load testing for web applications: Loadstorm is the cheapest available performance and load testing tool. Here, you have the option of creating your own test plans, testing criteria and testing scenario. You can generate up to 50000 concurrent users by generating traffic to your website and then carry out the testing. Through this tool, you can bring an end to all the expensive performance testing tools. The cloud infrastructure which is used in this tool enables you to send a huge amount of requests per second.

There are thousands of servers available around the world for this software. They are proudly known as the lowest cloud load testing tool. There is no need for any scripting knowledge for using this tool. You will be provided with many graphs and reports which measure the performance of various metrics such as error rates, average response time and the number of users. This tool is available for free, but the premium account comes with some more added features.

System Requirement:  Windows OS.
Download link: Loadstorm download

19. CloudTest

Soasta cloudtest

Description: SOASTA CloudTest is a performance testing tool for websites, mobile apps, APIs, and much more. The users or the developers can use the cloud platform as their virtual testing lab. The developers can carry out their performance or load testing in the cloud platform in a cost-effective way through this CloudTest tool. This CloudTest has the capacity to enable a number of users to use the website at the same time. It also increases the traffic of the website to know the actual performance under stress and heavy load.

The credit of developing this software goes to an American Technology company, SOASTA Inc. They provide many services for testing the websites and other web applications and now they also help in testing the mobile applications. They are not free services, the price differs according to the number of load injector machines required per hour by you. The trial version with the power of 100 concurrent users is available for free.

OASTA CloudTest System Requirement:  It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Download link: SOASTA CloudTest download

Plus two more:

20. Httperf


Description: Httperf is a high-performance testing tool for measuring and analyzing the performance of any web service and web application. This is mainly used to the test the HTTP servers and its performance. The main objective of this testing tool would be to count the number of responses generated from this particular server. This generates the HTTP GET requests from the server which helps in summarizing the overall performance of the server.

Through this tool, you will be able to conclude the rate at which the response is sent from each server and thereby the efficiency can be calculated. The ability to sustain the server overload, support the HTTP/1.1 protocol and compatibility with new workload are the three key features of this performance testing tool.  This was originally developed by David Mosberger and many others at HP. This is a Hewlett Packard product.

System Requirement: Windows and Linux.
Download link: Httperf download

21. OpenSTA


Description: Open source HTTP performance test tools: Open STA stands for Open System Testing Architecture. This is a GUI-based performance tool used by application developers for load testing and analyzing. This is believed to be a complex tool among all the other performance testing tools. It has proven its capability in the past and the current toolset is capable of performing the heavy load test and analysis for the scripted HTTP and HTTPS. Here, the testing is carried out by using the recordings and simple scripts.

To carry out the test successfully, results and other statistics are taken through various test runs. These data and results can be later exported to the software for creating reports. This is a free testing tool and it is distributed under GNU GPL and it will remain free forever. This tool was originally developed by Cyrano, which was later taken over by Quotium.

System Requirement:  OpenSTA runs only on Windows operating system.
Download link: OpenSTA download

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In Performance testing main three key factors needs to be considered i.e. Speed, Scalability & Stability of software.
Once again nice article Vijay to get list of Performance tracking tools at one place.

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This is very informative. I just want to learn at least one performance tool. Do we must have any scripting knowledge? If so, please suggest any language (python, perl, ……?) that is necessary and easy to learn the tool easily for a beginner to performance testing.

#4 Venkat Sane

Visual Sutio 2010/2012 Ultimate , WebLoad , Silk Performer are other important Performance Testing tools.

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#7 Daniela Sztulwark

BlazeMeter: The Load Testing Cloud!
BlazeMeter is 100% JMeter compatible and an out-of the-box load testing platform for Developers.

Our time to test < 2m
Seamlessly scale from 100 to 300,000 concurrent users
Realistic, comprehensive and easy scripting
Cohesive and easy to understand reporting- even compare test reports!
Fits into your secured continuous integration environment
Dedicated and secure
Pay only for what you use
7 Multi geo locations
Amazing customer support
Only requires a browser!

Sign up and test using our free trial!

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#16 Eric Moore

Hi Vijay, Agileload is a new performance testing tool that has been launched this summer. With Agileload you can test the performance of all kind of web and mobile application.

It is featured with a full set of performance collectors to get an indeep diagnostic of performance issues on the backoffice and frontoffice.

The tool is free for download and free for small test.

They provide a lot of tutorials and videos on their website.

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technology is very usefull

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Check out the new load testing tool…looks promising.

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Very good information about the different Performance tools which can be used for the Performance and Load testing.


Shridhar M

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Nice article.
Before you dig in to any tool, I strongly recommend you to know:

1. what is performance testing?
2. what is load testing?
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Just have one line definitions. But be very clear!!!

4. Is performance a functionality testing or non functionality testing?

My intention is not to confuse you. But my experience says that… above things must be cleared before proceeding further.

You know!
Tests can be of any type:
1. Constant load
2. Increased load
3. Random load

All depends on what is required/needed/demanded by client!!!

Govardhan Reddy M
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I am sorry to hear that you didn’t mention Visual Studio Ultimate – wich gives users UNLIMITED virtual users to reach apps – as an option.

Please, Bing “Visual Studio Ultimate load testing” and you will find more Information about it.

#26 Hanan

I am using Webperformance load tester, which gives you an option to generate load up to 1 Million users. It is quite easy and powerful tool.

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Can you please guide with tool to test Windows application developed in C#, SQL server

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My Name is Rahul Roy and I am working in Service Industry and I would like acquire my future career in Performance Testing and I am still confused from where to start and what to learn and from where to learn. Can you please help me in sharing few information or coaching me.

I am planning to move to performance testing domain in my Org.

Any information is appreciated.

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Hi nice list of tools, once i had a chance for using a tool named loadtracer i used this for one cmmi level company it is also simple and effective, if you have time just give it a look on it and give your opinion

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We have been using AppLoader for a few months and it hasn’t given us anything to complain about. It is easy to use and has played every scenario we have scripted. There is a trial available to download at the website

#38 Jose

I apologize the correct link is

#39 Bob Bickel

We just introduced an (almost) free load testing service – RedLine13. The central service is free and spins up spot instances on a user’s own Amazon account (RedLine does not take any money) to run the load agents. So a 50,000 user test across 200 servers for an hour costs about $2.00. RedLine also sells Curated Open Source licenses to customers who want to run this in house.

#40 Dirk

You did not mention Openload from OpenDemand, very nice because no scripting is required…also the ex Compuware QALoad is now merged with Silk tools and is called Silk performer, sold by Microfocus. (very mature and capable, not just web – so comparable to Loadrunner)

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Am a test engineer and wanted to know the automation tool to test the desktop application, the tools you describe here all refers to the test of web application. So kindly which automation tool is suitable to stress test the desktop application.

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AppLoader is capable of stress testing any desktop application.

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hello sir please add netstorm product of cavisson system inc. this is wonderful performance testing tool.please consider it

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Hi Team,

Glad to have a site for Tester’s,

Actually i’m a Functional & DB Tester working for a MNC, Right now i want learn 1 licensed Performance Testing Tool which is Load Runner, And i’m but confused in choosing 1 Open source, Can you guys provide me some inputs on that?

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Tejkumar G.K
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This is extremely educational. I presently wish for to discover one and more performance tools. All are most significant Performance Testing tools.

As I was not conscious of so a lot of PT tools in the marketplace. Thanks for given this.

HP LoadRunner is a programmed performance tool and software allocates you to put off application performance troubles.

#49 Noel Slane

We are globally NO 3 by Market Share ( FACT ) behind HP and IBM rational. Silkperformer isn’t mentioned here? How can you claim accuracy around what is published. Our tool is enterprise strength and much more mature and robust than most of whats published.

A good article but we’re avery big omission!!!!

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I found it very good training Team in Chennai. The traininG company name shinelogics – Velachery

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can u suggest me about your view?

#55 Kevin

Appvance Enterprise is used by the worlds largest companies to drive apps up to millions of simulated users, just as users would use them. Deeper diagnoses of issues, re-use of functional scripts and easy to use record/play makes this the platform of choice for world-class organizations who cannot afford failure.

#56 Rich

This is a great list!

Appvance ( for performance, stress, functional, agile. Basically, all testing!

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how to stress and performance testing vb6 project??????

#59 Mo.

eggPlant Performance has been developed for over 20 years, whilst exclusively only UK based for most of those years.

They have many large corporate clients around the UK.

It has a very small footprint as the engine is coded in C++. However scripts can be written C#, Python, Java ….

Eggplant has great analysis, recording and scripting features. It can also handle many protocols.

Being a small company the support is great as you go straight to a developer mainly.

Costs are also competitive compared to the likes of HP, IBM etc.

#60 Tariq Ahmed

Hello all,

do we have any loadtesting tool which supports the .net technology. like sliverlight protocol even
i was using the latest Loadrunner11.52. which is not supporting the net.tcp binding,

do you know any load testing tools which supports the net.tcp binding.

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I could like to know what are the basic requirements for learning Performance Testing.


#64 Phil

I saw the question above about recommending a tool for testing mobile applications. As a Performance Tester I have personally found NeoLoad to be the easiest tool for getting the job done. There is now the option to integrate with functional testing products which has made it my go-to tool.

#65 Phil

Also, I forgot to mention to Tariq that NeoLoad covers the .net and Silverlight protocols.

#66 Thorskettle

I’m surprised that Visual Studio Load Test framework is not even in the list. It is one of the best load test platforms in the industry, if not the best. VSLT can generated load for any target hosted service open source or .Net. It allows you to use existing unit or integration tests that hit web services directly to include REST and SOAP or you can use the UI web recorder that will copy user actions and generate load with the recorded form posts. It collects performance counter information (windows platforms only). It automatically generates detailed reports to include graphs of cpu% utilization, latency, amount of user load, memory consumption etc. It automatically stores results for each test run. Open source is a good thing but the Microsoft development platform is world class and unmatched. Ask anyone who has moved from VS to XCode or Eclipse. They post their frustrations frequently.

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Anyone here related to the research background of “Framework for testing cloud base applications” ?
I need help for my MS thesis.

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We’re building a new performance and uptime monitoring tool called Happy Apps. While performance is not the main functionality that we are building, you can get some good insights and also monitor your uptime with ease and simplicity. hope you can give it a try.

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I am a beginner to perform load/stress test, i am moving in to a new project for which i need to perform load/stress test. Kindly guide me which open source tool is good and better to use. The tool should be able to use for long time….

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Try Gatling open source load testing framework & performance testing tool.

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Nice article. Good luck!!!

Any one start to learning performance testing tool you explain very clear explanation.

Just have one line definitions. But be very clear!!!

My intention is not to confuse you. But my experience says that… above things must be cleared before proceeding further.

All depends on what is required/needed/demanded by client!!!

Praveen Kumar Reddy.G
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#78 Mustali Barma

There’s a new HP tool for cloud testing called StormRunner.

#79 Andrew Q.

I use for load testing

#80 Ivan Senic

Just wanted to mention the inspectIT tool.. It recently became completely open source ( It provides complete and detailed call graph with contextual information, there are many out-of the box sensor for database calls, http monitoring, exceptions, etc.. Worth trying out..

#81 Sarah

As Mustali Barma said, StormRunner Load is a new HP testing tool that fits in this category. Users say that it “enables developers and testers to quickly automate the user actions at the browser level, which also helps measuring the end user experience by measuring the browser rendering times” and additionally “is best suited for the products in agile process.”

#82 Ramya

I want to perform Performance, stress and load testing on a web application. Suggest me the best tool which supports all these testing and that simulates 350 concurrent users.

#83 Kamal

I use for all my load testing. It auto-correlates SharePoint and Dynamic CRM, so I no longer worry about manual scripting.

#84 Ayoob

Hi there
The company I work for planning to run an extensive performance testing on high-end online betting application, any suggestion? which tool and what is the learning curve, I have used JMeter for couple of times.


#85 matt

Also check out AWS partner Nouvola:

Native devOps integration and API centric, reasonably priced, awesome metrics.

– Record real user scenarios and instantly convert them into tests
– Easily create complex stress tests and performance tests using a modular approach
– Turnkey, self-service, SaaS solution
– Get test results in less than 5 min
– Automate your performance testing via our API and integrate with your continuous delivery environment
– Deploy with confidence: bless every build and minimize performance degradations for any software change, large or small

#86 Freddie

Some comments here are very bizarre.. like the one by Basavaraj

#87 hari

need load testing test cases for desktop application we are unable to get the test cases ,can any one help us to where to get it.

#88 Michael Johnson

Why isn’t Silk Performer on that list? It’s been one of the biggest competitors of load runner for the past 20 years.

#89 Amandeep Singh

Great compilation, Vijay… I have also compiled a list of just ‘open source load testing tools’ where The Grinder and Jmeter top the list.


#90 med

Can you Please suggest me any api load testing for android Applications.

#91 Anuja

Can anyone suggest any tool for Performance Testing of Ruby based application?

#92 arymaryati


Iam a technical writer. one of my job desc is a software testing. but i dont know how to do stress testing aplication

#93 Anji

Hi Vijay,

Nice collection it’s very useful to all,
Thank you.

#94 vijayakumar

We are develop editing tool using tinymcs. how can I test automatically in the tool. Which automating tools compatible. Please give any sauggesion

#95 Nidhi

Hi…which performance testing tools are good for testing a thick client (desktop tool) application ? And can be integrated with Microsoft visual studio !

#96 sneha

hi… can anyone tell whats new features in vsts 2015

#97 Ajmal

am a software test engineer trainee. i need to know how to test login module using testing tool. Can anyone help me.

#98 mansoor

how to apply the testing tool give some example…….

#99 Matt

I noticed there was no mention of Has anyone had experience using their load test tool? I want to know how it compares to load runner.

#100 Vitthal Devkar

hi… can anyone tell which one testing tool is used for desktop application performance and load testing

#101 Ray

Hi… I have a question regarding NeoLoad. I see here
that it comes with some network virtualization. How does it compare to LoadRunner?

#102 sourabh

Can any one tell me about load testing tool for android application ????

#103 vraj

make the page small and easy to read

#104 Pooja

Can anyone tell me the tool for performance testing of Mobile application?

#105 Nikunj Pitroda

Hello Guys,
I am searching one of the Load testing Tool, which is create the Physical entry in the Data base at the time of the Running the Virtual User.
Please suggesst me a name of the Tool Immediately.
Need to implement on the Urgent basis.

Nikunj Pitroda

#106 Deepak Gupta

hello friends, what about hp testing tool ?
can anybody tell me is there scope in hp testing tool

#107 Nikunj Pitroda

Hey Deepak,
There is so huge scope with the HP Load Testing tool.
You can start learning from Online.

#108 John

All: If you have not already realized this – companies PAY for the privilege of being on this website/list. They actually PAY more money for higher rankings. There is nothing scientific about this site – it’s modern day online blackmailing similar to what the Italian Maffia has done for hundrets of years at best.

I give this post maybe 5 minutes at the most so please hurry up and read this. :)

#109 sidd


Can anyone suggest which will be best tool for ecommerce site built in magento.

#110 Carrie

Has anyone checked out Apica? I hear good things about them.

#111 Manish

Can you 100cc to 350cc baike test?

#112 Steve Hu

I used some of the tools before and they are not for high performance servers as most of them can only generate tens of thousands of requests per second. For high performance testing, wrk is the only choice. See the example I used to compare sprint-boot vs undertow-server at

#113 Gloria

Which tool can be used on android applications?

#114 Heba

I need performance testing tool for native android app, could u plz help me?
No need for coding (preferred)


Which latest tool can be used on IT sector.

#116 Avi

am a electronic engineer trainee. Which testing tool can be learn for better job.

#117 tejas patel

nice… which testing tool is good for automation testing?

#118 Ignacio

What about gatling .io?

#119 Younes

A pretty good list I think but why can’t I see solutions like Octoperf, SmartMeter or BlazeMeter? Had the chance to work with all of them and they are rock-solid solutions.

#120 serena franckowiak

Have you tested StressTester by Reflective Solutions? If so, please share any information on the performance comparisons?

#121 Reseau

Good collection of web performance tools. In your blog some new tools for me. I use the Woorank and Apache JMeter Tool to analyze web performance. thanks for sharing some new tools. After knowing this tool I will use it.

#122 Rakester

There is also LoadTeam, which uses real, crowd-sourced computers to generate the test load.
It’s pay per test, which means no subscription free

Disclaimer: I’m the founder.

#123 Steve Hindman

Check out Neustar’s Load Testing service. It has the ability to generate load from AWS, Google, and third-party sites. Uses Selenium scripting and allows both virtual and real-browser users. Has both variable pricing and a new flat-price per test pricing.

Disclaimer: I am the product manager

#124 Pujitha

Good article, but not very convinced with the list from my point of view… This would probably be the list from testers point of view. Most tools lists here are not CD friendly.. or even packaging/mavanising friendly.. Developer friendly tools like Gatling should be in the list I would say.

#125 Priyanka

Good article but I want to know that which tools above gives a details report regarding the performance test performed and which is the easy performance testing tool.

As I have used JMeter but when it comes to reports I was unable to explain or get that through to me. Please let me know..

#126 Boopathi

I need to do Performance and Load testing for web service request. Anyone suggests an idea which tool is the best will support for Web service request.
Currently, i am using SOAPUI. Mayi knows whether soapui will support Load testing.

#127 Swaroopa

Hi Guys,
you have provided great info up here. thank you. could you guys also mention which performance tools we can use for testing mobile app

#128 Pravin

It’s a really helpful. Thanks for sharing this article.

#129 Aditya

May i know any open source tool which would be good for siebel performance testing..??

#130 Nagaraju

Hi, Currently i am working as manual tester. I want to change into performance test engineer. So can any one please suggest me currently which performance toll is popular for learning.

#131 Sumathy


Can anyone please suggest performance testing tool for testing BPM application

#132 Sidd

Good article on stand alone tools ! Nice and informative.
Is there any Open Source tool(s) based on maven lib which makes life easy to test on IDEs(IntelliJ or Eclipse) and integrate with Jenkins build pipe line without any extra plugin?

#133 John Emmitt

Thanks for including Load Impact in the list. Load Impact has a new performance testing solution that is based on an open source load testing tool called k6. k6 is developer centric and allows local load testing behind the firewall as well as cloud based testing using Load Impact Cloud Execution. You can run tests with up to 5000 virtual users (VUs). k6 fits into your Continuous Integration workflow, integrating with tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, Circle CI, TeamCity and others. Load Impact Insights lets your store, analyze and share your performance test data.

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