EdrawMax Review: A Great Microsoft Visio Alternative

This tutorial is a comprehensive EdrawMax Review with a detailed understanding of the features, etc:

Businesses prefer their data to be suitably visualized in a bid for it to be more comprehensive. For years, the widely renowned Microsoft Visio satisfied this need for visualizing fundamental data.

Large corporations and small businesses alike flocked to this tool for its ability to visually represent their data in a wide range of formats, which include flowcharts, Gantt charts, mind maps, floor plans, etc.

However, Microsoft Visio has a few glaring issues, the most prominent of which being it is a Microsoft exclusive. The tool is not compatible with Mac or Linux operating systems.

Another major drawback of Visio pertains to its limited support of various file formats. It also doesn’t help that you need to first purchase Microsoft 365 if you wish to convert Visio files in more formats.


Although Microsoft Visio is the most popular data visualizations tool out there, it is not the only one. In fact, we ventured on a quest to look for a Visio alternative that could effectively counter all of its flaws while improving considerably on its key features.

Our search led us to EdrawMax – a software that not only serves as a great alternative to Visio but also acts as a robust data visualization tool for all types of businesses in general.

So without much further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at EdrawMax – The Visio for Mac.

Introduction To EdrawMax

EdrawMax is a user-friendly all-in-one diagram software that helps businesses conceptualize, create, and collaborate on diagrams that present business data in a visualized, easy to comprehend manner.


The tool can be leveraged to draw over 280 types of diagrams, which include organizational charts, Gantt charts, mind maps, genograms, engineering diagrams, project management charts, and much more.

Creating diagrams is further made easy and quick with EdrawMax’s huge library of over 1500 built-in templates and 26000 ready-made symbols, which can be used as a foundation of sorts to create a variety of useful diagrams that ideally suit your business’s needs and requirements.

Its massive template library continues to expand as new templates are added nearly every day. As of today, the platform has more than 5000 diagram templates to choose from, most of which are shared by longtime users of the tool.

Unlike Microsoft Visio, EdrawMax is a cross-compatible platform that operates without a hassle on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. Most users herald the tool as ‘Visio for Mac’ because it brings everything that makes Microsoft’s Visio great to the Mac platform.

There is a web-based version of the tool available as well for individuals who consider downloading software to be an unnecessary inconvenience.

The tool’s considerably more interactive UI and affordable price make EdrawMax the best alternative to Visio available today in the industry. We also admire the enterprise-grade security provided by the tool, thus ensuring its users can safely use and share files on the platform while preventing unauthorized access.

Now that we are familiar with EdrawMax, let’s look at all the aspects that make it a worthy alternative to Visio.


#1) User Interface

User Interface

EdrawMax possesses a clean, easy-to-navigate interface with a minimalistic design. Its workspace greets you with a well-organized list of diagram types, which you can use to create your own custom-made diagrams. Selecting any one of the diagram types will open a workstation that harbors elements specific to that diagram type.

For instance, selecting Mind Map will open a workspace that contains Mind Map-specific vector symbols and other elements that will assist you in creating that particular type of diagram.

The workspace itself is heavily influenced by the interface design of MS Word. If you are familiar with MS Word, as most people are, then you will have absolutely no trouble navigating through or operating the software. Similar to MS Word, you get a top bar that is divided into 7 main sections.

top bar

The ‘Home’ tab, for instance, will allow you to adjust the font type and size of your text, draw different shapes or find different connector styles to help you construct a diagram. The ‘Insert’ tab allows you to add a new blank page, tables, pictures, timeline, converter, vector text, and more to your project.

The ‘Page Layout’ tab can change the orientation or size of your page. It can also fit your page under your diagram’s size. The ‘View’ tab, on the other hand, allows users to start a slideshow or get a preview of all your pages, among many other things.

Finally, we have the ‘Symbols’ tab that equips you with several tools to easily create symbols as per your preference.


2. edrawmax-symbols

The left panel of its interface features the ‘My Library’ section, which harbors symbols that can be used on your diagram.


The right panel arms users with tools to edit shapes, themes, and charts according to their color, style, or property.


At the bottom of your interface, you will see a ‘Plus’ sign, which can create new pages with a single click. You will also find a built-in color palette here that one can use to quickly change the color of shapes or symbols on their diagram.

The organized arrangement of all these elements together on the interface makes it easier for users to create any type of diagram in a quick and efficient manner. In just a few quick clicks, you will draw a comprehensive diagram that perfectly represents your data with visually appealing aesthetics.

#2) Plethora Of Built-in Templates and Symbols

Creating diagrams is considerably simpler is EdrawMax’s colossal library of symbols and built-in templates. The tool is home to over 26000 vector symbols and more than 1500 built-in templates, which can create or customize more than 280 different types of diagrams.

There are ready-made templates and symbols here that can help you create diagrams such as Mind Maps, Flowcharts, Spider Charts, Gantt Charts, Floor Plans and so much more. The tool features a broad spectrum of diagram categories that serve a wide variety of business domains.

Built-in Templates and Symbols

For instance, if you are an architect who wishes to create diagrams specific to architecture, then EdrawMax offers a plethora of ready-made templates that can be used to quickly draw floor plans, office layouts, home plans, etc. Depending on the diagram type you select, EdrawMax provides you with tons of built-in templates that assist you in creating it.

built-in templates

The latest version of EdrawMax also comes with a new templates library where you can find several templates that were created and published by other users. You too, can create your own custom template and share it with others in the EdrawMax community.

template lib

We also like that you don’t have to waste time looking for the template you desire, as you can narrow your search based on the role and type of diagram. EdrawMax diagram examples range from basic diagrams and flowcharts to complex wireframe and network diagrams. As of today, over 5000 templates can be found and harnessed from this library.

#3) Team Collaboration

Online team collaboration is arguably one of EdrawMax’s most pragmatic features. It is a feature that makes EdrawMax a worthy tool for corporate use. Multiple team members with authorized access to the diagram can edit their work. Users can add comments, notes and receive feedback on a particular diagram and share it with others.

What makes online team collaboration even better in this software is the enterprise-grade security it provides to users and their files. It utilizes high-end 256-bit SSL encryption and adheres to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws to keep user data safe at all times.

As such, team members can collaborate on the tool online without worrying about unauthorized access and data theft.

#4) Visio and other File Format Compatibility

This is perhaps what makes EdrawMax outshine and surpass Microsoft Visio. Compared to the latter, EdrawMax is compatible with Visio files and can import.VSSX and Visio files without a hassle. These files can undergo further editing on the tool causing no issues.

Aside from being compatible with Visio Files, EdrawMax also supports a wide range of file formats and types.


Diagrams created on this software can be exported in popular file formats for free. These files include but are not limited to MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, HTML, GIF, TIFF, JPG, etc. Its almost universal compatibility with all types of file formats, especially when Visio pales in comparison, makes the tool one of the best free alternatives to Visio.

#5) Support

EdrawMax offers a decent support system with thorough user guides, FAQ’s and video tutorials to assist users in navigating through several core aspects of the software. Different video tutorials are available, each specific to instructing about a particular diagram type. The tool also offers 24/7 live chat support if you seek to find answers to urgent queries.



EdrawMax offers pricing plans that can ultimately be deemed affordable and flexible. The price starts with a semi-annual plan that costs $69, wherein users are billed every 6 months.

Users can also opt for the annual plan that costs $99/year. Both of these plans offer full access to all of EdrawMax’s platforms alongside 1 GB of cloud storage space.

Finally, there is a lifetime plan that costs $245 in a one-time fee. This plan also offers full access to all platforms. However, you get over 10 GB of cloud storage space and a lifetime of free upgrades and priority support.

There is also a lifetime bundle plan that costs $312 in one-time fee with lifetime access to EdrawMax, EdrawMind, and EdrawInfo.

Pros And Cons

Enlisted below are the pros and cons of EdrawMax:

Create over 280 diagram typesLimited Cloud storage space for semi-annual and annual plan.
Over 26000 ready-made symbols and 1500 built-in templates
MS-Word Inspired User Interface
24/7 Live Customer Support Chat
Community Template Library with over 5000 templates shared by users
Online team collaboration
Compatible with Visio files
Supports export of files in a plethora of formats.
Flexible and Affordable Pricing
Enterprise-Grade Security


Wondershare’s EdrawMax proves to be a convenient all-in-one diagramming software that equips users with a plethora of templates, symbols, and other core elements necessary to visually present data as charts, graphs, and other diagram types. The tool serves a broad spectrum of projects by offering diagram templates that cater to the specific needs and requirements of a particular business.

Whether it is devising basic building plans for architecture or drawing an intricately detailed electrical circuit diagram, EdrawMax has the perfect template to make your job easier. Unlike Microsoft Visio, the tool is compatible with all operating systems. It is widely considered as Visio for Mac because of its cross-compatible nature.

The tool can seamlessly import Visio files for further editing. Its MS Word-inspired user interface also gives the tool a familiar feel, which allows even the most novice users to get comfortable with it in no time.

Despite being widely deemed as the best alternative to Visio, the tool offers enough uniqueness regarding its features, functionality, and UI to distinguish itself from its veteran competitor. This is a tool you will find very little to complain about. As such, Wondershare’s EdrawMax has our highest recommendation.