Top 8 Forcepoint DLP Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

Explore the top Forcepoint DLP Alternatives with pricing, and compare to choose the right competitor for Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention:

Forcepoint offers a DLP solution to control all your data with a single policy. It has a pre-defined policy library that helps with viewing and controlling the data. It will let you ensure regulatory compliance in over 80 countries for the GDPR, CCPA, etc.

It provides various features to stop low and slow data theft, even when the user devices are off the network.

Top Forcepoint DLP Alternatives

Forcepoint DLP Alternatives

Forcepoint DLP provides unified data protection coverage with features like unified policy enforcement, a single console, converged network & endpoint, and cloud apps.


  • Forcepoint DLP will let you follow intellectual property in both structured and unstructured forms.
  • With Forcepoint DLP, you will be able to prevent data breaches automatically.
  • It offers the features of automated policy enforcement, classification vendor compatibility, and database flexibility.
  • It provides native behavioral analytics, risk-adaptive protection, and risk-based policy enforcement.
Market Trends: According to Endpoint Protector’s research, most of the data breaches (almost 52%) happen because of malicious outsiders, 25% because of system glitches, and 23% because of human error.

Endpoint Protector’s research

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Why Look For Forcepoint Competitors

Forcepoint offers an effective solution with good features for data loss prevention. Still, why look for its alternatives? This is an obvious question.

Here are a few reasons: Forcepoint DLP is the solution for large enterprises. It is difficult to install, manage, and maintain. If you want best-in-class device control, great Linux support, offline temporary password capabilities, zero-day support for new Mac OS versions, and quick response in custom features requests, then you should look for Forcepoint alternatives.

Points to consider while choosing the Forcepoint DLP Alternatives:

There are various types of DLP solutions available in the market. They vary in their deployment options. Some solutions are deployed at the endpoint, at the network level, or in the cloud. Most businesses choose network DLP solutions because of their ease of implementation.

While choosing the solution, businesses concern about the difficult and time-consuming procedure of the company-wide implementation that includes installation on every endpoint of the client or agent, maintenance, and regular updates.

Hence, while choosing the Forcepoint DLP alternative, the solution should offer a quick and easy installation procedure. At the same time, it should be easy to manage and maintain.

Based on these criteria, we have shortlisted the top alternatives to Forcepoint DLP and explained them in this tutorial.

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List of Top Forcepoint DLP Alternatives

Here is the list of top competitors to Forcepoint DLP:

  1. Endpoint Protector (Best alternative to Forcrpoint DLP)
  2. Safetica
  3. ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus
  4. Cyberhaven
  5. Digital Guardian
  6. GTB Technologies
  7. Code42 DLP
  8. Trend Micro
  9. Check Point DLP
  10. Symantec DLP
  11. Teramind

Comparison of Best Forcepoint Competitors

NameOur RatingsBest forPlatformDeploymentFree Trial
Endpoint Protector

Star_rating_5_of_5Insider threat/ PII/ IP protection.Windows, Mac, LinuxCloud service or as a virtual serviceDemo available

Safetica Logo
Star_rating_4.5_of_5Policy customization and regulatory compliance.On-premise, cloud-hostedMac, Windows, Web-basedFree demo, 10 day free trial.
ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

ManageEngine Endpoint
Star_rating_5_of_5Combat insider attacks and regulate data movement. Web-Based, Windows, Linux, MacCloud-Hosted, On-PremiseDemo Available

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Visual Policy EditorWindows, Mac, all major browsersCloud-based, SaaSFree Demo
Digital Guardian

Star_rating_5_of_5Full data visibility & no-compromise protectionWindows, Mac, Linux.SaaS & On-premiseDemo available
GTB Technologies

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Preventing data loss from insider & malware.-SaaS, On-premise, Hybrid/Fully managed.Free Trial Available

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Data loss detection, investigation, & response.Windows, Mac, Linux.SaaS solution with open API.Free trial available for 30 days.
Trend Micro

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Enterprise data security and cybersecurity solutions.WindowsOn-premise & Cloud-based--

Comparison: Forcepoint Vs Endpoint Protector

We will compare the Forcepoint with our top recommended solution Endpoint Protector in the below table:

FeaturesForcepointEndpoint Protector
Suitable for (Business size)Large businessesSmall to large businesses
Platform SupportWindows & Web appWindows, Mac Linux, iOS, & Android
DeploymentCloud-basedCloud service or as a virtual service
Should be chosen If you want to integrate a DLP solution with an advanced web and email security system then Forcepoint is a good choice.If you want data visibility on the endpoint, to protect data on the go, and to control portable devices.
Top FeaturesOCR,
Robust identification for PII,
Custom encryption identification,
Cumulative analysis,
Integration with Microsoft Information Protection, etc.
Uniquely identifies all USB connected devices,
Setting granular policies,
Content inspection & contextual scanning,
Reports and alerts on USB activity for all endpoints, etc.
Components offeredForcepoint DLP-Endpoint,
Forcepoint DLP Cloud Applications,
Forcepoint DLP Discovery,
Forcepoint DLP Network.
Content-Aware Protection, Device Control,
Enforced Encryption for removable storage,
Deployment, Installation, Management, & MaintenanceDifficult to install, manage, and maintainEndpoint Protector is easy to set up and offers a simplified deployment process.

Let us review the alternatives in detail.

#1) Endpoint Protector (Recommended)

Best for protecting high-value data from persistent security threats & challenges.

Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector is the industry-leading DLP solution that supports cross-platform. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It can provide Intellectual Property Protection, Personal Identifiable Information Protection, and Insider Threat Protection.

It will help you with achieving compliance and meeting the data protection regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, etc.


  • Endpoint Protector makes use of advanced technologies like N-gram-based text categorization.
  • This technology will accurately discover intellectual property from various files.
  • It has features for scanning and safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information.
  • It has functionalities for monitoring the activities related to device use and file transfers.

Verdict: Endpoint Protector provides real-time data protection. This advanced DLP solution has components of content-aware protection, device control, enforced encryption for removable devices, and eDiscovery. These components can be used separately or altogether.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A demo is available on request.

#2) Safetica

Best for Policy customization and regulatory compliance.

Safetica DLP

Safetica is a software that organizations of all sizes will find helpful in protecting sensitive data. The software sets you up with preconfigured data loss prevention policies. These policies can be customized further to facilitate email protection, device control, web content filtering, etc.

Besides this, the tool also helps you comply with several regulatory standards like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, etc. Safetica also helps IT admins set up real-time alerts and notifications to detect vulnerabilities and data breach scenarios as they occur.


  • Incident management and response
  • Data discovery and classification
  • Device control
  • Web content filtering
  • Compliance Assurance

Verdict: With a user-friendly interface, boat-load of advanced features, and exceptional regulatory support, Safetica is hands-down one of the best Forcepoint DLP alternatives out there.

Price: Contact the Safetica team to get a clear quote that perfectly adheres to your organization’s specific requirements. You can request a personalized demo or a free trial with security audit.

#3) ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

Best for regulating enterprise data movement & to combat insider attacks.

ManageEngine Endpoint

Endpoint DLP Plus is ManageEngine’s dedicated DLP solution to secure your enterprise’s critical data from insider threats and data loss.

Gain complete visibility over your entire network data and categorize them based on their criticality using DLP’s pre-defined or custom templates. Curate DLP policies to prevent sensitive data transfer via cloud uploads, email exchanges, printers, and other peripheral devices from a centralized console.


  • Diligently scan and categorize your sensitive data from the plethora of miscellaneous enterprise data in accordance with compliance standards.
  • Restrict private cloud storage uploads and confine uploads within the enterprise-approved cloud applications.
  • Allow E-mail exchanges within trusted domains to ensure safe communication and filter E-mail attachments with critical data.
  • Block the transfer of sensitive data via unauthorized USB devices, also control the download and printing limit for allowed devices.
  • Instant alerts and comprehensive reports to track and stay up to date with your network performance.
  • Receive one-step solution to remediate false positive instances for better data protection.

Verdict: Manage your enterprise data movement from a centralized console with content-aware protection. Monitor and regulate data transfer attempts via cloud uploads, E-mail exchanges, printers, and other peripheral devices from a centralized console. Endpoint DLP Plus has effortless installation, management, and maintenance procedure is suitable for organizations of all scale.

Price: The license fee starts from $795. You can request a quote for pricing details and schedule a demo on demand.

#4) Cyberhaven

Best for Visual Policy Editor


Cyberhaven is a distinctly unique DLP solution as it takes a rather innovative approach to sensitive data identification and categorization. The solution is more inclined in stopping insider threats and account takeovers. The solution, once deployed, can trace every aspect of data. This includes the data’s access, usage, and movement.

Cyberhaven also makes the prospect of defining security policies very simple… a feat it achieves via a visual policy editor. Besides defining policies, the tool also helps you test the policies on historical data before actually enforcing it.


  • Continuous Data Tracing
  • Visual Policy Editor
  • Context and Content based Data Classification
  • Real-time user coaching
  • Visual Analytics

Verdict: With Cyberhaven, you get a data detection and response solution that serves as a great alternative to Forcepoint. Cyberhaven does a fine job of preventing data loss and managing insider risk via a single policy and console.

Price: You’ll need to contact the Cyberhaven team for a custom quote.

#5) Digital Guardian

Best for providing full data visibility & no-compromise protection.

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is a SaaS solution for Enterprise DLP. It provides quick deployment and on-demand scalability. There can be several reasons to use Digital Guardian over Forcepoint such as broader endpoint OS coverage, persistent data protection, and optimized policy creation. These features will improve your data security program.

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Digital Guardian offers 24*7 support for coverage and rapid response. You can migrate your existing policies to Digital Guardian and track the sensitive data. This helps you with developing new and better policies.


  • Based on the content inspection or contextual analysis, Digital Guardian automatically tags sensitive files.
  • It makes use of RESTful APIs that will let you share deep insights into the usage of sensitive data.
  • It has features that will let you automate and streamline workflows to simplify security operations.

Verdict: Digital Guardian offers the solution for Data Loss Prevention and Managed Detection & Response. It has good features for persistent protection, optimized policies, focus & responsiveness, security orchestration & integration, etc. It provides a managed service directly. It offers a cloud-delivered and AWS-powered solution.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is available for the platform.

Website: Digital Guardian

#6) GTB Technologies

Best for preventing data loss that happens because of malware and trusted insiders.

GTB Technologies

GTB Technologies is a smart Data Loss Prevention solution. It provides a content-aware reverse firewall that can inspect, classify, and analyze all outbound and/or inbound data transmission in real-time. It is a single-agent cloud solution. It supports on-premise as well as cloud-based deployments.


  • GTB Technologies provides an OPSWAT certified solution.
  • It provides the features of real-time Fingerprint Detection for data in use.
  • It can address threats from untrusted and trusted users.
  • It has functionalities to discover data and stop breaches from applications like SAP and data repositories like Microsoft SharePoint.

Verdict: GTB Technologies offer a solution for protecting sensitive data on computers, laptops, cloud repositories, cloud workloads, and servers. It provides a real-time and accurate monitoring and protection solution for these endpoints. It is the platform with features of KEXT-Less Agent, UBA/ITM, and Native DRM/IRM

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is available to try the product.

Website: GTB Technologies

#7) Code42 DLP

Best for data loss detection, investigation, & response.

Code42 DLP

Code42 offers a SaaS solution for cybersecurity. It is a solution for insider risk detection and response. Code42’s Incydr is a solution for quickly and accurately detecting and responding to insider threats. It is a smart tool that can understand the difference between risky events and everyday collaboration.

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  • It can protect all your valuable IP such as source code, customer data, original content, etc.
  • You can oversee the file-sharing activity in Slack, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  • It has risk prioritization and signal capabilities.
  • With Incydr, data risks can be detected across the cloud, computers, and email.
  • The response takes the action according to the intent of the employee, past behavior, and incident impact.

Verdict: Code42 Insider Threat SaaS solution can manage & mitigate insider risk. It offers secure employee collaboration. It will let you detect and respond to data leakage & theft from the corporate cloud, email, and computer systems.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. It offers a free trial for 30 days.

Website: Code42 DLP

#8) Trend Micro

Best for enterprise data security and cybersecurity solutions.


Trend Micro is the provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions. It has solutions for Hybrid cloud security, network defense, and user protection. It also offers security solutions for cloud Migration, cloud-native app development, and cloud operational excellence.

Trend Micro’s integrated DLP solution can be deployed immediately and will give you visibility and control of your data. It can protect the data at rest, in use, and in motion. It reduces the cost and complexity of DLP. It can inspect the network 24*7.


  • Trend Micro integrates the DLP functionality into your existing Trend Micro solutions and management consoles.
  • It offers a lightweight plugin to prevent data loss across USB, email, SaaS applications, cloud storage, web, and mobile devices.
  • It can identify improper data use based on the keyboards, regular expressions, and file attributes and can react to this improper data usage.

Verdict: With Trend Micro DLP solution, you will save on deployment and maintenance costs as compared to traditional DLP. It provides alerts and reports to educate employees on corporate data usage policies. You will be able to restrict the use of USBs, USB-attached mobile devices, cloud storage, etc.

Price: Trend Micro has two pricing plans, Worry-Free Services Advanced ($59.87 per user) and Worry-Free Services ($37.75 per user). All these prices are for a one-year subscription.

Website: Trend Micro

#9) Check Point DLP

Best for tracking data movement and pre-emptive data loss prevention.


Check Point Data Loss Prevention solution can protect against the unintentional loss of sensitive data. It is a platform with functionalities to track data movement and pre-emptive data loss prevention. It can be easily deployed and managed. Check Point DLP solution comes with Check Point Infinity Architecture.


  • It can scan and secure SSL/TLS encrypted traffic that is passing through a gateway.
  • You can track all the DLP events.
  • It has features for mitigating incidents in real time.

Verdict: Check Point DLP will help you with centrally managing data loss prevention policy for your entire infrastructure. It gives you complete visibility and control over your sensitive data.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. It offers a free trial for the product.

Website: Check Point DLP

#10) Symantec DLP

Best for providing total protection to your sensitive data.


Symantec DLP solution offers complete visibility and control over your information. It offers threat-aware data protection that will restrict suspicious apps. It will accelerate the incident response to user and entity behavior analytics. For low priority incidents, it has functionality for optimizing analyst workflows and automating bulk response.


  • Symantec DLP has features for discovering, monitoring, and protecting sensitive data from anywhere in the world virtually.
  • Using your existing DLP policies and workflows, you will be able to extend rules and business logic to cloud control points like Dropbox and Office 365.
  • It has functionalities for monitoring policy violations and risky user behavior over the control points.
  • It has features for quick and efficient responses in case of critical data loss.

Verdict: With this tool, you will get the flexibility of fine-tuning the policies. You will be able to extend on-premise data protection policies to cloud apps. This solution will prevent and discourage users from data leaking through real-time blocking, alerting, and quarantining.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Symantec DLP

#11) Teramind

Best for protecting against data breaches, data leaks, and IP theft.


Teramind DLP offers effective protection against data breaches, data leaks, and IP theft. This solution will give you a lot of benefits like organization-wide data visibility & control, auto-discovery & classification of sensitive data, a powerful policy & rules editor, etc. It has flexible deployment options such as on-premise, Teramind private cloud, and Teramind cloud.


  • Teramind has compliance management features that will let you conform to compliance regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, etc.
  • It provides the features of user activity monitoring, insider threat detection, and content discovery & classification.
  • It has a powerful policy and rules engine.
  • It will perform content discovery with advanced OCR, NLP, and RegEx.
  • It can identify sensitive data inside images, applications, and videos.

Verdict: Teramind DLP is suitable for businesses of any size. It provides built-in support for compliance and standards like ISO 27001, etc. It will help you with preventing data leaks over external drives, networks, and cloud services.

Price: Teramind offers a free trial. It has three pricing plans for a cloud-based solution, Teramind Starter ($10 per user per month), Teramind UAM ($20.83 per user per month), and Teramind DLP ($25 per user per month). On-premise plans are Teramind Starter ($5 per endpoint/month), Teramind UAM ($10.42 per endpoint/month), and Teramind DLP ($12.50 per endpoint/month).

Website: Teramind


To safeguard valuable business information, a DLP solution is a must. Endpoint Protector is our top recommended solution as a Forcepoint alternative.

If we compare the Endpoint Protector with Forcepoint DLP, then Endpoint Protector will give you the best-in-class Device Control and great Linux support. It has offline temporary password capabilities. It also provides zero-day support for new Mac OS versions. It responds quickly to requests for custom features.

We hope this article has helped you with finding the right alternative to Forcepoint DLP.

Research process:

  • Time is taken to research and write this article: 25 Hours
  • Total tools researched online: 23
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 8
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