Top 15 Task Management Software Tools (Best Task Manager in 2018)

Overview of Task Manager Software Systems:

Tools are becoming very popular in the Software Industry and they have gained an important place now in any project.

There are several tools available for each and every category. These tools help in reducing the manual effort and save a lot of time.

Before knowing about the Task management software available in the market and their use in our projects, let us take a quick look at what is a Task manager and why do we actually require it?

Task Management Software

What is a Task Management Software?

As the name itself suggests, Task manager helps in managing the task of a large project effectively, efficiently and on the actual schedule within the process of its lifecycle.

Task management tool not only helps in planning resources, project estimation, milestones, etc., but they also take part in the problem identification as well as changing the priority of methods and resources as per the circumstances available.

Why do we require Task Manager?

Here, in this section let us see why we require Task management tool or say what are the prime benefits derived out of it.

Let us see some features or benefits of this software which determine their requirement and involvement in our projects:

  • This software provides scalability and flexibility in creation and customization of their own project workflow in order to meet the business as well as the market requirements.
  • It helps to centralize the work activity and thus minimizes the risk of data loss as well as increase the efficiency of work.
  • It encourages teamwork and provides uninterrupted communication, thus leads to increase in overall productivity.
  • Tasks can be easily prioritized as per the business requirement and also reminders are set for the timely execution of tasks.
  • Tasks and events are managed daily anywhere and anytime, just the only requirement is an internet connection.

Best Task Management Tools

Well, while moving to the actual topic that is to be covered in this article, let’s take a look at the list of top 15 Task Management tools below. 

The main aim is that they all serve the same purpose i.e. understanding the requirements, managing simple tasks list, help the teamwork and ultimately improve the productivity.


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Let us take a look at each software in detail!!

#1) Wrike

Wrike Logo

Wrike is web-based Task Management software and it does not require any installation or download. It can be easily used just by creating an account. All the tasks are managed under one real-time Wrike workspace.

Achieving better results, Team collaboration, Time tracking for the task, Progress tracking, Task scheduling and planning, Sharing of workload, etc are few parameters of Wrike or say Wrike features.

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#2) Centrallo

Centrallo Logo

Centrallo is basically an organization tool, better than Evernote, which helps you in organizing tasks with proper planning, scheduling and executing. Any number of lists can be created, searched, shared as well as accessed from anywhere.

Centrallo is available free for Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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#3) Task Manager

Task Manager Logo

As a part of Windows, the basic use of Task manager is to see the currently running programs on the computer. Along with the information of used hardware resources by the programs, task manager is also used for forcefully closing any program.

For any project, it can be helpful in tracking the recurring tasks, progress, its completion percentage, time utilized, etc.

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#4) Smartsheet

Smartsheet Logo

Smartsheet is a well known online task management software which is easy to use and can be used anywhere, on any platform, with any tool and anytime. It is considered to be flexible as any sized projects can be managed using multiple resources including Gantt charts, etc.

Smartsheet is cloud-based and can be integrated with various tools like Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. Task planning, scheduling, Tracking, automating, etc., are few of its features.

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#5) Wunderlist

Wunderlist Logo

As the name itself includes the word list, Wunderlist helps the users to manage multiple tasks or say to-do both in personal as well as professional life.

In simple words, plan for any type of work, make reminders/ notes/notifications, access from anywhere on any type of devices (like iPhone, Windows, Android, web, etc.,) and if required, it can be shared/emailed with others too.

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#6) Asana

Asana Logo

This task management software is basically used to create or to keep a track of the project or tasks within the project.

With Asana, the team activities like sharing files, task assignment, project progress tracking, receiving notifications, updates, and comments, etc are much easier. Thus it results in seamless communication, ultimately efficient and timely delivery of projects.

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#7) Rationalplan

Rationalplan Logo

RationalPlan task management software is beneficial in areas like business, development, construction, etc. This software manages the projects and helps the team to analyze and then act upon every required parameter (progress, workload, estimation, costing, resources, etc.,) of the project or any specific task.

Other than resource management, task management & document management, it also has other features like portfolio management, cost tracking, automatic notification, etc.

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#8) Remember the milk

Remember the milk Logo

This software is web-based to do the application for the people who have multiple tasks to complete and many times things get skipped from their to-do list.

Remember the Milk software helps in Task Planning, Scheduling, and Tracking.

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#9) (formerly Dapulse)

Monday Logo

Formerly known as Dapulse, this software is famous for syncing each and every information related to project/task at a single point and thus helps in successful communication between various teams or various members of the team.

From planning till execution, everything is worked at the same place. From the designer to the project manager everyone involved has the overall access to the lifecycle of the project.

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#10) Taskworld

TaskWorld Logo

Known as cloud-based, this visual task management software, Taskworld has a range of useful and creative features which make it perfect for both small and big enterprises.

Taskworld highlighted features are advanced security, maximum use of employees productivity, gathering everyone and make them focus on the common goal, ensure meaningful communication with no missed information, charts, easily customizable workflows, etc.

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#11) Trello

Trello Logo

Trello is known for its simplicity and it’s very well suited for the projects following agile methodologies.

Trello has boards which have cards and the cards can contain design updates, tasks, comments, attachments, project overview, messages, etc., and thus acts as the most visual collaboration for any project.

From projects, tasks to family responsibilities, it has everything to stay organized and is available anywhere to be in sync.

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#12) Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects Logo

With Zoho projects, even the planning of complex projects can be done by dividing them into meaningful tasks, units, etc., with their deadlines. It is also suitable where multiple projects are running parallel. Along with time tracking to generate invoices, it also does well bug tracking so that every bug is fixed in time.

Zoho Projects has multiple collaboration tools and thus can integrate with other Zoho projects and apps as well.

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#13) Basecamp


Basecamp is an easy to use tool for task/project planning, scheduling, and tracking.

Everything from tools, to-dos, messages, files, etc., are organized and available at the same place. Its main motto is to bring everyone on the same page, so that time wasted in gathering useful information, reporting, etc., can be utilized in making the project to achieve the goal faster.

Here in Basecamp, every participant is well aware of the ongoing process.

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#14) JIRA


JIRA is a most popular tool and is used by many companies worldwide.

With Scrum boards and Kanban boards, this software is best suited for agile teams. Apart from Bug/issue tracking, this software is also known for customizable workflows, customizable dashboards, advanced reporting, end to end traceability, different types of the report for tracking the progress, setting priorities, etc.

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#15) Clarizen

Clarize Logo

Clarizen has the most customizable, user-friendly and flexible interface which help in boosting the business productivity and profitability.

Clarizen software is also known for its accurate and detailed methodology where the project gets started even before their planning is done. Some of its features include creating reports, alerts, workflows, tracking progress, sharing data and presenting through dashboards, etc.

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Well, this article contains only 15 most popular task management tools. There are much more available in the market and can be relevant to your project too.

The requirement of each and every project may be different, but the aim of all the task management tools is the same. Hence, they help to get everything done in a much simpler way.


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Hope this article will help you in the selection process of the best-suited Task Management tool.