Top 10 Best Test Data Generation Tools in 2021

List of the best paid and open source free Test Data Generation Tools with features and comparison:

Developers and testers need a large volume of data in the database in order to test the applications.

Manually inserting data into the database is not an affordable option by price and by effort as well.

Writing a script to insert data into the database will also be a time-consuming option. Hence, we will require some tools to insert data into the database and those tools are called Test data generation tools.

Test data generation tools help the testers in Load, performance, stress testing, and also in database testing. Data generated through these tools can be used in other databases as well.

Some tools also provide security to the database by replacing confidential data with a dummy one. At the same time, it also preserves confidential data. These tools also provide an option to output the generated data in the SQL scripts. Hence in this way, these tools help a lot in the testing and development of applications.

test data generation tools

Load, performance, and stress testing are just impossible without the help of these tools. These tools are easy to use and in turn, save a lot of time. It not only saves time for creating scripts, but it has also made data generation easy. With just a few simple clicks, you will be able to create a large volume of data.

Types of Test Data Generator

The 4 types of test data generation tools include:

  • Random
  • Pathwise
  • Goal
  • Intelligent

introduction to Test Data Generation Tools

A lot of tools provide complex database features like Referential integrity, Foreign Key, Unicode, and NULL values. With free or open-source tools you may not get all the required features, but those companies also provide advanced features by paying some cost.

Lots of test data generation tools are available in the market. However, while selecting a tool you must consider some factors like supported databases, data generation methods, data types support, operating system support, and cost, etc.

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Top Test Data Generation Tools

Enlisted below are the most popular Test Data Generation tools that are available in the market.

Comparison Table for Test Data Generation Tools

 PriceDatabase SupportCan generate Random Data?Unique Feature
DATPROFFree in DATPROF Privacy.Oracle
Microsoft SQL Server
DB2 iSeries
EDB Postgres
MySQL and MariaDB
YesConsistent over multiple systems, intuitive and easy to use.
Generate DataFreeMySQL 4 and aboveYesCustomizable Data types,
Countries plug-in
IRI RowGen
Perpetual use (contact vendor) or free in IRI Voracity.Any RDB with JDBC connection (on-premise or in the cloud),
EDW and Data Vault 2.0 models,
Top NoSQL DBs, Plus any structured and many semi-structured files.
YesData Synthesization with referential integrity, any-seed random generation or random-real selection or transform can be invoked at the field level. NID and Email Generators, Data Class and Rule Libraries, built-in data transformation and report formatting of test data, and compatbility with Erwin Mapping Manager and Metadata Integration Model Bridge. In Voracity, data anonymization (masking), ETL 'preview with test data', and DB Subsetting functionality are included.
Databene BeneratorFreeOracle 10g
My SQL server
PostgreSQL 8.2
H2 1.2
Derby 10.3
YesData Synthesizationm
Data Anonymization.
Excel file formats.
YesCan create realistic data.
Redgate SQL Data Generator$365/ userSQL Server Management StudioYesSupports Foreign Key and inter-column dependency.
IBM DB2 Test database GeneratorFree.DB2. But generated test data can be used in any database.Creates Realistic dataGenerated test data can be used in any database.
GS Data GeneratorFreeMS SQL
MS Access
Fox Pro
Excel Files
Text Files
YesSupports system integration.
DTM Data Generator$149Microsoft SQL Server
PostgreSQL etc.
YesProvides 15 methods to generate or fill in the data.
EMS Data Generator$60Oracle
SQL Server
InterBase etc.
YesGenerated data can be edited or saved through SQL script.Support for Null values.
Datanamic Data Generator MultiDB$499Oracle
SQL Server
Microsoft Azure
MS Access
YesAdvance data generation and validation settings.
Upscene Advance Data GeneratorEuro 99ODBC & ADO
YesYou can save the state to start and revert the testing from that state.

Let’s Explore!!



The “Generate” function in DATPROF Privacy offers more than 20 synthetic test data generators that can be used to replace privacy-sensitive data such as names, companies, IBANs, social security numbers, etc.


  • Synthetic data generation as a masking function.
  • Supports all the main database technologies.
  • Consistent over multiple systems.
  • Choice of different countries/languages.


  • Free 14-day trial available.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Expandable with own seed files.
  • No programming knowledge is needed.


  • Function in DATPROF Privacy, so you must have a DATPROF Privacy license.
  • It supports only the Windows operating system.

Pricing Plans: The synthetic data generator is a built-in function in DATPROF Privacy (contact the company for license details).

#2) IRI RowGen

IRI RowGen

RowGen was first released in 2004. It supports many databases and file target formats across multiple operating systems for use in DB, EDW, and Data Vault prototypes, application stress-testing, and DevOps, benchmarking, and privacy-law-compliant demonstrations.

RowGen is compatible with, and powered by IRI CoSort, which accounts for its unmatched speed in volume and functional versatility.


  • Supports business rules (and Data Vault business keys) using data synthesis, masking, mapping, and/or transformation field-by-field.
  • Uniquely supports simultaneous transformation and multi-target customization (layout and format) of test data
  • Preserves referential integrity by respecting PK-FK, compound, and self-referencing keys.
  • Runs on Windows and ALL flavors or Linux and Unix (including z/Linux and MacOS).
  • Unmatched performance in generating huge volumes of test data, pre-sorted (and fully pre-configured) for bulk loads.
  • Supports good and bad values, null and weighted frequency distribution.
  • Combinable in IRI Voracity with data masking, subsetting, ETL, data quality, Hadoop, and any-analytic-target support.
  • It can also be used in Cigniti BlueSwan TDM environments for software testing and quality engineering.


  • Cross-platform, multi-source, and target support.
  • Very high volume, high intelligence test targets.
  • Eclipse GUI and command-line job design and invocation, robust documentation.


  • It is not free.
  • Requires use of (free IRI Workbench) Eclipse UI to leverage built-in data classification and discovery features, and automatic batch job creation.

Pricing plans: Contact IRI



It is an open-source tool. It is written in PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. While installing, it will give you three options, out of which you have to select one. Those options include a Single user account, a single user account with a login, and multiple accounts.


  • Easy to use.
  • As server requirements, it needs PHP 5.3 and above and MySQL 4 and above.
  • You can customize data types as per the requirements.
  • You can also change the Export types.
  • Countries plug-in are available.


  • It is free.
  • You can create 100 records at one time.


  • Free account with limited data records.
  • As an open-source tool, it doesn’t save your records. Hence you have to regenerate them every time.

Pricing plans: It is an open-source tool and hence it is free. However, you can create only 100 records at a time. But if you pay $20, you will have an account on the website and you will be able to create 5000 records in one time. You will also be able to save these data sets.

Official URL: Generatedata

#4) Databene Benerator

databene benerator

It was first released in 2006. It supports many databases and operating systems. It can be used for performance testing.


  • It supports Data synthesization and Data Anonymization.
  • It provides some open-source JDBC drivers.
  • It assists almost all SQL data types.
  • It supports four operating systems, Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MAC.


  • Operating System Support.
  • Supports many databases.
  • User Manual is available here.


  • It doesn’t support SQL types like Array, Distinct, Null, and Struct.
  • Java 6 and above is mandatory.

Pricing plans: Free

Official URL: Databene Benerator

#5) Mockaroo


Mockaroo helps you in creating random data for testing. While using Mockaroo, you can download data and upload it to your environment using SQL and CSV.


  • It supports more than 100 data types.
  • It provides support to generate data in CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel Formats.
  • It provides Mock API so that you can work with your own front end.
  • Creates realistic data.
  • For geographical fields like country, city-state, etc. Mockaroo creates real and co-related data.


  • No programming is required.
  • Easy to use.


  • Provides limited features.
  • Very few records with the free plan.

Pricing plans:

Free: With the free plan, you can create 1000 rows.
Silver: You can create 100000 rows with this plan and the price will be $50/ year.
Gold: You can create 10M rows with this plan and the price will be $500/ year.

Official URL: Mockaroo

#6) Redgate SQL Data Generator

Redgate sql data generator

Using the Redgate SQL Data Generator, you can create data in large volumes in the SQL Server Management Studio. It generates data very quickly. You can customize column names, data types, etc.


  • You can import data.
  • If there is a mismatch in data types, then it automatically converts data.
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 R2, 2014, 2016, 2017, and on Amazon RDS.
  • It provides support for Foreign Key.
  • It also supports inter-column dependency.


  • Data consistency in multiple tables.
  • Test data can be generated within a few minutes.


  • It only supports the Windows operating system.

Pricing plans: $365/ user. It provides a free trial for 14-days.

Official URL: Redgate Sql-data-generator

#7) IBM DB2 Test Database Generator

ibm db2

Using the IBM DB2 database generator, you can create test data in the DB2 database. This data can be taken in CSV, XML, and SQL format. You can create test data from the existing data or can create completely new data.


  • Test data can be generated with the help of tools.
  • It supports Rule-based transformations.
  • It also provides other features like XML configuration and support for Referential Integrity.


  • Test data can be generated without any manual intervention.
  • Generated test data can be used in any database.


  • Installation is a little bit complicated.
  • As it comes as an add-on, you must have a DB2 database to use this tool.

Pricing plans: Free. It comes as an add-on with the DB2 database.

#8) GS Data Generator

gs data generator

It is an automation tool for data generation which helps testers as well as developers.

GS Data Generator provides three editions i.e. Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Standard Edition is to help in the performance and load testing of the basic projects. Pro Edition is for complex projects and supports ERP, CRM, integration, etc. Enterprise edition helps software developers and consulting companies.


  • It can create test data for software marketing, integration testing, ERP, etc.
  • It can also provide security to the database by replacing important data with an artificial one.
  • At the same time, it preserves referential integrity and business logic.
  • It provides support to MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Access, text files, and Informix.


  • Ease of use.
  • It helps in integration testing.
  • You can create a large data volume for free.


  • It supports only the Windows operating system.

Pricing plans: Free

Official URL: GS data generator

#9) DTM Data Generator

dtm data generator

This software can automatically generate data values and schema objects like tables, views etc. They also have other database tools like DTM Schema Reporter, DTM Test XML Generator, etc.


  • It can create random and repeatable data.
  • Supported databases include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Supported formats for output files are CSV, SQL Script, XML, and JSON.
  • For external data sources, it supports Excel, Access files, and XML documents.
  • DTM Data Generator provides 15 methods, to fill in the data in the database or to generate data.


  • Supports many commonly used databases.
  • Fast data generation.
  • You will get options to replace, append and update for each table.


  • It only supports the Windows operating system.

Pricing plans: It provides three pricing plans i.e. Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. You can buy one, three, or five licenses for each plan. The prices change depending on the number of licenses.

Standard Edition: For 1 License $149.
Professional Edition: For 1 License $279.
Enterprise Edition: For 1 License $399.

You can view the detailed pricing information on their website.

Official URL: DTM Data Generator

#10) EMS Data Generator

ems data generator

EMS provides many database tools for Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Interbase. It has its Headquarters in Russia and has another office in the US.


  • Generated data can be edited or saved through SQL script.
  • It provides support to databases of Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Interbase, etc.
  • You get the facility to preview the generated data.
  • Limited support for NULL values.
  • It supports basic data types of Oracle and DB2 and supports all data types of MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Interbase.


  • Free maintenance, updates, and technical support for one year.
  • User-friendly tool.
  • No need to execute queries on the server to edit or save the generated data.


  • You have to download different data generators for different databases.

Pricing plans: $ 60

Official URL: EMS Data Generator

#11) Datanamic Data Generator MultiDB


Datanamic was launched in 1999. Datanamic data generator tool provides smart options for database testing. It has advanced data generation and validation options. It gives you the option to output the generated data directly to the database or SQL file.


  • Provides support for databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, and SQLite.
  • It can generate completely new data and can also generate data from the existing one.
  • It has the functionality of generating data for multiple tables simultaneously.
  • Advanced data generation options that validate the data generation settings are available.
  • It provides support for referential integrity.


  • It is helpful for database testing.
  • Provides support for cloud-based databases.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is an expensive tool.

Pricing plans: It provides a 14-day free trial. The prices start from $499 for a single user.

Official URL: Datanamic Data Generator

#12) Upscene Advance Data Generator


Upscene mainly develops database tools. It has its office in the Netherlands. Other tools by Upscene include Database Workbench, Hopper, FB Trace Manager, IB Log Manager, and ADS Log Manager.

The first version of Upscene Advanced Data Generator was released in 2001.


  • It can generate data from scratch.
  • It supports many data types.
  • It helps in generating the data which is related to each other in multiple tables.
  • It supports ODBC & ADO, Interbase, Firebird, and MySQL.


  • You can save the state to start and revert the testing from that state.


  • You have to buy separate editions for different databases.

Pricing Plans: Price for Advanced Data Generator for Interbase, Firebird, and MySQL is Euro 99 for each, and for ODBC & ADO the price is Euro 199.

Official URL: Upscene Advanced Data Generator

Additional Tools

#13) E-Naxos DataGen: This tool helps in generating random data in a large volume. It will help you in testing the database applications. The latest version is 1.2 and its price starts from $479.

Official URL: E-Naxos DataGen

#14) Spawner Data Generator: It can generate test data which can be the output into the SQL insert statement. Data can be inserted directly into the MySQL 5.x database. Supported operating systems include Windows and Linux. It is available to download for free.

Official URL: Spawner Data Generator

#15) Data Factory: Data Factory by Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based hybrid data integration tool. It provides many features like ETL service, managing data pipelines, and running SQL server integration services in Azure etc. This tool works with data in the cloud and on-premise.

Azure provides enterprise-grade security to the data. Pricing starts from Indian Rupees 66.10/1000 activities per month.

Official URL: Data-Factory

#16) Data Factory by SourceForge: Data Factory by SourceForge is a Java API which can generate random data in a large volume. It is also available for download for free.

Official URL: SourceForge data-factory


To conclude this article on Test Data Generation Tools, we can say that Generate Data, Databene Benerator, and Mockaroo are really the best options as they can generate a large data volume at an affordable price.

By paying some additional price you will get more advanced options for data generation with Redgate SQL Data Generator and IBM DB2 Test Database Generator.

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Hope you enjoyed this informative article on Test Data Generation Tools!!

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