10 Most Popular Crowdsourced Testing Companies in 2022

Review of the best Crowdsourced Testing Companies and Service Provider:

In today’s IT world, software testing is very critical and in order to perform it, the clients are outsourcing or giving the contract to different companies.

These companies have thousands of resources or employees available to perform quality testing and deliver a quality product to the client as per their needs and requirements. The company receives a contractual amount which was decided during the initial agreement and the employees working for the company also get their bucks paid as per their salary structure.


Now, the above mentioned traditional approach was common everywhere until “Crowdsourced Testing” came into the picture. Crowdsourced Testing is an emerging trend in Software Testing and it performs a similar task which is usually performed in our traditional testing approach.

There are differences at few points when compared with our traditional approach such as different testers from different locations, testers do not belong to any specific organization, testers may not be professional or experienced etc. Crowdsourcing provides benefits, cost-effectiveness and makes the software reliable and mostly bug-free.

Now, the question may arise that why one should go with Crowdsourced testing? For this, there are various reasons and based on the situation one can go with Crowdsourced QA Testing.

The reasons are listed below:

  • Testers from Crowdsourced can test an application in a different environment and at the same time with different internet bandwidth, with different devices, with various testing flows etc.
  • Crowdsourced testing performed by testers is unbiased as they do not belong to any organization.
  • The crowdsourced model can complete the testing within a short period of time as there are large number of testers involved in the testing process across the globe.
  • Crowdsourced testers are getting paid based on the valid bugs they find, hence it is a very much cost-effective testing.
  • No time constraints for the Crowdsourced testers as they belong to various time zones and they can work even after office hours or over the weekend or work late night which results in fast delivery of a quality product.

Currently, various companies are providing Crowdsourced testing services, we will see the details about such companies, what type of testing they provide along with the benefits of working with them.

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Best Crowdsourced Testing Companies

There are several Crowdsourced Testing service provider companies and vendors in the market and given below is the list of the most popular ones.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Global App Testing

global app testing new logo

Is your testing process slowing you down?

Global App Testing is the trusted partner for tier 1 engineering & QA teams around the world including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Instagram, and many more. Global App Testing reduces the time and effort you spend on testing, provides access to global testers for real-world results, and helps to deliver much higher quality applications:

  • 24/7 on-demand testing in 189+ countries.
  • Test cycles are completed and delivered in less than 48 hours with all the bugs exported directly into your bug tracker (JIRA, Asana, GitHub, and many more) with clear steps to reproduce like screenshots and videos.
  • 50,000+ vetted and ranked testers. Powered by real users on real devices serving over 10 different platforms and almost limitless OS combinations.
  • Enterprise security IS0 27001 certified.

Types of testing:

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Test Case Execution / Regression
  • Localization

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#2) Digivante


Digivante: As the world’s leading crowdsourced testing company, with high-profile clients such as Audi, GymShark, and Calvin Klein, Digivante sets the standard for functional, usability, and conversion testing.

With over 55,000 professional expert testers across the globe, Digivante has access to hundreds of different browser and device combinations, ensuring complete optimization across all platforms.

Unlike other testing companies, Digivante’s large-scale testing community doesn’t just consist of part-time testers, instead, the community is filled with dedicated, expert testers who are reviewed and graded frequently. Ensuring your app or website is tested by only the most high-quality, professional testers. No time wasters.

Using this community, Digivante performs 24 days’ worth of testing in just 24 hours, with results then undergoing secondary authentication by in-house teams who then validate and prioritize the bugs in order of severity, through video and screenshot evidence. Ensuring your internal teams address the most impactful issues first.

What sets Digivante apart from other testing companies is its dedication to providing customer-made testing which saves you time and money, ensuring your website stays ahead of the curve for years to come.

For Digivante, functional, usability, and conversion testing should provide more than just bug results, testing should also aid brand growth. Going beyond customer expectations and providing quality testing, is the reason Digivante sets the industry standards.


  • 24/7 testing catered to your personal needs
  • Custom-made, industry-leading testing services
  • Personally tailored testing services
  • Expert testing community, no testing time-wasters

Types of testing carried out by Digivante are given below:

  • Regression Testing
  • Cross-browser Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Post Release Testing
  • Technical Website Audit
  • Performance Testing
  • Payment Testing
  • Live Monitoring Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • New Functionality Testing
  • Proof of Value
  • Security Testing
  • Test Automation

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#3) test IO


test IO was found in 2011 and its offices are located in Berlin and San Francisco. At test IO, your software will be tested thoroughly by professional testers across the world. It supports Website Testing, Internet of Things Testing and Mobile Testing.

Crowdtesting with test IO provides you with thousands of skilled testers who are interested in finding a bug in your software which you didn’t expect. The testers at “test IO” are inventive, flexible and curious. The tests are run on different browsers by test IO’s testers and they provide a score that will ensure that the software is ready to launch.

To test your software with test IO, you need to upload your mobile app or share the website URL with test IO, then the team at test IO will securely distribute across the interested testers all over the globe. You will get the initial test result within one hour after starting the test run.

Bug report provides detailed information about the bug and you can review the bugs using video or screenshots. At “test IO”, all mobile devices with different versions, different operating system, and browser versions are available for testing.

Benefits of testing with test IO:

  • test IO matches up to your software tests with the testers based on their expertise, devices, and geography.
  • Testers need to sign NDA with test IO which ensures that the access is restricted to the trusted testers.
  • test IO works with the waterfall model as well as the continuous delivery methodology.
  • Integration with project management and bug tracking tools.

Types of testing carried out by test IO are given below:

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#4) QA Mentor

QA Mentor Logo

QA Mentor has a network of over 12,000 testers across the globe representing 182 countries. Every project runs by a dedicated project Test Coordinator who manages testing delivery throughout the process.  It uses its own platform to store test cases, and defects are used for all crowdsourcing project for easy client access.

Its crowdsourcing community has coverage for over 600 different versions of mobile devices, 182 languages, 400+ browsers/OS combinations. It costs only $50 per month.

Benefits of testing with QA Mentor:

  • 12,000+ testers from 182 countries in the world.
  • They can test practically any localized language.
  • 600+ mobile devices coverage.
  • 400+ browsers/OS combinations coverage.
  • Dedicated Project Test Coordinator for every project.
  • User of their own platform to manage participants.
  • On-demand Testing from 30 minutes to multiple weeks option.

Types of testing carried out by QA Mentor Crowdsourcing service include:

  • Functional Testing
  • Cross-browser Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • User Experience (UX) Testing
  • Game Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Load Testing

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#5) Testlio


Testlio is the leader in Testing-as-a-Service, with an industry-leading platform and unmatched QA experts. Their clients include CBS, Fox, Etsy, Hotels.com, Lyft, Microsoft, MLS, The NBA, Strava, USA Today, and Vimeo.

The challenge with traditional crowdsourced testing is that it uses low-skilled testers, incentivized to find non-essential bugs, who then need to be managed and their work reviewed.

This creates many hidden costs of crowdsourced testing i.e. the time spent going through non-essential bugs, and an inconsistent team of testers which changes the cost-benefit ratio of working with a crowd of testers.

Testlio outperforms with managed crowd testing.

Here’s how Testlio is different:

  • Quality: With thousands of validated testers in nearly 100 countries, it offers a massive pool of the best QA testers in the business. With only 3% of tester sign-ups accepted into the network, it offers a select pool of the best-trained, most-motivated testers.
  • Global: Expert QA testers can cover any device, location, or language, or internet connection.
  • Fast & Efficient: Unlike other platforms, Testlio’s testers are paid by the hour, not by the bug. That means higher quality issue detection and thoughtful reporting, saving you critical time in defect management.
  • Do It For Me: Its managed testing services formula reduces, not increases, your workload by combining professional services, our global network of skilled testers, and best-in-class testing software.
  • Transparent: With Testlio, you have visibility into every step of the testing process – from testers, devices, and test cycles, to issues uncovered. You can learn about and communicate with all of the testers on your project.

Types of Testing covered:

  • Regression testing
  • Usability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automated testing

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#6) Crowdsprint

Crowdsprint Logo

Under Crowdsprint, mobile app, web-based and cloud-based applications are tested using crowdsource testing service. Crowdsprint has over 30 years of combined software testing experience and they provide a platform for crowd testing.

Crowdsprint has a network of over 100,000 testers across the globe and around 1000 specialist testers. They also have a separate Test Manager and Delivery Manager who manages testing delivery at every step. These Tests and Delivery Managers are involved in requirement scoping, creating test plan, managing test cycle, generation of different kind of reports and many other management activities.

It uses over 50+ devices such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphones etc and using the power of the crowd the application can be tested on different devices with a different environment. Crowdsprint supports Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows platform for testing.

Benefits of testing with Crowdsprint:

  •  It has access to a large pool of global testers.
  • Your application testing can start in less than an hour as it has a network of over 100,000+ global testers.
  • Real users are testing the application on a real device.
  • Increases ROI.
  • Crowdsprint itself manages delivery, they have a separate delivery manager to ensure if the quality product delivered to the end-user.
  • Overall testing cost is reduced by 50% to 70%.

Types of testing carried out by Crowdsprint testing are given below:

  • Functional Testing
  • Cross-browser Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • User Experience (UX) Testing

Visit the official website here.

#7) Rainforest

Rainforest Logo

Rainforest was started in 2012 and is based in San Francisco. They are building a new way to do a QA. Rainforest is the only platform which supports the AI-powered Crowdtest platform and agile testing and development. The company supports web and mobile application for crowdsourcing QA testing.

Simple and easy portal under rainforest helps the testers to update test cases easily. Rainforest assigns unique random email address corresponding to the temporary web-based email inbox so that you can send test email related to testing.

Using the portal available at Rainforest, you can search tests, filter test cases based on the result. It quickly helps to understand which tests failed and the cause for it. The results are investigated thoroughly to verify where exactly the tests are failed.

It also has the facility to store multiple screenshots. To track the issue, Rainforest supports JIRA and Pivotal Tracker.

Benefits of testing with Rainforest:

  • Rainforest tester network is always available for testing.
  • It provides testing results in 30 minutes.
  • It supports Android and iOS platforms for mobile devices.
  • It supports Cross Browser Testing and Cross-Platform Testing.
  • Rainforest supports browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.
  • It provides support for Windows, Linux platform etc.
  • Separate team for Exploratory Testing
  • Rainforest testers run Exploratory tests as per the client or user demand.

Types of testing carried out by Rainforest are given below:

  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Exploratory Testing

Visit the official website from here.

#8) Pay4Bugs

Pay4Bugs Logo

Pay4Bugs, the name itself says that it pays per bug identified. Testers at Pay4Bugs find out the bugs in the software and report it immediately. It has thousands of testers in the network who are ready to test at any hour of the day.

Pay4Bugs get the testers from the crowd and get your product tested in a real environment, by real humans. Testers at Pay4Bugs give you actionable bug reports in which all the necessary details about the defect is available so that you can also reproduce it easily. Pay4Bugs helps you in identifying the bugs before they become a critical issue.

At Pay4Bugs, you need to tell to the testers about your requirement and what kind of bug you are looking for. Along with that you also need to inform them about payout as how much you are paying to them.

Once testers start identifying bugs, you need to review the bug and approve it accordingly. If the bug identified by the tester is a duplicate bug then you need to inform to the tester and reject the bug. Once you are able to reproduce the bug and approve it, the bug goes to the bug tracking software.

Benefits of testing with Pay4Bugs:

  • Pay per bug is very cost effective as you are only paying for valid and approved bugs.
  • Quick and easily export approved bugs into Github or any other bug tracking tool.
  • Pay4Bugs supports Android, iOS platform for testing.
  • Testing results are determined in a short period of time.

Visit the official website from here.

#9) Testbirds

Testbirds Logo

Testbirds was found in Munich, Germany in 2011 and is now the world’s leading crowd testing provider company. Testbirds is spread across Italy, North America with offices at Munich, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. It has a tester community across the globe which is spread across 193 countries and 200,000 registered testers.

Crowd testers are required to pass an entrance exam to show that they can deliver high standard quality software to the end-user. Testbirds tests Web site or Web Application, Mobile App, Games, Internet of Things etc.

If an end user catches any bug then it would spoil the image of the company in the market. Testbirds provide a crowd testing service in which you can search for the bugs. These bugs are then categorized based on the severity of the functionality.

Testbirds also provides around 450,000 devices which have multiple combinations of operating system and software. It also provides Virtual Machines with such combinations of software and operating system. Testbirds infrastructure is useful for continuous deployment.

Benefits of testing with Testbirds:

  • Testing platform is available 24/7/365.
  • All devices and operating system are available at any time for testing.
  • Clients can live track their product or software testing for all ongoing projects.
  • Bugs are verified and approved in the system.

Types of testing carried out by Testbirds are given below:

  • Performance Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Exploratory Bug testing

Visit the official website from here.

#10) MyCrowd QA

MyCrowd QA Logo

MyCrowd studio is an on-demand platform provided by MyCrowd QA. It supports website testing and mobile app testing in a real-time and real environment.

Testers at MyCrowd QA execute the test cases quickly and these tests are run on real devices, in a real environment, and by a real user and get a result within an hour by using MyCrowd studio. Testers at MyCrowd QA are skilled, professional and they claim that the testing task which usually requires a time of a week, can be completed by them in just 3 hours.

MyCrowd studio runs smoke tests, manual test cases and exploratory test as per the demand by the customer. The MyCrowd platform has control over crowd i.e. testers and delivers a quality result within a short period of time.

Benefits of testing with MyCrowd QA:

  • Testing is cost-effective and cuts your testing cost by 75%.
  • Over 50,000 different devices, browsers and testers community across the globe. It ensures testing is performed in different environment and localization.
  • It supports Multi-language tests, it means foreign language tests are performed in a different country.
  • Launch test on Friday, you will get the result on Monday as per your requirement.

Types of testing carried out by MyCrowd QA are given below:

  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • UX/UI Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Email Template Testing

Visit the official website from here.

#11) 99tests

99tests Logo

99tests is a crowdsourced QA testing platform which helps different organizations to test their software by different testers across the world. 99tests has over 20,000 testers from over 150+ countries. You can test your software with multiple combinations of environment, devices etc.

By working with such a huge network of testers you can get real insights on how actually software is been used by the actual end-user.

Benefits of testing with 99tests:

  • Crowd testing is hassle-free at 99tests.
  • Instant access to top software testing professionals.
  • Software tests on various configuration across the globe and with different geographic conditions, so it is very much cost-effective.
  • At 99tests, with customized NDA you can ensure the security while testing your software.
  • Maximize device coverage by enabling a software test with multiple geographic locations.

Types of testing carried out by 99tests are given below:

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Security Testing

Visit the official website from here.

#12) UncoverBugs

UncoverBugs Logo

 UncoverBugs is Philippine’s first Crowdsourcing platform. The testers at UncoverBugs are skilled experienced testers, certified testers, end-user or specialized tester in different areas. These testers having in-depth knowledge about the information technology stream will help you in testing your software.

Testers are of different background, education, environment as these are spread across the world.

These testers help in identifying the bugs before the customer finds it and becomes a serious issue. The client expects a superior experience to the end user while using the mobile app, a website. UncoverBugs helps in achieving this by identifying the defects in the software.

The team at UncoverBugs suggests changes in your software and also helps you to make changes if those are significantly huge.

Testing is carried out on the Desktop as well as on Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone. This ensures that the website fits in all type of screen resolution and size.

Benefits of testing with UncoverBugs:

  • Bugs identified can be viewed immediately using a bug tracking tool.
  • Testing is carried out within the budget.
  • Testing is performed on the platform as per the client’s choice.
  • Stores screenshot of the testing activities for later review.
  • Test conditions are real and nothing is set-up in the lab.
  • The software is tested at home, on the road and tested until it works perfectly.

 Visit official URL from here.

#13) Ubertesters


Ubertesters is a crowd-based, complete manual mobile app/web testing solution provider which helps the companies test their app/web/IoT device in real-life conditions, in order to ensure if they launch a well-tested product.

Ubertesters offers a crowd-testing solution with global, professional testers for hire with devices to test “in-the-wild” at an extremely attractive pricing structure. And, in addition, it offers a robust SaaS platform to manage the process of the entire mobile testing cycle, including the organization’s own, internal QA teams.

Thus, the company offers both the tools and the resources required by the organization to manage the entire mobile app/web testing process in a single dashboard with one provider.

With more than 25,000 global, QA experts, Ubertesters can scale their client’s QA efforts in a very short time. Clients can get their testing results in less than 48 hours, using any device/carrier/location that they desire. The service comes with an assigned project manager and a community manager which makes the process seamless and that oo with no overhead from the client’s side.

Types of Testing:

Our testers can perform Exploratory Tests, run Test Scripts, and UI testing.

We specialize in the following types of testing:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Localization
  • Performance testing
  • Installation testing
  • Interrupt testing

Visit the official website from here

#14) Bugcrowd

It identifies what application you want to test and recruits testers from the crowd to test the software. These testers are interested and inventive.

They find out the bugs in your software and if those are valid then these need to be fixed immediately before it gets identified by the customer. Bugcrowd pays as per the valid defect and it does not consider how much effort the testers put in order to identify a bug.

Visit the official website from here.

#15) CrowdsourcedTesting

Crowdsourced testing Logo

CrowdsourcedTesting was found in 2012 by Simon Papineau. The CrowdsourcedTesting community is spread across 182 countries and over 56,000 testers are working under this company. CrowdsourcedTesting connects with various software development companies and tests their products.

CrowdsourcedTesting has a large number of testers who are available on a short notice and test product in a different environment, with multiple devices if required. As there are various testers from different locations, different background there are chances for you to get more insights, ideas, and flaws in the system.

It works in three simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Create and draft your test requirement.
  2. Submit a test request.
  3. Get faster results and reviews.

They test Websites, iOS, and Android apps, video games, software, and windows phones.

Types of testing carried out by the Crowd Testing website is as given below:

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is their specialty to test the software or any specific component that you provide with a list of business requirements related to it.

The business requirements should be in such a manner that it explains the business perspective of the component which undergoes testing. The testers across the globe test the component or software and find out as many bugs as they can.

Usability Testing

Supports Usability testing, it is performed by passionate testers and they provide early feedback about the software or product. Expert testers participate in testing on short notice and perform a high-level review of the product and validate how the product is easy to use, consistent and share their views about the software or product.

Localization Testing

Localization testing is performed to validate the product functionality, user interface, grammar in a different language. It also validates the technical flow as per the target market where it is actually being used.

For such testing, they only look for native testers who belong to the target market and is aware of the culture of the local market. This will ensure that the product satisfies all local, regional demands and it meets all end-user needs.


In this article, we have compared different Crowdsourced Testing companies and service providers.

As Crowdsourced Testing is very cost-effective and available at 24/7/365, tests coverage is high and it is very much popular nowadays. And at times some companies pay only for identifying the valid bugs in software.

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