7 BEST Code42 Incydr Alternatives & Competitors [2023 Review]

Review and compare top Code42 Incydr Alternatives with features and pricing to select the best Code42 Competitor per your requirements:

Code42 is a great SaaS solution that helps enterprises manage and secure data related to their customers and employees. The tool can quickly detect and respond to insider threats by focusing on three core dimensions of Risk – Data, Vector, and User. Code42 exhibits incredible competence with the simplicity and speed at which it can protect an enterprise’s IP without burdening the security team.

The software also performs continuous, automated data backups to ensure important data isn’t lost to ransomware attacks. It even provides the user with the choice of restoring the system from any point they desire. So if you have accidentally deleted files, you can simply go back to a certain point of time in the system and recover the data you had lost.

Code42 Incydr Competitors

Code42 Alternatives

Apart from what we’ve mentioned above, Code42 has several other security features that enterprises can massively benefit from. However, just like every other software on this planet, it isn’t perfect. Some users may find its pricing unreasonable while others might have a tough time in its deployment and maintenance.

In such scenarios, it is always wise to open your options to alternatives that not only harbor DLP features similar to Code42 but also possess a distinct charm of their own with regards to their functioning. Fortunately, there is an overwhelming abundance of data loss prevention tools at our disposal today.

In this article, we will be mentioning 7 of the best alternatives to Code42 Incydr available today. These are tools that impressed us with their deployment system, advanced breach detection/data protection features, and overall functionality.


  • The DLP software you choose must be simple and fast to deploy. Once deployed, it must be very easy to maintain.
  • The DLP software should be flexible enough to support both cloud and hybrid environments along with on-premise assets. This is particularly important today as more of us are working remotely than ever before.
  • The tool should provide imperative insight on user behavior, data usage, and security risks with comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • The tool must automatically scan and classify data as per their susceptibility to security risks.
  • Finally, the tool you choose must be affordable and not exceed the budget you’ve set for DLP software.
Fact Check: In 2020, the United States reported a total of 1001 cases of data breaches. Additionally, over 155.8 million individuals claimed that they were affected by the revelation of information sensitive to them in the same year.

data breaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why are Data Loss Prevention tools important?

Answer: Data Loss Prevention tools help detect data breaches and protect sensitive business information from leaking out. They are also important tools to monitor data that is being used, shared, and accessed by both internal and external users.

Q #2) How can an Organization stop Data Leakage?

Answer: Data leakage can be stopped by identifying the areas in your system where sensitive information is stored, monitoring data, encrypting it, or by using an advanced DLP tool to automate the detection and prevention of data loss across the organization.

Q #3) Are Data Loss Prevention difficult to use?

Answer: Most traditional DLP tools are extremely difficult to deploy. They are very heavy on the endpoint, and hard to maintain. Fortunately, that is not the case with the modern breed of DLP tools being introduced in the market today as deployment and maintenance of such tools have become considerably easier.

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Q #4) What is the most common cause of data loss?

Answer: Most data losses are simply caused because of a weak or stolen password. In fact, most recent reports affirm that 4 out of the 5 breaches are due to a weak or lost password.

Q #5) What is Data Exfiltration?

Answer: Data Exfiltration basically alludes to any unauthorized movement of data by unwanted adversaries. An adversary may steal data from your network by using compression and encryption tactics to avoid being detected in the process of exfiltration. Data exfiltration is also known by other names as data exportation, data exfil, theft, and data extrusion.

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List of Best Code42 Incydr Alternatives

Here is the list of popular Code42 Incydr Competitors:

  1. Endpoint Protector (Recommended)
  2. Symantec DLP
  3. McAfee DLP
  4. Forcepoint DLP
  5. GTB Technologies
  6. Safetica
  7. Teramind

Comparing Top Alternatives to Code42 Incydr

NameBest ForFees Ratings
Endpoint ProtectorIntellectual Property, PII and Insider Threat ProtectionContact for PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
Symantec DLPScalable Data Loss Prevention ToolContact for PricingStar_rating_4.5_of_5
McAfee DLP Discover, Monitor, and Prevent loss or theft of data.Contact for PricingStar_rating_4_of_5
Forcepoint DLPEstablish Common Policy to Prevent Data Loss across the enterpriseContact for PricingStar_rating_3.5_of_5
GTB TechnologiesDetecting and Preventing data breach in real-time.Contact for pricingStar_rating_4_of_5

Best Code42 Incydr Alternatives Review.

#1) Endpoint Protector (Recommended)

Endpoint Protector is best for Intellectual Property, PII, and Insider Threat Protection.

Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector is an all-in-one data loss prevention software that is capable of preventing data loss or theft, thanks to its breach detection and data monitoring capabilities. The software employs advanced technology such as N-gram-based text to detect, monitor, and control the transfer of intellectual property, like source code.

The software also harbors an impressive eDiscovery feature that scans and secures PII such as social security number, credit card number, and more. Furthermore, the tool monitors device activity and file transfers to prevent potential data exfiltration. You can easily monitor, control, or block a file transfer with the help of Endpoint Protector. Users get detailed control over their data via the content and context inspection performed by this tool.

Additionally, the software also allows users to encrypt their USB devices as well to prevent data leakage while it is in transit. Another impressive quality of this software is its flexible compatibility. The software works fine on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Endpoint Protector is also compatible with most cloud apps and virtualization tools.


  • Manage, Control, and Block file transfers
  • Automatic USB encryption
  • eDiscovery
  • Insider Threat, PII, and IP protection
  • Easily comply with Data Protection Regulation

Verdict: Endpoint Protector is one of the best alternatives to Code42 simply because of how easy it is to deploy and maintain. However, the tool also impresses with many advanced features that together provide robust protection to PII, IP, and other sensitive business information against potential security threats.

Price: Contact for Pricing

#2) Symantec DLP

Best for scalable Data Loss Prevention tool.


Symantec is a renowned data loss prevention tool that is celebrated due to its cybersecurity features. As far as data protection is concerned, the tool employs real-time blocking features that mitigate the risk of data leakage by end-users. It helps users monitor data across cloud apps, mobile devices, and multiple endpoints, all from one single dashboard.

As such, you have a clear picture of how the data is being used and accessed by the end-user. The tool is also highly scalable, which makes it an ideal solution for enterprises that are growing quickly. The solution can also be used to stop non-compliant data transfers and prevent unauthorized apps from accessing secure information.


  • Real-time monitoring, control and blocking to prevent data leakage
  • One-Click SmartResponses to react to data breaches in an instant
  • Monitor policy violations by end-user
  • Assess and manage compliance risks associated with data protection regulations

Verdict: Symantec helps you take care of data breaches before they cause any serious damage due to its real-time data monitoring, control, and alerting capabilities. You can instantly respond to a data threat with one click, keep an eye on risky user behavior and also ensure your enterprise’s data security measures are in compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: Symantec Data Loss Prevention

#3) McAfee

Best for to discover, monitor, and prevent loss or theft of data.


McAfee is a DLP solution that is capable of protecting your intellectual property and sensitive business information in the cloud, on the network, and at the endpoint. It is known in the business circles because of how simple its deployment and maintenance is.

McAfee also allows users to establish a common protection policy to secure data across cloud, network, and endpoints without any confusion. The tool gives its users a clear sense of how their data is being used and what were the causes of leakage if any. McAfee is also intuitive enough to identify data and classify it as per its importance and vulnerability to the threat.

Data transmissions that are in violation of established policies can be blocked, redirected, encrypted, or quarantined. The software also presents a centralized approach to incident management and reporting. All DLP violations are managed at a single point irrespective of whether the violation was reported from a cloud application or a corporate device.


  • Simple Deployment and Maintenance
  • Centralized Incident Management and Reporting
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations
  • Quick data classification
  • Quick action of policy violations.

Verdict: McAfee provides users with an automated DLP solution that takes care of security breaches in the cloud, on the network and the endpoint. It is very simple to deploy and maintain. Ultimately, its ability to automatically classify data and take appropriate action like blocking or quarantining to prevent data loss makes it one, if not the best alternative available to Code42 in the market today.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: McAfee DLP

#4) Forcepoint DLP

Best for establishing a common policy to prevent data loss across the enterprise.


Forcepoint is a DLP tool that is prominently known for its ability to set unified policies across the entire enterprise for compliance. It provides users with tools that help them create and manage custom data loss prevention policies for endpoint, emails, and many other channels.

This is a very easy-to-use solution that helps users protect their data against advanced threats both on and off-network. The tool is capable of identifying sensitive business data quickly and providing forensic insight into the attacks at the endpoint and on the network.

The tool also employs a very intuitive ‘Risk Adaptive Data Protection’ feature that helps you identify end-users that exhibit risky behavior. Depending on the risk assessment, you can block their actions to prevent any possible threat to the data being accessed by them.


  • Set unified policies across all channels (cloud, network, or endpoint)
  • Create and manage custom protection policies
  • Identify high risk and advanced threats
  • Inspect HTTPS traffic

Verdict: Forcepoint can easily identify high-risk employees and advanced threats to sensitive business information both on and off devices. Its ability to add, create and manage unified compliance policies is what makes it stand out amidst tools that are similar in nature. It supports endpoints on Windows and Mac systems and is very easy to use.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: Forcepoint

#5) GTB Technologies

Best for detecting and preventing data breaches in real-time.


GTB is an effective data prevention platform that can easily prevent data breaches on-premises, in the cloud, and at the endpoint. It can easily inspect, analyze and classify all data being transmitted in real-time.

It allows you to give a comprehensive set of control over data to both internal and external users. The system allows you to control who gets access to the data, what recipients can do with the data, when this data can be used by the end-user and where it can be accessed.

GTB empowers users with the ability to control their data from a plethora of computer devices and cloud applications such as Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Office 365, and more.


  • Real-time data detection and loss prevention
  • Classify data on the basis of importance and vulnerability
  • Control user rights pertaining to data access
  • Control data on a plethora of devices and cloud application

Verdict: GTB is a simple to use data loss prevention tool that allows you to discover, locate, classify, monitor, and manage data in real-time. The software performs all the above actions automatically across a plethora of devices and cloud applications. You can easily manipulate digital content rights to control how your data is accessed and used by internal and external users.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: GTB Technologies

#6) Safetica

Best for easy to use data loss prevention.


Safetica is a traditional data loss prevention tool that is easy to deploy, use and maintain. In fact, the tool can be set and made to run within hours. It is also effective in preventing the loss of sensitive information, performing security audits, and monitoring how data is being used across the organization.

You can set user rights to control who has access to the data and what devices can access them in an organization. The software can also identify potential gaps in security and implementing solutions to handle them. Safetica also facilitates behavioral analysis to identify human factors that can pose a threat to your company’s sensitive information. The software also works in a way that complies with relevant information protection security regulations.


  • Easy to use and fast deployment
  • Human behavioral analysis
  • Control user and device access
  • Regulatory compliance

Verdict: Safetica is a very simple data loss prevention tool that is ideal for start-ups who don’t want to associate with complex tools like Code42. The tool is useful to perform audits, get an overview of incidents, and get a clear insight into several key aspects pertaining to breach of security.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: Safetica

#7) Teramind

Best for insider threat detection and data loss prevention.


Teramind protects sensitive data loss by detecting insider threats and actively monitoring user behavior. It employs the rather unconventional method of intelligent behavioral analysis to detect human factors that can signal a potential threat to business data. It monitors all user activity, including third-party vendors and other users to prevent data loss and exfiltration attempts.

The software also allows users to create and manage their own customized policies for data protection using pre-built templates and categories. You can also discover sensitive text on screen with its advanced OCR feature. Teramind also possesses built-in classification templates that allow it to classify detected data into PII, PHI, PFI, etc.


  • Monitoring user behavior and detecting insider threats
  • Monitor user activity for potential threat
  • Create custom protection policies
  • Advanced OCR
  • Data classification

Verdict: Teramind sets itself apart from tools like Code42 by employing intelligent behavioral analysis to detect human factors that can result in data losses. It allows you to monitor user activity in real-time. Apart from this, the tool is also great for creating customized compliance policies, automatically classifying data, and identifying insider threats before they aggravate.

Price: $10/user/month–Starter plan, $20.38/user/month- UAM plan, $25/user/month–DLP plan

Website: Teramind DLP


Data theft and security breaches have become more prominent than ever. As companies race to digitize their data in compliance with technologically evolving times, they’ve become more vulnerable to attacks that target critical business information. In the wrong hands, this information can spell doom for the prospects of a successful organization.

It is imperative to arm your organization with DLP tools that can discover, identify, monitor, and neutralize threats to sensitive data before they cause any serious damage. You need a tool that can take appropriate measures which range from automatic encryption to blocking file transfers just to prevent information from leaking outside the organization. Code42 performs these tasks capably and so do the above-mentioned tools.

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The tools we’ve listed above offer something or the other that sets them apart from a renowned tool like Code42. Some of these tools even surpass Code42 when it comes to ease of use and overall functionality.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for a simple to deploy tool that can protect sensitive business information like PII or IP against insider threats, then look no further than Endpoint Protector. You can also try Forcepoint DLP for its ability to create custom compliance policies for data protection.

Research Process:

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  • Total Code42 Incydr Alternatives Researched – 15
  • Total Code42 Incydr Alternatives Shortlisted – 7
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