30 Best GUI Testing Tools For GUI Test Automation [2021 LIST]

List of the top GUI Testing Tools with the comparison:

Any application or website can be considered good if it is user-friendly and easy to manage. But the very first thing that catches user’s attention is the look and feel of the application i.e.; GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Hence GUI Testing becomes important to remove loopholes in the design and gain users attraction towards the system. In today’s era of digitization, GUT Testing is not limited up to desktop computers, it is expanding its edges on smartphones and tablets like electronic gadgets. 

Let us have a closer look towards GUI Testing in this article. We will learn what is GUI Testing exactly performed for and some other concepts related to it. The focus will be on how we can automate GUI Testing by using GUI Testing Tools.

GUI Testing Tools For GUI Test Automation

What is GUI Testing?

1) GUI Testing is the process of testing GUI of the application to identify defects occurred in it during the design stage
2) It is performed for verifying the functionality of GUI as per specifications and depends on the technology used
3) GUI Testing also evaluates controls like menus, buttons, icons, text boxes, lists, dialog boxes, layouts, color, font sizes, text formatting etc
4) GUI Testing can be performed manually or automatically with the help of tools often performed by the third-party company rather than developers or users
5) It is used to execute values of properties for each GUI object and exercise GUI events like key press or mouse click

The following list suggests what should be exactly checked while performing GUI Testing;

  • Screen Validations
  • Size and position of GUI elements
  • Clear and well-aligned images
  • Navigations (links)
  • Font and alignment of text
  • Date and numeric fields
  • Usability conditions and data integrity
  • Error messages
  • Required fields
  • Abbreviations inconsistencies
  • Progress bars
  • Shortcuts

Approaches for GUI Testing

#1) Manual Based Testing:

Testers apply their knowledge and test the graphical screen as per business requirements.

#2) Record and Replay:

This is achieved using automation tools and their Record and Replay actions. Test steps are captured in the automation tool during Record and recorded steps are then executed on the application under test during Replay/Playback.

#3) Model-Based Testing:

Model-Based Testing is performed as per system behavior. These models can be categorized in 3 types such as;

  1. Event-based model: Based on GUI events that are to occur at least once
  2. State-based model: Based on GUI states exercised at least once
  3. Domain model: Based on domain and functionality of the application

With the above 3 models following requirements also need to be followed;

  • Build the model
  • Specify inputs to the model
  • Determine expected outputs
  • Execute tests
  • Compare actual and expected results
  • Decide future actions to be taken
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Top GUI Testing Tools in 2021

Mobile application testing can be manual or automated. There are several tools used for it, not all but some of them are listed below according to popularity and usage.

#1) RAPISE by Inflectra

2017 rapise logo

Rapise provides an all-in-one test automation solution. It can test desktop, mobile, the web (including with Selenium support), Java applications, and even APIs (REST and SOAP). Its learning and tracking tools are robust and designed to work with even the most complicated applications across many types of connection.

Rapise uses standard JavaScript with easy-to-use libraries, making it fast and simple to get up to speed. It also includes a growing set of custom libraries for testing a number of popular applications, including Microsoft Dynamics. The latest version even includes a scriptless keyword driven framework.

Rapise – An Ultimate IDE for Testers!

=> Visit Rapise Website

#2) TestComplete


TestComplete is a GUI test automation tool that tests every desktop, web, and mobile application openly integrates within the SDLC ecosystem, is used by both technical and non-technical users. Delivers the quality of your application with incredible scale and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Code or codeless test creation: use record & playback, or script in your choice of a modern language (including JavaScript, Python, and VBScript).
  • Superior object recognition, using machine learning and AI, identifies complex objects.
  • Support for testing enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, and Salesforce.
  • Run functional UI tests in parallel in the cloud or on your local machine for continuous testing and continuous delivery.
  • Integrates tightly with the tools in your ecosystems, such as CI/CD, test management, issue tracking, and version control, giving you a complete testing lifecycle.

=> Visit TestComplete Website

#3) Abbot Java GUI Test Framework

GUI Testing Tools 1

  • Abbot Java GUI Test Framework is used testing Java GUI
  • This framework is used with the script and compiled code
  • It consists of GUI references and performs user actions on GUI components
  • Provides unit testing and functional testing for AWT and SWING
  • This is an open-source framework available for free use and possesses features like Record and Replay

Download Link: Abbot Java GUI Test Framework.

#4) AutoIt UI testing

GUI Testing Tools 3

  • AutoIt is freeware scripting language with basic structures used to automate Windows GUI and general scripting
  • It is a self-contained commercial tool which is a combination of keystrokes, mouse movements, and Windows Manipulation
  • Tool avails COM support and script compilation with standalone executables
  • The tool encompasses Built-in Editor, Basic-like Syntax, Rich function set etc.

Download Link: AutoIt

#5) CubicTest

GUI Testing Tools 4

  • CubicTest is an open-source Eclipse plugin that helps for testing web application to design and understand, no matter if the user has any technical knowledge or not
  • It uses GUI for model testing instead of test scripts and enables test-driven development of web application
  • Replaces requirement specifications and manual test scripts with CubicTest case designs

Download Link: CubicTest

#6) eggPlant UI Automation Testing

GUI Testing Tools 5

  • eggPlant is a commercial GUI Automation and Software Testing tool designed by TestPlant
  • It is good for GUI Testing and is used for the entire testing process
  • It uses VNC to look at SUT and send mouse and keyboard commands
  • Can test any device, any operating system, and any technology. Create tests quickly via eggDrive interface
  • We can integrate eggplant into Jenkins, IBM Rotational Quality Manager and Micro Focus Quality Centre for performing end to end QA process

#7) FitNesse

GUI Testing Tools 6

  • FitNesse is an open-source framework used for Collaborative Acceptance Testing Able to run against an app on one or more devices
  • It is a lightweight tool helps to decide what should software exactly do and what it actually does
  • It can run on machine or server and available with all in one package

Download Link: FitNesse

#8) Ascentialtest

GUI Testing Tools 2

  • Ascentialtest is designed for reducing time and efforts of test case creation and maintenance
  • Provides a visual environment for creating test component just through drag and drop feature
  • Facilitates test planning, test data management, test execution, manual and automated test development, defect tracking and reporting

Download Link: Ascentialtest

#9) iMacros

GUI Testing Tools 7

  • Basically, iMacros is known as an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer with Record and Replay functionality
  • It has supportive features for web scripting, internet server monitoring, and web testing
  • It is a commercial tool which can automate Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Silverlight, Java Applets etc.
  • Integrates with business data and Excel automates Ajax Testing and functional, performance and regression testing for browsers

Download Link: iMacros

#10) Ranorex Studio 


Ranorex Studio is a commercial Windows GUI test automation tool used by over 4000 companies worldwide for testing on desktop, web, and mobile applications. It is easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface and helpful wizards, but powerful for automation experts with a full IDE. See all the supported technologies here.

Features include:

  • Reliable object identification, even for web elements with dynamic IDs.
  • Shareable object repository and reusable code modules for efficient test creation and reduced maintenance.
  • Customizable test report with video reporting of test execution.
  • Run tests in parallel or distribute on a Selenium Grid with built-in Selenium Webdriver.
  • Customizable test report.
  • Integrates with tools like Jira, Jenkins, TestRail, Git, Travis CI, and more.

#11) Maveryx user interface testing tool

GUI Testing Tools 8

  • Maveryx is a test automation tool for functional, regression, data-driven and GUI testing especially for all Java and Android applications
  • Maveryx takes snapshots of running application user interface to identify UI element to test automatically
  • This is an open-source as well as a commercial tool that having interfaces and plugin architecture to support custom controls
  • It is a cross-platform that runs a standalone application or as Eclipse plugin

Download Link: Maveryx

#12) RIATest

GUI Testing Tools 10

  • RIATest is a GUI test automation tool beneficial for Flex, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery or Windows 8 apps
  • RIATest is added to the continuous integration system to find out issues quickly
  • Helps to create a readable test script, uses the component inspector to recognize GUI elements
  • It is a commercial tool that allows customized error handling through logging the error or throwing an exception

Download Link: RIATest

#13) SilkTest

GUI Testing Tools 11

  • SilkTest is a tool for automates functional and regression testing.
  • It is a commercial tool that is used to create robust and portable functional tests.
  • It facilitates test cases for the web, native, and other software applications.
  • Provides cross-browser support, mobile browser support, fast test execution, etc.

Download Link: SilkTest

#14) Sikuli UI automation framework

GUI Testing Tools 12

  • Sikuli is an open source framework to automate GUI testing
  • It uses Sikuli script that can be used to automate anything on screen without the support of internal API
  • It provides support for web pages, desktop application on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, and Android too

Download Link: Sikuli

#15) Squish GU testing tool

GUI Testing Tools 13

  • Squish is a commercial tool for GUI automation testing
  • It allows record and edit tests by using scripting languages like JavaScript, Perl, Python, and Ruby
  • Facilitates verification of properties, screenshots, images, complex data, external files, and databases
  • Possesses Eclipse-based integrated test development environment

Download Link: Squish

#16) SWTBot

GUI Testing Tools 14

  • SWTBot is an open-source Java-based cross-platform for GUI and functional testing
  • It basically supports platform which runs Eclipse as it is based on Eclipse plug-ins and Eclipse RCP based application
  • It provides APIs that are easy to read and write

Download Link: SWTBot

#17) Selenium

GUI Testing Tools 15

  • Selenium is known as an umbrella project that enables web browser testing for all browsers
  • It is implemented as a Firefox extension allowing record, edit and debug
  • It is an open source free application supports GUI Testing and web functional testing
  • Also supports some scripting languages like Java, C#, Python etc.

Download Link: Selenium

#18) Test Studio

GUI Testing Tools 16

  • Telerik TestStudio is commercial Windows-based software testing tool with Visual Studio plugins
  • It facilitates web and desktop (GUI) functional testing, performance testing and mobile app testing with Record and Replay features
  • Supports JavaScript, HTML, ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight etc and facilitates quick validations
  • Can be used for all browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Download Link: TestStudio

#19) Test Anywhere

GUI Testing Tools 18

  • Test Anywhere is commercial software testing tool which does not require any programming
  • Supports features like Record, Replay and run complex test cases
  • Provides GUI and Front-end testing with an object-based and image-based test editor
  • Single testing platform and based on testing methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, V, Spiral and RUP/RAD

Download Link: Test Anywhere

#20) TestPartner

GUI Testing Tools 19

  • TestPrtner is a commercial automated testing tool designed and developed by Micro Focus.
  • Follows business process through visual and storyboard oriented approach.
  • Provides VBA scripting and facilitates teamwork for users, developers, and testers.
  • Automates regression testing and generates an object-oriented script.

#21) Jubula GUI testing tool

GUI Testing Tools 20

  • Jubula is an automated GUI testing which is used as an alternative for GUIDancer
  • It is as better as GUIDancer and used to perform functional GUI testing
  • It can also serve integration, system and acceptance testing
  • A free tool supports Windows and Linux platform and provides toolkit support for Java Swing applications, SWT applications, Eclipse RPC applications, HTML and iOS application

Download Link: Jubula

#22) GTT

GUI Testing Tools 21

  • GTTis GUI testing tool used for Java Swing based application
  • Applied to test-driven development and comes with capture and replay functionalities for GUI testing
  • It is an open source tool that uses Jemmy events as its event model
  • For verifying accuracy it uses view-assertion and model-assertion mechanism

Download Link: GTT

#23) IcuTest

GUI Testing Tools 22

  • IcuTest is a unit testing framework for GUI testing that helps to create simple and manageable tests
  • It is a proprietary tool which does not support record and replay feature but performs testing automatically and rapidly
  • Provides wide code coverage and finds bugs quickly
  • No need to start the entire app for testing and can also test individual GUI components

Download Link: IcuTest

#24) QF-Test

GUI Testing Tools 23

  • QF–Test is a professional automated testing tool for web, Java & Windows application’s GUI.
  • Powerful and robust tool for Java Swing, AWT, SWT, Eclipse-plugins, RCP, ULC, Captain Casa, WebStart, JavaFX, JxBrowser, SWT-Browser, JavaFX Webview applications.
  • Cross-browser on all common browsers for also all common AJAX toolkits and frameworks like Angular, React, GWT, etc. Webswing and Electron applications.
  • This tool supports cross-browser testing and provides reusable tests.
  • Native Windows applications like Win32, .Net based on WPF or Windows Forms, Windows Apps, UWP, and modern C++ applications.
  • PDF documents
  • It is available for developers and testers and proven user-friendly with comprehensive documentation.

Download Link: QF – Test

#25) QAliber

GUI Testing Tools 24

  • QAliber automates tests for GUI testing with the record and replay functionality
  • Basically, it has two projects such as QAliber Test Builder and QAliber Test Developer
  • QAliber Test Builder provides complete GUI test management
  • Open source tool that stores test cases with all details

Download Link: QAliber

#26) RCP Testing Tool

GUI Testing Tools 25

  • RCP testing tool is used for GUI automation testing for Eclipse-based application
  • Provides test case creation productivity and strong support to Eclipse technology
  • Maintainable, extensible and generates useful and reliable results
  • Initially, it was commercial but in the year of 2014 it has been released as an open source tool

Download Link: RCP Testing Tool

#27) Sahi

GUI Testing Tools 26

  • Sahi is an Automation testing tool that is used for testing web application and available with both open source and proprietary versions
  • Open source comes with basic record and replay functionalities written in Java and JavaScript
  • Proprietary version comes additional features and report customization
  • Open source version has been hosted by SourceForge and proprietary version is hosted by Sahi Pro Website

Download Link: Sahi

#28) Soatest

GUI Testing Tools 27

  • Parasoft Soatest is a testing tool that is used to validate the API-driven application
  • It is also used for functional unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, system testing, security testing and web UI testing
  • Supports runtime error detection. Load testing and introduces Service Virtualization
  • Proprietary tool facilitates advance intelligence for automation test generation

Download Link: Soatest

#29) SWAT

GUI Testing Tools 28

#30) Telerik Testing Framework

GUI Testing Tools 29

  • Telerik Testing framework is a free tool that has rich API for preparing maintainable functional test cases
  • Helps to set dynamic page elements, animations, and custom UI controls
  • Comes with cross-browser compatibility and automates tests for AJAX, HTML5 and XAML application
  • Integrates with visual studio and handles JavaScript events

Download Link: Telerik Testing Framework

#31) Telerik Test Studio GUI testing tool

GUI Testing Tools 30

  • Telerik Test Studio is a proprietary Windows-based tool for web and desktop
  • Used for functional testing, performance testing, load testing and testing mobile apps developed by Telerik
  • Enables scriptless record and replay functionality and facilitates cross-browser testing
  • Supports HTML, AJAX, Silverlight application testing and automated data-driven testing
  • Integrates with Bug-tracking tool and Micro Focus Quality Center

Download Link: Telerik Test Studio

#32) Tellurium Automated Testing Framework

GUI Testing Tools 31

  • Tellurium Automated Testing Framework is an open-source automated testing framework for web application
  • It is developed from the Selenium framework and built on UI module concept available for developers and testers
  • Tellurium works in two modes first one is a wrapper to the Selenium Framework and the second one uses Tellurium Engine
  • Tellurium UI templates have been used to represent dynamic web content and support cross-browser testing

Download Link: Tellurium Automated Testing Framework

#33) TestStack.White Framework

GUI Testing Tools 32

  • White is an open source UI automation tool written in C# and based on Win32, WinForm, WPF and Java SWT
  • It much depends on (based on) .NET hence do not require any scripting language
  • Handles complex UI automation and enables consistent object-oriented API
  • White has been replaced by TestStack.White

Download Link: White

#34) UI Automation Powershell Extensions

GUI Testing Tools 33

  • This is free tool contains UI module that helps easy implementation of GUI automation testing
  • It is based on UI Automation library which is part of .NET Framework 3.0
  • Currently supports Win32, Windows Form, Java SWT and Delphi applications ( Delphi applications allows to create GUI or Console application)

Download Link: UI Automation Powershell Extensions

#35) Watir

GUI Testing Tools 34

  • Watir stands for Web Application Testing in Ruby is an open source used for automated web browser testing.
  • It is written in Ruby and supports all apps regardless of technology.
  • Categorized into 3 main categories such as Watir-classic, Watir-webdriver and Watirspec.
  • Proven as lightweight, powerful and easy to use.

Download Link: Watir

#36) Coded UI

GUI Testing Tools 35

  • This tool generates automated tests for user interface of your application
  • Generally performs functional testing for your UI including individual UI control you have used
  • Focuses on validations and other logic involved in UI design and also can be used for creating data-driven tests
  • It requires Visual Studio Enterprise as it is part of Visual Studio IDE and supports Operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Commercial tool can be used by tester and developers and used frequently

Download Link: Microsoft Coded UI

#37) Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT)


  • Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) was well known as Micro Focus QuickTest Professional
  • New form of the tool incorporates best features of QuickTest Professional, WinRunner and Micro Focus Service Test
  • Micro Focus UFT provide a strong and effective framework for GUI and API testing
  • It generates functional tests that can be performed automatically causes an increase in speed and cost-effectiveness
  • Proprietary tool that gives best results in Regression Testing and helpful to record each action performed by user on GUI

Download Link: Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

#38) Cucumber

GUI Testing Tools 37

  • Cucumber is a free use open source Behavior Driven Development tool
  • It requires use of Ruby and it is written in Ruby itself
  • Apart from Ruby it can support other languages and applications too
  • Executes plain-text functional description as automated tests
  • Supports JVM, .NET, Python, Adobe Flex, PHP, WebDriver, Selenium, Waitr etc
  • It focuses on system behavior instead of GUI testing specifically

Download Link: Cucumber

#39) LoadUI

GUI Testing Tools 38

  • LoadUI Pro is load testing tool comes with both commercial and open source versions and designed by SmartBear
  • Enables visual drag and drop interface and easy creation and configuration of load test
  • Supports web testing which includes functional testing, usability testing, user interface testing, database testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, security testing etc.
  • Supports protocols like SOAP/WSDL, REST, Http/Https, JDBC, POX etc.

Download Link: LoadUI


GUI testing is necessary to improve the quality of an application. It is important but sometimes seems costly. GUI testing is better to perform using tools rather than manually. Tools help to detect loopholes in a better way.

In the above article, we have seen some featured and dedicated GUI testing tools as per necessity and need. Automated GUI testing helps testers and developers to perform testing more accurately and within time constraints.

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