Top 10 Change Management Software Solutions in 2020

List of the Most Popular Change Management Software with Features:

Change management software is a system which helps the organizations in monitoring and optimizing the process of managing changes.

Change management process is about managing the changes of code, documents, or requirements. This process is also called Configuration management.

In this article, will explore a list of the most popular Change Management Software along with their features.

change management software

The main aim of the change management process is to successfully make the desired changes with a minimum negative effect and thereby maximizing the benefits.

Change Management Process

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Challenges Involved in Change Management:

  • IT management challenges related to digitization.
  • Asset and resource management.
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Governance, auditing, and analysis.
  • Changing the way of thinking and approach towards the basic strategy.

Benefits of Change Management Software:

  • Change management tools help in keeping version control.
  • Prevents modification for the same thing by more than one person.
  • Track the changes made.
  • Allows to back out the changes.

Features of Change Management Software:

  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Task management
  • Release Management
  • Project management

Change management systems follow the standardized methods and procedures to incorporate the changes in the system. These systems perform an end-to-end impact analysis which in turn is helpful in taking effective measures.

All the above-mentioned features of Change management system helps in making the product or system successful and also helps in project management.

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List Of Top 10 Change Management Software Solutions

Enlisted below are the most popular Change Management Software that is used by all the top organizations worldwide.

Overall Comparison of Top Change Management Tools

Change management softwareRatingsVerdictFree trial periodPrice
ServiceNow ITSM

5 starsComprehensive change management functionality and an intuitive CAB scheduling tool.Not availableAvailable on demand.

5 starsPowerful system with user-friendly interface.21 daysBlossom :$19/agent/month
Garden: $49/agent/month Estate: $79/agent/month
Forest: $99/agent/month

5 starsA customizable system which is easy to install and learn.Live Demo.Change Manager: Starts at $ 41 per user/month.
Service desk: Starts at $ 46 per user/month.
Service manager: Contact.
Remedy Change Management 9

5 starsA flexible tool with social media connection for self- service application.AvailableContact for the pricing details.

5 StarsEasy to use & Good customer support.NoContact for the pricing details.

Feature Comparison

 Change Mgnt
Incident MgntRelease MgntProblem MgntAsset MgntProject MgntTask Mgnt
ServiceNow ITSMYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Remedy Change Management 9YesYesYes--Yes----
Web Help DeskYesYes--YesYes----
SysAid YesYes--Yes--Yes--
Alloy NavigatorYes------Yes--Yes

Let’s Explore!!

#1) ServiceNow ITSM


ServiceNow has been a leader in the ITSM market for 5 consecutive years according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tool.

ServiceNow’s ITSM product covers ITIL-based change management functionality that allows organizations to gather change requests, evaluate their impact on the system, plan their implementation, prepare backup plans and conduct a post-implementation review.

Besides that, ServiceNow offers productivity-boosting functionality and supports change management initiatives with workflow automation.

#2) Freshservice

Freshservice Pricing: There are four pricing plans i.e. Blossom ($19/agent/month), Garden ($49/agent/month), Estate ($79/agent/month), and Forest ($99/agent/month). These are the prices if you are billed annually. Monthly billing plans are also available.


Freshservice provides customizable software. It is customizable for IT and Non-IT needs. This software helps in automating the tasks. It supports the issues raised through an email, a self-service portal, phone, chat, and in-person. It helps in managing the projects from planning to execution.

A mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Freshservice provides solutions for IT, HR, Operations and Education.


  • Change management feature makes sure that the user will be aware of the changes. It is like communication between the technical teams and users.
  • Projects can be organized into multi-level tasks.
  • It can manage projects from planning to execution.
  • Asset or inventory management.
  • Incident management.
  • Project management.
  • Release management.
  • Problem management.

Verdict: It is a powerful system and has a user-friendly interface. Mobile apps are available for Android and iPhone devices.

#3) ChangeGear

Price: ChangeGear Change Manager Price, starts at $41 per user/month. Its service desk price starts at $46 per user/month. You can request a quote for the service manager’s prices.

Change Gear

ChangeGear is a browser-based repository for all the changes.

It is a centralized solution with powerful automation, customizable dashboards, ad-hoc reporting, and multi-modal workflows. It has advanced change management capabilities. It has solutions for DevOps, IT, and business.


  • It allows you to automatically log the changes done by the DevOps team using the RESTful API.
  • This feature will give you complete visibility for the IT changes.
  • It allows you to configure change control as per your needs.
  • Easy CAB Management.
  • It helps in improving the communication between Dev and Ops teams.
  • You will be able to identify the Conflicts on the Change Calendar.
  • It provides many more features as an IT Service Management solution.

Verdict: System is easy to install, learn, and use. This Change management system is customizable and has good functionality.

Website: ChangeGear

#4) Remedy Change Management 9

Price: Contact for the pricing details.

Remedy Change Management 9

It is an IT service management platform provided by BMC Software.

It facilitates the ease of digital transformation and helps in reducing risks while performing organizational changes. The platform is accessible from any device anywhere. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.


  • Live chat.
  • Mobile application.
  • Impact analysis.
  • Facilitate the ITIL complaint process.
  • It provides a customizable dashboard.
  • Data-driven insights with the help of reports.

Verdict: It is a cloud-based solution for service management.

The system provides the features for service desk manager and change management. Social media connection for the self-service application. The tool is flexible and provides good functionalities as a change management system.

Website: Remedy Change Management 9

#5) Whatfix


Price: Contact for the pricing details.

Whatfix is a platform for training, employee onboarding, and for efficient user performance support. It provides training capabilities like integration with SCORM compliant LMS’s and helpdesks.


  • Helps in designing interactive guides and no coding will be required.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Provides on-boarding and on-the-go support to improve productivity.
  • It offers context-based support.
  • It provides guidance for new software tools which will result in effortless software migration.

Verdict: Whatfix is extremely easy to use. The company provides good customer support.

Website: Whatfix

#6) Web Help Desk  

Price: The Maximum price will be $700 per license for one to five technicians. The price will get reduced if the number of technicians increases.

Web Help Desk

This IT change management software helps in managing change requests and change approvals.

It has an integrated IT ticketing system. There is an automated approval workflow for managing changes. The system sends notifications to those who approve through email and an option to approve or deny that request.


  • You can associate Service request types with Approval and change processes.
  • It provides a facility to the end-users to select the required approver.
  • Automated ticket approval communication process.
  • Approve or deny a request through Web Help Desk interface & email.
  • Auto-assign service requests facility.
  • The system allows you to customize the change approval workflows.
  • Setting reminders for pending approvals.

Verdict: Web Help Desk is a cloud-based solution for change management, asset management, ticketing management, knowledge management, incident management, and service management. It is a good solution for any sized company. It is best for its email notification feature.

Website: Web Help Desk

#7) Gensuite

Price: Contact them for the pricing details.


Gensuite Change Management Software will help you in managing processes, compliance, and risks for the operational changes. The system helps in simplifying the process of Management of Change.

Changes to operations, equipment, and people are always associated with potential risks. EHS and functional teams need to identify and manage these potential risks and compliance requirements and this software will help with that.


  • It can be integrated with Gensuite applications.
  • Flexible and self-configurable platform.
  • Standardized process stages.

Verdict: Gensuite provides a good solution for EHS management. The system is easy to use. The company provides good customer support.

Website: Gensuite

#8) StarTeam

Price: Contact for the pricing information. A free trial is also available.


StarTeam is a change management system for enterprises. It will help you to deliver changes on multiple ALM repositories and tools. It can be used for development teams that are centralized or geographically distributed.


  • It helps in tracking the changes related to source code, defects, features, tasks, etc.
  • Customizable workflows.
  • Seamless integration with assets.
  • Release management.

Verdict: It is a good change management solution. It can perform end-to-end impact analysis and can build management processes.

Website: StarTeam

#9) SysAid 

Price: Contact them for the pricing information. A Free trial is available.


It is an ITSM solution that also works as a service desk and help-desk. It provides automation for all service desk processes. It has many more capabilities like knowledge management, password reset, chat, CMDB, Service level management and many more.


  • Problem management.
  • Change management.
  • Incident management.
  • Service request management.
  • Ticketing system.
  • IT Asset management.

Verdict: This help desk system will help you in managing all the IT support activities. The tool provides features like business intelligence, IT asset management features, and IT services.

Website: SysAid

#10) Alloy Navigator

Price: $11/user per month. These prices are as per the reviews available online. For detailed pricing contact the company.

Alloy Navigator

Alloy Navigator provides two solutions i.e. Alloy Navigator Express and Alloy Navigator Enterprise. Alloy Navigator Express provides an integrated solution for help desk and asset management. It is a solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Alloy Navigator Enterprise is an ITSM solution and it provides features for configuration management.


  • As it is a web-based solution, it is accessible from anywhere on mobiles and Windows OS.
  • The system can be integrated with third-party systems using API.
  • It provides on-premise hosting for data security and flexibility.
  • Flexible licensing and pricing model.

Verdict: The system is simple to use. It provides good functionalities. Good reviews for this system. Also, the system is flexible as well as a little bit complicated. The system allows you to add customized features at an additional cost.

Website: Alloy Navigator

Additional Tools

#11) Rocket Aldon:

This system provides complete automation for the change request cycle. It keeps a record for all the parts of the application and their relationship with each other. It helps in impact analysis.

The system allows you to customize the workflow. The tool provides release management and makes sure that every part will be deployed and installed correctly. Contact the company to know more about the pricing details.

Website: Rocket Aldon

#12) Intelligent Service Management:

It is a full-featured service management solution. It provides an ITSM solution. It offers features like codeless customization of workflows and easily manageable individualized service. It allows you to view the case histories of the end-users.

The system has many more features like incident management, knowledge management, problem management, change management, request fulfillment, asset management, and project management.

Website: Intelligent Service Management

#13) Issuetrak:

The system will help you in managing issues, complaints, tasks, customer support requests, and help desk tickets. It provides the features of automation of workflows, task management features, customization of the system, different types of reports, alerts, and notifications.

The system can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. It provides the customization of reports with no need for programming.

There are four pricing plans i.e. Cloud Annual ($19/user/month), Cloud Monthly ($23/user/month), Self-hosted Annual ($82/user/month), Self-hosted Lifetime ($170/user/month). Pricing plans based on the agents are also available.

Website: Issuetrak

#14) Aha!:

Aha! is a roadmap software. It has the capability to work with epics. It allows you to view the status of the projects in real-time. It helps in project development by allowing you to prioritize the work, score for the feature and to add details about the work.

Pricing plans are available on a monthly and annual basis. There are 4 plans available, i.e. Startup (Contact), Premium ($59), Enterprise ($99), and Enterprise plus ($ 149).

Website: Aha!


Freshservice, ChangeGear, and Remedy Change Management 9 are rich in feature systems. All the top change management systems are commercial tools, and none of them are open source or free.

Whatfix is easy to use and the Web Help Desk is also a good system and is rich in features. Its email notification feature is the best one.

A free trial is available for Freshservice, Remedy Change Management 9, and Web Help Desk. ChangeGear can set a live demo session on request.

Hope you would have got a detailed insight about the top change management software.

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