Top McAfee DLP Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

Explore top McAfee DLP Alternatives with their pricing, and comparison to choose the right competitor for the McAfee Data Loss Prevention:

McAfee’s DLP is a comprehensive data loss prevention solution that can protect intellectual property. It can protect the business-critical information on the network, in the cloud, and at endpoints.

It provides an automated reporting facility that helps with ensuring compliance and safeguarding personal data. It also offers flexible deployment options.

Top McAfee DLP Alternatives

McAfee DLP Alternatives

McAfee DLP suite has various components, McAfee DLP Discover, McAfee DLP Prevent, McAfee DLP Monitor, and McAfee DLP Endpoint.


  • It offers the feature of MVISION ePO that will let you manage all DLP violations and reporting.
  • It has a common policy engine over endpoints, networks, and the cloud. This will eliminate the need for recreating policies to protect the data in multiple environments.
  • This DLP suite offers the functionalities of finding sensitive data, enforcing DLP policies, scanning network traffic in real-time, monitoring & preventing confidential data loss, and protecting removable devices & media.
  • You will be able to extend DLP policies to the cloud.
Market Trends:  Endpoint Protector’s research says that maximum data breaches happen because of malicious outsiders (52%), system glitches (25%), and human error (23%). According to Code42 research, 69% of organizations were breached by insider threats and they had a data loss prevention solution.

The below image shows the data risks statistics for the US region that itself tells the need and the importance of the effective data loss prevention solution.

Data risks statistics for the US

[image source]

What factors to consider while choosing the Data Loss Prevention solution?

The first thing to consider while choosing the DLP solution is your data protection objective. Identifying this objective will help you in determining the required DLP deployment architecture or its combination, For example, Endpoint DLP, Network DLP, Discovery, and Cloud.

Below is the list of more points to consider:

  • Deployment architecture
  • Platform support
  • Deployment options are available with the tool.
  • Your requirement for defense, e.g. internal, external, or both.
  • Your requirement for the protection of structured and unstructured data.
  • The time required for the deployment of the tool, etc.
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List of Top McAfee DLP Alternatives

Here is the list of top competitors for McAfee DLP Solution:

  1. Endpoint Protector (Best alternative to McAfee DLP)
  2. Safetica
  3. ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus
  4. Cyberhaven
  5. Digital Guardian
  6. Code42 DLP
  7. Check Point DLP
  8. Trend Micro
  9. GTB Technologies
  10. Forcepoint DLP
  11. Symantec DLP

Comparison of McAfee DLP Competitors

NameOur RatingsBest forDeploymentPlatformFree Trial
Endpoint Protector

Star_rating_5_of_5Insider threat/IP/PII protectionCloud service or as a virtual serviceWindows, Mac, LinuxDemo available

Safetica Logo
Star_rating_5_of_5Ease of use and cost effectiveness.On-premise, cloud-hosted.Mac, Windows, Web-basedFree demo, 10 day free trial.
ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

ManageEngine Endpoint
Star_rating_5_of_5Insider attack prevention and data movement regulationCloud-Hosted, On-PremiseWeb-Based, Windows, Linux, MacDemo Available

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Data loss and insider risk preventionCloud-based SaaSWindows, Mac, All major browsersFree demo
Digital Guardian

Star_rating_5_of_5Full data visibility & no-compromise protectionSaaS & On-premiseWindows, Mac, LinuxDemo Available
Code42 DLP

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Data loss detection, investigation, & response.SaaS solution with Open APIWindows, Mac, & Linux.Free Trial available for 30 days.
Check Point DLP

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Tracking data movement & pre-emptive data loss prevention.----Available
Trend Micro

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Enterprise data security & cybersecurityOn-premise & Cloud-basedWindows--

Comparison: McAfee DLP Vs Endpoint Protector

Now we will compare our topmost McAfee DLP alternative, i.e. Endpoint Protector with McAfee DLP in the below table:

FeaturesMcAfee DLPEndpoint Protector
FunctionalitiesTo gain visibility over data, quick identification of data, and remediate policy violations.To discover, monitor, and protect the sensitive data
ComponentsMcAfee DLP Discover,
McAfee DLP Prevent,
McAfee DLP Monitor, & McAfee DLP Endpoint
Device Control,
Content-Aware Protection,
Enforced Encryption, & eDiscovery.
DeploymentOn-premise as well as Cloud-basedDeployment options are:
Virtual Appliance: VMX, PVA, OVF, OVA, XVA, and VHD formats.
Cloud Services: AWS, Microsoft Azure, & GCP.
Deployment ProcedureDifficult to install, manage, and maintain.Easy deployment procedure. Remote deployment in 30 minutes.
Platform SupportWindows & Mac OSIt is a cross-Platform DLP and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Let us review the alternatives in detail.

#1) Endpoint Protector (Recommended)

Best for insider threat/IP/PII protection.


Endpoint Protector is a next-generation DLP solution that has features to protect your high-value data from persistent security threats and challenges. It is the solution for Intellectual Property Protection, Personal Identifiable Information Protection, Insider Threat Protection, and Compliance & Regulations.


  • Endpoint Protector has features of device control to lockdown, control, and monitor USB & peripheral ports.
  • It provides content-aware protection for removable devices and applications like Skype & Outlook.
  • It provides enforced encryption features that will let you encrypt, manage, and secure USB storage devices.
  • eDiscovery functionality will discover, encrypt, and delete sensitive data.

Verdict: Endpoint Protector is a comprehensive data loss prevention solution. It provides fast and remote client deployment. Multiple deployment options are available with this tool. It has a simplified deployment process. You will get pre-defined policies and central administration with this tool.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. Endpoint Protectors can also provide a demo for the platform.

#2) Safetica DLP

Best for ease of use and providing a cost-effective solution.


Safetica offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use data loss prevention solution that has functionalities for security audits and preventing data loss. It is a platform-independent solution and has capabilities of security audit, endpoint data protection, cloud data protection, and security automation.


  • For endpoint data protection, it has various features like email & network protection, devices & print protection, remote work protection, advanced data classification, etc.
  • For cloud data protection, it can provide endpoint cloud sync protection, endpoint office 365 protection, Azure information protection, etc.
  • It provides various enterprise features like end-user rebranding, workflow control, and multi-domain support.
  • It will help you with security automation through SIEM integration and FortiGate integration.

Verdict: Safetica DLP solution is available in three editions, Safetica Discovery, Safetica Protection, and Safetica Enterprise. It is a platform with features of reports & notifications, multi-platform, and GDPR & Compliance.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A demo is available on request.

#3) ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

Best for regulating enterprise data movement & to combat insider attacks.

ManageEngine Endpoint

Endpoint DLP Plus is ManageEngine’s take dedicated DLP solution to secure your enterprise’s critical data from insider threats and data loss.

Gain complete visibility over your entire network data and categorize them based on their criticality using DLP’s pre-defined or custom templates. Curate DLP policies to prevent sensitive data transfer via cloud uploads, email exchanges, printers, and other peripheral devices from a centralized console.


  • Diligently scan and categorize your sensitive data from the plethora of miscellaneous enterprise data in accordance with compliance standards.
  • Restrict private cloud storage uploads and confine uploads within the enterprise-approved cloud applications.
  • Allow E-mail exchanges within trusted domains to ensure safe communication and filter E-mail attachments with critical data.
  • Block the transfer of sensitive data via unauthorized USB devices, also control the download and printing limit for allowed devices.
  • Instant alerts and comprehensive reports to track and stay up to date with your network performance.
    Receive a one-step solution to remediate false positive instances for better data protection.

Verdict: Manage your enterprise data movement from a centralized console with content-aware protection. Monitor and regulate data transfer attempts via cloud uploads, E-mail exchanges, printers, and other peripheral devices from a centralized console.

Pricing: The license fee starts from $795. You can request a quote for pricing details and schedule a demo on demand.

#4) Cyberhaven

Best for Data loss and insider risk prevention


Cyberhaven is a powerful data risk detection and response solution that prevents unauthorized data exfiltration across all channels via a single console and policy. It arms its users with a visual policy editor, which makes the job of defining and enforcing data security policies very simple. It also facilitates integrations with multiple SIEM tools for enhanced data loss prevention.


  • Continuously monitor data movement, access, and usage
  • Visualize the flow of sensitive data to prevent data leak and unauthorized access
  • Test policies based on historical data before enforcement
  • Context-and content based sensitive data classification
  • Rapid and efficient data detection and response.

Verdict: If you are looking for a tool that facilitates effective data loss and insider risk prevention, then Cyberhaven is something you’ll like. It is very flexible when it comes to granting you complete visibility or classifying data. It also offers customizable reporting.

Price: How much you pay will depend on the number of endpoints you wish to protect. Contact the Cyberhaven team for a custom quote.

#5) Digital Guardian

Best for full data visibility and no-compromise protection.

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian offers a more comprehensive endpoint solution than McAfee DLP. McAfee DLP Endpoint is the solution for organizations that impose strict web usage policies. McAfee has flexible classification options but Digital Guardian will completely streamline the process of data classification. It has patented, automated, and persistent tagging capability.


  • Digital Guardian can automatically identify, classify, and track sensitive data.
  • McAfee’s solution is content-aware but Digital Guardian is a content-aware as well as the context-aware solution to provide seamless, constant, and optionally hierarchical data classification.
  • It performs the automatic identification and encryption of sensitive data that is transferred to removable devices.
  • It has features of silent alerts, user prompting, and blocking for managing risky behavior.
  • To manage risky behavior, it also has the functionality for access control, continuous monitoring, and automatic encryption & classification.

Verdict: Digital Guardian offers a single-agent solution and complete endpoint protection in one platform. This solution is for unified device & file encryption, user access, audit policies, and access control for devices, applications, data, and networks.

Price: A free trial is available for the platform, and you can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Digital Guardian

#6) Code42

Best for data loss detection, investigation, and response.


Code42 is an Insider Threat SaaS solution. It will empower productivity, protect data, and stop insider threats. Incydr is a solution for quickly and accurately detecting and responding to insider threats. It gives a company-wide view of the activities like suspicious file movement, sharing, and exfiltration according to vector and file type.


  • For risk detection, Incydr has features of untrusted domains, suspicious file mismatch, remote activity, etc.
  • It can identify the time when the employee is active on the computer.
  • It has various risk prioritization capabilities like application monitoring, file archive detection, activity thresholds, suspicious file match, etc.
  • Incydr’s built-in functionality of a legal hold will let you perform the activity without the user’s knowledge.

Verdict: Code42’s insider threat protection platform will help you with managing and mitigating insider risks. It is a SaaS solution that can quickly find out the data security blind spots. Its response actions vary according to the impact, employee history, and intent.

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Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. It offers a free trial for 30 days.

Website: Code42

#7) Check Point DLP

Best for tracking data movement and pre-emptive data loss prevention.


Check Point Data Loss Prevention provides pre-emptive protection against unintentional data loss. It monitors the data movement. It comes integrated with the Check Point Infinity Architecture. It will give you full visibility and control over your sensitive data.


  • Check Point DLP can track and control any type of sensitive data in motion, like file-sharing or email.
  • It can educate and alert end users for proper data handling.
  • It can mitigate incidents in real time.

Verdict: Check Point DLP will let you centrally manage the data loss prevention over your entire IT infrastructure. You can manage it all through a single console. It can track all DLP events.

Price: A free trial is available for the platform. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Check Point DLP

#8) Trend Micro

Best for enterprise data security and cybersecurity.


Trend Micro integrated DLP solution will help you with protecting data at rest, in motion, and in use. This solution will get integrated into your existing Trend Micro solutions. It is a lightweight plugin. It will give you visibility and control over your sensitive data and can prevent data loss through SaaS applications, mobile devices, cloud storage, USB, etc.


  • Trend Micro integrated DLP solution will give you visibility and control over data that is in use in USB ports, CDS, removable disks, DVDs, etc.
  • It provides a lot of global regulatory and compliance templates such as PCI/DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, etc.
  • It can track and document sensitive data that is flowing through network exit points, mobile devices, etc.

Verdict: Trend Micro’s Integrated Data Loss prevention solution will protect your data with lower DLP costs. It reduces the cost and complexity of DLP. It can detect and react to improper data usage. It provides alerts and reports that can educate employees on corporate data usage. Its out-of-the-box compliance templates will simplify regulatory compliance.

Price: Trend Micro has two pricing plans, Worry-Free Services Advanced ($59.87 per user) and Worry-Free Services ($37.75 per user). All these prices are for a one-year subscription.

Website: Trend Micro

#9) GTB Technologies

Best for preventing data loss from insiders & malware.


GTB Technologies offers a smart & intelligent DLP solution. It will let you automate data protection, breach prevention, and incident response. It will protect intellectual property and corporate assets. It supports on-premise and cloud-based deployment. Its content-aware reverse firewall can inspect, classify, and analyze inbound as well as outbound data transmissions in real time.


  • GTB Technologies provides a real-time and accurate Data Loss Prevention solution.
  • It provides the unique feature of fingerprint detection for data in use.
  • It has features that will let you control the 4 W’s for the access of the information, i.e. who can access the information, what can be done with it, when can the user access it, and where it can be used.

Verdict: GTB Technologies offer a solution that will keep the businesses completely aware of the information leaving the organization. Organizations will get insights into where the information is sent and where it is preserved.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is available for the platform.

Website: GTB Technologies

#10) Forcepoint DLP

Best for controlling all the data with one single policy.


Forcepoint offers a DLP solution with features of comprehensive data discovery, fingerprinting, and native remediation. It helps you with preventing data breaches automatically. It will give you individualized and adaptive data security. This will let you block actions only where it is necessary.

Forcepoint DLP can be used as a standalone tool or with Forcepoint Web Security and Forcepoint Email Security. This can be the right solution if you are looking for integrated DLP along with advanced Web & Email security.


  • Forcepoint DLP can protect sensitive data such as credit card data, PII & PHI, company financials, etc. in images.
  • It provides a vast library of pre-defined policies.
  • You will be able to ensure regulatory compliance for GDPR, CCPA, etc. across 80+ countries.

Verdict: Forcepoint DLP is a solution with native remediation, comprehensive data discovery, and fingerprinting. It is a platform with features of unified policy enforcement, a single console, and cloud apps.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is available for the platform.

Website: Forcepoint DLP

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#11) Symantec DLP

Best for providing total protection to your sensitive data.


Symantec DLP can provide total protection to sensitive data and can mitigate data breaches and compliance risks. It will monitor for policy violations and risky user behavior over the control points. It can identify unusual end-user behavior as well as malicious activity patterns. You can automate bulk response for low-priority incidents.


  • Symantec DLP has features of real-time blocking, quarantining, and alerts. This feature will prevent and discourage end users from leaking data.
  • It has features of automated incident remediation workflows and one-click SmartResponses. This feature will enable you to respond quickly and efficiently in case of critical data loss.
  • It provides threat-aware data protection for restricting suspicious apps.

Verdict: Symantec DLP provides complete visibility and control over your data, regardless of the fact where it lives and travels. It provides flexibility and you will be able to fine-tune policies.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Symantec DLP


Personal Information Protection, Compliance, IP Protection, and Data Visibility are the main reasons to have an effective DLP solution. McAfee DLP is the solution for large enterprises, and as per reviews, it is difficult to install, manage, and maintain.

Endpoint Protector is our top recommended solution as a McAfee DLP alternative. It offers a lightweight agent, great Linux support, and zero-day support for new Mac OS versions.

We hope this article will help you with choosing the right alternative to McAfee DLP.

Research process:

  • Time is taken to research and write this article: 26 Hours
  • Total tools researched online: 23
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 8
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