9 BEST Custom Software Development Companies and Services in 2019

List and Comparison of the Top Custom Software Development Companies and Service Providers Worldwide:

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a definite user or set of users within an association. Custom software development involves the ordering, development, and release of a software product which custom-made to a single detailed unit.

In this article, we focused on the companies who are developing custom software, and which is best as per your requirements by seeing Comparison chart at the last.

Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development


Custom Software has the features which off-the-shelf software doesn’t have. Cost is comparatively high if we compared Custom software with an off-the-shelf software but if you have the software designed that increase your productivity then cost doesn’t matter there.

If your organization has a need unique enough to warrant for custom software, then customizing a solution rather than settling for an off-the-shelf application becomes a smart course of action.


A high amount of costs and risk. When an organization chooses to initiate development on custom software, they must cover all expenses related to the development procedures. Off-the-shelf software can afford a low amount as the price is being dispersed among different employers, however, custom software is formed for only one employer i.e. for your business.

Why Custom Development?

  • Good for matching requirements in Competitive businesses.
  • High scope and excellence future expansion.
  • Who is worried about Cyber Security, for them, it’s a very good platform.
  • Also supports other software platforms.
  • Some open source tools are available who are concerned about cost.
  • Scalable for users.

Custom Applications

Best Custom Software Development Companies and Services

The list of the top Custom Development Companies worldwide:

  • Icreon
  • ScienceSoft
  • Enola Labs
  • Trigent
  • Oxagile
  • DevMynd
  • RadixWeb
  • OpenXcell
  • Code Brew
  • ITransition
  • Intellectsoft
  • Eleks
  • Custom Software Lab
  • Fingent Corp
  • Experion Technologies

Let’s start,

#1) Icreon Tech (New York, United States):


Icreon is a top custom software company, mainly focuses on developing enterprise-grade web, custom, and mobile technologies. They made software that reflects users and their requirements. They help businesses to grow by emphasizing Transparency, Innovation, Creativity, and Longevity.

Headquarters: New York, US with offices in UK, Dubai, and India.

Founded: 2000

Employees: 200-500

Contact: 212-706-6021(US) | 0207 052 8244 (UK)

Revenue: Approx. $75 Million

Core Services Provided: Business process Digitization, Technology Consolidation, IP & Product Engineering, Data Architecture, Business Intelligence, Digital-Teams-On-Demand.

Clients: IMG, National Geographic, New York Road Runners, TOTO, XPO Logistics, Ferrari, Panasonic and many more.

Project Pricing: Call them to discuss the pricing of the project.


  • Work to increase efficiency to achieve 4 results i.e. Connectedness, Transparency, Improvement, Optimization.
  • Help industries to grow from top to bottom to initiate revolutions and renovations.
  • Icreon has provided personalized, process-driven digital resolutions for customers in the worldwide market.

Official website: Icreon Tech

#2) ScienceSoft (Texas, US):


ScienceSoft has been bringing custom and platform-based solutions to large and midsize companies in Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom and other industries. They focus mainly on the areas of CRM, Data Analysis, Collaboration & Knowledge Management and Information Security. ScienceSoft is the world’s largest PLM platform.

Headquarter: Texas, US

Founded: 1989

Employees: 500+

Contact: +1 214 306 68 37

Revenue: approx. $56.4 million.

Core Services Provided: Custom software development, Web portals, Data Analytics, SharePoint, CRM Consulting, Salesforce, Internet of Things, E-commerce etc.

Clients: Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Magento.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Excellent in Healthcare CRM tools.
  • Web-Based deployment of software and customization is focused.
  • Predictive study and Excellent Patient Management System.

Official website: ScienceSoft.

#3) Enola Labs (Austin, TX):

Enola labs

Enola Labs Software is a known frontrunner in technical architecture, cloud-enablement, legacy modernization and custom software development services with web applications, mobile apps and entirely the newest fundamental technologies. They engrossed in bringing well-designed solutions to complex complications.

Headquarter: Austin, TX

Founded: 2012

Employees: 50+

Contact: (512) 537-6394

Revenue: $167.8K approx.

Core Services Provided: Software architecture, Cloud Enabled solutions, Mobile applications, Custom software, Legacy, Modernization, Consulting services, staff augmentation etc.

Clients: Amazon.com, HomeAway, Ieiddos, Aristocrat, Airstrip, Pivot, XECO, Insight Optics, B4CC, Ultracraft etc.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Enola Labs works with big data and has organized data.
  • Strong and high in both front-end as well as back-end development.
  • User-friendly products and excellent functionality of the products.

Official website: Enola Labs.

#3) Trigent Software (Massachusetts, United States):


Trigent is the initial creator of IT outsourcing and the offshore software development business. Their aim is to support their clients in “Overcoming Limits” of affordability, efficiency, technology complications, time and reasonable limits. Agile Scrum or traditional procedures, their effort collaboratively serving clients to progress in total efficiency and proficiency.

Headquarter: Southborough, Massachusetts, United States

Founded: 1995

Employees: 5000+

Contact: +1 (508) 779 6743 | +1 (508) 481 3946

Revenue: Approx. $541.5 billion for 2010

Core Services Provided: Cloud development &Transformation, QA&Testing, SharePoint services, Enterprise Digital transformation, Product Engineering, Business Intelligence, Managed Cloud Infrastructure services, Enterprise ADM, Mobile Application, professional Services etc.

Clients: Navistar, NEPC-LLC, The Dingley Press, ELaw, Wiley College, PG Calc, Emerson, eBags, Data guard systems, Sentry Blue, ebiz Industries etc.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Helps industry like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, E-Commerce, education etc.
  • Ability to access an extensive variety of experts with domain proficiency.
  • Strength in accessing, business procedure and planning.
  • End-to-End resolutions to report complex complications.

Official website: Trigent Software.

#4) Oxagile (New York, United States):


They deliver end-to-end custom software services with an emphasis on online video organization and distribution, AdTech, real-time communication, eCommerce, eLearning, big data, and business intelligence. Video-related services are the important part of their field expertise.

Headquarter: New York City, US.

Founded: 2005

Employees: 231 till 2016

Contact: +1 855 466 9244

Revenue: More than $16,7 billion.

Core Services Provided: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Software Testing & QA, Automated testing.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Centralized commercial Management.
  • Benefits companies with Big Data & BI solutions expansion.
  • Work with Scrum and Waterfall model.

Official website: Oxagile.

#5) DevMynd (United States):


DevMynd emphasis on people, innovative approach, and excellence custom software. They project and build custom software applications for mobile, web, and connected devices. Their method syndicates a mixture of invention strategy, UI/UX design, and well-crafted software.

Headquarter: Chicago + San Francisco, US

Founded: 2011

Employees: 50-60

Contact: 773.492.0209

Revenue: $1 to $5 million (USD) per year.

Core Services Provided: Innovation strategy, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, IoT Development, Custom Software Development.

Clients: Motorola, Enova, abbvie, Signal, opinion lab, mlbam, Knovation, ANInBev, IBM Bluemix, Udemy etc.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Focus on Strategy, Design, and Development.
  • Providing best end-to-end services to their customers.
  • Reasonable price for developing Projects.

Official website: DevMynd.

#6) RadixWeb (Gujrat, India):


Radix is a group of outstanding and exciting people in a mission of opportunities to bring excellence outsourcing services. They follow the modest rule of ‘identify the need and persevere to meet it’.

Radix nowadays guidelines attention in enterprise-class real-time applications introduced on Cloud or SaaS. Creativity, commitment, robust distribution, and transparency are the formation stones that have completed them to establish standards adopted as industry best applies.

Headquarter: Ahmedabad, Gujrat

Founded: 2000

Employees: 200-500

Contact: 079 2640 0685

Revenue: approx. $50.2 Million

Core Services Provided: Software Development, Mobile Development, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Enterprise services, System Software, Embedded Development, Driver Development etc.

Clients: Microsoft Partner, Intel Software partner, nopCommerce etc.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Expertise in PHP, .NET, System Programming and Embedded Development.
  • Proficient in enterprise-class real-time applications hosted on Cloud or SaaS.

Official website: RadixWeb.

#7) OpenXcell (California, United States):


OpenXcell is a leader in IT services, business solutions & outsourcing that associates with its clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their bu+sinesses. OpenXcell is a team of software engineers, technology experts, and imaginative designers. They are engrossed in distributing splendid software products to their customers.

Headquarter: California, US

Founded: 2008

Employees: 100-300

Contact: +1 888 777 4629 | +91 999 822 2929

Revenue: approx. $45.4 Million

Core Services Provided: Blockchain Development, Mobile Apps, Software Solutions, Web and eCommerce, Testing & QA, Real-Time Solutions, Cloud, Chat Bots etc.

Clients: Google, Unilever, Motorola, UTV, Conagra, University of Florida etc.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Young, Energetic and Creative team.
  • Secrecy and confidentially are the priority for them.

Official website: OpenXcell.

#8) CodeBrew Labs (Chandigarh, India):

code brew labs

Code Brew Labs is an IT Solutions company that supports Startups & Enterprises with Product Development & Digital Transformation. Their important expertise sets are Mobile App Development, Website development, Custom CRM & ERP Solutions.

Code Brew is the superlative company for getting excellence software development solutions, these company objectives are to distribute first-class projects for customers across the world.

Headquarter: India, Dubai & USA

Founded: 2013

Employees: 200-500

Contact: +918146269708

Revenue: $25 – $49/hr.

Core Services Provided: Product Strategy, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Development, User Acquisition and Marketing, Product Iterations, Data analytics, Website Development, Blockchain Development Experts.

Clients: Idea, Nielson, The ABRAAJ Group, The Times group, SML ISUZU, Data kart etc.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • Award-winning Mobile app development corporation that works with alien computing technology.
  • Top App Brewing company.
  • They form solutions that maximize ROI of all sized industries.

Official website: CodeBrew.

#9) Itransition (United States):


Itransition supports large, medium-sized businesses and startups to design, develop and evolve software that supplies their ad-hoc requirements and conveys ideas to the lifecycle. They trust that the future is digital. From business process inquiry and modeling to systems engineering, they deliver personalized facilities to empower integrated digital initiative, where all structures work.

Customers receive ECM, EDM, ERP, CRM and custom apps, that resolve enterprise integrity, communication and association problems and rise employees’ throughput.

Headquarter: Minsk, Belarus

Founded: 1998

Employees: 500-1000

Contact: 375 17 3 004 004

Revenue: More than $10 million

Core Services Provided: IT Strategy & Consulting, Application Development, Product Engineering, System Integration, QA & Testing, Application Management, Maintenance & Support, DevOps, Custom Development, Big Data analysis etc.

Clients: Adidas, Toyota, SSI, HAI Group, eBay, PayPal, PepsiCo, Expedia, Xerox, WHO, IBM, etc.

Project Pricing: Submit the Quote for Pricing.


  • They proposed a complete “consult-design-develop-test-implement-maintain services” cycle.
  • Itransition emphases on providing IT outsourcing services for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, banking, and finance.

Official website: Itransition.

Comparison Chart:

CompanySize Focus Area Rating
IcreonMid-size CompanyMainly focus on Services like Software development and Mobile App development. 4/5
ScienceSoftMid-size CompanyMainly focus on Services like Software, Mobile development and Testing, Client focus more for Medium size businesses and Industry Focus more on Healthcare and medical, banking, retail and Telecom. 4.8/5
Enola LabsSmall-size CompanyMainly Focus on Services like Mobile app and web development and Client focus more for small businesses.3.5/5
Trigent SoftwareLarge-size CompanyMainly Focus on Services like Software Development and Client focus for small and medium businesses.4.65/5
OxagileMid-size CompanyMainly focus on Services like Web Development, client focus more for medium businesses and Industry Focus for almost every industry.3.6/5
DevMyndSmall-size Company Mainly focus on Services like Software Development and Client focus for medium businesses more.4.2/5
RadixWebMid-size CompanyMainly focus on Services like software Development, Client Focus more for small businesses, and Industry Focus more for Information Technology.4/5
OpenXcellSmall-size CompanyMainly focus on Services like Mobile App development, Client Focus more for medium and large businesses.3.5/5
Code- Brew LabsMid-size CompanyMainly focus on Services like Mobile App Development, Industry focus more for Consumer Products.4/5
ItransitionMid-size CompanyMainly focus on Services like Mobile, Web, software and IOT Development and Client focus more for Medium Size Businesses.3.8/5

Here are some more Top Custom Development Companies:

#10) Intellectsoft:

Intellectsoft has grown up into a full-cycle, mobile-first software development company. Intellectsoft is a custom software development company that supports industries to overcome the industrial challenges of digital revolution through innovation and the practice of developing technologies, like blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence etc.

Intellectsoft mainly focuses more on Mobile app development for medium-size industries like Financial & Payments, Healthcare & Medical etc.

Click here for official website.

#11) Eleks:

Eleks have been helping as a software invention partner to Fortune 500 companies, big industries, and technology competitors.

Software products that they form benefits the world's top brands change their industries, raise their revenues and save up to 40% of the time and functional costs. It mainly focuses more on Software Development for Large-size industries like Transportation & Logistics and Retails.

Click here for official website.

#12) Custom software Labs:

Custom Software Lab is not a role for the custom software development firm that emphases on a marketplace. Their emphasis is on structuring custom business software applications which work for their clients. They know each of our customers’ requirements and then build a custom web, mobile or desktop software that advances their corporate.

Custom Software Lab is an end-to-end design and development firm. The proposed modest cost and great, hand-crafted excellence work.

Click here for official website.

#13) Fingent:

Fingent is an enterprise software development industry headquartered in New York, with offices across the world and 300+ workers. They have been a trusted technology mentor to more than 150 industries, including start-ups, SMB's and Fortune 500 enterprises. They create extremely reasonable custom software for large as well as small corporations.

Fingent applies current design ideologies, in combination with the newest in a cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies. They produce custom-made solutions that link co-workers with each other and businesses with their clients, shorten and quicken business procedures, and reduce costs.

Click here for official website.

#14) Experion Technologies:

Experion Technologies is a more than 12-year-old IT solutions & services company. In a short extent of a period, their products and custom applications have served over 100 customers across 26 countries. Their customs include some of the world’s largest corporations as well as some of the fastest growing early-stage companies.

Experion Technologies values define Integrity, Professional Competence, Customer Empathy, Punctuality, Respect for Individual. They mainly focus on Mobile Development and Web Development for medium-size and small-sized industries.

Click here for official website.


In this article, we have discussed the top Custom Development Companies that are available in the market. There are more Custom Development organizations available in the market, but these above discussed are most popular and their services are more secured among all.

We have discussed all Custom Development Companies regarding their features, cost, company size, ratings and services they offered. At last Comparison, charts will guide users to choose the company according to their requirements.

We have discussed top 15 companies out of which these top four companies you can find that focuses more on the particular industries i.e. for large, medium, and small-scale organization as per your requirement, and cost.

OpenXcell Software – For large size businesses, ScienceSoft & Trigent- For mid-size businesses and Enola labs- For small-scale businesses.

If we have missed any top Custom Development Company other than discussed above, then your feedback and suggestions are most welcome and highly valuable.