Top 9 DocuSign Alternatives – DocuSign Competitors In 2021

Comprehensive List of the DocuSign Alternatives With Description, Features, Pricing & Comparison to Help you Select the Best Alternative to DocuSign: 

The technology enhancement has provided us with many facilities for the smooth functioning of various occupations. DocuSign is one such tool that helps in the acceleration of the business platform by converting the manual documentation into digital files.

It has now become trendy and is widely used worldwide. It deals with the e-signature technology and helps the companies to automate the preparation of the documents, to sign, to execute, and to handle the agreements.

It is a part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and offers to the global market the process of electronic signing, using any device. It helps the companies to save plenty of time that has been utilized in preparing manual documents.

DocuSign Alternatives

By using this tool, the entire paperwork is eliminated, and documents are ready electronically with accuracy. Later they can be connected to any other systems that are used by the business houses.

Fact check: According to TechNavio, the global Digital Signature Software market size is expected to reach $1.99 billion during the period 2019 to 2023. It is growing at a CAGR of 24.54 % during the same period.

The below image will show you the details of this research:Global Digital Signature Software market size

What Is DocuSign?

The tool DocuSign is easy to integrate. It integrates with other applications, forms, and saves you a lot of trouble. It provides an error-free document. Its advanced features and validation field capacities can automate the business logic, streamlining the process for signers to input the data.

It helps in enhancing the workflow, authentication, signature process, reporting, and compliance. The DocuSign assists the companies in converting the documentation process into digital files.

It is an easy to use digital platform for all the transactions and allows the users to send, sign, and to manage the entire legally binding documents with complete security. It is quite a user-friendly tool and can be handled effortlessly by the users.

The system of DocuSign automates the complete workflow and helps you to conduct your business securely. It further saves you a lot of time and money. In short, this tool executes the paperless transactions and supports the business community to become more digital along with total security.

DocuSign Features

The tool has many features and some of the major ones are listed below for a quick review. These features are mostly utilized in all minor and major business units.

  • File Support: This tool provides support to any category of the document file type from most of the applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It ensures that all your vital documents can be passed on for signature. The following file formats are supported by this tool – .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .txt and many more.
  • PDF Conversion: DocuSign spontaneously identifies and converts the PDF fields to the signer fields when the PDF is uploaded. This process saves a lot of time while preparing the documents for signature.
  • Custom Tags: This tool guides your customers to put the sign and the initials at all the appropriate places within no time. It uses the standard tags to gather the signatures, initials, names, titles, company names, and all the relevant information. It further modifies them for specific purposes to save them from being used as custom tags for future usage.
  • Cloud Storage Facility: This tool can retrieve documents from the widely used cloud storage services that include Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SkyDrive, Egnyte, and Citrix ShareFile.
  • Automatic Tag Placing: The tags and the fields can be placed at specific lines of text, and when you drop this text into a document, they appear at the most appropriate location automatically. The Auto Place moves the tags along with the text, even if the changes occur in the document.
  • Supplemental Documentation: The additional information like legal disclosures & terms and conditions can be included by the senders for the sake of gaining acknowledgment from the signer. This is executed as a different and separate part of the envelope. The signers can view and accept the supplemental documents very quickly as per the requirement by the sender using this streamlined experience of signing.

DocuSign Pricing 

The cost of the DocuSign usually starts at $10 per user per month for a Personal plan purchased annually. The other plans are Standard and Business Pro that includes many advanced functionalities.

Pricing Plan Details

Why Look For DocuSign Alternatives?

If your business requires a lot of documents such as contracts and proposals, you certainly need an electronic signature platform that increases the speed of the processing while retaining the business-specific terms. eSignature tools such as DocuSign may benefit all the business units executing the contracts.

Some available alternatives to DocuSign are simpler than the DocuSign, while others have more robust management suites. The Adobe eSign Services and the Right Signature tools may be the reasonable alternatives to the DocuSign.

Still, you may be interested in having the information on the best-known tools that are included in our tool list.

Pro Tip: How to choose the right Digital Signature software?
The selection of accurate electronic signature software to suit your business is a tough task. Factors such as great user experience, integration of the existing tools, the provision of the seamless mobile experience, security level, and inclusion of the company branding can help you in selecting the right tool.
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List Of DocuSign Alternatives

Here is the list of available alternatives in the market for DocuSign:

  1. HelloSign
  2. Right Signature
  3. SignNow
  4. DocHub
  5. EasySign
  6. PandaDoc
  7. SignRequest
  8. Contract book
  9. Signority

Comparison Table Of DocuSign Competitors

Our rankingToolsBrandingIntegrationFile typeFree trialPriceOur rating
DocuSignYesMicrosoft, Salesforce, Google, Oracle, Apple, Intelledox, Seal, Workday, SAP Solution extension. Microsoft Word, PDF, and other common formats. Yes$25/user/month--
1HelloSignYesBox, Dropbox, Evernote, and one drivePDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many Yes$15 per month5
2Right SignatureNoGoogle drivePDFYes$15 per month4.7
3SignNowYesDropbox, G suit, Google, salesforcesPDFYes$8 per month5
4DocHubNoBox, Dropbox, Google drivePDF, XLS, TXT, DOCXYes$6.99 per month4.3
5EasySignNoGoogle Drive, Zoho CRM, Box, and DropboxAI, ESP, HPGL, PLT, and TXT.Yes$9.99 per month4.3
6PandaDocYesMarketing, cloud storage, CRM and moreDigital documents,Docs and PDFsYes$9 per month5
7Sign RequestNoSalesforce sales cloudPDFs, Word, Excel, Google Doc, etc.Yes$8 per month4.2
8Contract bookNoDropbox and ZohoPDFYes$27 per month4.5
9SignorityNoDropbox, Google Drive, and othersDigital documents and PDFYes$15 per month4.3

Review of the best-known alternatives to DocuSign included in our list:

#1) HelloSign

Best for small, medium businesses, and large enterprises.


HelloSign is known to be an electronic signature solution, and it is considered a DocuSign alternative. This tool is easy to use and it has a simple user interface to enable even a beginner to handle it easily. However, this tool is a web-based program that allows you to upload documents with a drag and drop interface.

While using this, you can affix a signature to document retrieved from various sources such as Email, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. You need to create or upload a signature before inserting it on the document. Then, you can pick the recipient and click the send button.


  • HelloSign allows settings like ‘who can sign the document first’ and ‘where they sign before assigning it to another person’, etc.
  • This tool comes now with excellent templates for those who would rather not have to create a new file over and over again.
  • Their models make the process even more comfortable.
  • It also supports Mac, email, and phone.
  • It also provides bank-level security and API.

Verdict: It is an excellent alternative for DocuSign with powerful features like branding, team management, status notification, audit trails, and much more accessible than DocuSign.

Price: HelloSign price starts at $13 per user per month. Enterprise plans start at $24 per user per month, API will cost you $99 per month. It offers a free trial for the product.

Pricing plans for HelloSign are shown in the below image. All these prices are for annual billing. 


Website: HelloSign

#2) Right Signature

Best for medium businesses to large enterprises and freelancers.

Right Signature

If you want to get your document signed easily and quickly, then you should choose the Right Signature software. The working process is simple in this tool. You need to simply fill the form and you can sign it with a digital signature, typed signature, or hand-scribbled (using a mouse) signatures.

Now you can upload a Word or PDF file or select a document from the web applications like Google docs for the sales force. Next, you can provide your name and email of signers. It customizes the data collection fields and sends emails to all parties. This tool also signs on your website. You can use this tool on your iPad or iPhone.


  • The Right Signature tool will boost the efficiency of your business and save the environment.
  • It also provides a professional approach to the process of document execution. If you use this product, then it reduces your execution time to minutes.
  • You can track your signer’s progress in no time.
  • They also encourage your organization’s legacy security with SSL data encryption, court-admissible SHA-1 digital fingerprint, and audit logs.

Verdict: It is smarter, faster, and better compared to DocuSign. Application add-ons, custom branded signing webpage, detailed audit logs, handwritten signature, and various other factors make it a better tool than DocuSign.

Price: Right Signature offers two pricing plans, Standard and Advanced.

The prices for these two plans are shown in the below image. It offers a free trial for the product.

RightSignature Pricing plan

Website: Right Signature

#3) SignNow

Best for freelancers, small business, large enterprise, and medium business.


It is also one of the popular electronic signature software solutions. This is created to help business speed up processes. It includes filling the paper form and signing. This tool helps you to sign legal documents and at the same time requests for application to be approved by others while maintaining company compliance.

With this tool, you can make some static processes such as faxing, printing, creating documents to signers. You can affix your legal binding signature with a static process. If you use this tool, then you can save your time and cost involving workflow and other paper related documents.


  • The software is designed in such a way that it provides high-quality service. This is ultimately designed for optimal friendly-interaction.
  • This tool offers the user with a vast collection of the business template. This kind of system is mainly used to speed up the signing process in the business.
  • It enables you to set up your document quickly and efficiently.
  • This tool is offered in business as a cloud-hosted SAAS. It also provides you any time access feature to any kind of platform.
  • It suggests that due to its flexibility, the software works from all other devices.

Verdict: It focuses more on smart work and intelligence rather than doing a more difficult task. While its features like high security and encryption, managing accounts, Android apps, and iOS make it a better alternative to DocuSign.

Price: SignNow pricing plans start at $8 per user per month. The free trial is also available.

The below image will show you the pricing plans in detail. All these prices are for annual billing.

SignNow Pricing plan

Website: SignNow

#4) DocHub

Best for real estate, brokerages, and teams.


This tool is an online PDF annotator and document signing platform that also enables users to add elements like drawing and text. While using this tool, you can perform multi signer workflows, bulk document signing, lossless editing, sharing and team collection, and much more.


  • It supports the following languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, and all other European languages.
  • It also supports almost any file type like DOC, PPT, PDF, XLS, TXT, DOCX, and PPTX.
  • This tool’s simplified integration is Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, and so on.
  • Other exciting features are mobile-friendly, team collaboration, lossless editing, legal audit trails.

Verdict: This tool is excellent for its competitive software pricing. It is easier to set up and send documents for users. DocHub edits and the ability to save multiple signatures on different devices is convenient. This feature makes it a better alternative for DocuSign.

Price: DocHub offers free as well as Pro pricing plans.


Website: DocHub

#5) EasySign

Best for small to large enterprises and freelancers. 


This is a digital signature solution for standard business. It helps organizations with the simple signing process for workflow and legal operation. If you use this, the affixing your signature legally to documents will be simple and fast.

It is convenient to prevailing standards and rules for business. Now you can sign a document from anyplace and anytime while using a laptop, desktop, and mobile device that supports this software.


  • It allows signing documents in an easy and smooth process. It helps workflows that need signature like budget releasing, budget planning, approvals, purchase, and some more.
  • In the signing journey, it also allows strict regulations with high-security standards.
  • It states that the user’s business is legally binding. While the user’s documents remain safe and secure in this platform. It is accessible only possible for authorized personnel.

Verdict: The EasySign is a better alternative for DocuSign for its important factors like offline-signing multiple file-formats, custom fields, custom email footer, third party integration, authentication fingerprint, and secure passcode.

Price: EasySign offers three pricing plans, Starter ($98.13 per year), EasySIGN ($380 per year), and EasySIGN Premium ($653.07 per year).

EasySign pricing plan

Website: EasySign

#6) PandaDoc

Best for freelancers, small and large businesses.


This tool is based on a web document management solution. It further allows you to share, create, and deliver documents online. Here, you can also place your legally binding solution.

It is mainly made for contracts, to make fast paperless transactions and processes. It also supports various documents forms such as PDF, Doc, and other preexisting digital documents. It is best for sale collateral, quotes, and agreements.


  • It harnesses cloud technology to facilities everything document related.
  • This software comes with dozens of templates, enabling you to easily create an invoice, quotes, plans, receipts, proposals, and other organization documents.
  • You can select the comprehensive library and customize it with the option to change currency, language, and so on.
  • Other interesting features are documented analytics, document builder, document auto-numbering, audit trail, content locking.
  • It also provides branding.

Verdict: It is powerful and provides an integrated platform and easy to use document creator. This system is faster and smart for processing. It also increases productivity and efficiency. It is a better alternative for the great DocuSign.

Price: PandaDoc offers a free trial for 14 days. The pricing plans offered by it are shown in the below image.

PandaDoc pricing plan

Website: PandaDoc

#7) SignRequest

Best for small, medium businesses and freelancers.

Sign Request

It is known to be an electronic signature platform and is quite popular in the market. It enables customers to sign electronic documents using their legally binding digital signature.

This tool saves you money and time. It further boosts your processes, speeds approvals time, and ultimately improves your profit. The system provides businesses with a user-friendly and affordable digital signature application. This application is safe and is suitable for various business requirements.


  • It is a straightforward and fast electronic signature solution. The tool is professional and flexible for quick and easy integration to all business workflows.
  • This software application is a breeze for users as well as end clients. While using SignRequest your entire signing processes will be easy and simple. On top of that, the software is very secure.
  • This software tool saves time and resources for institutions.
  • It completes the signing process quickly, within the stipulated time and then approvals can be granted immediately.

Verdict: It is an excellent alternative for DocuSign with powerful features like smart documentation preparation, send and sign, custom name, log, and color, store, and manages documents. It also solves problems like sales, reduces cost, and provides suitability.

Price: SignRequest offers four pricing plans as shown in the below image. All the mentioned prices are for annual billing and you can try the product for free.

SignRequest pricing plan

Website: SignRequest

#8) Contract Book

Best for small to medium businesses and large enterprises.

8. Contract book

It works efficiently for contract management. Using this tool, you can sign, create, and store all types of legal documents in one digital platform. It also helps to increase transparency in business activities.

The software ensures compliance and saves valuable time. The system provides a client-faced platform where legal professionals monitor and manage its client’s contract digitally with efficiency and security.


  • You can select one of the free templates from this software or else you can make one for your own. You can also scratch directly from the platform for the customized templates.
  • Forget the typical process of printers and substitute it with the ‘digital signature’ to sign your documents. For security use two-way authentication facility or National IDs such as Danish NemID
  • Securely store your old documents along with new ones in an organized way in the cloud. It is easy to manage as well as access your legal documents and archive them in a GDPR.
  • Its contract templates include HR, corporate, rental, and sale.

Verdict: This tool is smart and super easy to implement. It is a better alternative for DocuSign. Its pricing is also affordable compared to its competitors. This Contract Book tool is flexible to use.

Price: The Contract book offers various plans for businesses, Collaborate ($81 per month), Pilot (Free), Basic ($54 per month), and Integrate ($545 per month). All these prices are for the team size of 0-5 members. You can choose your team size and the price will change accordingly.

The below image will show you the other details of these plans. You can try the Contract book for free.

Contractbook pricing details

Website: Contract book

#9) Signority

Best for large enterprises, small & medium businesses, and freelancers.

9. Signority

The system sends documents for digital signature and eSignature, and it also assists in sending reminders and getting updates on documents status. Your entire documents can be safely amended to share and stored securely in the cloud. It provides workflow automation, company branding, real-time status alertness and traceability, and many other features.


  • You can use it for data capture and transfer processes.
  • It provides signature-based differentiation and uploading documents.
  • In your business, you can analyze critical information and time tracking while using this tool.
  • Your document can be customizable with branding and drop and drag functionality.
  • Your document can be safe and secured since it uses encryption protocol with 256 bit SSL.
  • The system provides automated follow-up messages and multi-recipient signing.

Verdict: It views and signs documents online fast and smart. It is a better alternative for DocuSign. Its powerful features like scheduling, edit and design documents, PCI DSS compliant makes it a better competitor for DocuSign.

Price: Signority offers plans for businesses and individuals. The below image will show you the business plans. It has a free plan for individuals for 3 documents per month. It offers three more plans for individuals, Mini ($8/month), Lite ($15/month), and Solo ($40/month). All the business and individual plans can be tried for free.

Signority pricing plan

Website: Signority


It is essential to decide the needs of your business while selecting an e-signature tool. If your requirement is less, avoid selecting the tool with advanced features. On the contrary, if your business demands an advanced tool, avoid selecting the application having fewer features.

If you are searching for an affordable and low budget tool, then you can select SignNow as an alternative to DocuSign. You can select other tools based on their ratings and features that suit your needs. You need to analyze, check the available options, and conduct a proper survey before selecting the tool for digital signing.

Review Process:

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  • Total tools researched: 9
  • Top tools shortlisted: 9
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