8 BEST Digital Guardian DLP Alternatives And Competitors

Review and compare top Digital Guardian DLP Alternatives with features to select the best Digital Guardian DLP Competitor per your requirements:

You can’t have an honest conversation about data loss prevention and not bring up Digital Guardian DLP solution at least once. In fact, the name ‘Digital Guardian’ has become almost synonymous with DLP software. The renowned data protection platform is known to secure data irrespective of data types, systems, applications, devices, threat actors, or points of access.

Digital Guardian combines endpoint detection, response, and data loss prevention to secure your company’s data against internal threats and accidental thefts. The combination of response and endpoint detection also helps protect data from outside threats, especially blocking attempts made by hackers to access or manipulate data.

Users of Digital Guardian benefit from three security programs offered by the solution, i.e. – Endpoint detection/response, Threat-aware endpoint DLP and Threat-aware network DLP.

Even with all its merits, Digital Guardian is still not a perfect tool for data protection. There may be instances where you might need an alternative to meet the gaps in its functioning.

Digital Guardian DLP Competitors

Digital Guardian DLP Alternatives

Digital Guardian can be difficult to deploy and maintain. Moreover, many small businesses with limited funds may find the costs associated with this tool way above their budget. You might want a solution that runs OCR on the endpoint instead of running on the network alone like Digital Guardian.

Fortunately, the market today isn’t lacking in good DLP solutions. Some of these tools can even surpass Digital Guardian in quality with regards to the features and functions they perform.

In this article, we will acquaint you with some of the best Digital Guardian DLP alternatives out there. We can confidently recommend the below list of tools after experiencing their UI, features, and functioning for ourselves.


  1. First and Foremost, the tool you select must be easy to deploy and maintain.
  2. Understand the type of data your business harbors and the type of protection each of these data types will require. A good DLP solution will automatically detect and classify data across your cloud and device network.
  3. A good DLP solution must be capable of enforcing protection policies for information that leaves the network across a range of protocols such as blogs, FTP, cloud services, instant messaging, webmail, and email.
  4. Understand whether the tool meets your business’s reporting requirements. Also, find out the kind of training your team and end-users will require to manage it and whether it is easy to make policy changes within the tool when needed.
  5. Finally, only opt for those tools that your business can afford. The pricing should be reasonable and not exceed your budget.
Fact Check: The Global Data Loss Prevention market that stood at USD 1.65 billion in 2019 is expected to reach a staggering USD 8.35 billion by the year 2026 at a CAGR of 22.51%. As per the graph below, Data Loss Prevention tools have seen immense growth and popularity in North America and the Asia Pacific, while reporting a consistent growth rate in other regions.

Global Data Loss Prevention market

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a Data Loss Prevention tool?

Answer: A data loss prevention tool is an amalgamation of features and processes that together ensure data important to a business isn’t lost, mishandled, or accessed by unauthorized individuals. DLP tools also work to ensure compliance and auditing requirements are met while also helping users detect areas of weakness in their system to facilitate incident and forensics responses.

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Q #2) What are the different types of data loss prevention software?

Answer: In hindsight, there are three major types of data loss prevention software. They are endpoint, cloud, and network DLP. Endpoint DLP is the most recommended software for all organizations today, as almost everyone has one endpoint per employee.

Q #3) What is the difference between data loss prevention and data leakage prevention?

Answer: Data loss prevention refers to tactics and methods used to prevent loss or misuse of data during general use. Data leakage prevention, on the other hand, refers to the tactics used to prevent data from leaking out to entities outside the organization.

Q #4) How does a data loss prevention tool actually work?

Answer: Data Loss Prevention tools detect and protect data from potential breaches by monitoring, detecting, and blocking data when it is in use (endpoint), in motion (network), or at rest (stored data).

Q #5) What are some of the major reasons behind the Loss of Data?

Answer: Data Losses are more common than one might assume, especially among enterprises that have to handle tons of sensitive information on a daily basis. There are several reasons for data loss. Data can be lost when it is stolen, accidentally deleted or becomes corrupt due to a malware or virus attack.

Formatting errors and physical damage can also be a major cause of data loss. If this situation isn’t remedied effectively, then such cases can result in businesses losing their reputation, money and ultimately become insolvent.

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List of Top Digital Guardian DLP Alternatives

Here is the list of popular Digital Guardian DLP Competitors:

  1. Endpoint Protector (Recommended)
  2. Safetica
  3. ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus
  4. Cyberhaven
  5. Symantec DLP
  6. McAfee DLP
  7. Forcepoint DLP
  8. GTB Technologies
  9. Teramind DLP
  10. CrowdStrike
  11. Code42

Comparing Best Alternatives to Digital Guardian DLP

NameBest ForFees Ratings
Endpoint ProtectorDLP tool for data breach detection and gaining control over intellectual property and personally identifiable informationContact for PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
SafeticaEndpoint protection, policy customization, insider threat management, and incident management.Quote-basedStar_rating_4.5_of_5
ManageEngine Endpoint DLP PlusAdvanced data discovery and classificationContact for PricingStar_rating_4.5_of_5
CyberhavenInsider risk detectionQuote-basedStar_rating_4.5_of_5
Symantec DLPHighly Scalable DLP SolutionContact for PricingStar_rating_4.5_of_5
McAfee DLP Intelligently Prioritizing security of sensitive dataContact for PricingStar_rating_4_of_5
Forcepoint DLPData Protection with easily established unified policiesContact for PricingStar_rating_3.5_of_5
GTB TechnologiesReal-Time data breach detection and preventionContact for pricingStar_rating_4_of_5

Best Digital Guardian DLP Alternatives review:

#1) Endpoint Protector (Recommended)

Best for data breach detection and gaining control over intellectual property and personally identifiable information.

Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector is a premier data loss prevention tool that focuses on reducing risks pertaining to data loss and theft. It is capable of detecting security gaps while monitoring and protecting sensitive data from both outside and inside threats.

The software is capable of identifying and securing important data at the endpoint level on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. The software is easy to use and can be deployed to ensure data leakage is prevented via all possible exit points like USB devices, e-mail, clients, instant messaging, and cloud storage applications like Dropbox and Microsoft Azure.

Furthermore, the software can be deployed in compliance with regulations like PCI, DSS, HIPAA, and others. The software also allows its users to set granular access rights for removable devices and define policies for different users, groups, and computers. Endpoint protector also facilitates automatic USB encryption as it can encrypt a USB storage device with a password to protect the data in transit.

The software is compatible with some of the most popular virtualization tools and is available in VMX, OVA, XVA, OVF, and VHD formats. The software can also be deployed on cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.


  • Identify data breaches and secure data against loss and theft on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems
  • Easily maintains compliance with various industry regulatory standards
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Automatic USB encryption
  • Scan and protect data in motion and at rest

Verdict: Endpoint Protector is similar to Digital Guardian in many key ways, the prominent of which is its ability to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data across the entire enterprise at the endpoint and on a network.

However, unlike the latter, Endpoint protector runs well on macOS systems, runs OCR at the endpoint, and is relatively more simple to deploy and maintain. These along with the tool’s set of advanced features makes it one of the best alternatives to Digital Guardian available in the market today.

Price: Contact for Pricing

#2) Safetica

Best for Endpoint protection, policy customization, and incident management.

Safetica DLP

Safetica is one of those tools that takes a multi-layered approach to protecting data. You are immediately greeted with a preconfigured list of data loss prevention policies. You have the freedom to customize these policies as per your wish and organizational requirements.

The data loss prevention policies you are provided serve a wide array of purposes. For instance, you can use this tool for web content filtering, email protection, device control, etc. You can easily define and configure rules to detect and prevent unauthorized data transfer. You can do so while complying with most regulatory frameworks that apply to your business.


  • Content Discovery and Classification
  • Flexible policy customization
  • Endpoint protection
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Compliance and regulatory support

Verdict: Safetica’s intuitive UI and comprehensive list of features makes it one of the best data loss prevention tools out there. Its ease of use and flexible policy configuration clearly give it an edge over Digital Guardian.

Price: Contact the Safetica team to get a clear quote that perfectly adheres to your organizations specific requirements. You can request a personalized demo or a free trial with security audit.

#3) ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

Best for Advanced data discovery and classification.

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

ManageEngine’s Endpoint DLP Plus is a software that can easily protect sensitive data on all of the organization’s managed endpoint devices. The software can be used to monitor OS, email attachments, servers, and external as well as internal devices for threats that could result in data theft and disclosure.

The software can discover structured and unstructured data quite easily. Once discovered, you have the option to use classify data based on pre-defined templates. The software’s reporting capabilities are also quite remarkable, providing you with actionable insights that come in handy when crafting DLP policies.


  • Robust data classification
  • Remediation of false positives
  • Set device control policies
  • Data containerization

Verdict: There are many things that make Endpoint DLP Plus just as good as Digital Guardian DLP. It is a software that can be used to mitigate the risk of data loss and theft with the help of granularly set security rules and protocols.

Price: There is a free and paid edition. You’ll need to contact the team to get a quote for the professional edition.

#4) Cyberhaven

Best for Insider risk detection.


Cyberhaven is a data loss prevention tool that identifies and protects data across all exfiltration channels. It arms users with a visual policy editor, which can be used to easily define, edit, and enforce data security policies. These policies can be tested on historical data for efficacy before deployment.

Cyberhaven traces every single aspect of a data’s movement, access, and usage to identify anomalous behaviour. Once detected, the tool automatically blocks data transmission before it is too late. Cyberhaven also does a good job of visualizing the flow of sensitive information, thus unravelling weak points and unauthorized access attempts.


  • Context and Content Based Data Classification
  • Visual Analytics
  • Visual Policy Editor
  • Incident Investigation and Response
  • Continuous Data Tracing

Verdict: Cyberhaven is a tool known for its unique approach to sensitive data identification and classification. It is a tool more geared towards identifying and preventing insider threats and it is a job it does with spectacular ease.

Price: You’ll need to contact the Cyberhaven team for a custom quote.

#5) Symantec DLP

Best for highly scalable DLP solution.

Symantec DLP

Symantec is well known in business circles because of its cybersecurity features. Similar to Digital Guardian, this tool also helps monitor and protect sensitive business data from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access. The software can help you monitor data across multiple cloud services, mobile devices, and multiple endpoints. The software employs real-time blocking features to prevent end-users from leaking sensitive data.

Its ability to cover more ground irrespective of the size of a business makes the tool highly scalable. The software also features a mechanism that allows users to prevent apps from accessing secure information prevent non-compliant data transfers, all from a single manageable dashboard.

You can also check how your data is being used irrespective of whether your employees are online or offline. The software also provides data security across a large variety of cloud apps, including popular ones such as Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Apps, and more.


  • Gain absolute visibility and control over your data.
  • Real-time blocking, quarantining, and alerts to prevent leakage.
  • Works well on multiple cloud apps, mobile devices, and endpoints.
  • Respond to a data breach quickly with One-click SmartResponses.

Verdict: Symantec is an enterprise-grade DLP tool that can expertly identify threats to data, monitor how data is being used, and take measures to prevent any potential leakage of data. Its scalability is both its biggest advantage and disadvantage. It is an ideal tool for large enterprises and may not be the best option for small businesses and start-ups.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: Symantec Data Loss Prevention

#6) McAfee DLP

Best for intelligently prioritizing the security of sensitive data.

McAfee DLP

McAfee is a very powerful data loss prevention tool. Similar to Symantec it is also highly scalable. However, it distinguishes itself from its competitors by focusing more on forensic analysis. As such, it is a tool that intuitively explores possibilities that resulted in the leakage of data, especially when compliance rules are non-existent.

This makes McAfee an ideal solution for those companies that do not have concrete policies in place. Apart from this, the software can intelligently prioritize the safety of sensitive business data and employs location and application tagging to implement data protection strategies.

The software also empowers its users with a centralized dashboard that can be used to implement uniform data protection policies across the entire organization.


  • Protect data in the cloud, transition, or where it is stored
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Location and application tagging
  • Centralized incident management and reporting

Verdict: McAfee is an extremely powerful data loss prevention tool that focuses heavily on forensic analysis. Its ability to explore potential causes of a data leak in the absence of compliance rules makes it an ideal tool for businesses with no established protection policies. Its complex settings do make the software a tad bit complicated to use. However, you can easily get used to the software after a significantly small learning curve.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: McAfee DLP

#7) Forcepoint DLP

Best for data protection with easily established unified policies.

Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint leverages advanced automation and unified protection policies for hassle-free and effective protection of sensitive business data. The software allows you to set a single policy across the entire enterprise to ensure data security, thus eliminating any confusion over compliance laws.

You can add, create and manage robust data loss prevention policies for email, endpoint, print, and other channels with just a few clicks. The software can also prevent slow theft of sensitive business information even when all devices are off.

The software also comes with an intuitive risk adaptive data protection feature that allows you to block any action based on any user’s individual risk level.


  • Assess user risk and automatically block actions.
  • Add, Create custom policies and manage them across multiple endpoints and channels.
  • Set a unified protection policy for the entire organization.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance across more than 80 countries.

Verdict: Forcepoint impresses with its user risk assessment features that automatically block actions that can potentially result in data breaches. Apart from that, its ability to set a single protection policy to eliminate confusion across the enterprise makes it one of the best alternatives available to Digital Guardian today.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: Forcepoint

#8) GTB Technologies

Best for real-time data breach detection and prevention.

GTB Technologies

GTB is a simple but effective data loss prevention tool. It can easily and accurately detect structured and unstructured data at a binary level. It is also capable of protecting data even when the device containing said data is off-network.

The software can perform a number of features integral to the successful protection of intellectual property and sensitive business information. It also facilitates a universal data-centric policy approach to ensure all the necessary regulatory compliances are taken care of and there is only one single protection policy being used to secure data within the organization.

The software can be deployed on-premise, off-premises, and on the cloud. It is also compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows devices.


  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Automatic data classification
  • Real-time OCR detection
  • Unified data-centric policy approach

Verdict: GTB offers a very simple cross-platform DLP tool that can be easily deployed to ensure various types of sensitive information remain secure from potential inside and outside threats. There are several features here that make GTB a very compelling tool for data loss prevention, with real-time data classification and automatic endpoint detection being major highlights.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: GTB Technologies

#9) Teramind DLP

Best for real-time user activity monitoring.

Teramind DLP

Teramind is a cut above the rest when it comes to data loss prevention. Unlike its traditional counterparts, Teramind employs human behavioral analysis to identify factors that can result in data breaches from the user’s side.

As soon as it is deployed, Teramind starts monitoring all user activity, including third-party vendors and privileged users, to identify malicious intent, accidents, or errors. The software also harbors tons of pre-built templates for rules. You can even create custom rules with the help of its in-built visual policy and rule editor.

If the user is found violating established rules, appropriate action is swiftly taken such as alerting the administrator, blocking the user, and requesting management override. Teramind is also great to identify and classify structured and unstructured data.


  • Real-time user activity monitoring
  • Create custom policies with the visual policy editor
  • Insider threat detection
  • Compliance management
  • Advanced OCR

Verdict: Teramind is different from tools like Digital Guardian as it takes a different approach to data loss prevention. It monitors user behavior with advanced human behavioral analysis to prevent the loss of sensitive information. Apart from this, the tool is great when setting a unified policy, enforcing compliance measures, classifying data, and more.

Price: $10/user/month – Starter plan, $20.38/user/month- UAM plan, $25/user/month – DLP plan

Website: Teramind DLP

#10) CrowdStrike

Best for managed threat monitoring and neutralization.


CrowdStrike is a cloud-based DLP solution that offers several features that emphasize data protection across the organization. It is capable of detecting even the most deliberate and stealthiest of threats, tackling them before they cause any serious damage.

Its threat intelligence system is quite advanced. It investigates incidents of potential security breaches and accelerates the response to prevent data leakage. It continuously monitors your endpoints so you have a clear understanding of what is happening at all times.

The software also facilitates the safe use of removable devices like USB to protect data in transition. You can determine what devices are allowed and which should be blocked and assign a granular level of access to each device.


  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Threat intelligence
  • Automated malware analysis
  • Device management and protection.

Verdict: CrowdStrike is a very capable data loss prevention tool that arms you with all the tools you will need to keep your data safe, irrespective of whether it is stored or in transition. The software is easy to deploy and maintain, thus making it an ideal DLP solution for all types of businesses.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: CrowdStrike

#11) Code42

Best for insider risk detection.


Code42 is a great DLP tool to have if you seek to secure your data from insider threats. It is quite renowned in the industry for its ability to quickly respond to threats. The software connects with endpoint devices, emails, and the cloud to tackle insider threats with aid from behavior-based analysis, vector, and user files.

The software allows you to dive deep into user profiles, risk indicators, and file events to find potential security threats to your data. Its in-built search functionality is perhaps its most compelling feature, allowing you to analyze files from the past 3 months in no time.


  • Assess company-wide risk in less than 2 weeks.
  • Manage and neutralize insider risk
  • Monitor file-sharing activity
  • In-built search functionality

Verdict: Code42 offers many benefits apart from its data theft protection features. It is a tool that lets you preserve files for future purposes. It is ideal for businesses that deal with large volumes of sensitive information on a regular basis. The tool shines because of its in-built search functionality and ability to integrate with SIEM tools.

Price: Contact for Pricing

Website: Code42


Data Loss Prevention tools have never been as important as they are today. With data breaches becoming common occurrences and hackers becoming more audacious in their malicious endeavors, a business must have a robust DLP solution in place to tackle and mitigate such risks.

Similar to Digital Guardian, all of the above-mentioned tools are capable of detecting, monitoring, and protecting data from potential breaches at the endpoint, in-network, or in storage.

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Make sure you go for an alternative that is easy to deploy and maintain. It must be capable of tackling security issues of all kinds and securing data of all types, across multiple platforms. As for our recommendation, we recommend using Endpoint Protector for its easy deployment and robust data protection features. For software that is also scalable, you can also try Symantec and McAfee.

Research Process:

  • We spent 7 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what Digital Guardian alternative will best suit you.
  • Total Digital Guardian Alternatives Researched – 15
  • Total Digital Guardian Alternatives Shortlisted – 8
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