Top 9 BEST Grammarly Alternatives For Error Free Writing

Detailed Review & Comparison of the Top Grammarly Alternatives with Features & Pricing. Select the Best Alternative to Grammarly for Flawless Content:

Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used software tools for grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism checking.

With Grammarly, your writing becomes flawless and simplified by avoiding small mistakes like including a hyphen, comma, capital letter, etc. Additionally, it includes an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you to write clearly without any mistakes and make use of concise words at the right time.

Best Grammarly Alternatives

Not limited to that, it lets you work on any platform without any interruption and corrects you every time you write emails, post tweets, etc. Grammarly’s Chrome extension is just amazing and lightweight to help you out with all your writing needs.

Grammarly – An Overview

The best part of Grammarly is that you don’t have to download any physical software on your device as its extension is powerful enough to fulfill all your basic to advance requirements. It also provides a free version for its users to get the benefits of somewhat professional writing.


It has a very nice, clean, and intuitive dashboard that shows all the recent documents you worked on, your profile, and the apps you have integrated with. The dashboard also lets you perform proofreading that automatically detects grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and style mistakes in your writing.

Grammarly Dashboard

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What else is it good for?

Read through these points to learn some lesser-known facts about the tool:

  • According to Forbes, Grammarly makes your writing better, quick, and easy.
  • Works anywhere and corrects you on every platform where ever you write.
  • With proofreading, it also checks plagiarism in your content & generates citations.
  • Its proofreading tool scans your content for more than 400 grammar rules.
  • From grammar & spelling to style & tone, it helps you to express more cohesively.

Do these facts provide enough reasons why you need a tool like Grammarly?

Well, not just you, all of us need such a tool because not only it corrects the mistakes and grammar but also gives our writing a professional and cohesive tone.


Enlisted below are the various features of Grammarly:

  • It is compatible with all types of devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Comes with a neat and clean dashboard with functionalities including proofreading and plagiarism checker.
  • Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) for correcting mistakes and finding grammatical errors in a block of text.
  • Allows users to perform their writing using all popular web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. with their extensions.
  • Includes features like multiple device document access, performance stats, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and personal dictionary.

Grammarly Stats

Grammarly stats on Traffic Overview

According to Similar Web, Grammarly has total monthly visits of 55.50 Million with an average visit duration of 2:05 min and a bounce rate of 51.18%.

Per, Grammarly quietly grew its way to 6.9 Million daily users and its free Chrome extension has been downloaded for 10 Million times.

Grammarly stats on Traffic Source

Additionally, huge traffic is coming from the direct search that is around 52% and this means that people are loving the tool.


Services provided by Grammarly include:

  • Grammarly EDU
  • Grammarly Business
  • Handbook
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker

Its actual pricing is not revealed on the website and you need to request a quote from the sales team. However, according to different review sites, the monthly price of its Premium plan is $29.95.

Why Do We Need Grammarly Alternatives?

  • Its free version is very limited and has only one thing to do with your writing i.e. to correct spelling and grammar in your writing.
  • For those who completely rely on Grammarly for their writing, please note it might not work with all the apps that you work on.
  • Their advertising strategy is very aggressive and ultimately, they just want you to upgrade to Premium plans even if your requirements are less.
  • When we compare it to a human proofreader it cannot be considered as a complete replacement for a proofreader.
  • Some people may hesitate to pay $29 per month just for checking grammar in their writing.
  • Many times the software misbehaves and shows red underlines even if there are no mistakes.
Pro-Tip: Whether you are a pro writer or just a beginner, your skill level and requirements, there are many such factors to consider while selecting a tool. Don’t just directly purchase any paid tool without knowing its functionalities and uses. Most of the tools have free trial plans so try them before you buy.
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List Of The Top Grammarly Alternatives

We have come up with a list of the top alternatives for Grammarly along with the reasons to select them. Each tool has been described in detail with its benefits and USPs.

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Sapling
  3. WhiteSmoke
  4. Ginger
  5. PaperRater
  6. Reverso
  7. SentenceCheckup
  8. Hemingway App
  9. LanguageTool
  10. Slick Write
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Comparison Of Grammarly And Its Competitors

Tool NameSuitable ForFree Plan/TrialBrowser ExtensionDevicesDeploymentPricing ModelOur Rating
GrammarlyMulti-tasker & beginnerFree PlanAvailable for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Web-based.Cloud-hostedMonthly & annually (starting at $29)5/5
ToolsSuitable ForFree Plan/TrialBrowser ExtensionDevicesDeploymentPricing ModelOur Rating
ProWritingAidFor every writerFree PlanAvailable for Chrome, Safari, and FirefoxWindows, Mac and web-based.Cloud-hosted, on-premise & open API.Annually & quote based (starting at $5).5/5
SaplingBusiness Teams Free PlanAvailable for Chrome, Edge and FirefoxWindows, Mac and Web-based.Cloud-hosted & on-premiseMonthly (starting at $25)4.9/5

For time saverNo Free Plan/TrialAvailable for ChromeWindows, Android, Mac, iOS, Web-basedCloud-hosted & on-premiseMonthly, annually & quote based (starting at $4.16)4.7/5
GingerMulti-taskerFree PlanAvailable for Chrome, Safari, and FirefoxWindows, Android, Mac, iOS, Web-basedCloud-hosted & on-premiseMonthly & annually (starting at $20.97)4.2/5

Let’s Explore!!

#1) ProWritingAid – Recommended


ProWritingAid is the editing, Plagiarism checker, Grammar checker, and Style editor tool for improving your writing and English skills. The software acts as your mentor or personal writing coach so that whenever you present yourself you feel confident.

The best part is that it also works in Google Docs and all the other platforms. ProWritingAid software is mostly used by Fiction & Non-fiction Authors, Bloggers & Content writers, Students, Business writers, etc.


  • In-depth reports that include more than 20 different types of reports for analyzing your writing.
  • Better integration with Microsoft suite, Google Chrome & Docs, Apache Open Office, Scrivener, etc.
  • Contextual Thesaurus report for suggesting synonyms for each word in your text by allowing you to quickly explore different wordings.
  • Word explorer for finding the right words from different dictionaries and detailed explanations for saving your time.
  • Manuscript editing software for grammar checking helps in finding repeated words, context-sensitive style suggestions, and visualizing sentence lengths and variations.



ProWritingAid offers a Free plan along with two different paid plans:

  • ProWritingAid Free: Free plan
  • ProWritingAid Premium: $60 per year.
  • ProWritingAid Premium+: $70 per year.


  • The extension is only for Chrome and not for Safari, Firefox, or iOS.
  • It does not offer any monthly plan.

Verdict: ProWritingAid’s overall performance is really good and the app is satisfying according to the different customer reviews.

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#2) Sapling


Sapling is an AI-powered Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant with an enterprise focus. It catches 60% more language quality issues than other spelling and grammar checkers using a machine learning system trained on millions of English sentences.

It works as a browser extension across all your text-based web-apps and business platforms like Gmail, Salesforce Lightning, and Zendesk. Autocomplete Everywhere and Snippets improve writing efficiency and productivity.

Sapling View


  • Available as Browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
  • Extensions for Outlook, Google Docs, Google Slides.
  • Pop-up available to paste phrases for quick copy-editing.
  • Learns from your actions over time.
  • Team-based configuration and control.

Sapling Pricing


  • Free plan
  • Premium: $25 month


  • No extensions for iOS and Android.
  • No extension for Safari.

#3) WhiteSmoke


WhiteSmoke is a tool that is fully integrated and is the state of the art English writing tool for detecting mistakes by improving user experience and knowledge enhancement. Also, it uses Natural Language Processing with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and various algorithms to analyze texts, detect errors, and provide the best possible suggestions.


  • It helps in detecting errors and provides additional information on each error.
  • The latest software version has redesigned layout, tested user experience, and dozens of content updates.
  • Uses innovative technology, Natural Language Processing Technology, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Helps you create flawless content with a Grammar checker, Spell-checker, Style checker, Punctuation checker, and Translator.



WhiteSmoke doesn’t offer any Free plan or a free trial.

Its paid plans include:

  • Chrome Extension: $4.16 per month
  • Essential: $5 per month
  • Premium: $6.66 per month
  • Business: $11.50 per month

Cons: Poor customer service.
Verdict: Great and cost-efficient software for getting additional information about your mistakes.

Official Website: WhiteSmoke

#4) Ginger

Ginger dash

Ginger software is a start-up from Israel that uses Natural Language Processing, improves written communication, develops English speaking skills, and boosts writing productivity.

The software helps you to write faster and better with the help of its grammar checker and punctuation tools that automatically detect and correct grammar mistakes. Moreover, it works on different platforms like a Mobile app, Desktop app, Web application, etc.


  • It helps you to write unique text and enrich the text with the help of the Sentence Rephraser tool.
  • Emoji for expressing yourself, word prediction for the essence of speed while you are typing, and customizable themes for your keyboard.
  • Dictionary for never losing a word, Translator so you never get halted, and a Personal trainer to improve your English skills.
  • Available for all types of browsers like Windows, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Mac, and Android keyboard as well.
  • Grammar rules to ensure if your writing is accurate and proofreading for checking mistakes with a single tap.



Ginger offers a Free plan for its users along with the pricing plans in three different forms:

  • Monthly: $20.97 per month
  • Annual: $7.49 per month
  • Two Years: $6.66 per month

Cons: Like Grammarly, it does not work in Google Docs.
Verdict: Ginger is a useful tool for multi-tasker as it saves a lot of time and improves efficiency.

Official Website: Ginger

#5) PaperRater


PaperRater is a web-based online grammar & spelling checker especially developed for students to review their papers.

It does robust grammar checking that helps in finding cheeky mistakes and its proofreading system provides suggestions to improve writing. Additionally, the software provides immediate results using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in just 5-15 seconds.


  • It is also powered by Artificial Intelligence and provides state of the art grammar checking for texts.
  • Plagiarism detection with an originality score that shows the amount of text or percentage of your writing is original.
  • Vocabulary builder provides different words, sentences, definitions, and examples while you are writing to improve your English skills.
  • Automated scoring system for reflecting a rough idea of what you may score in your writing.
  • Grammar & Spelling checker, Feedback & Writing instructions, Real-time & Real easy results with automated proof-reader.



PaperRater is a free tool to use and it also offers one Premium plan for the users seeking advanced features at $14.95 per month.

Verdict: PaperRater is a great tool for students who want their projects or content to be original.

Official Website: PaperRater

#6) Reverso


Reverso offers online translation and grammar checking in 14 different languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, etc.

Its online translator provides translations for words, phrases, idioms, and short texts in different languages. It also provides accurate translations with the latest technology to help users improve their vocabulary.


  • Instant translations in multiple languages with examples of use in the context.
  • Accurate results with a guide to natural pronunciation for sentences.
  • No Internet connection is required for accessing the tool.
  • Option to view reverse translations and search history.
  • Real-time suggestions, Sharing of results, and Flashcards to memorize words.



Reverso offers one Free plan up to 2500 words.

Its paid plans include:

  • Advanced: Pay as you go.
  • Customized: Custom pricing.

Verdict: Reverso is a great translation tool and it even translates websites and documents.

Official Website: Reverso

#7) SentenceCheckup


SentenceCheckup is an online and free grammar and spelling checker tool which does a deep check to make your documents error-free and improve your writing. The software not only helps in detecting grammatical issues but also checks your sentence structure to make your article clearer and more concise.

The editor also looks for inappropriate words in your text and replaces them with the right words.


  • Completely free and advanced online sentence checker.
  • Checks the structure of your article to make it more meaningful.
  • Grammar checks your sentences to detect errors and mistakes.
  • Works with advanced algorithms to make checking and removing errors easier.

Pricing: It is completely free and does not offer any pricing plans.

Cons: The tool works on the advanced algorithm but still it is not a great option for professionals who need advanced features.

Verdict: SentenceCheckup is only suitable when you don’t want to pay to an editor to cross-check your work, as this platform will do it for free.

Official Website: SentenceCheckup

#8) Hemingway App

Hemigway App

The Hemingway App lightens up your work by removing the dead weight from your content by displaying wordy sentences in yellow and more egregious ones in red. It helps you to keep your writing simple, with great clarity by highlighting adverbs, passive voices, and complicated sentences.

You can directly start writing in Hemingway editor for proofreading your writing and see where you need to focus more.


  • It can be used remotely from anywhere without any Internet connection.
  • Format your prose in just a click of a button, and Hemingway will manage it all.
  • Publish your content directly to Medium or WordPress with one-click integration.
  • Also, export your content to any external editors like Microsoft editor.
  • Share your work with your colleagues with Hemingway’s highlights.



Hemingway desktop editor is available for both Windows and Mac OS for a one-time payment of $19.99.


  • No browser plugin for a paid plan.
  • Lack of grammar capability.

Verdict: Great software that tightens your English skills and improves your writing.

Official Website: Hemingway App

#9) LanguageTool


LanguageTool is a proofreading software that checks grammatical, style, and spelling errors in your content. Besides, it is the only tool that checks your writing in more than 20 languages.

The tool comes with thousands of patterns for finding errors in English, French, German, and other languages too. Its Premium plan is designed for students, authors, and freelancers and Enterprise plans are for agencies, companies, etc.


  • Add-on for browsers like Firefox and Chrome.
  • Add-on for Google Docs, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Word.
  • Multiple language support, Personal dictionary, and Autocorrect.
  • Suggested correction, Keyboard shortcuts, Rule-based, and privacy.
  • Open source online proofreading platform for detecting errors and issues.



LanguageTool offers one free plan for 20,000 characters per check.

Its paid plans include:

  • Premium: 40,000 characters per check ($4.92 per month).
  • Enterprise: 40,000+ characters per check ($39 per month).


  • No plagiarism detecting option.
  • All devices are not supported.

Verdict: LanguageTool is a free and open-source tool that offers to check your content in multiple languages. Its Paid plans are also good for different users.

Official Website: LanguageTool

#10) Slick Write


[image source]

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Blogger, Novelist, SEO professional, Agency, Teacher, or a Student, Slick Write makes it easy to check your writing for grammar errors, mistakes, style errors, etc.

It helps you check your grammatical errors in no time and the best part is that it is a completely free alternative to Grammarly. No software download or installation is required.


  • Lightning-fast grammar check to save as much time as possible.
  • Customizable feedback to suit any style of your choice.
  • Privacy and security of your documents with encryption of data.
  • Make your presentations & reports easily and add impact to them.
  • Engage your audience with high-quality content and improve your grades.

Pricing: Slick Write is a free online proofreading software and comes with no pricing plans.


  • Fonts are of small size only.
  • The interface is not very intuitive.

Verdict: The software is web-based and can be used by anyone. Besides, the writer can have control of what the site can do.

Official Website: Slick Write


Everybody needs a Grammar checker, Proofreader, or Plagiarism checker tool to write professional and error-free content. Such tools also help the writers to increase their efficiency, save time, and be more productive. These tools also save the money required to hire an editor for proofreading.

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Except for WhiteSmoke, all the other tools offer a free plan for grammar checking and correcting. You can use any of the tools for the free plan as every plan is limited. However, tools like Slick Write and SentenceCheckup are completely free with some extra features than the other tool’s free plan.

For users who require advanced features, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger are the best alternatives to Grammarly. For those, who want to perform translations and error checking in multiple languages the LanguageTool & Reverso are the best options.

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