26 Best Data Integration Tools, Platforms and Vendors Latest List


Data integration is the process of combining data from many different sources, typically for analysis, business intelligence, reporting, or loading into an application.

In this article, we are providing the list of the best data integration tools. These includes open source, licensed enterprise as well as cloud data integrator platforms. 

  • Single Data can still be rendered on different Front-End clients, such as any Mobile application built on iPhone, Andriod, Microsoft, Blackberry and so on or any Web or Desktop application built on C#, ASP.Net, Spring JSP, C++, PHP, GWT and so on.
  • All of these different Front-End clients can have various User Interfaces (UI) as well.
  • But all these Front-End clients Share a common Data Platform or Database/Data-warehouse, from where the data is fetched and rendered to display.
  • Data integration is highly important in case of merging systems of two companies or consolidating applications within one company to provide a unified view of the company’s data assets.

Data Integration Tool

Tools that supports these functional aspects and provides a common platform to work are regarded as Data Integration Tools.

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These business data integration tools enable company-specific customization and will have easy UI to quickly migrate your existing data in a Bulk Mode and start to use a new application, with added features all in one application.

Data Integration Tools

List of Most Prominent Data Integration Tools Available in the Market:


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#1) Actian

Data Integration Tools 1

Actian is a database integration software solution.

  • Enables Design process for data warehouse with load Integration
  • Supports different data formats conversion
  • Data can be made available, restricted just inhouse or on cloud
  • Various foundation features to accelerate, flexible integration solutions.
  • Has a Rich Internet Application support with
  • Draggable UI designs for ease of use.
  • Service Oriented Architecture Platform,
  • Cloud Computing Interchangeable and Metadata reusability options.

Download Link: Actian

#2) Adeptia

Data Integration Tools 2

  • Adeptia is considered as complete Integration Suite, which provides an enterprise-class solution and simplifies all aspects of cloud and inhouse integration, inclusive of even the Business to Business Integration.
  • Smart BPM- Smart Business Process Management, provides efficiency by aggregating all systems data in one place, by generating revenue faster
  • Maximizing your IT resources
  • Lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reducing ongoing operational costs
  • Supports Rich Internet Application support with ETL(Extract, Transform, and Load) feature ability
  • Enterprise Service Bus enables, connect all data from all applications, both internal and external network
  • Centralized management of all integration interfaces
  • Graphical Data Mapper
  • Human Workflow
  • SOA
  • Metadata-Driven
  • Trading Partner Management
  • Preconfigured Connections
  • Web Service API Publishing
  • Customer Onboarding

Download Link: Adeptia

#3) Altova

Data Integration Tools 3

Altova is specialized data management tool, which has both well-articulated application with data integration support, The application tools supports imports for better data migration and supports, XML data, SQL Data and UML Data.

  • Has a special feature to store data onto their internal available Relational DB, which makes the user feel his data is secure and stored under his environment, rather than a shared cloud.
  • The application allows customized table configuration system, which enables
  • Any to Any Data Mapping and Integration
  • Users can setup their own Server and client software systems, on their own premise, this enables Data security as well.
  • Has multi-channel reporting feature to export reports into any format.
  • Supports Enterprise Mobile, which intern can be accessed via any portable device and all the data are Real-time updated.
  • Has MissionKit Database tool support, which includes data migration onto any interface language like Microsoft SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MYSQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access
  • Has Rich Internet Application support, which can be accessed on any portable device as well and get Real-time data, accessible from anywhere.

Download Link: Altova

#4) Astera

Data Integration Tools 4

Astera has a unique centerprise Data Integration platform, which supports

  • Layered architecture with in built API-based web services, enhancing code-reusability and debugging capabilities.
  • Flexible system design supports the enterprise of all variants and size, centerprise as well supports, Real Time change Data capture and bulk batch processors can be integrated, for faster and efficient data migration.
  • Unique Centerprise, brings in unique network architecture pattern with a concept of author and user(PubSub Publisher and Subscriber) based data interchange and data capture support for more complex databases, databases can be DB2, Teradata, Sybase as well with other Relational Dbs.
  • Additionally, Centerprise also supports data integration with Salesforce through Salesforce workflow, thereby providing a single enterprise platform for all transactions.

Download Link: Astera

#5) Attivio

Data Integration Tools 5

Attivio has a unique in built Active Intelligence Engine, which enables

  • ingestion of structured and semi-structured data, thereby supporting data migration for Big Data, unstructured content, hence supports a wide variety of databases, Social Media, Websites, Email Systems, File Servers and so on without the requirement of ETL Data Processing Mechanisms.
  • Attivo enables any data migration mechanisms, for all latest Databases, relational or unstructured, have the ability to support different application specific connectors, to support customized data migration for Microsoft Share Point, Microsoft Exchange, Content Server, Active Directory and as well more latest Hadoop.

Download Link: Attivio

#6) Informatica

Data Integration Tools 6

Informatica is advanced Data Transformation system, which supports

  • B2B Data Exchange supports for integrating any Business solutions.
  • Eliminates the risk of manual ingestion, through its high performance oriented data migration techniques. which includes, automation, Data reuse, and agile support.
  • It’s smart Data Integration Hub, Delivers an innovative, point-to-point integrations, with a distributed model.
  • It has a unique fully integrated, end-to-end, agile data integration platform.
  • Informatica integrates with Power Center and provisions operational data instantaneous and , thereby providing scalable, and

Download Link: Informatica

#7) IBM

Data Integration Tools 7

IBM has a unique InfoSphere Information Server, providing  abundant set of integration and monitoring capabilities

  • Enables integration of big data with traditional enterprise data providing stable business insights.
  • Provides capabilities for delivering data in real time to business applications, either through bulk data migration approach.
  • IBM ensures a secure fully trusted data migration techniques.
  • The end-to-end integration mechanism of InfoSphere Information Server, allows data determination, cleaning data, monitoring and then transform, and render data.

Download Link: IBM

#8) Pentaho

Data Integration Tools 8

Pentaho has a unique feature to render actionable data insights, which tracks the user usage and generate insights accordingly.

  • Thereby it provides a complete end to end analytics data, across all integrated applications as well.
  • These analytical reports, are realtime and can be accessed anytime.
  • Pentaho has custom-built ready components, which has the ability to transform data and import data into the single data source.
  • Unstructured data Integration is very simple, with Zero Coding efforts
  • Pentaho Data Insights provides profiling, for analyzing and ensuring comprehensive data and constructs smart business rules, for best performance.

Download Link: Pentaho

#9) Talend

Data Integration Tools 9

Talend provides an open source option to easily integrate and is customizable by anyone and is well known for its high performance,  built on the basis to meet analytical data expectations.

They have a best and most cost efficient way to connect data.

Its unique analytical data-oriented approach brings in the best business analysis and improvise accordingly.

Enables Bulk development process for faster data migration.

Talend as well has a unique smart data migration mechanism, which binds data based on few criteria and migrates the data on to the system.

Download Link: Talend

#10) Oracle

Data Integration Tools 10

Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform, providing persistent and uninterrupted access to data across various systems

  • Enables Huge Data Integration and Manipulations
  • Oracle offers a performance-oriented approach for elegantly managing data.
  • Oracle has a unique assertive design approach, for flawless, instantaneous data integration.
  • Oracle provides organizations to manage data very easily and effectively through its smart mechanisms for data migration and easy graphical tool.
  • Its powerful Sketchup mechanism enables easy monitoring of systems.
  • Enables Metadata extraction from own oracle or other different sources.

Download Link: Oracle

#11) SAP

Data Integration Tools 11

SAP Data Integrator provides a complete data visualizer for both structured and unstructured data.

  • It’s smart data migration criteria, manipulates and imports the data on to the system easily.
  • Provides agile style of integration for parallel processing and fast migration.
  • Data migration can as well be scheduled in batches.
  • SAP HANA is a smart cloud memory manager, which supports parallel data ingestion, for quick, yet complete data migration for faster and efficient batch processes.
  • Provides a view to analyzing deeper insights from unstructured data.
  • Efficient single User Interface for all its transactions, for ease of use.

Download Link: SAP

#12) SAS

Data Integration Tools 12

SAS provides an Advanced Data Management system for best third party integration.

  • data from across many different sources can be migrated onto a single consistent platform, for all transactions.
  • Enables integration of both structured and unstructured data streams and provides stable business insights.
  • enables business rules metadata creation, all of which, enables the aggressive generation of data warehouses, data marts, and data streams.

Download Link: SAS

#13) Elixir

Data Integration Tools 13

Elixir provides an open source feature to easily integrate and customize data across different sources and is well known for its extensiveness,  build on the basis to meet operational data analytics.

Provides a flexible data access solution to extract data from any data sources – structured, unstructured or even office documents can be migrated.

Elegant Business rules metadata for faster data migration support.

Download Link: Elixir

#14) Information Builders

Data Integration Tools 14

Information Builders supports a real-time data integration and render best data visualization.

  • Enabling organizations to manage both structured and unstructured information across a single platform.
  • Super scalable and provides customized inbuilt tools (iWay) to integrate data across different data sources, efficiently and zero data loss.
  • iWay’s Strong application approach provides best data integration capability and  allows seamless access to any application or data store.
  • Supports standalone Integration or on any existing infrastructure integration (IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, SAP NetWeaver, and Oracle Fusion and so on.)

Download Link: Information Builders

#15) Sagent

Data Integration Tools 15

Sagent Data Integration tool provides an adaptable data transformation technique, which manages data through

  • Business Intelligence
  • Location Intelligence
  • Customized Solutions

Its best Visual tools, allows its users to easily migrate data and manage operations easily.

Access, connect, integrate and analyze data from a wide array of application

Sagent Data Flow supports many data formats for greater efficiency

Download Link: Sagent

#16) Open Text

Data Integration Tools 16

OpenText helps organizations to blend traditional data and enterprise content into one platform, evaluates actual data interpretation and manage people and sources efficiently.

  • Provides agile style of integration for parallel processing and fast migration.
  • Streamline all business operations and gain efficient productivity.
  • Facilitates transparency across participants, providing best business process.
  • All information flows are streamlined and managed.

Download Link: Open Text

#17) Clover ETL

Data Integration Tools 17

CloverETL is the cost effective end-to-end data integration solution.

  • It allows you to rapidly build a data processing pipeline from a quick prototype to a final automated workflow.
  • Enables automating data pipeline support
  • Adopts agile techniques to accommodate huge changes in data.
  • It provides an execution base for data transformations.
  • provides a multi-threaded execution model, for bulk operations.
  • Supports Enhanced engine with additional components and Server support, too.

Download Link: Clover ETL

#18) Syncsort

Data Integration Tools 18

Syncsort is one of the fastest version with high-performance compression technology and enables high-performance join algorithms.

  • All components required for data integration acceleration are included in this.
  • Supports Metadata Interchange, allowing you to easily import jobs from other platforms, such as Informatica and IBM DataStage, to accelerate deployment.
  • Smart workload manager
  • Blend, transform and distribute data with Hadoop

Download Link: Syncsort

#19) Qlikview

Data Integration Tools 19

QlikView Expressor manages the metadata management “the Click way”, there by supporting an easy data migration flow across different sources.

  • provides a disruptive approach to data management.
  • Simple design approach, enabling ease of usage.
  • Has a unique feature to build metadata on the go, or as per the customer needs, hence enables efficient data migration.
  • Qlik’s  provides a redefined business intelligence as it redefines its metadata, based on user usage.
  • Real -time accessibility, analytics visualization and data can be accessed anywhere, anytime, or on any device

Download Link: Qlikview

#20) Jitterbit

Data Integration Tools 20

  • Jitterbit data integration software has a motto of bringing in a cost effective solution, for linking in-house, cloud and other processes.
  • Jitterbit’s graphical interface approach, simplifies, plugging in complex applications, just by select and click option.
  • Supports batch process, for bulk data migration and can as well schedule tasks, for a continuous process.
  • Offers Real-Time data update, through cloud support.
  • Enables all device support, so the system can be accessed anywhere, anytime and get real-time updated data.
  • Enables complete system logging to support all error handling.

Download Link: Jitterbit

#21) Progress Software

Data Integration Tools 21

Progress DataXtend provides business rules based service oriented approach, which makes data flow secure and reliable.

Progress DataXtend has a unique feature to log the data migration and trace logs and troubleshoot during data loss, These logs as well mark as a check point for validating actual Business Criteria, ensured in the organization.

Download Link: Progress Software

Additional Tools

#22) Dell Bhoomi

Data Integration Tools 22

Dell Boomi is a cloud-based integration solution, to fully exploit the value of the cloud.

Supports Organizations of all sizes—from small businesses to the largest global enterprises—trust Dell Boomi to connect any combination of cloud and in-house applications.

Download Link: Dell Bhoomi

#23) Liaison

Data Integration Tools 23

The Liaison has a unique dPaaS Platform consisting of three modules:

  • Has a cutting edge, cloud-based integration platform
  • Manages a layered architecture with an internal system designed through APIs, for better code – reusability.
  • Provides an Efficient, affordable, maintenance free solution, which can be accessed from anywhere, through a web-based Electronic Data Interchange solution and can be managed efficiently through its intuitive interface option.

Download Link: Liaison

#24) Microsoft

Data Integration Tools 24

Microsoft provides its own SQL Server Integration Services for connecting SQL Server Data of different databases and allows easy migration onto one data structure, through which, all the data can be easily migrated without any data loss.

  • Through SSIS, complex join queries, data replication, can as well be used for bulk and batch data migration techniques.
  • These data can as well be placed under Extract, Transform, Load tool for better performance.
  • As well supports a business intelligence support to solve very complex solutions, easily with lesser effort.

Download Link: Microsoft

#25) Software AG

Data Integration Tools 25

Software AG provides a dais for both Software and Data Integration tool, which uses a web methods integration mechanism for cost-effective, customizable 3rd party software integration.

  • Supports SQL and NonSQL Data sources for data migration.
  • Once the data is migrated on to Software AG, it can be easily accessed and retrieved and generate customized reports.
  • Instantaneous data migration approach for effective data analysis.

Download Link: Software AG

#26) Snaplogic

Data Integration Tools 26

SnapLogic is a leader cloud-based enterprise solution,

  • Manipulating how companies integrate business applications in-house and on the cloud.
  • With the SnapLogic Integration Platform, organizations can easily and securely connect a variety of applications or data sources together,
  • While achieving radically better performance and faster implementations than with traditional integration technologies.

Download Link: Snaplogic

We hope you find this comprehensive list of the best enterprise as well as cloud data integration solutions. 


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