14 BEST Automation Testing Services Companies Worldwide in 2023

An exclusive list of the top Automation Testing Services companies worldwide: Compare and select the best test automation services company for your requirements.

Automation Testing is a type of software testing in which the execution of test cases (test scripts) is performed by the software or application. No manual intervention is required for performing this type of software testing.

In order to obtain the best results, automation testing should be performed after manual testing. Automation testing will save time and give more accuracy in executing test cases.

Introduction To Automation Testing


While performing automation testing, test scripts are not created for all the test cases and requirements.

Test scripts are created for Regression test cases, data-driven test cases, smoke & sanity test cases, performance test cases, and test cases for re-testing.

There are three principal types of automation testing, i.e. Unit Automation testing, Automation testing of API, and Automation testing of GUI. Also, while working with agile methods, organizations or teams prefer to work in the Pyramid testing strategy which includes these three levels.

Test Automation Pyramid

Unit testing is the testing of the smallest component of the program in isolation. It is performed at the code level. Unit automation testing is executed at a very fast rate. Tests written for the system with good test coverage could be executed within a few minutes.

API automation testing is performed to validate the integration between business logic and the back end. It is also performed quickly. GUI Automation testing is performed to validate the functionality of the GUI. GUI testing is also about validating the design elements.

While deciding the automation testing strategy, the points to be considered include budget, deadlines, application type, development model, etc.

While selecting an automation testing service provider one should consider the budget, deadlines, reviews about the service provider company for giving quality work, and reviews about the company for following the deadline.


Benefits of Automation Testing include:

    • More accuracy in the work.
    • More test coverage.
  • Less time to execute test scripts.
  • It will be beneficial for large projects and for projects in which some areas need to be tested repeatedly.


Enlisted below are some of the disadvantages of Automation Testing:

  • You will have to spend more time in maintaining test scripts.
  • It will be an expensive option for smaller projects.
  • While manually testing the application, we can get some insights from the test and that will be missed in automation testing.

In this article, we will explore the top Automation Testing service providers in detail.

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List of the Best Automation Testing Services Companies

Enlisted below are the most popular Test Automation Service Providers worldwide:

  1. Mindful QA (Los Angeles, CA)
  2. QAlified (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  3. ScienceSoft (McKinney, Texas, US)
  4. QA Mentor (New York, US)
  5. QACraft (Vadodara, India)
  6. Indium Software (Cupertino, CA)
  7. QASource (Pleasanton, CA)
  8. QA Wolf
  9. iBeta (Colorado, USA)
  10. Aspire Systems (USA)
  11. Codoid (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
  12. Testlio (San Francisco, CA)
  13. Invensis (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  14. Angler (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)
  15. Thinksys (Sunnyvale, CA)
  16. iTechArt (New York, US)
  17. QualiTestGroup (Fairfield, Connecticut)
  18. Andersen Inc.
  19. BugEspy (Lahore, Pakistan)

Comparison of Top Test Automation Companies

Service ProvidersHeadquarterFoundedRevenueCompany SizeCore Services
Mindful QA

Los Angeles, CA2018--50 - 200 employeesAutomated Testing,
Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing,
Website Testing, API Testing, Performance Testing,
User Experience,
QA Process Optimization,
Agile Consulting.

QAlified Logo
Montevideo, Uruguay1992--50 - 200 employeesApplication Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Accessibility Testing, Consulting and Workshops.

ScienceSoft Logo
McKinney, Texas, US1989$32 M500-1000 employeesAutomated functional (including regression testing),
Compatibility testing.
Software Security Assurance Consulting and Outsourcing.
QA Mentor

QA Mentor Logo
New York, US2010Around $6 Million200 - 500 employeesAutomated Testing,
Manual Testing,
Mobile App Testing,
Website Testing,
Crowdsourcing Testing,
API Testing,
Blockchain Testing,
IoT Testing,
Machine Learning & AI Testing,
Performance Testing,
User Acceptance Testing,
User Experience,
QA Audit,
QA Transformation,
Agile and DEVOPS Consulting,
QA Training.

QACraft Logo
Vadodara (India)2016--1-10 employeesMobile app testing, Performance Testing, Non-functional testing, etc.
Indium Software

Indium Software
Cupertino, CA1999--1000+ employeesTest Automation,
Mobile Testing,
Functional Testing,
Performance Testing,
Security Testing,
Integration & System Testing.

QASource Logo
Pleasanton, CA2002$40M - $60M1400 - 1700 employeesAutomation Testing,
Manual Testing,
API Testing,
Mobile QA,
Security Testing,
QA Wolf

QA Wolf Logo
Seattle, WA2019US $1 - $10 Million5 - 20 employeesEnd-to-end test automation for web applications and Salesforce.

Colorado, USA1999$5 to $10 Million51 - 200 employeesAutomated testing, load & performance testing, mobile & web testing, etc.
Aspire Systems

aspire systems
US1996$150M4500+ employeesEnterprise Application Testing, Test Automation, API/Microservices Testing, Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Test Consulting, DevOps Testing, Mobile Testing, AI-led Testing, Managed Testing Services, User Acceptance Testing, Usability Testing, System Integration Testing, SaaS/Cloud Testing.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu2012Around $6 Million51 - 200 employeesQuality Assurance, Automation Testing, Performance Testing,
Agile Testing Services, Regression Testing, Selenium Testing.

San Francisco, CA2012Around $4 Million51 - 200 employeesMobile Testing, Functional Testing, Localization Testing, Automation Testing.

Bangalore, Karnataka2000Around $6 Million1001 - 5000 employeesAutomation Testing Services.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu2001Around $3 Million51 - 200 employeesAutomation Testing,
Software Testing, Embedded Testing, Mobile App Testing,
Security Testing, Performance Testing.
BugEspyLahore, Pakistan2018--50 - 100 employeesManual Testing,
Automation Testing,
Performance Testing,
Penetration Testing,
Dedicated QA team.
The list and Comparison of top Automation Testing Service Providers

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Mindful QA (Los Angeles, CA)


Mindful QA Thoughtful, reliable Agile QA testers are available quickly.

Flexible process with testers that can join your standups, Jira, and Slack as desired. Founded by a QA professional with 10+ years of experience, named “Top 50 Tech Visionary of 2019.”

100% of testers are located in America, and 10% of profits are donated to charity.

Best for start-ups, digital agencies, non-profits, and businesses of all sizes looking for an ethical QA company with experienced automated testers.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Founded: 2018
Company Size: 50-200

Core Services: Automated testing, Manual testing, Mobile App testing, Website testing, API testing, Performance testing, User Experience, QA Process Optimization, Agile Consulting.

Prominent Clients: Google, BMW, Mott’s, Zillow, H&R Block, Discovery, Microsoft, Taco Bell, Volkswagen, Mission Minded, and many more.

Service cost/packages: On-demand, simple hourly pricing with no long-term contracts required. Tools and languages include Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, and many more.

#2) QAlified (Montevideo, Uruguay)

QAlified Logo

QAlified is a software testing and quality assurance company specializing in solving quality problems by reducing risks, maximizing efficiency, and strengthening organizations. They provide coaching and training with Katalon Studio for enterprises that need help introducing automated testing.

Best for companies of all sizes looking for flexible, experienced, and certified QA testers.
Headquarters: Montevideo, Uruguay
Founded: 1992
Company Size: 50-200 employees

Prominent Clients: More than 100 worldwide clients and 600 projects in Banking, Financial Services, Government (Public sector), Healthcare, and Information Technology.

Core Services: Application testing, Performance testing, Test Automation, Security testing, Usability testing, Accessibility testing, Consulting, and Workshops.

Service cost/Packages: Pricing model based on hourly packages. Free proof of concept is also available. Contact them to know about their pricing details.

#3) ScienceSoft (McKinney, Texas, US)

ScienceSoft Logo

21 years in test automation, ScienceSoft helps companies reduce software testing time by up to 18% and testing costs up to 30% – with no compromise on software quality.

ScienceSoft tests all key types of applications:

  • Web, mobile, and desktop apps.
  • Enterprise software (ERP, CRM, SCM, BI, etc.) and SaaS.
  • Microservices and SOA-based apps.
  • Apps powered by advanced techs (IoT, big data, AI/ML, blockchain, and more).

Core Services: Automated functional (including regression and integration testing), performance testing, compatibility testing, and security testing.

ScienceSoft offers full-cycle test automation services:

  • Conducting test automation feasibility study.
  • Selecting and configuring testing tools (Selenium, Apache JMeter, Ranorex, REST Assured, etc.).
  • Developing custom test automation frameworks (if needed).
  • Integrating test automation into the CI/CD pipeline within 4-6 weeks.
  • Preparing test data, developing and maintaining test scripts.
  • Continuously optimizing the testing process to increase its efficiency and reduce costs.

Founded: 1989
Company size: 500-1000 employees
Headquarters: McKinney, TX, US. Other locations: Atlanta, GA, the UAE, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.
Revenue: $32 M
Prominent Clients: Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, Leo Burnett.
Service cost/Packages: Fixed price, T&M

#4) QA Mentor (New York, US)

QA Mentor Logo

QA Mentor – CMMI appraised, ISO Certified, multi-award-winning New York-based QA Company.

78 Automation Engineers utilizing their own proprietary frameworks for Selenium, Appium, TestComplete, UFT, Ranorex, SoapUI, TestCafe, and Protractor Tosca.

With unique product propositions from a crowdsourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers to a test management platform, unique and economical services offerings, and QA education from e-learning and corporate training.

Best for start-ups, digital agencies, and product companies.
Headquarters: New York
Founded: 2010
Company Size: 200-500
Revenue: 6 Million

Core Services: Automated testing, Manual testing, Mobile App testing, Website testing, Crowdsourcing testing, API testing, Blockchain testing, IoT testing, Machine Learning & AI testing, Performance testing, User Acceptance testing, User Experience, QA Audit, QA Transformation, Agile and DEVOPS Consulting, QA Training.

Prominent Clients: Citi, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Experian, BOSCH, Aetna, and many more.

Service cost/packages: On-demand models with no minimum reserved hours requirements and flexible cost model including cost per automation script. Automation prices start from $19 per hour, ROI calculation for every project prior to starting.

#5) QACraft (Vadodara, India)

QACraft Logo

QACraft – We know the importance of Quality.

Headquarters: Vadodara (India)

Core Services: Mobile App Testing, Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Non-functional Testing, Game Testing, Banking Test, Healthcare Testing, and many more.

QACraft is a top-rated software testing service provider based in Vadodara, India that provides test automation solutions and services on time. QACraft’s professional team of QA engineers makes use of the most recent technologies and techniques for testing.

QACraft has a wide range of experience with the latest tools and technology like selenium, java, C#, python, Jenkins, Maven, Appium, and so forth. In addition, they offer web automation testing, web scraping, Android and iOS application automation, and E-commerce.

#6) Indium Software (Cupertino, CA)

Indium Software

Indium Software – Leading QA Company with propriety Test Automation framework.

Indium is one of the leading Software Testing companies and offers a wide range of services for various platforms and operating systems. Being a thought leader in Test Automation, Indium helps client’s overall testing efforts by reducing velocity and time-to-market resulting in significant ROI.

Indium’s IP-based framework iSAFE is a customizable and portable software testing framework for mobile and web applications, which can be seamlessly plugged into any automation tool.

The company’s team of highly qualified and experienced testers work on client’s requirements offering business-critical testing services using open source and commercial automation tools.

Best for end-to-end software testing for SMEs, large-scale enterprises, and Fortune 500 clients.

Headquarters: Cupertino, CA
Founded: 1999
Company Size: 1000+
Prominent Clients: BP Logix, eXP Realty, Implan.

Core Services: Test Automation, Mobile testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Security testing, Integration & System testing.

Service Cost & Packages: Offers flexible pricing models. Please get in touch for details.

#7) QASource (Pleasanton, CA)

QASource Logo

QASource arms you with the technology, strategy, and people necessary to accelerate the production of high-quality software. Established in 2002, QASource has quickly established itself as a leading automation testing service provider in India, Mexico, USA, and Canada.

The company is home to over 600 automation engineers with a collective experience of 1600 years between them. They can help you meet the challenges that come with rapid development cycles so you can deliver a high-quality software on time.

Best for all types of businesses.
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA
Founded: 2002
Company Size: 1400-1700

Core Services: Automation Testing, Manual Testing, API Testing, Mobile QA, Security Testing, Performance Testing, QA Analysis, Blockchain testing, IoT testing, Salesforce Testing, etc.

Prominent Clients: Chipotle, eBay, Oracle, BroadVision, Facebook, Salesforce.
Service Cost: Contact them for Pricing

#8) QA Wolf

QA Wolf Logo

QA Wolf – User-driven end-to-end testing.

QA Wolf is the first data-driven testing platform that automatically turns your user traffic into automated functional tests.

QA Wolf’s analytics captures user flows, translates them into test cases, and prioritizes them based on frequency and business impact – it also reveals all edge cases customers are navigating. All test code is written in Javascript via their open-source platform which is built on top of Microsoft’s Playwright.

Best for startups and data-driven teams.

Founded: 2019
Revenue: US $1-10 M
Company Size: 5 – 20

Prominent Clients: Not disclosed
Core Services: Automated end-to-end testing for web apps and Salesforce.
Service cost/packages: Fixed pricing with no hourly billing.

#9) iBeta (Colorado, USA)


iBeta – Wide range of Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services.

iBeta Quality Assurance is a software testing service provider. It offers services to small Start-Ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. It has customers around the world. It offers a wide range of software testing services like Biometrics testing, Load & Performance testing, Automated testing, Localization testing, etc.

It will provide software testing and quality assurance services that will completely adhere to your methodologies and processes. It aims to seamlessly integrate with your in-house QA team.

Best for providing a wide range of on-demand QA services.
Founded: 1999
Revenue: $5 to $10 M
Company Size: 51-200 employees
Prominent Clients: Hasbro, Ricoh, Express, Quiznos, Pitney Bowes, Gold’s Gym, Jawbone, Irisguard, DaVita, etc.
Core Services: Automated testing, Load & Performance testing, Accessibility testing, Mobile testing, Website testing, etc.

Service Cost/packages: You can get a quote.

#10) Aspire Systems (USA)

aspire systems

Aspire is a global technology solution provider with a focus on software testing. Our Test automation offering uses an in-house AI-powered, Selenium-enabled testing framework (AFTA 3.0) which uses AI-ML based analytics to identify and rectify defects in record time and helps reduce automation efforts by 40% helping in providing a low degree of maintenance.

This is available for retail and insurance enterprises as well as ISVs, start-ups and product companies.

Core services: Managed Testing Services, Performance Testing, Independent Testing services, Test Automation, QA transformation, Agile and DevOps testing

Founded: 1996
Company size: 4500+ employees
Headquarters: US. Other locations: Singapore, UK, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, India and UAE
Revenue: $150M
Service cost/Packages: Contact us with your requirements

#11) Codoid (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)


Codoid – A leading QA Company.

Best for providing testing solutions to different-sized companies.

Codoid is a QA company that offers services for Automation testing, Mobile testing, Performance testing, and QA outsourcing services.

Further Reading => Read this Informative tutorial on Record and Playback Testing

Founded: 2012
Revenue: Around $6 Million.
Company Size: 51-200 employees.

Prominent Clients: Codoid has over 60 clients worldwide which include Telecom companies, Vehicle manufacturers, E-Learning companies, and Financial Companies.

Core Services: Quality Assurance, Automation testing services, Performance testing, Agile testing services, Regression testing, and Selenium testing services.

Service cost/packages: Codoid provides a flexible pricing model. Detailed pricing information is not provided by the company.

Website: Codoid

#12) Testlio (San Francisco, CA)


Testlio – Quality apps for real-life moments that matter.

Best for testing as a service model.

Testlio is a software testing company that offers QA services for Mobile testing, Functional testing, Localization testing, and Automation testing.

Founded: 2012
Revenue: Around $4 Million.
Company Size: 51-200 employees.
Prominent Clients: Microsoft, Etsy, Fox, NBA, Hotels.com, CBS Interactive, STRAVA, and CW.
Core Services: Mobile testing, Functional testing, Localization testing, and Automation testing.
Service cost/packages: Information about pricing packages is not disclosed by the company.

Website: Testlio

#13) Invensis (Bangalore, Karnataka)


Invensis – Global Outsourcing Services.

Best for back-office outsourcing solutions.

Invensis is the provider of many services like IT services, BPO, Call Center, Finance & Accounting, E-commerce Support, Training & Development, Digital Marketing, and Order Management.

Founded: 2000
Revenue: Around $6 Million.
Company Size: 1001 to 5000 employees.
Prominent Clients: Groupon, Chatham University, India Ratings & Research, Insead, ISI Alarms, etc.

Core Services: Automated Unit testing, Automated Testing Cloud Services, Automated System testing, Functional testing, Regression testing, Keyword-driven testing, Data-Driven testing, Object Driven testing, Load testing, and many other services.

Service cost/packages: Not Disclosed.

Website: Invensis

#14) Angler (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)


Angler – Off-shore software development company.

Best for Web designing, multimedia, and digital marketing.

Angler is a software development company that provides services for IT outsourcing, outsourced product development, Mobile App development, web designing, and digital marketing.

Founded: 2001
Revenue: Around $3 Million.
Company Size: 51 to 200 employees.
Prominent Clients: 4M, AgHaven, Altoona, Coats, BASF, Dorma, Cumi, and many others.

Core Services: Automation testing, Software testing, Embedded testing, Mobile App testing, Security testing, Performance testing.

Service cost/packages: Contact them to know about their pricing details.

Website: Angler

#15) Thinksys (Sunnyvale, CA)


Thinksys – Simplifying the process of software testing.

Best for custom solutions. It develops new software testing methodologies.

Thinksys is a product and software development company. It also provides services for QA.

Founded in: 2012
Revenue: Around $2 Million.
Company Size: 51 to 200 employees.
Prominent Clients: Just Pharma, Playtika, Lumata, IIT Alumni, Bond University, Corbis, and many more.

Core Services: Automation Testing, E-commerce Testing, Functional Testing, Localization, Mobile, Performance, Regression, Security, and Usability testing.

Service cost/packages: Thinksys has three pricing models i.e. Hourly, Project, and Dedicated. A free trial is also available. Get a quote about the pricing details.

Website: Thinksys

#16) iTechArt (New York, US)


iTechArt – Custom Software Development Company.

Best for their development work.

iTechArt is a software development company that offers services of Web Development, QA & Testing, and Mobile Development.

Founded: 2002
Revenue: Around $36 Million.
Company Size: 1001 to 5000 employees.
Prominent Clients: ClassPass, Forex.com, Convene, Blackboard, Freshly, ZEFR, and many more.
Core Services: Web Development, Mobile Development, QA & Testing.

Service cost/packages: Contact them to know about their pricing details. As per the online reviews, prices will be $50 to $99 per hour.

Website: ITechArt

#17) QualiTestGroup (Fairfield, Connecticut)


Qualitest – Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions for an ever-changing world.

Best for automation testing services.

QualiTest Group provides managed services for testing and quality assurance. It offers testing services in different disciplines.

Founded: 1997
Revenue: Around $80 Million.
Company Size: 1001 to 5000 employees.

Prominent Clients: Microsoft, MultiPlan, Ministry Health Care, Fujifilm, Avaya, Stratus Technologies, and many more

Core Services: Testing services like Mobile Testing, Load & Performance Testing, Cloud Testing, Cyber Security Testing, and Test Automation.

Service cost/packages: Contact them to know about their pricing details.

Website: QualiTestGroup

#18) Andersen Inc.

Andersen Inc Logo

Andersen – is your perfect reliable partner to take the software path to your digital future.

We have been transforming businesses across the world by implementing innovative digital solutions. We have successfully delivered over 1000 projects. As of now, our QA managers are successfully running an entire range of complex projects across a variety of industries.

85+ developed test strategies
30+ projects being managed
200+ projects automated

Best for large corporations that are looking for an experienced company, companies that want to generate more profit with the help of effective software, and startups that want to light up the world.

Headquarters: New York, NY
Founded: 2007
Company Size: 3700
Revenue: $22 Million

Core Services: Mobile Development, Web Development, DevOps Services, Quality Assurance, Solution Architecture, IT Security Management, Data Science, Cloud Development, Discovery Phase, Business Analysis, UI/UX Design

Prominent Clients: Samsung, Marvel, MediaMarkt, Revolut, Verivox, NDA, Mercedes Benz, BNP Paribas, G Bank, Ryanair, Jonson & Jonson.

Service cost/packages: Average market price for every service, 25–50$ per hour, free consultation.

#19) BugEspy (Lahore, Pakistan) 


BugEspy – Making Quality a Habit.

BugEspy is a team with several years of professional experience as a test automation provider and they are able to offer the best approach in the market to their clients. You may request a free demo to test their project to ensure the quality of their software test automation services.

Best for small and mid-sized companies looking to hire a highly qualified team while saving a lot of costs.


  • Cost-effective packages (Ranging from $12-18/hour)
  • ISTQB certified QA engineers.
  • Up-to-date software and hardware.
  • Integration of tests into a continuous integration process.
  • High-quality and trustworthy partnership.

Founded: 2018
Company Size: 51-100 employees.
Services/Cost: $12 – $20/hour.
Core Services: Manual testing, Automation testing, Performance testing, Penetration testing, Dedicated QA team.

#20) QAwerk

QAwerk Logo

QAwerk – quality software testing for startups, midsize businesses, and large enterprises.

QAwerk is an independent software testing agency helping businesses increase their product quality, scale their testing capacity, and achieve faster time to market. The latter may reach up to a 50% increase in regression testing speed, all thanks to tried and true test automation methods.

They can devise a test automation strategy, set up the test environment, and design reusable and easily maintainable test cases, among other services. A unique opportunity they offer is testing a SaaS platform or mobile app for free as part of their Bug Crawl program.

Best for vendors from E-Commerce, FinTech, E-Learning, Media & Entertainment, and Game Development verticals.

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine
Founded: 2015
Company size: 50 to 100 employees

Prominent Clients: Unfold, Evolv, Hitcents, Station, Elsewhen, Zazu, Unpakt, Kazidomi, Keystone Academic Solutions, and many more.

Core Services: SaaS testing, Manual and Automated testing, Penetration testing, Mobile testing, API testing, Cloud testing, Integration & System testing.

Service cost / Packages: 4 packages and the ability to get a custom offer after a free consultation.

Additional Software Automation Testing Companies

#21) A1QA

A1QA was founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Lakewood, Co.

A1QA is also a software testing company that provides services for test automation, Web application testing, Mobile application testing, Pre-certification testing, and documentation services.

Website: A1QA

#22) TestingXperts

TestingXperts was founded in 1996. It has its headquarters in the US and the UK. It provides services for Functional Testing, Non-functional testing, Specialized Testing Services, and Test advisory & consulting.

Website: TestingXperts

#23) QAInfotech

QAInfotech was founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Noida, UP.

It provides offshore software testing services. It can perform Automation testing, Functional testing, Mobile testing, Performance testing, and many other testing services.

Website: QAInfotech

#24) Crestechglobal

Crestechglobal was founded in 2005. It is headquartered in Noida, UP.

It provides solutions for Product Quality Management, Application Performance Management, Test Automation Solutions, Application Security Management, Mobile Testing, Specialized Testing, and Test Optimization & Transformation.

Website: Crestechglobal


Codoid, Invensis, Angler, and Multidots are the top automation testing service providers that are headquartered in India. Codoid provides testing services to any sized company.

Testlio is an automation testing service provider with its headquarters in the US. It is best for testing as a service model.

Invensis is the best company for back-office outsourcing solutions. Angler is best for Web designing, multimedia, and digital marketing.

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Hope this article will help you in finding the automation testing service provider which will be the best for your needs.