10 Best Zapier Alternatives In 2021: Review And Comparison

List of Top Zapier Alternatives with Features & Comparison:

Zapier is an American web-based company that allows users to integrate the apps they use in daily life and automate their workflows accordingly.

For busy people, Zapier helps them move information between apps for faster work and easier automation. It allows you to focus more on your work than on moving from one app to another.

To automate the workflows, Zapier does not require any coding i.e. you can build processes faster and get more work done in lesser time. The software is best known for time saving and easy integration of apps.


How Does Zapier Work?

zapier automation1

Official Website => Zapier

Zapier allows every user to start workflows from any app they wish to.

For Example, in the above image, you can see if the Gmail message is triggered with any XYZ attachment, then Zapier automatically takes the action and copies the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox.

Finally, the user gets an alert notification in another app, Slack, for the new file in Dropbox.

Note: The above workflow (Gmail-Dropbox-Slack) is an example to make you understand. You can select any workflow with any app you wish to.

Zapier Dashboard


The Zap dashboard is very easy and interactive to use. It is the place where you can manage all your automation with different apps and create your workflow. The dashboard allows you to organize folders, create your zaps, give them a name, search history, edit, delete, copy, rename and much more.

Zapier Features

  • Self-automation in Zapier allows the users to set up zaps (workflows) with a few clicks. Anyone can create and build workflows according to their requirements.
  • Zapier provides built-in apps with every account like a message box, call app, reminders, calendars, and various other apps for creating powerful workflows.
  • Great customer support, launch new ideas faster, ship clean and neat code except debugging errors only.
  • Smart automation for small businesses for focusing more on sales rather than wasting time on data entry.
  • Great tool for marketers to build smart marketing strategies and generate more leads in less cost.
  • Share new concepts, ideas, and designs with feedbacks.

Zapier Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Powerful integration with appsPrice increases for using extra zaps
Smart automation
Simple and user-friendly dashboard
Proper organization of files and folders
Custom workflows

Zapier Pricing

The best thing about their pricing is that each plan offers a free trial for 14 days without any credit/debit card requirement.

For Individuals and Professionals:

zapier pricing

Zapier offers one free plan for everyone to start their basic work.

Its paid plans include:

  • Starter: One grade upper than the free plan for powerful automation ($20 per month).
  • Professional: Advanced tools for higher requirements ($50 per month).
  • Professional Plus: Everything you need ($125 per month).

For Teams and Companies:

zapier pricing1

It offers two different plans for large teams and companies:

  • Teams: For large teams to collaborate ($250 per month).
  • Company Plus: For large enterprises and organizations (Custom pricing – contact sales).
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Top 10 Zapier Alternatives That You Should Know

Enlisted below are the various Zapier Alternatives that are available in the market.

Comparison of Zapier Alternatives

FeaturesFree planPricingIntegration (total no. of apps)Suitable forPast data into account
ZapierAvailableAffordablePowerfulHigher IntegrationsNot available
LeadsBridgeAvailableModeratePowerfulCustom IntegrationsNot available
ZigiOpsNot AvailableAffordablePowerfulHigher bi-directional Integrations.Not available
API FuseNot availableAffordablePowerfulEmbedded Integration for SaaS apps.Not available
IFTTTAvailableFreeNiceFree for everyoneNot available
PiesyncNot availableModerateModerateCustomer data syncNot available
Microsoft FlowAvailableAffordableModerateFor maintaining documentsNot available
IntegromatAvailableAffordableModerateBoth simple and robust integrationNot available
CloudHQAvailableModerateModerateG-suite accountsAvailable
ActiondeskAvailableAffordableOkImport and export of dataAvailable
HuginnNot knownCheapOkFor correctness Not available
WorkatoAvailableHighNiceIT’s and business teamsNot available
Elastic.ioNot availableHighGoodHybrid platform for faster workNot available

Total No. of Integrations for Each Tool – A Comparison Chart

Total no. of integrations for each tool comparison graph

Let’s Explore!!

#1) LeadsBridge


LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that enables companies to enhance their omnichannel strategy orchestrating their business data.

LeadsBridge fulfills your integration needs, focusing on bridging gaps between advertising platforms and sales funnels, and delivering tailor-made integrations made upon your business needs.

The LeadsBridge platform is suited for companies that want to streamline their advertising activities by integrating the marketing technology stack with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

With more than +370 out-of-the-box integrations available at the moment, you can easily connect your chosen software with your advertising platform, seamlessly synchronizing data for your marketing workflows.

Notable Features:

  • Lead Sync: You can automatically synchronize leads from Facebook Lead Ads, Google Lead Form Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with your favorite CRM, and Email Marketing software.
  • Audience Targeting: You will be able to automatically create the best audiences by syncing the CRM segments, email marketing contacts, or customer lists with Facebook, Linked In, and Google Ads, always being compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws.
  • Online to Offline Tracking: This tool allows you to track your offline transactions and understand the performance of online campaigns. LeadsBridge offers this service on Facebook through Facebook Conversion API and on Google by using Google Offline Conversions.
  • Platform to Platform: You can connect the company’s platforms through LeadsBridge to make teams more effective and get rid of data silo issues
  • eCommerce Synchronization: It allows eCommerce companies to sync contacts and orders between your eCommerce tool and the most used advertising platforms including Facebook and Instagram.
  • Tailor-Made Integration: It provides tailored integrations for complex workflows. This is suitable for companies with unique needs that are not available on the integration list. LeadsBridge helps to integrate custom or internal CRM for such companies.


LeadsBridge Pricing

LeadsBridge offers a free 7-day trial with four paid plans billed monthly or annually, starting at $29 for the self-service platform with real-time LeadSync and 1.5k leads/mo, up to Enterprise accounts starting at $699 per month with Custom Volumes.

Plans vary in the maximum amount of integrations and synchronized units (leads, audiences, and conversions). All plans offer the GDPR (also for audiences) and CCPA Compliant to keep all customer data safe.

Verdict: As LeadsBridge is a tool that is specifically designed for marketing, it is the go-to solution for integrating your technology stack with the main advertising platforms, in order to automate lead generation, retargeting, and full-funnel tracking.

#2) ZigiOps

ZigiOps Dasboard

ZigiOps is a no-code on-prem integration platform for your business application data.

Born from the need to help you automate processes and enhance cross-team collaboration, ZigiOps seamlessly runs in your environment, while extracting and transferring data between systems in real-time. Our recovery features protect you from losing valuable data in case of system downtime.

Notable features:

  • Enables everyone to do integrations from anywhere: People with no technical background can set up an integration in less than 5 minutes. The template library with ready use cases makes it even easier.
  • Highly flexible and customizable integrations: Users can modify their integrations, add new filters, data mappings, and more after the integration has been set up.
  • Adapts to any use case: ZigiOps is a mature product that covers almost any customer use case, regardless of its complexity.
  • Deep integrations: The product goes beyond just scratching the surface to capture complex data dependencies. It synchronizes related entities of any level.
  • Handles tons of queries: ZigiOps is powerful and can handle as many queries per day as your systems can pass.
  • On-premises solution, which connects to the cloud: The platform is hosted on-premises but can connect to both on-prem and cloud deployments.
  • Security: ZigiOps acts as a middleware between the systems and doesn’t store any data.


ZigiOps offers a 14-day free trial as well as free PoC. The product costs 9,000 EUR per year (price is for both the software and the specific integration) which includes:

  • Bi-directional integration between two systems.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Real-time data synchronization.
  • Workflow synchronization (ex: incident-task).
  • Customer support
  • Enterprise readiness.
  • Unlimited custom field support.
  • Deep integrations: capturing complex data dependencies.
  • Smart data loss prevention.

ZigiWave offers discounted packages if you choose to integrate more than two systems.

#3) API Fuse

API Fuse Dashboard

API Fuse is an embedded integration platform purpose-built for SaaS applications. API Fuse enables technology and product leaders to rapidly respond to their end-user integration requests without adding to their development backlog.

Allow your customers to connect their apps directly inside your SaaS application without ever leaving your product.

Notable Features:

White-labeled Marketplace: SaaS companies can showcase their most requested integrations relevant to their customers in their own custom branded marketplace.

Customer Analytics: SaaS companies can gain critical insights into which integrations are being used most and what types of actions their users are configuring to better enable product managers to prioritize which new integrations to launch.

Monetization: Product Managers can gain full control of how they price their native integrations based on the types of integrations available, API Calls, or the level of customization they want their customers to have access to based on their unique price plans.

White-labeled Workflow Builder: Expose workflow automation directly inside your SaaS app to enable your users to build their own custom integrations without having to rely on third-party system integrators or tools.


API Fuse Pricing

API Fuse offers a very cost-effective starting plan at 6K per year for SaaS companies looking to get started with native integrations compared to other embedded iPaaS solutions in the market.

Plans vary based on the number of connectors and usage but custom pricing can be discussed based on the unique needs of each SaaS company.

Verdict: If you’re a SaaS company looking to offer native integrations for your customers then API Fuse is the go-to solution that will enable you to focus on your core product offering without having to worry about coding and maintaining third-party integrations.



IFTTT stands for IF This Then That, and it is a platform for chaining simple conditional statements called applets. These applets are the changes that are triggered by other integrated web services.

For Example, get notified for a new mail, tweet, or any post. IFTTT makes your daily life simpler by integrating all your apps to work together in a new way. Besides, IFTTT also runs on Android and IOS devices.


  • IFTTT is free to use service and helps your apps and devices talking to each other for faster and smarter automation.
  • Works well with social media apps so that you can post and tweet anywhere and see them everywhere.
  • It helps you to make your mobile assistant more personalized by syncing across your device.
  • It also provides applets for music lovers by integrating with your music apps like Saavn, Spotify, SoundCloud, Songkick, etc.
  • Sends you a notification for an Instagram post, weather, reminders, news update, music update, and a lot more stuff.


IFTTT pricing

For developers and others, IFTTT is completely free to use. For enterprises who want to drive, a customer must contact IFTTT sales.


The best part about IFTTT is that its free to use for the developer and other people. Also, it would be fun using IFTTT as we get many small but exciting features to rely upon.

Official Website: IFTTT

#5) Piesync

piesync dash

Piesync is a platform especially built for true customer data synchronization. It allows you to keep your customers data 2-way sync across all your business apps and devices. Piesync was built to save hours of manual data entry and keep the customer data updated and secured.

Moreover, there’s no coding required for maintaining customer data. You can easily create and add actions in simple steps and start your work.


  • With Piesync’s intelligent two-way syncing, you can easily combine data from multiple apps and generate a 360-degree view.
  • Piesync helps you to increase your sales and profits by keeping your data updated and duplicate data for free.
  • Freedom to work with any app which suits your business.
  • It provides scaling and syncing for every business size, so you can add team members at one place and manage your work effectively.
  • Leave everything on Piesync, you’ll get your data and reports up to date, and thereby make faster decisions.


piesync pricing

Piesync has a different concept of pricing plans. It offers a plan according to the number of contacts you want to sync.

Plans include:

  • Starter: For small teams ($9 per month).
  • Pro: For growing teams ($19 per month).
  • Enterprise: For larger teams ($99 per month).

Note: All the above plans are for 500 contacts in sync. If you want more contacts, then the price increases accordingly.


Piesync offers a free trial for all the plans. It is a good contact management software for those who need to maintain their customer data.

Official Website: Piesync

#6) Microsoft Flow

MS flow dash

With Microsoft Flow, you need to work less and do more of what you want. It allows you to create automated workflows between the app that you like the most and get notified even for a small change.

With Flow, you get some popular Microsoft services like OneDrive, Office Outlook, Share Point, Dropbox, etc. It is easy to start with Microsoft Flow, just find a template that you require from the featured collection and get started.


  • Consolidate the powerful apps of Microsoft with Microsoft Flow’s automation to make better decisions.
  • With PowerApps and Flow, increase your ROI, reduce development cost, and increase business process efficiencies.
  • Get Microsoft’s popular services and integration with your favorite apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Customizable & conditional flows, on-premise & cloud integrations, data filtering, and monitoring.
  • Drag-drop workflow, automated workflows, templates, etc., and supports Android, IOS, & windows platform.


MS flow pricing

It offers one free and 2 simple paid plans. The free plan includes all the necessities and the paid plans include:

  • Flow plan 1: For premium connectors and 3 minutes check ($5 per user per month).
  • Flow plan 2: For business flow process, and 1-minute check ($15 per user per month).


It could be a great option for Microsoft lovers as well as for those who love to manage and maintain their documents in a preferred way.

Official Website: Microsoft Flow

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#7) Integromat

integromat dash

Integromat is known as the glue of the internet because they claim to have the most advanced online automation system. It lets you automate your process which you perform manually and has the capability of transferring and transforming data.

It has simple as well as robust integration with a beautifully crafted editor for easier automation and direct support for various apps and services.


  • Watch how your automation works in real life and how your data flow between different apps and services.
  • It helps you get detailed information about every workflow and allow you to see what data was processed and when it was processed.
  • Simpler and familiar functions similar to Excel functions, to sum up, some values, find out aggregate and percentage, etc.
  • It allows you to choose the starting point to begin processing your data.
  • Built-in routers, error handlers, aggregators and iterators, live execution, execution history, scheduling, templates and much more.


integromat pricing

Just like other apps, it also offers one free plan for 1,000 operations and up to 15 minutes interval.

It offers four different paid plans:

  • Basic: For 10,000 operations and 5 minutes interval ($9 per month).
  • Standard: For 40,000 operations and 1-minute interval ($29 per month).
  • Business: For 150,000 operations and 1-minute interval ($99 per month).
  • Platinum: For 800,000 operations and 1-minute interval ($299 per month).


Integration is nice with both simple and robust integration and an amazing editor with an interactive and user-friendly interface. It also includes some great advanced features which make it a great tool.

Official Website: Integromat

#8) CloudHQ

cloudhq dash

CloudHQ is a Gmail productivity tool that helps you share emails, label them, collaborate, and even track them with free email tracker. The best part is that it allows you to backup all G-accounts for real-time data protection.

Moreover, CloudHQ is trusted by big brands like Uber and Twitter. It’s the best platform for all your G-suite work and is the solution for other clouds.


  • You can sync and migrate to Google G-suite with all your accounts without any interruption.
  • Save your emails in PDF, zip file, Excel, or CSV file with Chrome’s extension for your feasibility.
  • Label sharing allows you to share your emails with labels and collaborate back on these emails which is great for Human Resource, Sales team, and Customer Service.
  • Again, the Chrome extension allows you to share multiple emails with a free email tracking service.
  • Free email templates, meeting scheduler, Auto follow up, SMS and text alerts, email links, video email, screencast recording, screenshots, etc. and much more.


cloudhq pricing

CloudHQ offers one free plan for every user. But its paid plans are very different from others for example, each feature has its own pricing. The pricing above is only for sync, migration, and backup.

Paid plans include:

  • Premium: For professionals ($118 per user per year).
  • Business: For small companies ($300 per year for 3 users).
  • Enterprise: For large organizations (custom pricing – contact sales).


Best software for those who manage their work with G-suite accounts and always rely on cloud storage.

Official Website: CloudHQ

#9) Actiondesk

actiondesk dash

Actiondesk is a software as a service company that lets non-technical teams build data-driven automated workflows. It allows users to import data, transform or manipulate data, and then export it externally. They save business teams by helping them to build powerful automation with simple skills.


  • Workflow management, data-driven automated workflows help in managing and ensuring the smooth flow of work.
  • Metadata management helps in describing the other data.
  • Any SaaS excluding enterprise SaaS.
  • Frequent update in minutes and hours.
  • Export and import data from anywhere to everywhere.


actiondesk pricing

Official Website: Actiondesk

#10) Huginn


Huginn is different from others in the way that it always keeps a watch over the correctness of your information. It acts as a guardian for the mistakes, errors, and manipulation that you make. Huginn works in the way that the behavior of information is measured across its whole life cycle against the existing functionalities.


  • It offers lifecycle-based monitoring of information and reduces insider threats for correctness.
  • It doesn’t require any changes in the existing system and works together for monitoring.
  • It helps you to develop an understanding of information, assurance for your information like integrity, correctness, and control over information anomalies.
  • Manage all your information at one place with complete security and authenticity.


huginn pricing

The above image is from GitHub revealing that Huginn works very well with the cheapest Heroku paid plan. Heroku is also a cloud application platform for developers. Nothing much to know about its pricing.


It could be a great option for its cheapest pricing range for maintaining the integrity and correctness of the information.

Official Website: Huginn

#11) Workato

workato dash

Workato is one of the best platforms for both businesses and IT’s to collaborate and use the same tool for integration and automation. It offers better integration with its intelligent automation techniques for powerful innovation across your business.

For IT’s Workato is more than iPaaS and for business teams, it’s a workplace hero for all times.


  • Intuitive interface that includes Recipe IQ, responsive & reusable integrations, and smart versioning.
  • Data and app integration, workflow automation, process integration, custom bots, etc.
  • Strong integration with powerful connections, built-in optimizations, secure connectivity, and extensions.
  • Secure platform for large enterprises as it includes roles and access control, control on data, centralized access with SSO, Governance control, etc.
  • Customizable job reports, advanced queue management, and long-running processes.


For Self-Service:

workato pricing

It offers one free plan for personal tasks and one paid plan i.e. Pro for extra functionalities ($599 per month).

For Business:

workato pricing1

It includes three plans:

  • Business: For small teams ($1499 per month).
  • Business plus: for business ($2999 per month).
  • Enterprise: For IT teams (custom pricing).


More than iPaaS for IT’s and faster automation for business workflows.

Official Website: Workato

#12) Elastic.io

elastic dash

Elastic.io is a hybrid integration platform for connecting API’s on-premises and cloud applications swiftly and securely. Also, it comes with a rich library of pre-built connectors for business apps. Moreover, the platform is developer-friendly and is a nice background for building new products.


  • Hybrid integration platform with high uptime speed, extensibility, and elasticity.
  • The dashboard provides easy monitoring, logging, and error handling.
  • Intuitive designer which easily transform data between various applications.
  • Developer friendly platform for a new integration of components.
  • With Elastic.io you can focus more on your strategies by reducing manual processes.


elastic pricing

Elastic.io does not offer a free plan, rather it has four paid plans:

  • Lean: For email support (€599 per month).
  • Professional: For email support (€1199 per month).
  • Enterprise: For email and phone support (€2299 per month).
  • Dedicated: For email and phone support (custom pricing – contact sales).


A hybrid platform for higher speed, faster integration, and smarter automation for innovation of new products and services.

Official Website: Elastic.io

#13) Automate.io


Automate.io is a platform that helps you to integrate your cloud applications and automate your marketing, sales, and business activities. With Automate.io you can create workflows between many apps in just a few minutes and also one to one integration between different apps. The best thing is that you can try Automate.io for free.

Moreover, the software has a tremendous list of app integrations to faster the work process.


  • Create one to one integration and multi-app workflows in less time, so you can focus more on your important tasks.
  • Cross-functional workflows with no requirement of any coding for enhancement of increasing more and more sales.
  • User-defined trigger events, business process automation, multiple data resources, Automatic form filling, etc.
  • Drag-drop functionality, automated data sync, configurable actions, and much more to save your time and efforts.
  • Classy list of automated app integrations like Facebook lead ads, Salesforce, Zendesk, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.


automate pricing

Automate.io offers one forever free plan for small and basic needs.

Its paid plans include:

  • Growth: For normal automation and workflows ($49 per month).
  • Business: For small scale businesses with moderate requirements ($99 per month).
  • Enterprise: For large scale enterprises ($199 per month).
  • Enterprise Plus: For an organization with advanced requirements ($499 per month).


Automate.io is a great app with a simple and easy one to one integration and multi-app workflows. Works well and is trusted by 10000+ organizations.


To conclude, we can say that all the tools mentioned above differ from each other per their working style and functionalities. Each tool is somewhat different from the other in one way or the other.

Zapier has the most no. of integration with different apps but still, its competitors are used and trusted by big brands.

Each tool has been reviewed in this article for its features and pricing. So, go on and select the best tool to power up your day with workflow automation.

We hope this article helped you in selecting the right Zapier Alternative!!

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