8 Best Trello Alternatives In 2023 for Project Management

List of the Top Trello Alternatives with Detailed Comparison of Features:

Have you ever felt the need for any tool for organizing your personal projects? Or Do you find organizing your tasks, team members, and goals to be a stressful task?

Project Management is really a stressful task to be done. We always expect a better solution, when we are lying on the top of any problem.

An essential and efficient tool for task management enables you to develop coordination between your team and thereby helps you to organize your tasks seamlessly.

Introduction to Trello

Trello is considered to be one of the most powerful project management tools that are used for an individual as well as group Project Management. Its salient features such as boards, cards, and power-ups help one to organize, administer, and integrate the project.

The best part of it is that Trello boards are further categorized into lists and each list contains cards for a specific project. Now, each card can be easily identified as we can denote them with a label for easier search.

Trello Alternatives

Our TOP Recommendations:

monday LogoClickup LogoTeamwork LogoZoho Projects Logo
monday.comClickUpTeamworkZoho Projects
• 360° customer view
• Easy to set up and use
• 24/7 support
• Organize projects at a glance
• Collaborate with your team
• Track progress and goals
• Free client users
• Multiple views
• Advanced reporting
• Comprehensive solution
• Workflow automation
• Fully customizable
Price: $8 monthly
Trial version: 14 days
Price: $5 monthly
Trial version: Infinite
Price: $10.00 monthly
Trial version: Infinite
Price: $4.00 monthly
Trial version: 10 days
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Features of Trello


Trello board

A board is defined as a project which is to be organized and managed by the Trello users. Typically, it’s the parent class for many sub-classes of a particular project. They are used to create checklists, add attachments like images, mock-ups’, sketches, charts, etc.

In addition, it also defines the flow of cards between the lists. Let’s say a product manager, will create the following board to set up and differentiate various tasks related to that product.


Trello List

Furthermore, the above-defined board is now sub-categorized into lists to perform each task effectively. Each list represents the stage of progress for the corresponding board.

Progress shows the following result:

  • The task to be done.
  • The activity currently in progress.
  • The task executed (finished).

In this case, suppose a product manager creates different product lists under a single board.


trello card

A card is the most flexible part where the work gets done. The card lets you attach images, upload documents, give labels, assign tasks to assignees, and notify us with a due date and time.

In the workflow of Trello, the card represents a single task (to do, in progress, executed). In addition, the best thing about the card is that it can be moved between the lists and one can also talk about the task at hand.

That’s not all…

Trello app also lets you create a team for your board, by letting you organize your company, personal projects as well as others stuff.

Trello Pricing

Trello mainly provides free service to its customers and users. It lets you create n number of boards, lists, and cards per user. One can attach or upload up to 10 Mb files from their local computers or from server databases like One Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Trello Paid Versions

It offers three different types of paid versions as mentioned below.

#1) Trello Business Class

This paid version of Trello is intended to support multi-user teams. It gives you control and more security over those who can access boards.

  • Monitor team activities across the board.
  • Integrate your favorite apps right into your boards.
  • Administrative control for security.
  • Unlimited Team Boards and Power-ups.
  • Export data in bulk.
  • Add members in bulk through Google account.
  • Deactivate members whenever you wish to.
  • 250 Mb per file attachment.
  • Customize your background and add stickers.
  • Email notifications.

Trello Business class costs $9.99 per month.

#2) Trello Gold

Gold version enables an individual user to gain access to the premium features for taking their work to the next level.

It includes:

  • Premium stickers and customized background.
  • 250 Mb per file attachment.
  • Three power-ups on any single board.
  • Saved Searches

Trello Gold costs $5 per month and $45 annually.

#3) Trello Enterprise

Trello Enterprise focuses on the use of Large Scale Enterprises which requires higher security, flexibility, and integrity. Businesses with more diverse needs can opt for it as it provides authentication of user and encryption of files.

It has the same features as Trello Business Class with more:

  • Power up administration
  • Personalized Boarding
  • Single Sign-on for all SAML IdPs
  • Intrusion detection

The pricing for Trello Enterprise varies according to the number of users. Till 100 users it costs $20.83 and decreases as the number of user increases.

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Best Trello Alternatives for Productive Teams

Here’s the deal:


There are many options available other than the Trello. Trello provides features for project management. But it is not intended to support complex business projects. It lacks features like Built-in budget management and time tracking features.

If your business is more complex or if you need features according to your business, then you can opt one from the several options listed below. Choose the right app which best suits your business type.

#1) monday.com


monday.com is a scalable platform. This work platform can be used by small startups as well as large enterprises. It has the capability to manage and track complex processes. The tool will provide insights on project progress, budget, workload, etc.


  • monday.com will allow you to import your projects from Trello.
  • There will be continuous real-time data syncing with Trello.
  • The dashboard will let you track the progress, estimate the workload, and monitor budgets.

Pricing: monday.com pricing starts at $17 per month for 2 users. It offers a free trial for the product. The below image will show you the details of all pricing plans available with monday.com.

Monday Pricing_Trello

Why use monday.com over Trello?

  • monday.com provides various options for viewing, analyzing, organizing, and executing the projects whereas Trello’s focus is on the Kanban method.
  • Trello provides support through Tickets & Training but monday.com provides support through Email, Phone, Live Support, Tickets, and Training.
  • monday.com is an all-in-one solution for project management, time management, team management, business process management, etc.

#2) Jira


Jira is a project management tool that can give Trello a run for its money in the workflow set-up department. The platform arms you with a ton of ready-made templates so you can craft workflows that best suit the requirements of your specific project.

Another area where Jira shines is task automation. With Jira, you basically get a no-code automation engine that can be put to use to automate processes with just a single click.


  • Easy Team Collaboration
  • Capacity Management
  • Activity Tracking
  • Basic and Advanced Roadmap
  • Scrum and Kanban Board

Price: Jira offers 4 pricing plans and a 7-day free trial on its premium and standard plans. The software can be used for free by up to 10 users. Its standard plan costs $7.75/month. Its premium plan costs $15.25/month. A custom enterprise plan is also available.

Jira Pricing

Why Use Jira over Trello?

  • Jira can be used to plan, track, release, report, and automate crucial aspects of a project.
  • Ton of templates to create customizable workflows
  • Supports both basic and advanced road mapping of projects
  • The flexible pricing that includes a forever-free plan makes the tool ideal for small start-ups as well as large corporations.

#3) ClickUp

ClickUp Workload

ClickUp is a platform that can replace all the tools you are using for different tasks. It contains functionalities for To-do lists, project management, reminders, time tracking, screenshots, and comments, etc. It is a customizable platform and supports a lot of integrations for connecting with various productivity tools.


  • ClickUp supports all the modern browsers, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • For Process Management, the tool offers the features of agile board view, Workload Chart, Goals, Automations, etc.
  • It offers a lot of Task Management features such as Sorting, Filter & Search, Recurring Tasks, Multitask Toolbar, etc.
  • It has time management capabilities like 2-way calendar sync, time view, time tracking, etc.

Pricing: ClickUp offers the solution with four pricing plans, Free, Unlimited ($5/member/month), Business ($9/member/month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). You can try the Unlimited plan and Business plan for free. All these prices are for annual billing.

Why use ClickUp over Trello?

  • ClickUp offers more than 15 views.
  • It provides an embedded email facility.
  • It will let you assign comments.
  • It offers many more features like time tracking & estimates, native goals, a multi-feature dashboard, etc.

#4) Smartsheet


Smartsheet arms project management professionals with a plethora of tools to manage their tasks and automate workflows. The platform facilitates seamless team collaboration by connecting all members of a team working on a project via a single collaborative interface. Smartsheet can also be used to organize and review content production.


  • Provides a uniform collaborative platform for seamless team collaboration.
  • Automates redundant tasks and processes.
  • Track tasks in real-time 24/7
  • Helps accurately allocate resources across multiple projects.

Why Choose Smartsheet Over Trello?

  • Smartsheet facilitates easy project planning and scheduling by standardizing key project elements and improving collaboration.
  • The reports provided by Smartsheet are configurable and you don’t need technical support to highlight them.
  • You get automated daily reminders when changes are made or a deadline is approaching in Smartsheet.
  • Unlike Trello, you don’t need to pay additional fees to unlock and use some of Smartsheet’s more advanced features.

#5) Wrike


Wrike is a powerful tool including Gantt charts to view data and schedule project. It is easily adjustable to keep each and everyone on track.

You can prioritize your goals, tasks, etc., straight in sight. Loaded with high-performance robust features, it makes managing task simple and straight forward.


  • Live Chat application for more integrity.
  • Defining Straight forward goals into sight.
  • Organized File Management.
  • Gantt charts to visualize data.


Wrike offers five different plans:

wrike pricing

Why use Wrike over Trello?

  • The power of simplicity makes it more interactive than Trello.
  • Another reason is templates, which make Wrike more reliable.
  • One stop for all your work.

#6) Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects is another cloud-based project management system that is mostly used by small-mid scale enterprises.

It will allow you to track log issues, define custom workflow and fix issues instantly. Zoho enables its users to manage their documents on the go with the help of its online document tools.


  • Zoho Analytics add-on for more insights for a project.
  • Automation and customization.
  • Time tracking sheets, hours planned, invoice, and calendar.
  • Get notified for issues by email.


Zoho includes four pricing plans:

zoho pricing

Why use Zoho Projects over Trello?

  • Unlike Trello, Zoho is designed to work with third-party applications and add-ons. You don’t need to design your custom plugin.
  • Zoho supports email, live chat, phone, and other corresponding applications but Trello doesn’t.
  • Zoho specifically focuses on getting your project done faster instead of just collaborating teams.

#7) Teamwork

Teamwork Dashboard

Teamwork is an all-in-one project management tool for client work and can work harder for you. It offers all the required functionalities and you may not need add-ons or integrations.

Teamwork offers flexibility with visual boards, task lists, Gantt charts, etc. It will let you work as you want. Its robust reporting capabilities will keep you in the loop for all teams and projects.


  • Teamwork offers features for managing the team’s workload in real-time.
  • It gives a complete picture of the team’s capacity.
  • Its powerful resourcing insights and capabilities like Kanban boards & reprioritizing the work will help you
  • with project management.
  • It contains many more capabilities like templates, time tracking, and real-time collaboration, etc.

Pricing: Teamwork offers a free trial of 30 days. It offers the solution with four pricing plans, Free (forever free), Deliver ($10/user/month), Grow ($18/user/month), and Scale (Get a quote). All these prices are for annual billing.

Why use Teamwork over Trello?

  • Trello is a good solution for light touch project management. Teamwork can work harder for you.
  • With Teamwork you may not require add-ons or integrations.
  • It is a flexible solution and can easily adapt to your work environment.
  • It is an end-to-end solution for managing the projects.

#8) WorkOtter


WorkOtter is another great alternative to Trello that you can give a try right away. The software arms you with features that automate and simplify the process of managing projects, portfolios, and resources. It features a dashboard that is both customizable and shareable. The software also excels with regard to its integrated Workplan scheduling system.


  • Easily create Gantt Charts and Web Timesheets.
  • Interactive workflow maps to track task progress.
  • Unique ASK and GIVE module to assign resources to projects appropriately.
  • Advanced and comprehensive reporting.

Verdict: WorkOtter multi-functional nature along with customizable interface makes it a worthy alternative to Trello. We recommend this software for issue management, resource planning, workflow mapping, and more.

Price: It adheres to a pay-as-you-go model. You’ll need to contact them directly for a quote. A free demo of the software is offered upon request.

Why use WorkOtter over Trello?

  • Template and drag-and-drop interface to customize dashboard and charts.
  • Provides multiple project planning options like Agile, MSP, Waterfall, Scrum, HTML5 Gantt charts.
  • Interactive workflow maps and status boards.
  • Microsoft Project integration.

#9) Paymo


Paymo is a trusted website with more than 50000 freelancers as declared by Paymo itself. Although Paymo also provides free services to the freelancers for Project Management, its paid services are powerful enough to boast a community.

It helps it’s users to collaborate with the team as well as it allows time tracking feature and manages the project from start till end. That’s the reason why Paymo is more trusted by merchants, large scale enterprises, web designers, and freelancers. Paymo gives prime focus to the overall performance without compromising the quality.


  • Time Tracking feature offers automatic time tracker to record the time spent on a project.
  • Desktop apps like search function can be used to find a task or edit the existing time record entry.
  • Mobile apps feature enables you to work offline and changes are made automatically to your synchronized account when connected to the internet.
  • Timesheets help you to visualize the data in calendar style with month, week and day views.
  • File Storage keeps all data and information at one place, you can also download and preview the data in your browser.


Paymo is available for free to freelancers but it also includes paid versions for small offices and large business.

It offers two paid plans:

paymo pricing

Why use Paymo over Trello?

  • Paymo includes time tracking features which make it more convenient and versatile to use.
  • Thousands of large scale enterprises like Edris, Acilia, Apollo, Agenzia, Keyzo and many more use Paymo daily.
  • Why use several apps when you can get all things in one app.
  • Manages projects from start to finish.
  • Stores all the data at one place so it can be accessed anytime.

Website: Paymo

#10) Taskworld

task world

Taskworld was created and founded by Fred Mouawad. This app is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to facilitate task and project management, communication through messages, measure performance and provide metrics for evaluation of team progress.


  • This app includes a chat application feature for the group and team messages as well as for private and direct messages.
  • Interactive dashboard for creating multiple tasks set due dates, and monitor progress.
  • Time Tracking feature is also available.
  • Hierarchical project management including project group, project, task list, task, and checklist.


Taskworks offers two plans:

taskworld pricing

Why use Taskworld over Trello?

  • Dedicated server in your own Virtual Private Cloud(VPC).
  • Advanced privacy settings.
  • Up to 100 Gb of storage.
  • Chat application for team collaboration and private messages.
  • Unlimited workspace for large scale enterprises.

Website: Taskworld

#11) Clarizen


If you want to take your enterprise to the next level, and want to empower new methodologies to achieve specific goals then Clarizen is the best alternative for Trello.

It supports different working styles in an enterprise to gain autonomy. Along with that, it responds quickly for real-time interaction and purposeful collaboration which thereby makes it a better alternative to Trello.


  • Support languages include French, Japanese, German, English, Spanish, Chinese and much more.
  • Ideal software for mid-sized to large scale enterprises.
  • Collaborative project management.
  • Suitable for many industrial areas.


Not revealed on the website or any other platform. One has to make a request for pricing, a form has to be filled and the quotation will be delivered to your mail account.

Clarizen offers two editions:

  • Enterprise Edition provides limited access to many features.
  • Unlimited Edition provides unlimited access according to needs.

Why use Clarizen over Trello?

  • Clarizen focuses more on executing business strategies.
  • Speed and agility.
  • Real-time information for providing autonomy and empowerment.
  • Methodologies which support different working styles.

Website: Clarizen

#12) Asana


Basically, Asana was introduced to replace emails for work and team collaboration. Asana focuses more on workflow management between the teams and is a very beneficial software for small enterprises.

It also lets you add followers, comments, and tags. One great thing about this software is that it allows group discussions with multiple workspaces.


  • Interactive custom dashboards with calendars.
  • Great pricing for premium plans.
  • Notifications and reminders for more reliability.
  • Focus mode with individual task lists and sub-task management
  • Easy communication portal with inbox for messages.


Asana is available for free but with a total limit of 15 people only.

Asana offers four plans:

asana pricing

Why use Asana over Trello?

  • Asana is more appealing when you compare the actual benefits of both.
  • Although the accessibility of Trello is good, Asana works great with bigger projects.
  • In addition, Asana works better with dependency management.

Website: Asana

#13) ProofHub


This software is an open source API system, which makes it completely different from Trello. Open source API means any third party or virtual network can connect to ProofHub.

Well, it has a nice and clean interface which includes effective features to handle and manage your project at one stop. However, it is well suited for mid-large scale enterprises.


  • Enable White-labelling feature to give your project the same look and feel like your company.
  • Restrict IP address of those whom you don’t want to give access.
  • You can transfer your account ownership to anyone you wish.
  • Share responsibilities to each and every team member as and when needed.


ProofHub offers two pricing plans:

proofhub pricing

Why use ProofHub over Trello?

  • Restore your data if you accidentally delete them.
  • App notifications for a reminder.
  • Features like templates live chat, notes, time tracking, etc. make it more functional.

Website: ProofHub

#14) Brightpod


This software is best suited for various marketing teams for web-based project management and time tracking. Hence many digital marketing teams use Brightpod to organize their tasks and develop clarity among them.


  • Track your projects visually to compare the progress.
  • Manage your social media campaigns and content in one place.
  • Archive your backup within 30 days.
  • Auto-save mode


Brightpod offers four plans:

brightpod pricing

Why use Brightpod over Trello?

  • If you are a Digital Marketer or if have any marketing team, then Brightpod is best suitable for you.
  • Brightpod provides 24/7 live reporting for projects.
  • Auto-saving and archiving of personal as well as project data.

Website: Brightpod

#15) Hive

Hive Dashboard

Hive is a productivity tool that can be a good alternative to Trello. Hive provides ultimate flexibility for switching between the views. You will be able to work from anywhere for managing projects and processes. It provides a robust set of features that includes Analytics, Resourcing, Messaging, Files, Forms, etc.


  • Hive provides the features of multiple project layouts, automated workflows, and summary views.
  • It provides action templates to plan and repeat tasks.
  • Action cards will allow you to access all the information that is required for completing tasks through attaching files, setting dependencies, creating sub-actions, etc.
  • You can create your own to-do-list through the feature My Action List.

Pricing: The price for the basic package of Hive starts at $12 per user per month. Various add-ons are available, you can see the pricing of the add-on in the below image. The tool can be tried for free.

Hive Pricing

Why use Hive over Trello?

  • Hive provides various project layouts like list view, Gantt chart, calendar view, and summary view that are not available with Trello.
  • It provides the functionalities of native messaging and native email.
  • It provides time tracking features, unlike Trello.
  • It provides the feature of Request Forms and Analytics & Reporting.

#16) Favro


Favro is a platform for SaaS and Live Gaming companies. It is a tool for collaborative planning whereas Trello is a platform for collaboration and project management. Favro offers the functionalities for collaborative writing, planning, organizing your tasks. It can be used by everyone, from newbie & team leader to CEO.

You can view the Favro cards on the boards in multiple ways such as Kanban, Sheet, Timeline view, etc.  It has all the capabilities to replace the tools like Trello.


  • Favro will let you be flexible in terms of changing team members, goals, priorities, or processes.
  • Favro Cards will let you write, create content, goals, OKRs, tasks, etc. Cards will let the teams collaborate in real-time.
  • Boards will help the teams with their planning and management.
  • Favro collections will give you an aggregated view of boards.

Verdict: With Favro Relations you will get the view of your company interaction and navigation between the teams and verticals. It is a perfect all-in-one app for collaborative writing, planning, and organizing your work and can be adapted for your specific way of working.

Pricing: Favro can be tried for 14 days. Favro offers the solution with three pricing plans, Lite ($25.5 per month), Standard ($34 per month), and Enterprise ($63.75 per month). All these prices are for annual billing and 5 users. Monthly billing plans are also available.

Why use Favro over Trello?

  • Favro is specially made for startups to entrepreneurial fast-growing companies.
  • It has good team collaboration features.
  • It is a cloud-based solution and platform-independent.
  • It offers good features for agile project planning.


Every business wants different types of project management and collaboration software. In order to meet those requirements, one has to assess various tools, its features, pricing, reviews, and many other factors to find the ideal match.

Hope you are now familiar with Trello and its alternatives. Now let us see which tool should be used under different scenarios.

If you are a freelancer or any merchant or if you are running an enterprise, and you want powerful performance without compromising the quality factor, then Paymo is the best option. It offers several features at affordable prices. This tool can be used by freelancers, merchants, and small as well as large-scale enterprises.

Taskworld and Zoho Projects are both cloud-based software. While Zoho is designed to work with a third-party application, Taskworld works on dedicated VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). Both these software provides an advanced security system with several features and they are suitable for mid-large scale enterprises.

If you want your software to support different international languages and different working styles, Clarizen stands out to be the best among others. It is often used by mid-size to large scale enterprises. Software like Wrike and ProofHub are required by the organization seeking high-end performance and robust features to simplify managing tasks.

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ProofHub is an open-source API which means any third party can connect with Proofhub, Wrike lets you prioritize your tasks, goals, and activities. Both the software are used by mid-large scale enterprises and they are a bit costly.

The other two tools Asana and Brightpod have different concerns but are designed to meet the requirements of small enterprises.

Asana focuses more on workflow management and on the other hand Brightpod is essential for various marketing teams. If you want easy communication with an inbox, and features like followers, tags, and comments, Asana is a great option.

Brightpod software is used by different marketing teams with features like Auto-save mode, keeping track of performance, and for managing social media campaigns at one place.

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Hope this article helped you to find a better tool for your business, based on your requirements.