Mobile App Testing Tutorials (A Complete Guide with 30+ Tutorials)

mobile application testing 1

Here is a complete guide to testing mobile applications with our 30+ in-depth mobile app testing tutorials:

Mobile technology and smart devices are here to stay. We can all vouch for it, can’t we? It is a fact that we cannot imagine our lives without them. We use mobile devices for almost everything today – from buying groceries to watching movies. Mobile app testing has become the need of the hour. Let’s see how it is done.

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Web Application Security Testing Guide

Security Testing of Web Applications

Effective Web Application Security Testing has become crucial in recent times. Here is a detailed tutorial for website security testing:

Due to the huge amount of data stored in web applications and an increase in the number of transactions on the web, proper Web Application Security Testing is becoming very important day-by-day. In this tutorial, we will provide you with a detailed understanding of the meaning, tools and key terms used in Website Security Testing along with its testing approach.

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How to Write a Good Bug Report? Tips and Tricks

How To Write A Good Bug Report

A good bug report helps fix the bugs more effectively. Here’s how to write an excellent bug report:

“The point of writing a problem report (bug report) is to get bugs fixed” – By Cem Kaner. If a tester is not reporting a bug correctly, then the programmer will most likely reject this bug stating it as irreproducible. This can hurt the tester’s morals and sometimes the ego too.

If the Bug report is effective, then its chances of getting fixed are higher. So fixing a bug depends upon how effectively you report it. Reporting a bug is nothing but a skill and in this tutorial, we will explain how to achieve this skill.

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How To Be a Good Team Mentor, Coach and a True Team-Defender in an Agile Testing World? – The Inspiration

How To Be a Good Team Mentor

You must be impressed with the ‘Idea’ AD and this time it is back with the ‘Walk when you talk’ idea.

Abhishek Bacchan, appears as a doctor in ‘Walk when you talk’ AD, and this is definitely out of an ordinary AD, but then, I wouldn’t expect anything else from the “Idea” AD; I love to see the AD and it’s one of my favorite AD since it’s placed in line with my emotion and I hope with some of your emotion as well.

Is it just an AD in changing the health and mindset of people or an AD to increase mobile connection sales?

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How to Implement Efficient Test Automation in the Agile World


Automation in Agile is very critical.

Think about the many features that are added and delivered to every Sprint.  There has to be a way to make sure that the newly added feature is not impacting the existing functionality.

Due to the low Sprint duration, it is practically impossible to execute the entire suit every time the product is incremented at the Sprint ends.  Having an automated test suit would definitely play a bigger role here.

However, introducing and maturing into automation would definitely take some time. Doing an initial investment in planning and designing the automation activity would definitely pay off in the long run.

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Some Tricky Manual Testing Questions & Answers

Manual Testing Question and Answer

Interviews play a major role in the life of any human. Mostly all of us aim to clear the interviews on the first attempt.

In this tutorial, you will learn some tricky manual testing questions and answers, along with examples to help you crack the interview easily.

These interview questions will be very useful for beginner, intermediate, and experienced testers. These questions are quite tricky, hence you need to answer them carefully.

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Continuous Integration Process: How to Improve Software Quality and Reduce Risk

Continuous Integration process

Continuous Integration Process Tutorial:

Our previous tutorial explained about Shift left testing in detail.

Earlier, we understood the nuances of Continuous Delivery (CD) where we have production-ready software at any point via continuous feedback loops. Continuous integration (CI) is the real meat behind the CD process and is the reason that makes Continuous Delivery possible.

To understand CI, let’s take the terms at face value and deduce a basic definition. The first word means “ongoing” or “frequent” and the second “merged” or “made part of”. So CI is a process where something is being “merged”-“frequently”.

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How to Make Agile Estimation Process Easy With Planning Poker

Planning Poker Scrum Poker in Agile

An art of estimation is known to all.

We estimate every day in our lives. Most of us can estimate the weight of the vegetables just by holding them; we can also gauge the ripeness of a fruit by its aroma.

In today’s article, we will learn about Planning Poker also known as Scrum Poker Cards, an agile estimation, and planning technique, which is a very popular, easy, and simple technique in current days.

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Role of Business Analysts in SCRUM and Why is a QA Best for this Role?

Role Of Business Analysts In SCRUM And Why Is A QA Best For This Role_

Prominent Role of Business Analysts in SCRUM:

A Business Analyst who is briefly referred to as a BA plays a very drastic and important role in SCRUM.

This person is the link between the product owner/customer and the technical IT team. Though we have come across several tutorials on our website on BA, this tutorial will somehow be a unique one and will explain to you the importance of BA in SCRUM.

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