Top 20+ Best Requirements Management Tools (The Complete List)

A List of the Best Requirements Management Tools with the Comparison:

As the word states Requirements Management’ means the process of managing requirements or the needs of any product. For successful delivery of the best quality product, the requirements should be in its best place.

For successful delivery of the best quality product, the requirements should be in its best place.

Similarly, in IT industry requirements place a very important role for successful user satisfaction and software/application delivery with minimum issues.

Requirements Management Tools

To handle requirements efficiently to make its full and accurate use, the industry has emphasized on the requirement management system. This is a process in which the expectations from the customers/ stakeholders are documented, analyzed, traced, agreed upon, monitored, versioned and prioritized.

Requirement Management also plays a vital role in notifying the stakeholders about the changes in the requirement, if any! Managing Requirement functions as long as the Project is alive and functioning.

In other words, this is a continuous process which happens throughout the project cycle. In a requirement management system, all the needs of the user are considered for the core and managed in a proper system. Initially, the task of managing the requirements was done manually in the form of requirement analysis, requirement prioritizing, requirements review, requirements documentation, etc.

Like manual testing, this system too got an advance with many additional features to save time and manual efforts for more efficiency and accuracy.

In the market, there are a large number of requirements tools. Software organizations are investing a lot of such tools to support their needs of the best requirement management system.

Why Requirements Management?

Requirement Management tools give the edge to the organizations in terms of giving increased business value, reduce budget issues etc.

In today’s world of development, it becomes utterly necessary to track changes in the requirement at every step, automatically. Audit trail of requirements is done more efficiently with the involvement of tools.

Talking about Requirement Management Tools, we have used Microsoft Office for managing requirements. Haven’t we? In some part of our career! When I say, Microsoft Office, it is mostly Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel majorly.

However, still a lot of us use MS applications, it is not advisable.

Disadvantages of using MS Office and few of them are as below:

  • Change tracking is almost impossible. Manual tracking of changes have to be done, which can either be entered through manual change logs or comments. As a project goes by, it becomes a tedious task.
  • When it is spread across teams, there is a possibility that a different version is tracked at different places. That becomes another pain to track
  • There is a lot of manual work that is done in the case of an MS office tracking. This not only impacts the resource utilization but also eats up the time.

Because of the above reasons, organizations look forward to specialized tools to track Requirement Management. We have analyzed numerous tools to track Requirement Management tools and have come up with the top 25 tools. So, there you go with the list:


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List of Top Requirements Management Tools

We have tried to compare most of the free open source and commercial Requirements gathering, engineering, and analysis Tools that are available in the market.

#1) Process Street

Process Street

Description: This is one of the most user-friendly Requirements Management tool to manage processes, team workflow, checklists and operating procedures. It’s easy and time-saving to interact with a client via this tool. By using Process street one can design one's own processes, without being experts in it.

This tool is available to use free of cost for 30 days, which includes all features.

  • Process Street is a workflow and process management tool which provides an option to manage recurring checklists and procedures in the business.
  • Some of the best features that Process Street offer are: Regular workflow scheduling, Activity feed, tasks assignment, Instant visibility, Run processes as collaborative workflows etc.

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#2) Visure


Visit website: Visure RM tool

Description: Visure is a leading provider of requirements management tools offering a comprehensive collaborative ALM platform including full traceability, tight integration with MS Word/Excel, risk management, test management, bug tracking, requirements testing, requirements quality analysis, Requirement versioning and baseline, powerful reporting and standard compliance templates for ISO 26262, IEC 62304, IEC 61508, CENELEC 50128, DO-178B/C, FMEA, SPICE, CMMI, etc.

Visure’s value proposition is nothing less than the total innovative and disruptive technology in key functions, system performance, standard compliance and solution economics for engineering requirements of safety-critical and business-critical systems.

  • Users utilize advanced functionality by leveraging modern best of breed technologies coupled with other ALM tools such as DOORS, JIRA, Enterprise Architect, HP ALM and other testing tools;
  • Unrivaled system economics that guarantees the highest quality and drastically reduces total life-cycle costs.

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#3) Visual Trace Spec


Visit Website: Visual Trace Spec

Visual Trace Spec is a user-friendly tool for requirements specification and traceability. This fully customizable software includes a word like interface for documents generation.

Visual Trace Spec is equally effective for developing software, systems, embedded systems, medical devices, apps, and more.

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#4) SpiraTeam by Inflectra

spiraTeam logo

Visit Website: SpiraTeam

Manage your requirements with confidence using SpiraTeam. SpiraTeam lets you easily manage your requirements and user stories in an integrated requirements matrix. SpiraTeam allows you to drill down from each of your captured requirements to determine how many test cases have validated the functionality, and status of each of the defects logged.

SpiraTest allows you to quickly and easily organize requirements in a hierarchical structure. Requirements can be prioritized, estimated and associated with a specific release. Each requirement is displayed with its associated test coverage. You can move, copy and filter the requirements according to a variety of criteria.

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#5) ReqSuite® RM

osseno logo

Visit Website: ReqSuite® RM

ReqSuite® RM is a very intuitive yet powerful solution for requirements management, or the management of other project-relevant information (e.g., solution concepts, test cases, etc.) as well. Due to its easy and extensive configurability, ReqSuite® RM can be quickly and completely adapted to the individual customer situation, which is why companies from different industries rely on ReqSuite® RM.

Besides the mentioned configurator, the unique selling propositions include AI-supported assistance functions, such as for guiding the analysis and approval workflow, checking the quality and completeness of requirements, automatic linking, reuse recommendations, etc.

ReqSuite® RM is a fully web-based application and can be operated on the Cloud or on on-premises. The smallest license package (3 users) starts with 129€ per month. A free trial is available.

=> Visit ReqSuite® RM Website


#6) ReQtest 

ReQtest logo

ReQtest has an advance Requirement module with ease of tracing links between requirements, test cases, and bugs.

The users can link the test cases to the requirement and any bugs that are linked to the test case will be automatically linked to the requirement. This way the testers can not only track which bugs are linked to which test cases but also find out the bugs linked to the requirements.

This helps users to find out the criticality of bugs and prioritize the bugs accordingly. There is a Requirement hierarchy tree that helps you know the context of a requirement visually.

=> Visit ReQtest official website


#7) Aligned elements

Aligned elements

Official URL:

Description: Aligned Element tool helps you to develop, maintain and track the designs and requirements from the old files. If a person is regularly in documentation by using this tool, then time used for the work will be very less and valuable. The tool is very flexible and customized.

The tool is very flexible and customized.

The device is best for the medical industry. Its pricing starts at $480.00/year/user. However, the trial version is available in the market. It has online training and good customer support. The deployment can be done in a Cloud, Web, and  SaaS.


#8) IBM Rational DOORS

IBM Rational DOORS

Official URL:

Description: IBM Rational tool is a leading requirement tool. It’s a client-server application and multi-platform tool which is designed to manage, capture, track, analyzes and link requirements as well as standards. It also provides a unique graphical view of the hierarchy of the data.

It also provides a unique graphical view of the hierarchy of the data. Rational Door Next generation is available in the market with no cost to users of active subscription and support. One can also start with its

One can also start with its 60-day trial version. To purchase the license, one has to pay a minimum $5,300 USD per user.

Rest depends on license option opted and on annual terms.


#9) Borland Caliber

Borland Caliber

Official URL:

Description: Broadband caliber is a complete solution to manage a life cycle of a product that is from development to testing. It handles all types of requirements as a repository in central, which is secure too.

This tool also speeds up and bring agility to the requirement process. It’s very easy to handle requirement changes from this tool. One can easily download the different versions for trial from its official website. For the long term, the user has to pay for its license.


#10) Modern Requirements Tool Suite

Modern Requirements Tool logo

  • This is a licensed product and the price varies on the product bundle choices.
  • Modern Requirements is developed by eDev technologies and has 2 major packs to offer; SmartOffice4TFS and inteGREAT4TFS.
  • Individually they cost 1200 USD per license. However, there is a combined pack of the two, which is called “Modern Requirements Suite4TFS” and costs 2000USD.
  • The tools part of SmartOffice4TFS [SmartWord4TFS, SmartVisio4TFS, SmartExcel4TFS, and SmartOutlook4TFS] are plug-ins for Microsoft Office applications and can be used seamlessly with Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word etc.

Visit websiteModern Requirements Tool Suite


#11) IRIS Business Architect

IRIS Business Architect

Official URL:

Description: IRIS business Architect is a very powerful management tool which dynamically and continuously handles any requirement changes efficiently. The tool follows all the standards and hence gives very precise results. It is also very user-friendly. It’s a combined package which correlates IT with business operations.

The tool follows all the standards and hence gives very precise results. It is also very user-friendly. It’s a combined package which correlates IT with business operations.

The user can rely on this for speed, security, documentation, and performance. It costs $3,495.00/one-time/user. Although its free version and trial version is also available in the market. It supports Cloud, Saas, Mac, Windows, and web.


#12) Accompa


Visit website –  Enjoy your 30-day free trial here

Description: Accompany with cloud-based requirements management software helps in building a proper system of requirement management processes. This Requirements Management tool is easy to use with affordable price.

It’s a WEB based using models like could and Saas, highly customized with high performance. It costs at just $199/month with no installation and maintenance. Its free trial version is available.

  • Accompa is hailed as the #1 Cloud based Requirements Management Software Tool.
  • Customer feedbacks say Accompa is one of the best tools which increases the ease of use for the end user.
  • Adding to the point that it is easy to use, it is very easy to implement as well.
  • The organization also offers some cheeky options for licensing. There are three versions called as the Enterprise edition [edition which supports Mid-Large companies], Corporate Edition, Standard Edition [aimed towards smaller teams].
  • The prices are competitive and are $799/month, $399/month and $199/month respectively.
  • Each of the licenses come with free 5 licenses. Extra ones cost more.


#13) Jama


Visit website – JAMA

Description: Jama tool is best for projects with the Waterfall life cycle. This tool works well on repeated requirements. It is simple, user-friendly, natural,  fast and gives very accurate reports on the requirements.

It can be deployed in a cloud, SaaS, and web. It supports windows for installation. Its free trial version can be obtained. While permanent version costs $115.00/month/user.

  • Jama is developed by JAMA software and combines Requirement Management, Integration Test Management etc. into one solution.
  • There is an option to configure and customize the traceability structure.
  • Some of the major product features are, Real-time collaboration, Reporting, Impact Analysis, Central repository, Workflow mapping, Critical baselines etc.
  • This is used by some really big organizations such as; NASA, SpaceX, Mercury systems.
  • There is a free trial offered to the interested parties. The free trial lasts for 30 days and after that, if the party needs to continue, they have to get the price quote by request only.

#14) Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian JIRA

Official URL:

Description: Atlassian tool is known for creating product requirements document in an agile environment. This tool uses ‘confluence’ for project discussion and gathering requirements from its blueprint. There are also a few plugins like R4J, RMsis, Wikidsmart, in the Atlassian market for the more standardized or formalized approach of requirement management.

There are also a few plugins like R4J, RMsis, Wikidsmart, in the Atlassian market for the more standardized or formalized approach of requirement management.

A user can try it free of cost for some days. The minimum price, for a limited time, of its license is $10 for 10 users monthly and $100 for 10 users as annually.

#15) Case Complete

Case Complete logo

  • This is from the Serlio Software and helps the user to efficiently create and manage Use Cases/Software requirements.
  • Case Complete comes with built-in Reporting system which allows the users to publish requirements in Microsoft Words, Microsoft Excel, and HTML format.
  • There is also a 30-day trial offered.
  • There are 6 different license types aiming for different sized teams;
    • Site [Up to 150 Users] – $28,999
    • Business Unit [Up to 50 Users] – $16,799
    • Department [Up to 20 Users] – $8,399
    • Large Team [Up to 10 Users] – $4,999
    • Small Team [Up to 5 Users] – $2,799
    • Solo [Single Users] – $699
  • The license is perpetual. Free upgrades are supported for 1 year and the software can be used forever. To get the free upgrades and support beyond one year, the license has to be renewed.

Visit website – Case Complete

#16) FogBugz:


Official URL:

Description: Good number of software industries are using this tool for project planning and management, including requirement management. Apart from this, the tool is also used for agile project management,  budgeting, bug tracking, time tracking, prioritizing work and collaborations in every stage of the software life cycle.

A user can try this tool for 7 days without a credit card. After which it will cost on a monthly plan as $20/month or on a yearly plan as $18/month. Its add-ons will cost extra.



Official URL:

Description: This is a web-based on-demand (just login and start) solution for project management and requirement management. Apart from this it also includes business system analysis and RUP implementation.

It is available in trial version.  Its license costs different for different packages from $25 per user per month to $199 per month for unlimited users.

#18) Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect

Visit website – Enterprise Architect free trial, Enterprise Architect Licensed version

Description: Enterprise Architect tool works on multiple operating systems in building a proper and re-usable modeled structure to establish a perfect solution. Such solutions include creating, editing, reviewing and linking documents/properties/tests/changed requirements, etc.

  • Enterprise Architect is developed by Sparx systems and is supported on various Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux [Via Wine], MacOS [Via CrossOver].
  • This is marketed in two different versions, Standard Edition and Suite Edition.
  • Each of the editions provided has their own sub-versions which can be chosen specifically to the industry/company/team size etc.

Enterprise Architect Ultimate edition, version 11, Build 1107 is the popular version released in April 2014. The trail of 30 days is also available in the market, otherwise one has to get its license.  All the versions after version 11 also include Specification manager. It’s  Current Release -Version 13, Build 1310 03-March-2017.

All the versions after version 11 also include Specification manager. It’s  Current Release -Version 13, Build 1310 03-March-2017.

#19) ComplyPro


Official URL:

Description: Complypro is a zero infrastructure, SaaS-based model solution for requirement management, Hazards and Assumptions management. It is internet based, highly scalable hence can be used anywhere.

It is not an open source and costs £125 per user per month, Excluding VAT. It has a minimum contract period of 1 year. The trial version of the tool is also available. It supports multiple browsers.

Usage of this tool has many benefits like reduced risk, manages project complexities, reduce project delays, maintains traceability etc.

#20) Innoslate


Visit website – Innoslate 

Description: Innoslate is a tool used to develop, capture and analyze the requirements with Income standards. It collaborates very efficiently the requirement management with model-based engineering.

  • Innoslate is known for its extensive library of diagrammatic data.
  • Innoslate supports many types of diagrams such as; charts, class diagrams, LML, SysML, timelines etc.
  • There are two versions of it; Innoslate Cloud which is priced at $49/user/month and Innoslate Enterprise which is priced at $199/user/month.

It runs on any device like MAC, PC, Android, etc. And on any browser like Firefox, Chrome, Apple Safari, IE 10 etc.

#21) Cause-Effect Modeling Suite

Cause-Effect Modeling Suite

Official URL:

Description: Cause-Effect Modeling Suite makes sure that all the test cases exist to cover the complete requirements and maintains the traceability throughout.

It is good for medium-size organizations. The tool is available in the trial version, but not in the free version. Its pricing information is not available, one needs to contact the vendor directly for the same.

#22) aNimble


Official URL:

Description: aNimble is a web-based open source requirement management tool. It is designed to support SDLC for software development, including requirements, designing, development, implementation, and testing etc.

#23) Test Track RM:

Test Track RM logo

  • Test Track is developed by Seapine software.
  • This is best suited for managing requirements, issues/defects throughout the development cycle.
  • Test track has a client-server architecture. The central database maintains the central database for requirements, test cases, defects, security, users etc. The client and server communicate to each other via TCP/IP communication layer.
  • The most impressive part of Test Track is the Test Track dashboard. This gives a quick and Infographic based display of various information.

Visit website – Test Track RM

#24) ReqView

ReqView logo

  • ReqView is a requirement organization tool which helps in making structured documents out of requirements.
  • The requirements can be captured by means of rich text description, images, links etc.
  • This is available for the Window, as a Chrome application and as a web application.
  • There are 3 versions; Free, Standard and Pro. They are priced at 0€, 99€ and 249€ per user/year respectively.

Visit website – ReqView

#25) CaliberRM:

CaliberRM logo

  • CaliberRM is developed by Micro Focus.
  • Caliber RM facilitates collaboration, impact analysis and communication.
  • They do offer trial downloads.

Visit website – Micro Focus Caliber

#22) Micro Focus Agile Manager

Agile Manager

Visit website – Micro Focus Agile Manager

Description: the Micro Focus Agile manager is a web-based HP management tool which can be used by freelancers and every size of organizations. It is a complete communication center, decision support system and solution for organizing, planning and delivering the best quality Agile projects.

The starting cost of its subscription is $39.00/month. It’s a free trial is also available.

  • Micro Focus Agile Manager is developed by HP and is known for features such as; Plan, Collaborate, Track, Alignment, Higher Code Quality, and Transparency.
  • There is a free trial offered for 30 days to 10 virtual users to get a feel of the application.

#26) Tosca Testsuite:

Tosca Testsuite

Official URL:

Description: Tosca test suite is a complete package for high-quality applications which include everything like testing, automation, requirements management, etc. Its latest version is Tosca 10.1.

It is very user-friendly and can be used across platforms. The tool facilitates with a free trial, easy deployment, good training and 24/7 customer service.

#27) Blueprint (v6.4)


Visit website – Blueprint

Description: Blueprint tool is used to manage models, requirements, and documentation for the cloud, SaaS, and web-based system. It works well with all methodologies, including a waterfall and Agile. It can be installed on Mac and Windows. There are three suites and each has different pricing for the subscription. For pricing details, the user has to contact the customer support.

  • Blueprint is an application which helps development teams easily write and collaborate on user needs with simple and intuitive formatting, traceability, visual requirements, reuse, ALM integration and reporting.
  • There is a free trial option available after which the licenses have to be bought.
  • This is used by trustworthy companies such as; Nike, MetLife, Xerox etc.

There are three suits and each has different pricing for the subscription. For pricing details, the user has to contact the customer support.

#28) CA Agile Central (previously: Rally)

CA Agile Central

Official URL:

Description: CA Agile central is a powerful combination which supports organizations to consistently deliver high quality and fast software. The main focus of this tool is to create/adapt and manage an agile environment in an enterprise-class platform. The annual cost of this product is approximately $20-$50.

The annual cost of this product is approximately $20-$50.

#29) iPlan


Official URL:

Description: iPlan is a complete solution which includes requirement management for small and medium businesses. Its free version is available for 5 users/5 projects.

#30) Agile Designer

Agile Designer

Official URL:

Description: By using Agile Designer a user can easily and quickly introduce Agile into their existing waterfall model.

#31) Caliber(11.4.17)


Official URL: Check here

Description: Caliber 11.4 is great to handle line by line comparison of requirements and changes to a requirement.  Borland Caliuber also has very active forums where one can involve and be a part of the development and quality processes.

#32) codeBeamer Requirements Management (8.0.1)

codeBeamer Requirements Management

Visit website – CodeBeamer

Description: CodeBeamer ALM is a web-based an all-rounder requirement management tool that supports the user to re-use, import, manage and share requirements.

  • CodeBeamer is developed and marketed by Intland Software.
  • This offers some templates which are preconfigured into the application such as, Medical, Automotive, Aviation, Embedded etc.
  • The major features include, Application lifestyle Management, Demand management, Risk Management, QA & Test Management etc.

#33) Aha!

Aha! logo

  • Aha! Is a Software-as-a-service [SaaS] Product Roadmap Application.
  • As per the statistics, Aha! Is being used by 100,000 users around the globe and helps in gathering, validating, analyzing and prioritizing product requirements.
  • There is a free trial option available after which the licenses have to be bought.
  • Details of Aha! Can be found below:

Visit website – Aha!

#34) Cognition (9.0)

Cognition Cockpit logo

Visit websiteCognition

Description: V9.0 is the latest version of the Cognition Cockpit Platform® from Cognition Corporation. Providing a single, unified web-interface for integrated risk and requirements management for medical device, pharmaceutical, and combination product teams, the Cockpit Platform:

  • Enhances total visibility and traceability in product development, all within a secure SaaS environment.
  • Provides out-of-the-box templates to allow a “jump start” to regulatory compliance.
  • Supports processes for 21 CFR 820.30 (Design Controls) and Integrated Risk Management (following ISO 14971 & IEC 62366).

Cockpit is ideal for medical device, pharmaceutical, and combination product organizations looking to achieve robust project data traceability, guide compliance, and reduces the burden of document management. Combined with Cognition services and support from their headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts, and offices around the globe, organizations can start working to meet or exceed regulatory compliance right from purchase.

#35) Enterprise Architect (13)

Enterprise Architect 1

Official URL:

Description: The latest version of Enterprise Architect is version 13 of Sparx systems which include improved productivity of the tool and technologies for Agile, cloud-based and integrated simulated software.

#36) Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

HPE ALM Quality Center

Official URL: Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Description: HPE application lifecycle management tool is useful for all sizes of organizations. The main features of this tool are Application lifecycle management, Agile project management, Quality management, Application lifecycle intelligence and Open source Integration.

#37) IBM Rational DOORS

IBM Rational DOORS logo

  • IBM Rational Doors stands for, “IBM Rational Dynamic Object Oriented Requirement System”.
  • This is a client-server architecture based application.
  • The client is a Windows-only client and the server can be on Linux or Windows or Solaris.
  • There is also a Web client support which is called, DOORS Web Access.
  • There is a trial version of DOORS and the trial last for 60 days.
  • The licensed version costs $5300 per license and is available also for annual terms.

Visit website – IBM Rational DOORS

#38) iRise with JIRA:

iRise logo

  • iRise is an application developed by El Segundo, California.
  • iRise is an integrated application which provides requirement management, prototyping tool, and diagrams.
  • iRise supports in creating interactive business process flows, use cases and other diagrams.
  • iRise also integrates with ALM tools such as JIRA, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational etc.

Visit website – iRise free trial

#39) Visure Requirements:

Visure Requirements logo

  • Visure requirements is a flexible and complete requirement change life cycle management utility.
  • Some of the major features of the Visure requirements are Action item tracking, Metrics management, Collaboration, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Reporting, Risk Management, Scheduling, Total Cost tracking etc.
  • This also migrates seamlessly from the IBM DOORS. And the cost is almost half of what IBM charges for DOORS.

#40) Top Team Analyst:

Top Team Analyst logo

  • Top Team Analyst is an End-to-End solution for Requirement definition and management developed by Technosolutions.
  • This is known for its accessibility. It has a window client, offers the option to log in via Web, also supports offline login at Clients end.
  • Top team analyst is also known for its visual approach. It can convert the text-based requirements into graphical diagrams.
  • More details on Top Team Analyst can be obtained in the following path:

Visit website – Top Team Analyst

#41) Agile Specs:

Agile Specs logo

  • Agile specs are known for the Markdown syntax.
  • There are numerous keyboard shortcuts provided in Agilespecs which make the application faster in use.
  • Agile specs are offered in 5 different versions as follows:
    • ‘Solo’ version which is free to use, supports 1 user and a maximum of 2 projects
    • ‘Starter’ pack which is $19/month, supports unlimited users and a maximum of 5 projects.
    • ‘Professional’ version costing $40/month, supports unlimited users and a maximum of 20 projects.
    • There is a ‘Premium’ pack which costs $75/month, supports unlimited users and a maximum of 40 projects.
    • Finally, the ‘Enterprise’ version which costs ‘$150/month’, supports unlimited users and a maximum of 100 projects
  • There is a free trial of 30 days in which the company offers the ‘Professional’ pack.

Visit website – Agile Specs

#42) Yonix:

Yonix logo

  • Yonix is known because of its key features; the features it possesses are the typical entities that a requirement management tool should have.
  • It is centralized, collaborative and configurable to achieve the maximum output.
  • Some of the major customers include names such as Wells Fargo, VISA, Unicef, ORACLE, FedEx, Woolworths, Accenture, Toyota, GE, IBM etc.

Visit website – Yonix 60 days free trial

#43) in-STEP BLUE:


  • in-STEP BLUE is developed and sold by a Germany based company called microTOOL.
  • This is basically a project management software which covers the requirement management and change management.
  • This supports two languages, English and German.
  • Numbers say, there are 34K odd users registered with this application.
  • There are 7 different versions of the product.
  • The personal edition is treated as the trial version and comes with a never expire timeline.

Visit website – in-STEP BLUE

#44) Cradle:

Cradle logo

  • Cradle is a web-based requirement management tool developed by 3SL.
  • This is a multi-user, multi-project utility and can link seamlessly with corporate PDM/EDM systems.
  • Document production can be automated using Cradle and it also supports document management.
  • This comes in 5 different versions and the details are as below:

Visit website – Cradle

#45 Hansoft:

Hansoft logo

  • Hansoft is used to manage projects and is famous for its ease of use, customizability, support, and help, flexibility etc.
  • This is best for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Complex backlog tracking and scheduling view is something which makes Hansoft one of its kind.

Visit website – Hansoft 


The market has a great number of Requirements Management tools to manage the software cycle including software requirements.

And each of the tools is unique in supporting activities of requirement management with their significant strength and functionalities. The use of such tools is not always free.

The use of such tools is not always free. Free trials available in most of the RM tools, but for a long term or proper use of the tool, one has to purchase or subscribe it. Which is a costly decision?

A wrong decision in choosing a tool can lead to financial burdens to the organization. A wrong decision in choosing a tool can lead to financial burdens to the organization. Hence there should be a proper process for choosing a tool and a team of experts from all fields to contribute to the final decision.

A user should always check for the latest version of the Requirements Management tools as the latest version always comes with some additional features and fixes of its previous version drawbacks.


If you want to add any Requirements Management tools in this list, let us know here.