5 Best HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Alternative Tools

A Complete Overview of HP UFT Alternatives:

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT )is an automation testing tool that is used by developers and testers to build and deliver error-free software applications. UFT is nothing but QTP (Quick Test Professional) with some new and advanced features.

HP UFT = HP QTP (GUI Testing Tool) + HP Service Test (API Testing Tool)

HP Unified Functional Testing is used in testing both the front-end and back-end functionalities of the software applications. This tool is used for functional, regression, and service testing activities. It supports both GUI and API testing using Virtualized Facilities.

UFT Alternatives

Features of HP Unified Functional Testing Tool

This HP tool provides a standard & complete solution for the industries and enterprises against functional & regression testing, automation of mobile, web, API and packaged applications.

  • HP UFT is used for testing web, desktop as well as client-server applications.
  • UFT supports key-word driven testing, cross-browser testing, API &web services testing, broad technologies like Java, SAP, SOA services, ERP, VB.Net and CRM applications.
  • This tool, when integrated with HPE Sprinter, supports for quick design of automated scripts from manual recordings.
  • Using this tool, one can run GUI tests on a remote Mac machine using Safari browser.
  • It enables test automation collaboration.
  • It also supports Business Process Testing (BPT).
  • It can work only in a windows environment and runs only on IE/Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Drawbacks of HP UFT

Even though the above features state that UFT is a powerful testing tool for automation, the below drawbacks force the users to search for an alternative tool of HP Unified Functional Testing UFT.

  • UFT is remarkably costly than the other automation testing tools. Basically, its license cost more and it also costs extra charges for any add-ins.
  • Even though the scripting time is less in UFT, the execution time is moderately more when compared with the other tools.
  • UFT does not work on all versions of the browsers.
  • To get any online support from HP, the user needs to renew the license.
  • Multi-threading is not supported by UFT.
  • Linking or Integrating UFT to other tools is very costly.
  • And data migration in UFT is also a hurdle.

Considering all the above features and drawbacks we have identified the below tools which are used as an alternative to this tool.

  • TestComplete
  • Tricentis Tosca
  • Selenium
  • Rapise
  • Worksoft Certify

Top 5 Best Alternatives to HP UFT

Given below is a brief overview of each tool.

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#1) TestComplete

Test Complete Logo

TestComplete is an automated testing tool by Smartbear. It supports various platforms like web, mobile, and desktop application testing. It also has multiple test automation features like data-driven testing, API testing, keyword-driven and cross-browser testing.

  • TestComplete provides a chance to use multiple languages like VB.Net, Python, JScript, and JavaScript.
  • When compared with HP UFT pricing, TestComplete has reduced the prices of software licensing and support by 50%.
  • The users can trigger TestComplete through Jenkins, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Bamboo and Git.
  • The support team of TestComplete quickly responds to the query which in turn reduces the testing cycle.
  • By utilizing the pre-built tools one can easily migrate the existing scripts into TestComplete.
  • Users can integrate TestComplete with various defect management tools and few other integration tools like JIRA and TeamTrack.
  • Script Execution speed of TestComplete is faster than UFT.
  • Load Testing feature is also available with the license of TestComplete.
  • TestComplete Platform pricing for a single physical computer is $1200 and for multiple physical computers is $3000.

For more details on a free trial and other tool-related information, check here

#2) Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Logo

Tricentis Tosca is an Industry Leader and is the testing platform with utmost pioneering functional testing technologies. It quickens testing to keep the speed with Agile and DevOps.

  • No scripting of tests is required in Tricentis Tosca.
  • Using this tool, the users can gather vast test suites which cover only 30% of business risks whereas Tricentis Tosca helps its clients to cover 90% of the business risks.
  • Tricentis Tosca is compatible with ALM products and other testing solutions.
  • When compared with UFT, Tricentis Tosca supports Autonomous SAP Testing, Test Case design optimization, and management.
  • Optimization of Test Cases and model-based test automation among Tricentis Tosca helps its users to reduce the time taken for regression testing, which is not possible through this tool.
  • Vendor support is good for the users of Tricentis Tosca.
  • The model-based approach of Tricentis Tosca motivates enhanced test coverage with which the maintenance cost gets reduced. As a result of this, higher reliability test environments are produced.

More featured information about this tool, including a free trial, is available here

#3) Selenium

Selenium Logo

Selenium is a most powerful open source testing tool that is used to automate web applications. It is mainly used for load, performance and functional testing of applications. Selenium supports various languages like C#, Perl, RUBY, PHP, and Python. It uses java scripting to a larger extent and uses the agile methodology of coding.

  • Using UFT, one can develop their scripts only through UFT IDE whereas in Selenium it can be done using Eclipse, Visual Studio, and Netbeans.
  • Selenium is used in Windows, Linux, OS X and Solaris platforms and provides its support for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Even though Selenium does not have any technical support team, most of its queries are solved using vibrant active user community and online forums.
  • Objects in Selenium are managed by UI element user extension.
  • Users cannot integrate Selenium with any other tool.
  • Selenium provides cloud-based testing architectures and services with which users can run concurrent tests parallel on multiple browsers of different machines and different OS.
  • When compared to Unified Functional Testing, Selenium execution takes less CPU power and RAM.

You can download Selenium from here

#4) Rapise

inflectra rapise logo

Rapise by Inflectra is the most powerful testing system used to automate the testing of desktop, mobile and web applications of all technologies in a single environment.

Features that set this Rapise apart from UFT include:

  • Rapise supports a scriptless testing approach that allows the users to write the test without coding.
  • Rapise uses modern and standard JavaScript as the scripting language.
  • It supports data-driven testing through excel or Relational Databases.
  • Rapise can support multiple web browser testing and multiple technologies without any need for extra plugins or add-ons.
  • Rapise integrates with multiple test management tools like TeamCity, Jenkins, and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services.
  • Rapise Users can get support from the skillfully managed help desk, technical support forums, and knowledge base.
  • When compared with HP UFT, Rapise uses a powerful exception handling and script debugger to troubleshoot the tests.

#5) Worksoft Certify

Worksoft Certify Logo

Worksoft Certify is the market leader and worldwide provider of software for automation testing mainly for end-to-end business process testing and for enterprise application testing. With the use of Worksoft Certify, the enterprises have reduced their technology risk & cost and improved their quality. Worksoft Certify is used in functional testing of various applications like web, digital, big data and mobile.

  • Worksoft Certify supports different types of recording features on SAP, HTML and Java platforms.
  • Worksoft Certify does not need any coding skills and it is object based. One can easily learn, build tests, maintain them and implement the same.
  • With Worksoft Certify, the users were able to reduce the production defects, lower the project and maintenance cost.
  • Using Worksoft Certify, one can run multi-thread occurrences of SAP on diverse browsers at the same time.
  • With Worksoft Certify the users can build the automation scripts 3 to 5 times quicker than Unified Functional Testing.
  • Worksoft Certify can be integrated with many tools and systems like ALM, JIRA, IBM RQM, SAP solution manager and ServiceNow.

You can reach here for further details on Worksoft Certify.


Various alternative tools for HP UFT were listed in this article.

And we hope that this list might really be helpful to you when you look for an alternative solution of HP UFT that would fulfill your requirements.

Meanwhile, if you are using any other tool as an alternative for HP Unified Functional Testing apart from the ones listed above, then please share with us.

Let us know your thoughts/suggestions.

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