10+ BEST Team Management Software In 2023 (TOP Selective Tools)

An Exclusive List & Comparison of Top Team Management Software with Features and Pricing. Select the Best Team Management Tool Based on This In-depth Review:

Team Management Software is an application that has features for collaboration, communication, and management of the people.

It includes the functionalities for team scheduling, communication, and detailed reporting. It will help to improve productivity and the quality of work.

Let’s explore the most popular Team Management Software in this tutorial.

Team management apps have features of task scheduling that would help you with assigning and prioritizing the tasks of the team.

Communication and collaboration features will help you to chat with the team members and share the files with them.

Team Management Software

Fact Check: Team Management plays an influential role in delivering a good product. According to nTask, 97% of employees and executives trust that effective team management can affect the outcome of projects.

The below figure shows a GRPI model of team effectiveness. The model was proposed by Rubin, Plovnick, and Fry to show us the factors affecting team effectiveness.

It defines that well-defined goals, well-defined responsibilities, clear work procedures, and interpersonal relationships will help to develop a great team and encounter team-related problems. All these four parts can be easily achieved by using the right team management software.

GRPI Model of Team Effectiveness

[image source]

Benefits and Features of Team Management App

The general features and benefits of the best Team Management App are described below for your reference.

Project management functionalities will help with team management through tracking of projects, adding tasks for the team, etc. This app will provide centralized access to information such as customers, contacts, team, etc. Detailed reporting features will provide you the insights about work, projects, time tracked, etc.

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Due to these features and functionalities, the team management tools can provide the benefits of enhancing collaboration & coordination, and improve the team’s productivity, and the quality of work.

Pro Tip: Very few end-to-end team management software solutions are available. You can look for the tool that has functionalities for scheduling or assigning tasks, monitoring the progress, and detailed reporting. You can also combine the various single feature tools based on your team size and the nature of work.

The tool should have the functionality for scheduling or assigning the tasks and monitoring the progress. The tool should be able to provide detailed reports as this functionality will help you with the analysis of the performance of the team.

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Our TOP Recommendations:

monday LogoClickup LogoTeamwork LogoZoho Projects Logo
monday.comClickUpTeamworkZoho Projects
• 360° customer view
• Easy to set up and use
• 24/7 support
• Plan, track, collaborate
• Automate repetitive tasks
• Highly customizable
• Free client users
• Multiple views
• Advanced reporting
• Comprehensive solution
• Workflow automation
• Fully customizable
Price: $8 monthly
Trial version: 14 days
Price: $5 monthly
Trial version: Infinite
Price: $10.00 monthly
Trial version: Infinite
Price: $4.00 monthly
Trial version: 10 days
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List of Best Team Management Software

Enlisted below are the top Team Management Software that is available in the market.

  1. monday.com
  2. Wrike
  3. ClickUp
  4. beSlick
  5. Smartsheet
  6. Zoho Projects
  7. Teamwork
  8. WorkOtter
  9. Toggl
  10. Clockify
  11. Asana
  12. nTask
  13. Flow
  14. Hubstaff
  15. Slack
  16. Podio

Comparison of Top Team Management Tools

Best forAbout ToolDeploymentFree TrialPrice

Small to Large businesses.Team Management Software.Cloud Hosted & Open API.YesBasic: $17/month
Standard: $26/month
Pro: $39/month
Enterprise: Get a quote.

Wrike Logo
Small to large-sized businesses.Online Project Management Software.Cloud-Hosted and Open API.YesFree: For 5 users
Professional: $0/user/month
Business: $24.80/user/month
Enterprise: Get a quote.

Clickup Logo
Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesTask management and online collaboration.Cloud based and Open APIYesFree plan available, unlimited plan - $5 per month, Business plan - $12 per month, business plus plan - $19 per month, Custom enterprise plan also available.

beSlick Logo
Small and Medium businesses.Process, Workflow & Task management.Cloud-basedYes$10/user/month or $100/user/year for unlimited tasks and workflow templates.

Smartsheet Logo
Small to Large BusinessesProject Management and Team CollaborationCloud based and Open APIYesPro: $7 per user per month, Business - $25 per user per month/ 30 Day Free Trial/ Custom Enterprise plan available/Free Plan available.
Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects New Logo
Small to large businesses.Online project management tool. Cloud-based.10 daysFree, the price starts at $5/user/month.

Teamwork Logo
Small to large businesses and freelancers.Project management tool for client work. Cloud-basedAvailable for 30 daysFree plan & the price starts at $10/user/month.

WorkOtter Logo
Small to Large businessesOnline project management softwareCloud-hostedFree demoContact for quote

Small & Medium businesses & Freelancers. Time Tracking Software.Cloud-hosted.YesIt starts at $9 per user per month.

Small to Large businesses and Freelancers. Time Tracking software.Cloud,
SaaS, &
YesIt starts at $9.99 per month.

Small and Medium businesses.Comprehensive Business Management Tool.Cloud-hosted. 14 days. It starts at $26 user/month for 5 users.

Let’s start!!

#1) monday.com

Best for small to large businesses.

Pricing: It offers four pricing plans i.e. Basic ($17 per month), Standard ($26 per month), Pro ($39 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). All these prices are for up to two users and for annual billing.


monday.com provides the platform to organize the team’s tasks and track them accordingly. This platform provides collaboration features to help you get everything on the same page through planning and prioritizing things. You will be able to plan ‘who will work on what?’ through the Timeline feature.

Its time tracking facility will not let you miss a deadline. It provides Reports to help you visualize that the team is on track.


  • You will be able to track the project development through Map view, Calendar view, Kanban view, Timeline view, and Chart view.
  • It provides security features such as Two-factor authentication, Google authentication, Advanced account permissions, etc.
  • It can provide file storage ranging from 5 GB to Unlimited.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Verdict: monday.com is an all in one solution for handling all the team tasks, projects, employee on-boarding, meeting notes, and vacation days.

#2) Wrike

Best for small to large-sized businesses.

Pricing: Wrike provides a free plan for 5 users. It offers three more plans, Professional ($0 special offer), Business ($24.80 per user per month), Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for the product.

Wrike - Team Management

Wrike is a project management software that is easy to use and efficient. You will be able to accomplish more with Wrike’s collaborative work management features. It has functionalities to bring IT and business teams together in a single workspace.

You will be able to keep internal teams and external vendors on the same page and communication in a single place with the help of built-in communication tools and external collaborators.


  • Wrike provides predefined project templates and request forms.
  • You will get real-time visibility for the status of the team’s work.
  • It provides many more robust features for all teams like work management, document version control, project & team reporting, Gantt chart, etc.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS.

Verdict: This online project management software will help you to increase productivity, enhance team collaboration, and do transformational work. It is a powerful and easy-to-use platform.

#3) ClickUp

Best for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Pricing: Free plan for forever use, unlimited plan – $5 per month, Business plan – $12 per month, business plus plan – $19 per month, Custom enterprise plan also available.

ClickUp PPM

ClickUp is another project management software that helps team members work on all of their tasks remotely from a single platform. Teams can use the software to plan, track and manage any type of project that they wish to spearhead. Further, teams can chat with each other in real-time, assign comments, tag individuals or groups to make sure the tasks are completed as planned.

The platform also allows you to set goals with numbers and monetary values, which can be tracked in real-time as well. The tasks being managed can be viewed in a number of ways, ranging from simple calendar views to robust Gantt charts in a bid to better track its progress.


  • Plan projects with highly customizable views
  • Real-time chat to facilitate seamless online collaboration
  • Track time with visual widgets
  • Tag groups and individuals on tasks

Platform Supported: Mac, Android, Windows & iOS.

Verdict: With advanced task management and tracking features, ClickUp is a tool that can be used by both small and large teams. It creates a perfect collaborative environment for users with real-time chat, tagging, and feedback assignment features. Plus, its work dashboard is stunning to look at.

#4) beSlick

Best for small to medium businesses.

Pricing: $10/user/month or $100/user/year for unlimited tasks and workflow templates.


beSlick is a well-constructed team management platform, very simple to use but surprisingly powerful. It provides one place to build & store all team playbooks, procedures, or processes – but also execute them as workflow, creating tasks that are automatically assigned, dates allocated and notifications sent.

Due dates update automatically as work is completed, with clear and highly visual reports to easily see progress (and what still needs to be done).

Teams can create a repeatable workflow for anything from customer onboarding to monthly billing, and then easily execute and track them for progress. You can also use beSlick for full task management, one-off actions from meetings, or personal reminders as an example.

The collaboration features let people discuss and @mention on key issues, with absolute clarity on what issues have been resolved and what still needs attention.

You can replace a host of other tools with this software, and it is really easy to get started. We find that when you need more complex features, they are available, so it grows with your requirements.


  • Centralize all your playbooks, policies, and procedures into one place as templates.
  • Templates support rich text, workflow, decision branches, and data capture.
  • Automate assignments, notifications and collaborate on the same platform.
  • Powerful visibility using reports and dashboards to see instantly what is important.

Platform Supported: Windows, Mac, iOS & Android.

Verdict: beSlick is a brilliantly simple team management platform, that scales as your team becomes more complex. If you need an easy way to manage your team, that they will find simple to use, this is definitely for you.

#5) Smartsheet

Best for Small to Large Businesses.

Pricing: Pro: $7 per user per month, Business – $25 per user per month. You can also contact the Smartsheet team directly to get a custom quote for your business. A free plan with limited features and a free trial is also available.


Smartsheet is a cloud-based spreadsheet app that streamlines the processes involved in project management. Its collaborative features enable team members to work on a particular task from any location, anytime they want. Team members can view, edit and even assign comments on certain aspects of the task to better manage their progress.

Team members can also chat with each other in real-time while working on the project simultaneously. Smartsheet also allows you to set and assign user permissions to restrict certain actions or block full access to the task.


  • Organize, manage and review content production
  • Connect all team members in one collaborative environment
  • Automate repetitive tasks and processes
  • View tasks via Calendar view, Gantt Charts, Kanban view, etc.

Platform Supported: Windows, Mac, iOS & Android.

Verdict: Smartsheet delivers on the premise of a project management tool that emphasizes quality team collaborations. It is simple to use and affordable with a free trial period that will give you the basic gist of what the tool is about before you plan to subscribe to one of its plans. Overall, this is a great team management software for businesses across various industry setups.

#6) Zoho Projects

Best for small to large businesses.

Pricing: Zoho Projects offers a free trial for 10 days. There are three pricing plans with Zoho Projects, free, Premium ($5 per user per month), and Enterprise ($10 per user per month).

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software. You can plan the projects, track the tasks, and collaborate with the teams. It offers all the required functionalities, from task management & automation to charts & reporting.

It offers several features and functionalities like recurrence that avoid the hassle of rescheduling the tasks that need to be performed frequently.


  • For easy task management, Zoho Projects allows breaking down the project into simple work items like task lists, tasks, milestones, etc.
  • It has features for issue management, dependencies, and critical tasks.
  • It can be integrated with Zoho Sprints, which is an agile project management tool.
  • It contains many more functionalities for automation, team collaboration, time management, etc.

Platform Supported: Web-based

Verdict: Zoho Projects has an easy-to-use interface. The views are colorful. The tool will let you choose the color themes. Zoho Projects can be integrated with Zoho apps as well as third-party applications. It is a customizable platform and will let you customize layouts, fields, views, etc.

#7) Teamwork

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers. It is a tool for agencies, creative teams, project managers, product teams, marketing teams, and professional services.

Pricing: Teamwork offers a forever-free plan for individuals and small businesses. There are three more pricing plans, Deliver ($10 per user per month), Grow ($18 per user per month), and Scale (Get a quote).


Teamwork is a project management platform for client work. It offers features and functionalities to facilitate the management of projects, clients, freelancers, and teams from one place. You will be able to track every billable minute. It provides advanced features and functionalities for running the client services business.


  • Teamwork can provide the bird’s eye view of every project from milestones & capacity planning to budgeting & time tracking.
  • It has features of real-time collaboration that will let you communicate with your clients and team.
  • It contains all the functionalities required for project management such as project templates, task management, time tracking, billing, etc.

Platform Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows mobile, Web-based.

Verdict: Teamwork is a platform for client work, no matter whether the client is in marketing, engineering, operations, or IT. It can be used for various use cases such as project management, website project plan, new client onboarding, etc. It can be integrated with the tools you are using.

#8) WorkOtter

Best for Small to Large businesses.

Price: WorkOtter follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model, you’ll need to contact them for a quote. A free demo is available upon request.


If you wish to automate the entire collaboration process of projects, then you’ll find plenty to admire in WorkOtter. This all-in-one cloud management software facilitates seamless team collaborations when it comes to managing projects, workflows, portfolios, and resources. It boasts some of the most innovative collaboration features that you’ll ever experience.

For instance, the software comes with built-in messaging. You are afforded the privilege of adding tags, following up, or saving chats to your work items. You get to set role-specific permissions to control access to the main dashboard. You can also share an unlimited number of documents that are uploaded with your fellow team members.


  • Build, Share and Promote your dashboards.
  • Add tags and save chats on your created work items.
  • Get email notifications on updates.
  • Hassle-free sharing of charts and reports.

Verdict: Collaboration is an integral part of any project management software and we are glad to inform you that WorkOtter is excellent with regard to this capability. Everything from your customized dashboard to your charts and reports is shareable, thus offering your organization the advantage it needs to grow and succeed.

#9) Toggl

Best for small & medium businesses and freelancers.

Price: Toggl’s basic plan is always free for the teams up to 5 members. It offers a free trial for 30 days. Toggl offers three pricing plans i.e. Starter ($9 per user per month), Premium ($18 per user per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). These prices are for annual billing, however, monthly billing plans are also available.


Toggl is a time tracking software with powerful reporting features. It provides one-click timers. Toggl is a feature-rich platform. It tracks time automatically and it will allow you to add it manually too. It provides the functionalities like Bulk edit, Email reminders, Deleting time entries, Offline mode, etc. It can be integrated with the online apps of your choice.


  • For project management, it provides features like Project time estimates, Project dashboards, Project templates, Tasks, etc.
  • The tool will remind you to start the timer and detect the idle time too.
  • You can export the reports to Excel, CSV, or PDFs.
  • The tool’s project dashboard will provide a comparison of the project progress and estimated time as well.
  • You can assign billable rates to the tasks.

Verdict: Toggl will help you with team management through the features and functionalities like team dashboard, team’s access levels, editing team members, adding time for team members, and much more.

Website: Toggl

#10) Clockify

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: Clockify is a free team management software. Three more paid plans are also available i.e. Plus ($9.99 per month flat), Premium ($29 per month flat), and Enterprise ($9.99 per month per user).


Clockify is a time tracking software that allows automatic as well as manual time tracking. You can track the time with timer mode, manual mode on projects, or mark the billable time.

The dashboard will provide you details through top activities, visual charts, breakdown, and live status. It provides unlimited time tracking, unlimited users, unlimited projects, unlimited reports, and email & chats support with the free plan.


  • With the Plus plan, Clockify provides features like Private time entries, Locking of the timesheet, Branded reports, Time rounding, Time audit, etc.
  • It provides features like Single sign-on, Accounts control controlling of accounts and Custom subdomain to enterprises.
  • Companies that require a robust full-featured time tracker can get the features of Project templates, Hide pages, Bulk editing of reports, Automatic lock, Adding time for others, etc.
  • Clockify provides the reports that can be exported to PDF, CSV, or Excel and can be shared with the clients through a link.

Verdict: Clockify will help you with team management by allowing you to invite the team members to record their attendance and track the time

Website: Clockify

#11) Asana

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: The basic version of Asana can be tried for free for 30 days. There are three more pricing plans i.e. Premium ($10.99 per user per month), Business ($24.99 per user per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). All these prices are for annual billing.


Asana is an online tool for managing the team’s work, projects, and tasks. This work management platform has features and functionalities that will help you to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow business. Asana’s basic plan can be tried for managing tasks and personal to-dos.


  • For tracking team projects, it provides features like Timeline, Custom fields, Private teams and projects, Advanced search, etc.
  • Businesses that wanted to manage the work across initiatives will be able to do with this platform as it provides features like locking of custom fields, portfolios, workload, proofing, custom rules builder, etc.
  • Enterprises or large organizations that require extra security, control, and support can also use Asana as it can provide functionalities like Data exporting & deletion, Custom branding, Blocking native integrations, Priority support, etc.

Verdict: This platform will simplify the workflows, reduce errors, and save time that will be required for solving important problems. It will allow you to set priorities & deadlines, share details & assign tasks, and follow projects & tasks at every stage to stay on track

Website: Asana

#12) nTask

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: nTask offers a free trial for 14 days. The Basic plan is free forever. Three more pricing plans are available with nTask i.e. Premium ($2.99 per user per month), Business ($7.99 per user per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).


nTask is an online tool for Task and Project management. This platform comes with Advanced filters, Smart search, Interactive Gantt charts, and Calendar planner. It has functionality for Scheduling, Prioritization, Tracking, etc. nTask can be used as an online meeting software.

The free plan can be used with 100 MB storage and unlimited users, workspaces, and tasks.


  • nTask has time tracking and timesheet features such as Time-tracking, Manual timesheet, Timesheet approvals, and Time tracking on the go.
  • It has features and functionalities for bug & issue tracking and risk management.
  • For project management, it has features like Dedicated workspaces, Roles & Permissions, Collaboration, etc.
  • It provides the features of Custom filters, Saving custom filters, Gantt charts, Bulk actions, Risk management, etc.
  • It provides features like Creating a meeting agenda, Noting down key meeting minutes, Enlisting follow-up actions and decisions, and Assigning team members to roles, etc.

Verdict: nTask is the platform for Tasks, Projects, Meetings, Timesheet, Issues, Risks, and Teams. It can provide Enterprise features such as dedicated cloud, custom onboarding, and dedicated account manager.

Website: nTask

#13) Flow

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Flow can be tried for free for 30 days. It has two pricing plans i.e. Starter ($5.95 per user per month) and Pro ($11.95 per user per month).


Flow is the software for teams to help with Project and Task management. It has functionalities for Task tracking, Project management, and Team management. You can plan projects, prioritize to-dos, and delegate tasks. You will get Unlimited tasks, Unlimited public & private projects, Unlimited teams, Public API, and all integrations.


  • With the Pro plan, it provides features of Workgroups, Resource management, Project timelines, Task profiles, etc.
  • The dashboard will let you track the progress of your team’s initiatives.
  • With the help of task timelines, you will be able to plan every project in detail.
  • The platform gives you the facility to search and filter from a single project to an individual person’s workload.

Verdict: Flow can work with any projects and workflow. It will help you with Planning, Setting priorities, and Tracking projects from start to finish. It provides all the functionalities from simple checklists to Kanban boards.

Website: Flow

#14) Hubstaff

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: Hubstaff provides a free trial for 14 days. Hubstaff offers a free plan for one user that is free forever. It has three more pricing plans i.e. Basic ($7 per user per month), Premium ($10 per user per month), and Enterprise ($20 per user per month).


Hubstaff is a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool. It can track the employee’s time with screenshots, reporting, and automated payments. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. It can be integrated with your favorite tool.

Hubstaff provides customizable employee monitoring that will allow you to set random capture once, twice or thrice per 10 minutes. This facility will allow you to watch work unfold in almost real-time with the help of optional screenshots.


  • With GPS tracking you can easily monitor mobile time and attendance of the team.
  • It provides online timesheet to keep track of employee’s hours and combine work tracking, billing, & payroll.
  • It monitors productivity by capturing activity levels based on the keyboard & mouse usage and by tracking app & URL activity.
  • The tool will allow you to see the work in progress with optional screenshots.
  • It provides the facility for simple payroll and easy invoices.

Verdict: Hubstaff is a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool. It is a platform with capabilities of Time tracking, Employee productivity, Employee monitoring, GPS location tracking, Online timesheet, and Online payroll. It provides team scheduling features for easy online schedules and attendance tracking.

Website: Hubstaff

#15) Slack

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Slack can be tried for free for an unlimited period. It has three pricing plans i.e. Standard ($6.67 per month), Plus ($12.50 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).


Slack provides functionalities for collaboration that will let you Organize conversations, Share files & documents, Talking face-to-face, and Finding everything in the archive. It will provide a full context of the company’s message history.


  • Slack can be integrated with unlimited platforms like Google Drive and Office 365 and based on that it can provide timely info and actions.
  • It can provide file storage from 5 GB to 1 TB per team member.
  • Slack provides security features such as two-factor authentication, SAML-based single sign-on, OAuth with Google.
  • With the premium plans, you will get unlimited message history and integrations with other apps.
  • Slack will help you with team management through secure collaboration across teams.

Verdict: Slack provides you a platform for secure collaboration across Teams, Departments, Offices, and Countries.

Website: Slack

#16) Podio

Best for small & medium size businesses and freelancers.

Price: Podio is free for five employees. It has three pricing plans i.e. Basic ($7.20 per user per month), Plus ($11.20 per user per month), and Premium ($19.20 per user per month).


Podio is a project management and collaboration tool. It provides the functionalities for streamlining and syncing your team’s projects. Podio has functionalities for Meeting scheduling, Data visualization, Task management, Project management, and Social collaboration. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.


  • Podio provides features of task management and user management.
  • It provides secure hosting by storing data with Amazon Web Services in Dublin and by backing up in separate AWS datacenter.
  • It provides Ironclad security and strict compliance.
  • It provides features like Data visualization, Personal dashboards, Full customization, and Connected CRM.

Verdict: Podio will help the teams to work in sync. It will provide an Action-oriented overview, Robust workflows, and Centralized work hub. Podio will provide you content, context, and conversations in one place.

Website: Podio

#17) Favro

Best for small to large businesses.

Favro Pricing: Favro offers a free trial of 14 days. The solution comes with three pricing plans, Lite ($25.5 per month), Standard ($34 per month), and Enterprise ($63.75 per month). All these prices are for annual billing and a team of 5 users. A monthly billing option is also available.


Favro is the most agile and collaborative planning tool. It is created for SaaS and Games companies. It has capabilities of collaborative writing, planning, etc. It can provide the features to organize according to your specific way of working.

Favro has functionalities for a newbie, team leader, or CEO. For managing your tasks and teams, it has four building blocks, Cards, Boards, collections, and Relations.


  • Favro Cards are helpful for various use cases such as goals, tasks, content creation, etc.
  • Cards describe the tasks for multiple teams and teams can view these cards on the boards in multiple ways, Kanban, timeline, etc.
  • You can see multiple boards through Favro Collections, on a single screen.
  • Favro Relations will provide a view of the interactions and the navigation between the horizontal teams and vertical levels of your organization.

Verdict: Favro is an all-in-one collaborative tool with team & planning boards, sheets & databases, roadmaps& scheduling, and docs and wiki.

It will help the managers to get an overview of the status of the work without interfering with their work. These features will let you set up and build your team organically and hence improves productivity.

#18) Scoro

Best for small and medium businesses.

Pricing: Scoro offers four pricing plans i.e. Essential (Starts at $26 per user per month), Work Hub (Starts at $37 per user per month), Sales Hub (Starts at $37 per user per month), Business Hub (Starts at $61 per user per month). All of these pricing plans are for annual billing for up to 5 users.


Scoro provides the platform for managing all the tasks of your businesses such as Sales & finances, Work & Collaboration, Reporting, Integrations, etc. It can be integrated with Google Drive and Zapier.


  • Scoro provides features for Customizable Dashboard, File Management, Warehouse, PDF templates, etc.
  • It provides work and collaboration features such as project management, time tracker, advanced resource planning, task matrix, calendar invites, etc.
  • To handle Sales and finances, it provides features of Quotes, Bills, Invoices & receipts, Budgets & forecasts, etc.

Verdict: Scoro is the platform for managing all the business aspects such as time, projects, finances, sales, and reports.

Additional Team Management Apps

#19) Bitrix24

Bitrix 24 provides the tools for Communications, Tasks, CRM, Contact Centre, and Websites. Bitrix24 provides communication features like activity stream, group chat, calendars, workgroups, etc.

For managing the tasks and projects, it has functionalities of Gantt chart, Kanban, Time tracking, Workload planning, etc. Bitrix24 is best for small to large businesses. It provides cloud-based and on-premise solutions.

The cloud-based solution is available for free for 12 users. Paid plans are available in the range of $19 per month to $151.24 per month. An on-premise solution is available in three pricing plans i.e. Bitrix24.CRM ($1311.20), Business ($2631.20), and Enterprise ($18992.40).

Website: Bitrix24

#20) Quire

Quire is a collaborative project management tool that can be used to breakdown goals in hierarchical lists. It will help you with streamlining your to-dos visually by arranging and prioritizing through the Kanban board. You can access the platform anytime anywhere as it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Quire is best for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers. Quire is a free team management software and it is free up to 35 organizations, 80 projects, and 30 members.

Website: Quire

#21) Neetrix

Neetrix is a business management software. It can be used on any connected device with a web browser like Laptop or Chromebook. Neetrix offers five products i.e. Neetrix SiteFront, Neetrix StoreFront, Neetrix Accounting, Neetrix BackOffice, and Neetrix Contacts.

Its subscription plans start at $65.57. It is best for small to medium size businesses.

Website: Neetrix

#22) ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is an online project management software. It has functionalities for Task management, Resource management, Messaging, File sharing, Reporting, and Data security. It provides the features of the Dashboard, Timesheet, API, Templates, etc. It provides the Quotes Manager, an optional plugin that can handle your quoting tasks.

ProWorkflow offers three pricing plans i.e. Solo ($10 per month per user), Professional ($20 per month per user), and Advanced ($30 per month per user). It is best for small to large businesses.

Website: ProWorkflow

#23) Basecamp

Basecamp is the Project management and Team communication tool. It is available as a web-based solution and supports Mac, PC, Android, and iOS devices. It will help you with message board, to-dos, and scheduling. You will be able to share docs, files, images, spreadsheets, etc.

It has functionalities for automatic check-ins and group chat. Basecamp Business is available for $99 per month. It can be tried for free for 30 days.

Website: Basecamp


We have shortlisted the Team Management tools that have functionalities to help you manage your team effectively. Very few all-in-one solutions are available for team management and Monday.com is one of that.

Toggl, Clockify, and Hubstaff are time tracking solutions. Asana, nTask, Flow, and Podio are Project and Task Management solutions. Scoro will help you with Business management and Slack is a collaboration tool.

Toggl, Clockify, nTask, Hubstaff, Slack, and Podio offer a free plan. If we compare the prices of all the tools then Scoro is the most expensive tool. Monday.com is also an expensive solution, but it offers all the functionalities in one platform.

We hope this article will help you select the Team Management Software that suits your business.

Review Process: Our writers have spent 22 hours for researching this topic. At first, we shortlisted 22 tools but later we filtered that list to the top 15 tools to help you with the selection of the best tool.

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