Top 10 Grammar Checker Platforms For A Speedy Revision

Here we review and compare the top online Grammar Checker and Sentence Checker Applications for comprehensive proofread and speedy revision:

An online grammar check is the fastest way to proofread your documents to save time and energy. Nowadays, there is no write-up that doesn’t go through a sentence checker application before presentation or publication.

It becomes very important to choose a good spell check and sentence checker if you want your documents to rank high in any space.

Online grammar checker platforms not only do proofread for you but also provide you with suggestions regarding passive voice, redundancy, brevity, and several other improvements.

Grammar Checker Platforms

Grammar Checker Platforms for a Speedy Revision

What to look for in a Grammar Checker platform?

  1. Any online platform should be aesthetically cured. Not because of the love for beauty, but because people stay on computers all day and you wouldn’t want a person to get more stressed by looking at sharp colors and uncomfortable designs.
  2. The platform should be easy to use and understand. People come here to save time.
  3. Minimum three functions are required: Grammar Check, Spell Check, and Sentence Check, and it should be free to at least check the authenticity of the platform if not anything else.

Data Around Spell Check Applications

According to, to date, Grammarly has added 6.9 million daily active users to its backpack since its inception in 2008. The Chrome extension of Grammarly has been downloaded over 10 million times.

According to a study conducted by the University of Nevada, around 77% of the users use Grammarly for editing their text and making corrections, while 88% of the users specifically say that they use Grammarly for its free grammar checking facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Where can I check my grammar?

Answer: There are many online grammar checker applications available for a quick online grammar check and sentence check. You just have to upload your document to them. We have mentioned some of the best grammar checker applications in this article.

Q #2) Can I correct my spellings on Gmail?

Answer: Yes, most of the time this feature is already activated on Gmail, but if not, just go to Gmail- settings- general to activate.

Q #3) Do I have to pay for online sentence checker applications?

Answer: No, most of the online applications do not charge for spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks. However, for more complex issues like tone check, style check, etc. you might have to pay.

Q #4) Can I share my grammar checker subscription with others?

Answer: One identification can be used by one person at a time. However, there are many platforms like Grammarly and ProWritingAid which come with a team discount for business companies.

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List of Best Grammar Check Online Applications

Here is the list of top spell check and free grammar check tools:

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Linguix
  3. Sapling
  4. Grammarly
  5. NounPlus
  6. Ginger
  7. Virtual Writing Tutor
  8. Scribens
  9. After the deadline
  10. Hemingway
  11. LanguageTool
  12. WhiteSmoke

Comparison Of Some Top Sentence Checker Applications

Name of the PlatformFeaturesFamous forPricingOur Rating
ProWritingAidGrammar Check, Spell Check, Sentence Check, Tone Check, Styling errors, etc.Offering detailed reports on writing style, passive text, writing tone, redundancy check.$20/month,
$399 one-time.
LinguixSpell and grammar check, browser extensions, sentence re-writes, content quality score, multi-lingual support and AI-powered paraphrasing.Free grammar correctionFree to use, Pro: $30/month, Lifetime Plan: $108.4.5/5
SaplingGrammar & Spelling check, custom dictionaries, Snippets, etc. Grammar and spelling check capabilities. Free, Pro: $25/month, Enterprise: get a quote.5/5
GrammarlyGrammar Check, Spell Check, Sentence Check, Tone Check, Styling errors etcAs an overall proofreader offering comprehensive features$30/month, $60/quarter, $140/year.5/5
Hemingway EditorGrammar Check, Spell Check, Sentence Check, Tone CheckReadability score, free of cost featuresFree (online)
$20 (for offline desktop version)
Language ToolGrammar Check, Spell Check, Sentence Check, Tone Check, Styling errors etcIntegration with software like MS Word, Google Docs, Pages.$59/year4/5

Let us review the sentence checker below.

#1) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid - Grammar Checker

ProWritingAid is an online writing tutor as well as a good grammar checker. Regular features like spell and grammar checks, punctuation checks, and passive-voice correctors are free. ProWiritngAid can integrate with MS Word, Google Docs, OpenSuite, Final Draft, Scrivener, etc.

The good thing about ProWritingAid is that, the users like its Style and Tone check suggestions, it also identifies many cliches, which improves your writing. A special feature called Echoes tells you where you have repeated sentences and phrases.

Features: Spell and grammar check, punctuation check, style and tone check, cliche suggestions, redundancy check, and repetition check.

Pricing: $20/month, $79/year, $399 one-time payment.

#2) Linguix


Linguix is an AI-driven platform that you can use to verify content for grammatical errors without paying a single dime. The platform leverages advanced AI to quickly detect and notify you of errors found in the content. It then makes underlined suggestions. With a single click on this suggestions, you’ll be able to rectify mistakes made.

You start typing within the platform itself and let Linguix’s AI proofread your content in real-time or paste the content onto the interface after you are done writing. The software also leverages advanced ChatGPT like models to help you re-write sentences on-demand. You get work-choice recommendations to make your content appear more native.

Features: Spell and grammar check, browser extensions, sentence re-writes, content quality score, multi-lingual support and AI-powered paraphrasing.

Price: Pro Plan will cost $30/month whereas a lifetime plan will cost you $108. You can use the tool for free or also opt for the business plan by requesting a custom quote.

#3) Sapling


Sapling is a best-in-class grammar and spell checker. It can be used as a browser extension or as a free online grammar check platform. It is an AI-powered writing assistant and works in real-time.

It has an instant proofreader, punctuation corrector, and comma checker. All internet platforms like Gmail, Zendesk, LinkedIn, etc. are supported by Sapling. It provides TLS and AES-256 data encryption.

Features: Punctuation checker, online tense checker, online word counter, custom dictionaries, auto-complete.

Pricing: Free, Pro: $25/month, Enterprise: get a quote.

#4) Grammarly


Grammarly is maybe the most used grammar and sentence checker available online today. It helps to correct your grammar, and also gives you suggestions regarding your style, tone, etc. The good thing about Grammarly is also its simplicity. You simply paste your document on the Grammarly page and it proofreads (an account has to be created).

The premium version offers much more features, but for a person on a tight budget- grammar and spell check can do good. Grammarly’s extensions work around your devices, it has an extension for Chrome and Safari, Windows and Mac, Android, and iOS.

Features: Grammar and spell check, tone corrector, brevity check, style check, and you can also borrow a real-time physically alive and existing editor by paying a price. Many other premium features include advanced punctuation check, sentence corrector, etc. The extensions are however free.

Pricing: $30/month, $60/quarter, $140/year.

#5) NounPlus


NounPlus is an easy-going platform. There is no need to register or sign in. Even the services are free. NounPlus is especially helpful when you’re a student of linguistics or translation studies because NounPlus allows its features to be used on Korean and Mandarin documents. Another unique feature is that it lets you listen to your document after you have finished pasting it on the website.

The general features include- spell and grammar check, sentence rephrase, grammar suggestions, and English learning suggestions.

Features: Spell and grammar check, sentence-rephrasing suggestions, advanced grammar suggestions, grammar corrector (as in listening to your own document).

Pricing: Free

Website: NounPlus

#6) Ginger


Ginger is again a great Grammarly alternative with free as well as premium features. Ginger provides detailed writing reports. It is easy to use and lets you paste your work directly on the home page. The grammar suggestions are fairly advanced, and there is also a lot of reading material on the website regarding different grammar rules.

The usual features include spell and grammar check, sentence-rephrasing suggestions, word count, sentence count, etc. Ginger has its extensions on Chrome, Safari, and even Slack. It is good for non-native English speakers and it lets you translate your text to 40 different languages.

Features: Useful dictionary, spell and grammar check, writing report, sentence-rephrasing suggestions, word count, sentence count, translation.

Pricing: $30/month, 90/year.

Website: Ginger

#7) Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is helpful for high school students and college students. It can also be helpful to novice teachers who want to gain real-time experience in grading and correcting documents. Virtual Writing Tutor is mainly an essay corrector.

Although, the general features include spell and grammar check, vocabulary check, and word count; the unique features which it provides are essay grading, writing-check, job interview script creator, glossary creator, and many more. Overall, it is a fun software to use with lots of learning involved.

Features: Essay checker, glossary creator, spell and grammar check, writing checker, essay grader, listicle creator, chatbox creator, chatbox dialogue creator.

Pricing: Free

Website: Virtual Writing Tutor

#8) Scribens


Scribens are also professionally meant for essays, research articles, and academic documents. Along with grammar correction, spelling, and punctuation correction, it also provides different citation styles like API and Chicago. The platform is easy to use and can be accessed from your browser. The free features can be used thoroughly without a sign-up.

Scribens also provides suggestions for the betterment of your writing and improvement in style so that your piece becomes more comfortable for the target audience. It can also be extended to different browsers, emails, and office suites.

Features: Spell and grammar check, extensions for various platforms, citation styles, writing tutorials, and suggestions.

Pricing: $13.79/month and $67.55/ year.

Website: Scribens

#9) After The Deadline

After The Deadline

After The Deadline is completely free software, which is an advantage for someone just starting their career in blogging. After The Deadline provides grammar check, spell check, and all other features. It also has plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox, and even WordPress. It is easy to use and it can mark redundancy in your language.

It can also suggest synonyms and improve your style. For commercial purposes, it offers free server software.

Features: Grammar Check, Spell Check, Redundancy Check, Plug-in for Chrome, Firefox, and WordPress, semicolon check, comma check.

Pricing: Free

Website: After The Deadline

#10) Hemingway Editor

hemingway - Grammar Checker

Hemingway is one of the most famous grammar checkers. Probably because of its name and its readability feature. Hemingway provides a free web application and a priced desktop application. The usual features are grammar and punctuation check, spell check, tone check, style check, etc.

The readability feature marks your write-up on the readability i.e. 1-10. The optimal score is 5 for a general web write-up. Generally, a score of 5 means your write-up can be understood by school students of 6th to 8th grade.

Features: Passive voice, grammatical errors, punctuation and tone check, readability.

Pricing: $20 (onetime) for the desktop app.

Website: Hemingway Editor

#11) LanguageTool

Language tool - Grammar Checker

LanguageTool is another grammar checker software. The specialty is that it lets you integrate its features in MS Word as well. The regular features are the same as other applications like spell and grammar check, style check, redundancy, etc but with this, you can also double click on a word to know its synonyms.

The Premium features include suggestions on style and tone, 60,000 words per text field, add-ons in MS Word and Google Docs, etc

Features: Grammar and spell check, style and tone corrector, Add-ons in MS Word and Google docs.

Pricing: $59/year

Website: LanguageTool

#12) WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke - Grammar Checker

Just Write it, as WhiteSmoke clearly states, is true. The special features of WhiteSmoke are that it offers several templates for research proposals, thank you messages, grant proposals, etc. WhiteSmoke also offers translation features for over 64 languages, which is good for people who want to convert their texts into English or are non-native English speakers.

Other regular features like spell and grammar check, punctuation check are also provided. It is the cheapest of the paid spell and grammar checkers.

Features: Spell and grammar check, punctuation check, translation services, writing templates.

Pricing: $5/month, $6.66/month for Premium, $11.50/month for Business accounts.

Website: WhiteSmoke


There are many free and paid grammar checker applications available for an online grammar check. Although almost every platform gives you the liberty for a free grammar check, sentence check is not always free.

Among all the platforms, Grammarly and ProWritingAid are the most famous platforms. Then come platforms like the Hemingway editor and Scribens. Hemingway is most used for its readability feature rather than a grammar check.

However, different genres require different levels of grammar and punctuation. A social media write-up can be a bit loose on grammar compared to a blog. And sometimes a blog might be a bit loose in grammar compared to a novel. A legal document might have stronger grammar compared to a novel.

It is all about what you want to say and how you want to say it. You can always try several of the above platforms and make sure you are using the best one.

Our Research Process:

  1. We have carefully looked through over 30 grammar checker applications and found the above 10 to be the most sophisticated and rich in terms of features.
  2. Our research took 4-5 days to complete, but the end result is good.
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