JAVA Tutorial For Beginners: 30+ Hands-on Java Video Tutorials with Examples

Hands-on Java Tutorial Series for Beginners: Learn Java Online from Scratch

Learn Core Java Programming with the help of this hands-on free Java training course. List of 15+ Java Video Tutorials for Beginners to learn Java language from scratch with examples.

Get ready to Learn Java online with our range of tutorials in this series.

This series includes both, Text as well as Video tutorials for you to understand the core concepts quickly and easily. 

Java Tutorials for Beginners

Given below is the list of tutorials in the Java Training series:

Tutorial #1: Java Introduction And Installation
Tutorial #2: Java DataTypes, Loops, Arrays, Switch And Assertions
Tutorial #3: OOPS Concept In Java
Tutorial #4: Java Interfaces And Abstract Classes

Tutorial #5: Java Exceptions And Procedures To Handle It
Tutorial #6: Java String With String Buffer And String Builder
Tutorial #7: Java Threads With Methods And Life Cycle
Tutorial #8: Basic I/O Operations In Java

Tutorial #9: Java Collections Framework (JCF)
Tutorial #10: Java Reflection Tutorial
Tutorial #11: Java SWING Tutorial
Tutorial #12: Java Deployment

Tutorial #13: Java Virtual Machine
Tutorial #14: Java Access Modifiers
Tutorial #15: What Is Static Keyword In Java?
Tutorial #16: Java THIS Keyword: Tutorial With Code Examples

Tutorial #17: Java Generics Tutorial With Examples
Tutorial #18: Java Hello World – Create Your First Program In Java Today
Tutorial #19: Java Development Using Eclipse IDE
Tutorial #20: IntelliJ IDEA Tutorial – Java Development With IntelliJ IDE

Tutorial #21: Java Iterator: Learn To Use Iterators In Java With Examples
Tutorial #22: Introduction To Java Arrays And Related Concepts
Tutorial #23: Java Array Length Tutorial With Code Examples
Tutorial #24: Prominent Java 8 Features With Code Examples

Tutorial #25: Java Array – Declare, Create & Initialize An Array In Java
Tutorial #26: Java Array – How To Print Elements Of An Array In Java?
Tutorial #27: How To Handle The ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException In Java?
Tutorial #28: Java Operators – Arithmetic, Unary & Bitwise Operators In Java

Tutorial #29: Java Generic Array – How To Simulate Generic Arrays In Java?
Tutorial #30: MultiDimensional Arrays In Java (2d and 3d Arrays In Java)
Tutorial #31: Array Of Objects In Java: How To Create, Initialize And Use
Tutorial #32: How To Pass / Return An Array In Java

Tutorial #33: Array Data Types – Int Array, Double Array, Array Of Strings Etc.
Tutorial #34: How To Add Elements To An Array In Java
Tutorial #35: Java Copy Array: How To Copy / Clone An Array In Java
Tutorial #36: Remove/Delete An Element From An Array In Java

Tutorial #37: How To Sort An Array In Java – Tutorial With Examples
Tutorial #38: Reverse An Array In Java – 3 Methods With Examples
Tutorial #39: Java String Array- Tutorial With Code Examples
Tutorial #40: Java Array Class Tutorial – java.util.Arrays Class with Examples

Tutorial #41: Covert List To Array And Other Collections In Java
Tutorial #42: Arrays In Java 8 – Stream Class And ParallelSort Method
Tutorial #43: Jagged Array In Java – Tutorial With Examples
Tutorial #44: Java ArrayList – How To Declare, Initialize & Print An ArrayList

Tutorial #45: How To Download, Install And Configure Java
Tutorial #46: Java List – How To Create, Initialize & Use List In Java
Tutorial #47: Java Logical Operators – OR, XOR, Not & More

Tutorial #48: Java Components: Java Platform, JDK, JRE, & Java Virtual Machine
Tutorial #49: ListIterator Interface In Java With Examples
Tutorial #50: What Is Java Vector | Java Vector Class Tutorial With Examples

Tutorial #51: Java String Tutorial | Java String Methods With Examples
Tutorial #52: Java Vs Python – Key Differences Between Java And Python
Tutorial #53: Ternary Operator In Java – Tutorial With Examples

Tutorial #54: Java Scanner Class Tutorial With Examples
Tutorial #55: Java Programming Basics: Syntax, Class & Core Java Concepts
Tutorial #56: Java List Methods – Sort List, Contains, List Add, List Remove

Tutorial #57: Selection Sort In Java – Selection Sort Algorithm & Examples
Tutorial #58: Insertion Sort In Java – Insertion Sort Algorithm & Examples
Tutorial #59: Bubble Sort In Java – Bubble Sort Algorithm & Code Examples

Tutorial #60: Binary Search Algorithm In Java – Implementation & Examples
Tutorial #61: Doubly Linked List In Java – Implementation & Code Examples
Tutorial #62: Linked List In Java – Linked List Implementation & Java Examples

Tutorial #63: Java ArrayList Conversions To Other Collections
Tutorial #64: ArrayList Methods In Java – Tutorial With Example Programs
Tutorial #65: Java String Split() Method – How To Split A String In Java

Tutorial #66: Java String compareTo Method With Programming Examples
Tutorial #67: Java String contains() Method Tutorial With Examples
Tutorial #68: QuickSort In Java – Algorithm, Illustration & Implementation

Tutorial #69: Java Queue – Queue Methods, Queue Implementation With Examples
Tutorial #70: What Is A Java HashTable – HashTable Implementation & Example
Tutorial #71: LinkedHashMap In Java – LinkedHashMap Example & Implementation

Java Interview Questions:

Tutorial #72: Core Java Interview Questions
Tutorial #73: J2EE Interview Questions
Tutorial #74: Top 40 Java 8 Interview Questions & Answers

Java Tools:

Tutorial #75: Best Java Testing Frameworks And Tools
Tutorial #76: Top 10+ Best Java IDEs & Online Java Compilers [2020 Rankings]

Java Testing Tutorials:

Tutorial #77: How to Test JAVA Applications
Tutorial #78: Automation Testing of JAVA/J2EE Applications
Tutorial #79: Using Java YourKit Profiler in JMeter
Tutorial #80: Microsoft TFS for JAVA Projects


Overview of Tutorials in Java Series

Tutorial #What You will learn
Tutorial #1:Java Introduction and Installation
Java is a most powerful programming language and open source platform for many applications. Java can help to build a secured application. A Brief Introduction to Java and its installation procedure is explained here in this tutorial.
Tutorial #2:Java DataTypes, Loops, Arrays, Switch and Assertions
In this tutorial, we will learn the basic concepts that are required to do java program. We will explore Java datatypes, loops, arrays, and assertion in detail.
Tutorial #3:OOPS Concept in Java
All about Oops concept in Java is explained here in detail. Object-oriented programming is a way of designing and programming a software by manipulating objects and objects are the main part of the programming.
Tutorial #4:Java Interfaces and Abstract Classes Java Interfaces are blueprint like class but will have only method declaration. But Java Abstract class will have abstract methods and concrete methods. This tutorial will explain you the significance of both Interface and abstract classes in simple terms.
Tutorial #5:Java Exceptions and Procedures to Handle It
Learn Java Exceptions and the ways to handle them. Exception is an event which occurrs while the program is running and it disrupts the program execution.
Tutorial #6:Java String with String Buffer and String Builder
This tutorial will explain you all about Java String, the way of creating a string, string immutability, string buffer and string builder with simple examples for your easy understanding.
Tutorial #7:Java Threads with Methods and Life Cycle
Do you know how to create threads in Java? In this tutorial, we will learn Java Threads and how to create threads along with the various methods and life cycle.
Tutorial #8:Basic I/O Operations in Java
This tutorial will explain the basic I/O operations in JAVA. Here, we will have the input as file and explore various classes, interfaces, and methods that are available to read data from the file.
Tutorial #9:Java Collections Framework (JCF)
Java Collections Framework JCF contains interfaces, abstract classes, and classes which can provide the architecture to store and manipulate a group of objects.
Tutorial #10:Java Reflection Tutorial
Reflection in Java is to inspect and change the behavior of a program at runtime.With the help of this reflection API, you can inspect classes, constructors, modifiers, fields, methods, and interfaces at runtime.
Tutorial #11:Java SWING Tutorial
Swing is mainly used for creating GUI for desktop applications. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of Java Swing and how to build a Desktop app.
Tutorial #12:Java Deployment
This tutorial will explain all about JAVA deployment in detail. In a JAVA project, once coding is completed, you have to wrap all the files as a Java JAR file and that jar file can be deployed in any required machine.
Tutorial #13:Java Virtual Machine
Java Virtual Machine JVM is a software implementation of a machine.This tutorial will explain you all about Java Virtual Machine and How JVM Helps in Running Java Application.
Tutorial #14:Java Access Modifiers
Learn all about Access Modifiers in Java in detail. Access modifiers define the visibility of the class. By using access modifiers, a particular class method/variable can be restricted to access or hidden from the other classes.
Java Interview Questions:
Tutorial #15:Core Java Interview Questions
This core Java Interview Questions and answers tutorial covers topics like basic and advanced java definitions, Java programming and coding concepts, Access specifiers, Collections, Exceptions, Threads, Serialization etc., to make you completely ready to face any JAVA interview either for freshers and experienced level.
Tutorial #16:J2EE Interview Questions
This tutorial contains frequently asked J2EE Interview Questions with best descriptive answers on different J2EE concepts like JSP, Servlet, EJB and spring.
Java Tools:
Tutorial #17:Best Java Testing Frameworks and Tools
List of the best JAVA Testing Frameworks Tools - Comprehensive List of Tools For Automated Testing of JAVA Applications. Some of the most popular JAVA/J2EE component wise testing tools available in the market are enlisted here in detail.
Java Testing Tutorials:
Tutorial #18:How to Test JAVA Applications
You will get to know How to Test JAVA Applications - Manual Testing of JAVA Applications with Sample Test Cases. You will also learn different J2EE components and manual testing of JAVA/J2EE applications.
Tutorial #19:Automation Testing of JAVA/J2EE Applications
Automated Testing of JAVA/J2EE Applications is explained in detail. Automated testing is preferred for large J2EE applications. Testing an application may not be fully automated. Manual and automated testing go hand in hand.
Tutorial #20:Using Java YourKit Profiler in JMeter
In this tutorial, you will learn to Use Java YourKit Profiler in JMeter as a way of measuring CPU Usage, and memory usage on your host and client machines.
Tutorial #21:Microsoft TFS for JAVA Projects
Microsoft TFS can be used for Java projects in a DevOps scenario. It is a fully automated build & deployment process to environments with no manual intervention. Here, You will learn how to Use Microsoft TFS for JAVA Projects with Eclipse in DevOps.

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