10 Most Popular Website Malware Scanner Tools in 2023

Best Tools to Scan Website For Malware: Top Malware Scanner Tools in 2023

Security is major factor among the common topics for any website owner.

There are several hackers who hack your personal information from your website. When we login to websites, we share our personal data like bank info, login credentials, etc., and that data can be manipulated by hackers.

Hackers change the code by inserting different worms into the code of the created websites.

Scan Website For Malware

What is Malware?

Malware is the software invented by cyber invaders with the purpose of gaining access or triggering harm to the computer or web.

It can steal, encode, or remove or modify your data, and spy on your computer and action without your understanding or authorization. Due to this, the performance becomes low on your website.

Need for Malware Scanner

Malware Scanner is required to remove the suspicious worms from the websites and PCs.

To protect the personal data of an individual from the websites from hacking a virus Malware Scanner is required. Therefore, website owners should do website scanning on a daily basis to remove malware from their sites, so that the data and files would become safer.

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Every year Malware is rising and destroying documents and information, and today it has increased, and overall approximately 834 m malware is detected.

Total Malware           Development of Android Malware

MacOS Malware           Windows Malware

Recent Stats on Distribution of Threats

These approximate stats have taken from here and it shows the approx. value till the current year.

To overcome this problem, website owners must have scanner and detection tools that check for all types of malware and confirm through reporting.

Here, we will discuss the online malware scanning tools that will allow owners to scan the website for malware and detect any malware existence and make their websites more secure.

The top tools to Scan Website for Malware have been discussed in this article and they are the ones that are used by almost all industries in the world.

Malware Scanner Tools

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Top 10 Website Malware Scanning Tools

Let’s explore the list of tools that are used to the Scan website for malware.

Comparison of Top Malware Scanners

Tool Rating Price Free Version Website Firewall Cool features
Indusface WAS 5/5Contact the company for PricingYesYesNew age crawler to scan single-page applications.
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense5/5$63.96. With a coupon deal, it will be $ 31.98.Free trial available--Blocks malware and finds & destroys existing malware.
Sucuri4.5/5Start From $9.99/monthYesYesCDN for monitoring performance of the Website.
Site Guarding4.5/5Start From 49.95 EUR/one-timeYesYesVirus Monitoring system and Analytical Laboratory.
Google Malware Checker4.5/5Contact Google for PricingYesYesWordPress Login Page hardening and remove previously flagged website from Google.
Web Inspector4.5/5Start From $8.99/monthYes (90 days)NoInstant Notification shows if threats detected and PCI Scanning feature.
SiteLock4.5/5Start From $109.99/yearYesYesPatching of Vulnerability is available for scanning.
Quttera4/5Start From $149/yearYesYesArtificial Intelligence Scan Engine scans website quickly and efficiently.
Virus Total4/5Start From $80,000/yearYesNoHash-Based Scan feature is present.

Let’s start!!

#1) Indusface WAS Free Website Security Check


Indusface WAS helps in vulnerability testing for web, mobile, and API applications. The scanner is a powerful combination of applications, infrastructure, and malware scanners. The standout feature is the 24X7 support that helps development teams with remediation guidance and removal of false positives.

In the premium plan, penetration testing is bundled with DAST scanners that can be used to run unlimited scheduled scans for the whole year.

The company is headquartered in India with offices in Bengaluru, Vadodara, Mumbai, Delhi, and San Francisco, and their services are used by 5000+ customers across 90+ countries globally.


  • Check for Malware infection, the reputation of the links in the website, defacement, and broken links.
  • Zero false positive guarantees with unlimited manual validation of vulnerabilities found in the DAST scan report.
  • 24X7 support to discuss remediation guidelines and proofs of vulnerabilities.
  • Free trial with a comprehensive single scan and no credit card required.
  • Integration with Indusface AppTrana WAF to provide instant virtual patching with a zero false positive guarantee.
  • Graybox scanning support with the ability to add credentials and then perform scans.
  • Penetration testing for web, mobile, and API apps.
  • Single dashboard for DAST scan and pen testing reports.
  • Ability to automatically expand crawl coverage based on actual traffic data from the WAF system (in case AppTrana WAF is subscribed and used).

#2) System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is a comprehensive suite of security, privacy, and performance features. It will optimize PC performance. It has features and functionalities to remove and block malware. System Shield is a VB100-certified antivirus that blocks malware.


  • With System Shield, you will get reactive and proactive malware detection strategies.
  • It can protect your PC from viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, etc.
  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense provides a malware killer that will find and destroy existing malware.
  • It has many more tools and features like advanced file recovery software, Drive Scrubber, ByePass to safeguard passwords & credit cards, etc.

Pricing: System Mechanic Ultimate Defense offers a Coupon Deal and you can get a massive 60% off, just $31.98! Coupon code “workfromhome” is for new customers only. It is valid from now to October 5, 2020.

#3) Sucuri SiteCheck


Sucuri offers online website scanning tool SiteCheck which can inspect a site to detect any identified risk, malware, malicious text, the status of the blacklist, etc. No registration is required to access this tool.

It also offers resources to recover a hacked site. Sucuri is popular in web security and susceptibility inspecting. So, it is a great choice to use this tool. Sucuri helps to scan any website created in WordPress, HTML/CSS, etc.


  • The configuration is easy and supports custom SSL certificates.
  • Secure from SQL injections, XSS, RCE, RFU, and all verified worms.
  • Full DDoS Protection and Brute force protection.
  • High-performance Anycast network (CDN) with PoP’s situated across the world.

Pricing: Available at a free of cost. The Basic plan starts at $199.99/ year.

#4) Site Guarding

site guarding

Site Guarding is the great choice of security resolution for a website. The site guarding tool will image and examine the website on a daily basis.

Their team will support your website 24/7 and if any problem is detected, it will make all essential improvements to confirm that your website is up and in succession. This tool keeps your website safe and secure with their complete website security solution.


  • A feature of virus monitoring service and logical laboratory.
  • They offer 24/7/365 specialized support from their security experts.
  • Remove websites manually and remove websites from blocklists.
  • Their security tools can work on any type of servers like shared, VPS, dedicated and any CMS and custom developed websites and web applications.

Pricing: Available at a free of cost and for scanning Enterprise Website Security, the starting price is 49.95 EUR.

URL: Site Guarding

#5) Google Malware Checker

google malware

Google Malware Checker is also a great tool that helps to detect malware and suspicious content on a website. Google Malware Checker is simple and easy to use. By pasting your site URL, it will show you all the reports on the website.

Google Checker tool supports intelligent malware recognition software to notice worms and malicious texts on various websites. It is an online cloud-based tool that shows reports to the owners about the malware they detect.


  • The feature of in-built DDoS Protection.
  • WordPress Login Page hardening.
  • It can also scan any plugins and media files.
  • Clear the earlier highlighted Website by Google from hosting once the malware is removed from the website.

Pricing: Available at a free of cost.

URL: Google Malware Checker

#6) Web Inspector

web inspector

Web Inspector is an online cloud-based website security scanner tool that can be used to check the WordPress website.

It examines the website in two forms i.e. Google Safe Browsing and Comodo analyst’s files.

After that, it checks for any malware downloads, infected code which shows trojan virus, worm, suspicious text, and records. It has PCI compliance that is used for checking the E-commerce websites that receive credit card payments.


  • Checks website against SSL Certifications, any malicious code, Backlist checking, etc.
  • PCI scanning that gives websites more security.
  • Helps in Database security by recognizing SQL Injection.
  • Instant Notification sent if it detects any malware so that you can keep your websites safe.

Pricing: It is free for 90 days and later the basic starting plan starts at $8.99/month.

URL: Web Inspector

#7) PC Risk


PC Risk scans 100MB of the URL response content and can efficiently recognize developing web threats.

It is useful for the website which shows IT news, software reviews, malware detection, etc. to show the results after scanning threats.

PC Risk clears all cache files from PC and secures your desktop from threats. For scanning URL, you must enter your website URL and click on Scan for Malware. It will show a detailed report of the scanned Malware.


  • Both Automatic and Manual eliminations of malware features are available.
  • Does in-depth scanning of websites and account external links, iFrames, infected records and blacklisting status.
  • Helps in removing Walmart Email Virus used by cybercriminals.
  • A feature of Advanced Mac Cleaner Unwanted Application that removes junk files from the Mac Pcs exists in this.

Pricing: It is available at free of cost.


#8) Quttera


Quttera is another current tool that offers free malware scanning of your website made from HTML/CSS, WordPress or Joomla, etc.

It gives a detailed report about the malicious files, external links detected, blacklisted status, etc. Quttera needs your website address to add to its scan list. For scanning, type or paste the URL and it will show you a complete report. The company also has worldwide web monitoring and malware removal facilities.


  • It helps in noticing the External Links.
  • It has an Artificial Intelligence Scan Engine.
  • The one-click scan feature is present and shows blacklist status.
  • Recognition of files injected by PHP malware, HTML/CSS, WordPress, etc. and shows complete reports.

Pricing: Available free and for advanced scanning plans start from $149/year.

URL: Quttera

#9) ReScan.Pro


ReScan.Pro is a free and cloud-based website malware scanner that benefits the website owners to detect their sites against security issues in lesser time.

It performs a cutting-edge method to find Hidden Redirects, Unsafe Widgets, E-Commerce sites, SEO Links and Spam, Malicious Downloads, etc. For scanning the website, type or paste the URL of your site and click on the scan website. It will show you a complete detailed report after scanning.


  • In-depth malware recognition and examines the performance by cutting-edge set-up engine.
  • It classifies zero-days virus inserts that are detected by pattern matching and fingerprinting.
  • Heuristic Detection for static page scanning.
  • Detects Dynamic Page study by tracing the JavaScript code.

Pricing: Available at a free of cost.

URL: Rescan.pro

#10) Virus Total

virus total

Virus Total is another great tool that helps to scan a URL for security purposes and malware detection.

It scans your website’s URL against the malware records and gives a complete story. It also checks for redirects and infected code on the website heading. Virus Total is a child of Google. The service runs several anti-viruses and website scanners so that you will get a comprehensive security description of your site.

It is a very helpful tool for scanning threats very quickly and easily.


  • It is also a desktop tool that scans a file without uploading a file.
  • Its feature of a hash-based scan decreases the time to upload the file.
  • Attractive and user-friendly interface and provides quick reports of the scanning.
  • Transportable tool and can be installed easily and analyzes infected records by using more than 40 anti-virus applications

Pricing: Available at a free of cost.

URL: Virus Total

#11) Foregenix


Foregenix sis helpful for Digital Forensics, Event Response, and PCI compliance experts.

They focus more on securing payment systems. They are useful for both private and public sectors, financial organizations, sellers, eCommerce, and administration organizations across the globe.

They are specialized by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) for services like PCI Forensic investigator, PCI DSS, PCI PIN, etc.


  • Detects Insecure cardholder data.
  • Helps in website Plugin Verifications.
  • Helps in monitoring PCI Compliance Security.
  • 24/7 Website Protection and protects from SQL Injection and XSS Protection.

Pricing: Contact them for Pricing.

URL: Foregenix

#12) SiteLock

site lock

SiteLock is a cloud-based website security solution to propose website safety.

Its 360-degree monitoring will resolve threats for future occurrences, quickens website performance and encounters PCI compliance values for industries of all sizes.

SiteLock automatically examines your website for malware to confirm whether they are blocked or spammed. It scans and examines basic spam monitoring, content phishing, blacklist monitoring, threat monitoring, etc.


  • It quickens the website with SiteLock’s Global Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Secures the website from all types of DDoS attacks with automatic detection and triggering.
  • Blocks external links and protects the websites from hackers.
  • 360-degree safety from malware and recognizes the malware on a daily basis.

Pricing: For Annual Plans, it is available as a one-month trial and the basic plans start from $30/month.

URL:  SiteLock

#13) Criminal IP

Criminal IP

Criminal IP is a comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tool specialized in cybersecurity. This type of search engine is highly effective in detecting potential threats, malware, and vulnerabilities on websites. Anyone can search for the website information they need without having to download anything.

Simply enter any URL into the search engine of Criminal IP, and it will immediately scan the URL to detect malicious links and malware hidden behind the website. This is made possible by the engine’s ability to collect a vast amount of data regarding websites and IT assets worldwide.

Using this engine, Criminal IP provides a detailed report in a user-friendly interface about suspicious files, including the website’s malicious code, CVE vulnerabilities, and the malware detected in the connected IP address and subdomain.


  • An AI machine learning-based CTI search engine.
  • The Criminal IP search engine searches and scans URLs in real-time, and it can find malicious URLs that were not detected in the past.
  • Users can check the website’s malware information, vulnerability, and five-level risk level. and other information in a report at a glance.
  • The API integration allows users to integrate with the existing Web filters, WAFs, and SOAR.

Pricing: Pricing options range from a free membership plan that offers free credits to paid plans, depending on users’ needs.

Few Additional Tools:

#14) Malcare

MalCare is a one-click protection solution for your website. MalCare plugin scans a website by using a security firewall based on machine learning.

It is the most advanced and current WordPress resolution. It runs deep scans on their own server so that your server is never loaded. It also schedules an automatic scan.

Malcare is not available at a free of cost.

URL: Malcare

#15) Hacker Combat

Hacker Combat proposes a free tool to inject a website that contains malware, suspicious code, blacklist, content phishing, etc.

Hacker Combat is also dedicated to Cyber Security news. The print information on the complete investigation and bring up-to-date information on cutting-edge technologies. Hacker Combat Tool is available for free to its users.

URL: Hacker Combat

#16) Qualys

Qualys benefits you to scan endlessly for malware for your website with a detailed report along with the affected code for analysis. Qualys has an attractive and great dashboard with easy configuration and notification if any issue is created.

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It helps the organization to combine and update safety and compliance results into a single platform. It creates security in digital conversion enterprises for more flexibility, better results, and extensive cost reserves.

URL: Qualys

#17) MetaScan

MetaScan supports you to scan a file using several antivirus engines.

It checks a file with several antivirus engines, so that the possibility of finding a virus may be reduced extremely.

MetaScan at present practices on 31 various antivirus engines to image the uploaded files. MetaScan has the limitation to choose documents up to a maximum of 40 MB in size.

URL: MetaScan

#18) Comodo cWatch

Comodo cWatch Website Security Package follows the website monitoring and notice threats before it can disturb your website, files, or serious web applications.

Comodo Web Software runs on Comodo’s high capacity cloud. Features of this tool are it has DDoS Protection and improving your website load. It is available for free for scanning Websites.

URL: Comodo cWatch


In this article, we have discussed the top tools that are available in the market to Scan Website for Malware. These above-discussed tools are most popular, and their features and pricing can be affordable as per the industry needs.

These are the more secure tools that are available at a free of the cost for scanning your website. You can choose any tool as per your needs.

From our research, Google Malware Checker is the best value for Windows users, while Sucuri comes at second and Quttera or SiteLock comes in the third position.

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