Best Free Online Courses With Certificate Of Completion In 2022

List of the Best FREE Online Courses With Ratings, Skills, Course Provider and Enrollment Link. Select an Online Certification Course Based on Your Interest:

In today’s world, nothing comes for free. Whether it is Medical, Education, Automobiles, Software, or Textiles, everyone is runnings their business only with a profit motive.

However, due to technological advancements and easy access to the internet, several renowned providers are offering FREE online courses with the aim of sharing and spreading knowledge worldwide at no cost to the participants.

This article will walk you through the list of the Top FREE online courses that you can join based on your interests. Let’s Start!!

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses With Certificate

Students, Graduates or Working professionals, each of them has one reason or the other to go for online courses. Being a certified graduate/professional will help to remain informed as well as stay prepared for facing new challenges.

Online courses are designed more or less like traditional classroom courses with exams, course papers, presentations, quizzes, and course-related projects but with more flexible options.

While searching for an online course, the first thing we search for is a FREE course. Although, many times the certificate provided after the completion of courses is chargeable.

Advantages Of FREE Online Certification Courses

Enlisted below are some advantages of FREE Online Courses:

  • Flexible course schedule and learning environment.
  • Variety of courses and programs available for a particular subject to choose from.
  • Opportunity to interact more and participate in class discussions.
  • Working professionals can simultaneously take up courses while working.
  • No commuting cost.
  • It provides chances to develop networking with peers across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q #1) What do you understand by 100% Free Online Courses?

Answer: 100% free online course means that there are no hidden charges to take up the particular course online. You are not required to attend any classroom courses to study but you can study anytime anywhere just with internet access.

Q #2) Are there any technical skills required for students to enroll in online courses?

Answer: Online courses are designed user-friendly but still it is required to have basic technical computer skills to access and navigate through the course programs. High-speed internet access, microphones, webcams, etc are also necessary for attending web conferencing, seminars, etc. if any.

Most of these basic requirements are listed/ available on the course/ website page.

Q #3) Can anyone join a course in the middle of the term (a course that has already started)?

Answer: Yes, many providers allow you to join an ongoing course anytime. But you will miss out on the bulk of course conversations for the topics. Thus, it is advisable to enroll in a course from the beginning, get involved in the discussions and clear your queries from the instructors.

Q #4) Is there any restriction on the number of courses I can enroll in during the same time duration?

Answer: No, there is no limit. You can take up multiple courses at the same time. It all depends on your level of understanding.

Q #5) Can I rejoin a course that I previously left?

Answer: Yes, an ongoing course can be re-joined and you have the option to join until the course ends. Else, you also have the option to join the course in its next schedule.

List of Free Online Courses

Given below is a list of the most popular Free Online Courses from reputed course providers in the industry.

#1) Technology/ Coding And Developer Courses

#Course NameRatingSkills covered in courseCourse ProviderCostTaglineLink
1Data Structures and Algorithms 4.6Debugging
Software Testing,
Data Structure,
Computer Programming,
CourseraFreeMaster Algorithmic Programming Techniques. Learn algorithms through programming and advance your software engineering or data science career.Details
2Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python4.6Machine Learning, Numpy Stack,UdemyFreeThe Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib stack: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.Details
3Become an Android Developer from Scratch4.4Professional quality,UdemyFreeSimply the best place to start learning Android Development.Details
4Algorithms, Part I4.9Data Structure,
Java Programming.
CourseraFreeCovers elementary data structures, sorting, and searching algorithms.Details
5Machine Learning4.9Logistic Regression,
Artificial Neural Network,
Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms,
Machine Learning.
CourseraFreeMachine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.Details
6AI For Everyone4.8Workflow of Machine Learning projects,
AI terminology,
AI strategy
Workflow of Data Science projects.
CourseraFreeThis course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI.Details

#2) SEO Courses

#Course NameRatingSkills covered in courseCourse ProviderCostTaglineLink
1Google Ads -Search,
Shopping ads and Measurement.
GoogleFreeDevelop skills you can apply right away, with e-learning courses designed by Google product experts.Details
2SEO Training by Moz4.3Strategy DevelopmentUdemyFreeLearn SEO tips and tricks in this SEO training course from Moz.Details

#3) Content Marketing Courses

#Course NameRatingSkills covered in courseCourse ProviderCostTaglineLink
1Content Marketing Certification 4.6Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeBecome an effective content marketer.Details
2Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content4.7Social Network
CourseraFreeLearn how to make ideas stick, how to increase your influence, how to generate more word of mouth, and how to use the power of social networks to spread information and influence. Details
3Business Blogging  -Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeLearn What Blogging is and How to Do It.Details
4Online Video Marketing Course -Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeLearn What Video Marketing is and How to Do It.Details

#4) Personal And Professional Development Courses

#Course NameRatingSkills covered in courseCourse ProviderCostTaglineLink
1Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking4.1Fundamental techniquesUdemyFreeGet over the fear of public speaking by learning the techniques elaborated in this course.Details
2Learning How to Learn4.8Test Preparation
Learning To Learn
Pomodoro Technique
Meta Learning
CourseraFreePowerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects.Details
3Successful Negotiation4.7Strategic Negotiations
Decision Tree
CourseraFreeEssential Strategies and Skills.Details
4The Manager's Toolkit4.6Decision-Making
Performance Management
CourseraFreeA Practical Guide to Managing People at Work.Details
5Introduction to Project Management4.3Project management approachesUdemyFreeEssential Tools and Techniques.Details
6Career Success Specialization4.4Project Management
Information Technology (IT) Management
CourseraFreeBuild Essential Skills for the Workplace. Improve your employability and advance in today’s dynamic workforce.Details

#5) Sales Courses

#Course NameRatingSkills covered in courseCourse ProviderCostTaglineLink
1The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization4.7Sales ProspectsCourseraFreeLearn to Master the Art of Sales. Become as Efficient and Effective at Selling as Possible.Details
2Sales Enablement Certification 4.4Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeDevelop a marketing-driven sales enablement strategy.Details
3Sales Management Training-Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeStrategies for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Team.Details
4HubSpot Sales Software Certification Course4.4Sales
HubSpot AcademyFreeHubSpot Sales Software Certification Exam Answers 2019. The HubSpot Sales
Software Certification demonstrates your ability to execute an inbound sales
process using HubSpot Sales Free.

#6) Business And Finance Courses

#Course NameRatingSkills covered in courseCourse ProviderCostTaglineLink
1Foundations of Business Strategy 4.8Capabilities Analysis
Business Strategy
Competitive Position
Strategic Analysis
Industry Structure
CourseraFreeSteer Your Business to Success. Generate value and demonstrate global impact in four courses.Details
2Stock Market Investing for Beginners 4.4Investing strategiesUdemyFreeLearn all the Basics of the Stock Market, through comprehensive, interesting and fun lectures!Details
3Business Statistics and Analysis 4.7Microsoft Excel
Linear Regression
Statistical Hypothesis Testing
CourseraFreeBuild Data Analysis and Business Modeling Skills. Gain the ability to apply statistics and data analysis tools to various business applications.Details
4Excel Skills for Business 4.9Graphs
Microsoft Excel
CourseraFreeMaster Excel to add a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio.Details

#7) Marketing Courses

#Course NameRatingSkills covered in courseCourse ProviderCostTaglineLink
1Inbound Certification 4.5Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeThe HubSpot Inbound Certification helps you explore the basics of
inbound, the inbound methodology, and the flywheel. Plus, it
teaches you how to apply all these concepts to your business.
2Google Analytics4.5Measuring website trafficGoogleFreeAnalytics Academy helps you learn about Google's measurement tools so that you can grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis.Details
3Marketing Fundamentals: Who Is Your Customer?  -The marketing mix
targeting and positioning
marketing strategy
consumer behavior
edXFreeLearn key marketing concepts to implement customer acquisition strategies to find the right customers and grow your business.Details
4Content Marketing Certification 4.6Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeThis certification course will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer.Details
5Email Marketing Certification course 4.5Marketing
HubSpot AcademyFreeThis free course teaches you how to construct an email
marketing plan that develops your business, and your career. You
learn how to craft an email marketing strategy that’s human and
supportive, that develops trust with your connections.
6Learn Online Marketing - Free Training Course From Google 4.6Data and Tech
Digital Marketing
Career Development
GoogleFreeGain today's most in-demand skills.Details
7 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization4.7Competitive analysis
optimize website content
CourseraFreeBecome an SEO Expert. Master search engine optimization tools and strategies.Details


Learning has no boundaries and thus there are multiple sites (like Coursera, Hubspot Academy, Udemy, etc) that provide online free as well as paid courses with certifications.

We have provided all the necessary details for free online courses available in the field of Technology, Sales, Marketing, Finance, etc. You can choose from the multiple course options available based on your requirements and existing knowledge about the subject.

Have you chosen one from the above list?