Most Popular 15+ API Testing Tools for the Testers

Application Programming Interfaces (API) testing is a type of software testing where testing cannot be done at a front-end since there’s no GUI. API testing has mainly performed the testing on message layer and includes testing REST API’s, SOAP Web services, which could be sent over HTTP, HTTPS, JMS and MQ. This now forms an integral component for any Automation Testing.

Due to the nature of API testing, it cannot be tested manually, and we need to opt for some API testing tools for testing API’s. In this article, I have covered a list of some top API testing tools.

API Testing Tools

Best API Testing Tools


=> Please feel free to add any tools which have been missed from the list or which you feel is a good one for API testing.


1) Soap UI NG

Soap UI Logo

If you have been working on API’s you would very well know SoapUI, which is a free tool from SmartBear. SoapUI NG Pro is the next generation of SoapUI with much more added features.

This is a paid tool but supports every feature an API testing tool should have like point and click testing, data driven testing, automated API testing, quick diagnosis with proper test reports. You should definitely review this tool if you are looking for a good API testing tool.

Official Website: Soap UI NG

2) Postman

PostMan Logo

Postman is a great tool for testing API’s. It has two products, one is Chrome extension and other is newly launched cloud collaboration. It lets a user create test cases to validate response times, data and more.

Postman Collection provides an ability to manage and organize API’s which results in very efficient testing. Chrome extension is a free utility whereas the cloud collaboration is a paid one.

Official Website: Postman

3) Parasoft

Parasoft Logo

Parasoft, an API Testing tool helps in automated test case generation which can be reused and easily maintained and thus reduces a lot of regression effort. It supports end-to-end testing and has a very user-friendly interface.

Also supports multiple platforms like Java, C, C++, or.NET. This is one of the top recommended tools for API testing. It’s a paid tool and hence requires purchasing a license and then requires an installation before the tool can be used.

Official Website: Parasoft

4) vREST


An Automated REST API Testing Tool which can work on the Web, Mobile or Desktop applications. Its record and replay feature eases the test case creation. This Tool can be used to test applications hosted locally, intranet or the Internet. Some of its good features include supporting Jira and Jenkins integration and also allows imports from Swagger and Postman.

Official Website: vREST

5) HttpMaster

HttpMaster Logo

HttpMaster will be a right choice if you are looking for a tool that helps in Website testing as well as API testing. Other features include an ability to define global parameters, provides the user with an ability to create checks for data response validation by using the large set of validation types that it supports.

Official Website: HttpMaster

6) Runscope

Runscope Logo

An excellent tool for monitoring and testing API’s. This tool can be used for data validation of API’s to ensure correct data are returned. This tool comes with a feature of tracking and notifying in the case of any API transaction Failure, Hence if your application requires payment validation, then this tool can prove to be a good choice.

Official Website: Runscope

7) Chakram

Chakram Logo

This tool supports end-to-end test on JSON REST endpoints. This tool also supports third party API testing. This tool can be a great help if you are looking for testing API’s that are still under development. This is built on the Mocha testing framework.

Official Website: Chakram

8) Rapise

Rapise Logo

This tool comes with an extensive feature list which satisfies different types of testing needs, one of them being the API testing. This supports testing SOAP Web services as well as REST web services. In addition, it allows testing different types of DLL API’s ranging from managed i.e. written using .NET framework to unmanaged written using native Intel x 86 codes.

Official Website: Rapise

9) API Inspector

API Inspector Logo

API Inspector, a tool from Apiary allows for monitoring the API during the design phase by capturing both request and response and lets user views them or Apiary editor allows the user to write API blueprints.

Official Website: API Inspector

10) LoadFocus

LoadFocus Logo

If you are looking for API load testing tool, then this one can be in your tool review list. This allows running few tests to find out the number of users an API can support. It’s simple to use as it allows running tests within the browser from across the world.

Official Website: LoadFocus

11) Tenon

Tenon Logo, a very simple to use test API tool. The user is required to submit a request and response are received in the form of JSON.If your requirement is to perform a more like real world testing, this tool could be an option since this allows testing URLs in public accessible location.

Official Website: Tenon

12) SOAP Sonar

Soapsonar Logo

SOAP Sonar is the Service and API Testing tool owned by one of the leading API tool developing company Crosscheck Network. Tools allow testing by simulating HTTPS, REST, SOAP, XML, and JSON. Other tools from the same brand are CloudPort Enterprise which is mainly used for Service and API Emulation, and Forum Sentry, a tool for securing API’s.

Official Website: SOAP Sonar

13) API Science

API Science Logo

API Science, an excellent API monitoring tool, comes with a feature to monitor Internal as well as External API’s. This tool lets the user know if any API ever goes down, so necessary action can be taken to bring it back up. Important features include excellent API diagnostics, user-friendly dashboard, alert and notification system, powerful reporting and supports JSON, REST, XML, and Oauth.

Official Website: API Science

14) apigee

apigee Logo

A complete API Management tool that lets user measure and test API performance, supports building API using several other API editors like Swagger. This tool also extends to ensure API’s remains secured and it protects from OWASP top 10 threats like SQL injection, XSS etc. Also, provides excellent analytics feature.

Official Website: apigee

15) API Fortress

APIFortress Logo

From testing perspective what do you really check in an API tool, it should let you know if API is up and running and second is on the response time.API fortress satisfies both the requirement and proves to be a very good API testing tool. This allows a Full API testing including regression test and like all other tools comes with feature like SLA monitoring, alerts, and notification, reporting.

Official Website: API Fortress

16) Charles

Charles is another tool like Fiddler which records all traffic between the browser and the internet. It supports SSL and HTTPS. Tools provide feature where a slower internet connection can be simulated. Also, this helps in quick identification and elimination of bugs.

Official Website: Charles

17) Quadrillian

It’s a web-based REST JSON API testing tool. It lets user follow a structure by creating a project, then a test suite and then create and create/place the test cases. It lets creation & sharing of the test suite using browser. The tests can be run on the website or can be downloaded.

Official Website: Quadrillian

18) Ping API

It’s an automated API monitoring and testing tool. Very easy to use, lets the user create a test case using JavaScript or Coffee Script, run tests and also has a feature where tests can be scheduled. For any failures, the user gets notified through email, Slack and Hipchat.

Official Website: Ping API

Some API Open Source Tools

19) Soap UI

This is one of the leading open source rest API testing tools for functional testing of SOA and web service. This supports different types of protocol like SOAP, REST, HTTP, and JMS.

Official Website: Soap UI

20) TestAPI

TestAPI is a library of Test API’s, which provides an excellent set of utilities for testers to create testing tools and automated tests. This can be downloaded free from Codeplex.

Official Website: TestAPI

21) Fiddler

Fiddler is a free debugging tool from Telerik. This tool is mainly used to monitor the network traffic between a computer and internet. This works well on any browser, any system, and any platform. It’s also one of the best security testing tools for web applications because of the technique it uses for decrypting HTTPS traffic.

Official Website: Fiddler

22) Apache JMeter

Open source software built mainly for Java applications. Earlier this supported only web application testing but now this has expanded and added features. It mainly supports performance testing for Web services (SOAP/REST). If you are looking for an open source tool, this can be considered.

Official Website: Apache JMeter

23) WebInject

WebInject is a free tool used for testing web applications and web services. This is written in Perl language and for running this on any platform, a Perl Interpreter is required. This tool uses an XML API for creating test cases and generates HTML and XML report which includes pass/fail status, errors, and response times. Overall it’s a good tool.

Official Website: WebInject

24) RedwoodHQ

This is an open source tool which helps to test API SOAP/REST and supports multiple languages like Java/Groovy, Python, and C #. This tool supports multi-threaded execution, also allows the user to compare the results from each of the runs.

Official Website: RedwoodHQ

25) VideoCloud

This is one of the best online tools which let you test Video API’s. Analytics API lets the user find out the performance of each of the contents. This supports different type of API’s like Playback API, Mobile SDK’s, Player Management API.

Official Website: VideoCloud

Other API Tools

26) API Blueprint

API Blueprint is an open source tool for API Developers and Testers. The tool uses very simple syntax and also makes testing easy for testers.

Official Website: API Blueprint

27) Dredd

This tool ensures your API documentation is kept up to date and also allows integration with systems like Jenkins or Travis CI.

Official Website: Dredd

28) REST Client

It’s a Java application which supports testing RESTful web services and this can also be used to test different types of HTTPs communications.

Official Website: REST Client

29) Poster (Firefox Extension)

This Add-on lets the user set their Http requests by interacting with web services, and generates results which can be verified by the user.

Official Website: Poster (Firefox Extension)

30) HTTP Requester (Firefox Extension)

Another Firefox add-on which lets user which mainly supports REST development, lets the user make HTTPS requests like PUT, POST, DELETE which are a little difficult to be done using the browser.

Official Website: HTTP Requester (Firefox Extension)

31) API Metrics

A very good tool for API monitoring. It supports running API calls anywhere and comes with a very good analytical Dashboard.

Official Website: API Metrics

32) Code Beautify

Another open source online tool which lets your test API’s easily.

Official Website: Code Beautify

33) RAML

RAML helps users by generating a lot of tests after the user has specified the HTTPS REST API. This tool is well integrated with other testing tools like Postman, Vigia and lets a user import test from RAML to these tools.

Official Website: RAML

34) Rank Ranger

API Console, a utility from Rank Ranger eases the creation of API’s. Also, allows for API request customization.

Official Website: Rank Ranger

35) Cocoa rest Client

This is a free API tool created for Apple OS.

Official Website: Cocoa rest Client

36) IBM Rational Test Workbench

Functional Automation tool from IBM which can be used for API testing

Official Website: IBM Rational Test Workbench

37) Borland Silk Test

Mainly known for automating functional and regression testing but can be used for API testing also.

Official Website: Borland Silk Test

38) Tricentis Tosca  

Tosca, a model based test API automation testing tool from Tricentis but also supports API testing.

Official Website: Tricentis Tosca  

39) CA Application Test

A Tool from CA Technologies which offers comprehensive test solution for all types of testing like functional, load, performance and API.

Official Website: CA Application Test

40) Unified Functional test from HP

Earlier known as QTP (Quick Test Professional), a very famous automation tool from HP and now has been named as the Unified Functional test can also be used for API testing.

Official Website: Unified Functional test from HP

41) Eggplant

Eggplant is a tool which can be used for any type of testing, comes with a tool for functional, mobile, cloud and network.

Official Website: Eggplant


This list was just some of the top API testing tools, though you would see there are still a lot more tools available for API testing.

=> Please feel free to add any tools which have been missed from the list or which you feel is a good one for API testing.