10 BEST Regression Testing Services Companies In 2021

This tutorial lists the Best Regression testing Services with their review and comparison to help you choose the best provider for your regression testing requirements:

Regression Testing Services are provided by many QA companies. These services involve thoroughly testing apps and websites, especially after when new features are added or previous bugs are fixed. Regression testing ensures that your website or mobile app is working well and that recent changes haven’t introduced new bugs into the application.

A good QA company can even help you by mapping out a custom test strategy based on your needs.

BEST Regression Testing Services Companies

Regression Testing Services

For teams that already have in-house QA, it’s common for release timelines to be too short for testers to fully perform regression tests of every section. Even the most Agile team knows what it’s like to struggle to make release dates. Outsourcing regression testing services will help your team make deadlines–without sacrificing quality.

Fact Check: According to Global Market Insights the software testing market size was $40 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% from 2021 to 2026.

The below images share some additional statistics:

software testing market size

Pro Tip: While choosing the right QA company for Regression Testing services, consider how experienced their testers are, especially with different types of apps and websites. It can also be beneficial to consider whether the company offers a flexible pricing model, instead of requiring long-term contracts.

Another factor to consider is the location of the company and the company’s testers. Working with a QA company that’s in your time zone can make the process much smoother.

Additional factors to consider when choosing regression testing services include:

  • Browsers/devices available for testing.
  • A list of the company’s past clients.
  • Type of software that the company tests.
  • The process for moving forward and onboarding.

Reasons to outsource software testing services:

One of the top reasons for outsourcing software testing services is to get more reliable quality assurance. By outsourcing QA, you’ll get unbiased testing results. You’ll also get specialized test coverage and proper expertise, whether your testing is automated, manual, or both.

Benefits of Automated Regression Testing:

Benefits of Automated Regression Testing

If your team has strict deadlines, outsourcing QA is even more beneficial. Hiring a QA company also gives you flexibility, becoming a budget-friendly choice.

These days, users expect constant updates to apps and websites. Their needs are more dynamic, and there are often new OS updates, iPhone/Android versions, browsers, bug fixes, functionality enhancements, patches, etc. All this will require continuous development, and as a result, continuous testing.

Regression Testing is a thorough testing process and involves re-running both functional & non-functional tests. Regression Testing companies provide a systematic approach and can help keep your costs under control, by agreeing to cap hours ahead of time.

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List Of Top Regression Testing Companies

Here is a list of most popular Regression Testing Service Providers:

  1. Mindful QA
  2. Cigniti
  3. ThinkSys
  4. TestingXperts
  5. Test IO
  6. InfoStretch
  7. QAMentor
  8. Suma Soft
  9. TestMatick
  10. Codoid

Comparison Of Top Regression Testing Services

CompaniesFounded InHeadquarterEmployeesLocationsRevenue
Mindful QA

Mindful QA
--Los Angeles50-200100% located in USAND
Test IO

2011Berlin51-200US & Germany$45 Million

1998Texas1001-5000US, India, Australia.$100-$500 Million

2013Pennsylvania1001-5000US, London, Canada, & India$10 to $25 M

2012California201-500US & India$3 Million

Review of the companies and their services:

#1) Mindful QA (Recommended)

Mindful QA

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA (all testers located in America)

No. of Employees: 50-200

Service cost/Packages: On-demand testing services with straightforward hourly rates, and no long-term contracts required.

Core Services: Regression Testing, Website Testing, Mobile App Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Performance Testing, QA Consulting, User Experience, and more.

Prominent Clients: Google, Taco Bell, Microsoft, Snapple, BMW, Hulu, H&R Block, PetSmart, Zillow, and many more.

Verdict: 100% of Mindful QA testers are highly experienced and located in America. They offer flexible, on-demand services with a minimum of only 20 hours per engagement. They have straightforward hourly prices, with no long-term requirements. Mindful QA is also a carbon-neutral company and gives 10% of profits to charity.

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#2) Cigniti


Headquarters: Texas, US

Revenue: $100-$500 Million

No. of Employees: 1001-5000 employees

Core Services: Quality Assurances, Quality Engineering, Digital Assurance, Next Generation Testing, Advisory & Transformation.

Prominent Clients: Snapdeal, Max Life Insurance, Ryanair, Cipla, DBS, etc.

Verdict: Cigniti provides Software Testing & Quality Engineering services. It can perform automated scriptless regression testing. It has more than 350 clients in 13 countries. It provides services to a wide range of industries, including Banking and Financial services.

Website: Cigniti

#3) ThinkSys


Headquarters: California, US

Revenue: $3 Million

No. of Employees: 201-500

Service cost/Package: ThinkSys has three pricing packages, Hourly, Project, and Dedicated. It offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Core Services: QA testing, Development, Big Data & Analytics, etc.

Prominent Clients: Nowvel, Just Pharma, Bond University, BayTech, etc.

Verdict: ThinkSys is one of the leading providers of software testing services in the USA and India. It provides specifically designed services and solutions. It has expertise in outsourcing software development projects and delivering end-to-end development & testing services.

Website: ThinkSys

#4) TestingXperts


Headquarters: Pennsylvania, US

Revenue: $10 to $25 M

No. of Employees: 1000-5000 employees.

Core Services: Functional Testing, Non-functional testing, and Test Advisory & Consulting.

Prominent Clients: HP, Flight Centre, Damco, etc.

Verdict: TestingXperts is the provider of quality assurance and software testing services. It has 11 global offices and 6 test labs in the UK, USA, and India. TestingXperts provides DevOps ready integrated test automation framework, Tx-Automate. It includes techniques and practices that will reduce automation test cycle time.

Website: TestingXperts

#5) Test IO


Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Revenue: $45 Million

No. of Employees: 51-200 employees

Service cost/Package: Test IO offers three pricing plans, Starter, Professional, and Elite. You can request for pricing.

Core Services: Various testing solutions including Regression Testing for Websites, Mobiles, Wearables, and IoT.

Prominent Clients: 98point6, SoundCloud, BuzzFeed, EatStreet, etc.

Verdict: Test IO provides a fast and human-powered QA testing as a service for agile teams. It provides various testing solutions by approach and platform.

Website: Test IO

#6) InfoStretch


Headquarters: California, USA

Revenue: $42 Million

No. of Employees: 1001-5000 employees

Core Services: Quality Engineering, Cloud Engineering, IoT Development, etc.

Prominent Clients: Mediware, Crux, Vodafone, BMW, Marriott, etc.

Verdict: InfoStretch is the provider of Digital Engineering and Digital Technology Solutions. It was founded in 2004 and focused on automating software quality processes. You will get comprehensive test coverage for your digital portfolio with InfoStretch. It will perform advanced regression testing with the latest digital technologies.

Website: InfoStretch

#7) QAMentor


Headquarters: New York, USA

Revenue: $5 to $6 M

No. of Employees: 200-500 employees

Service cost/Package: QAMentor offers the packages on a per-hour, per-day, per weekly, or monthly basis. It offers packages for Functional Testing ($12 per tester-hour), Compatibility Testing ($12 per tester-hour), Technical Testing ($15 per tester-hour), Automation Testing ($19 per tester-hour), etc.

Core Services: Core QA Services, On-Demand QA Services, Automation and QA Services, QA Solutions for various industries, etc.

Prominent Clients: HSBC, Citi, AFEX, Solbright, etc.

Verdict: QAMentor provides high-quality software testing services. It has 300 certified QA professionals. It has successfully completed over 876 projects. Its Regression Testing Execution Factory Services will take the burden off your team by performing regular and consistent full regression tests.

Website: QAMentor

#8) Suma Soft


Headquarters: Maharashtra, India

Revenue: $100 to $500 Million.

No. of Employees: 1001-5000 employees

Core Services: Software Development, Cyber Security, Software Testing Services (Automation Testing, Manual testing, Performance testing, etc.), etc.

Verdict: Suma Soft is the provider of technology services and has experience of more than 19 years in it. It provides testing services to various industries such as Finance & Banking, Healthcare, etc.

Website: Suma Soft

#9) TestMatick


Headquarters: New York, USA

Revenue: $1 to $2 M

No. of Employees: 50-200 employees

Service cost/Package: TestMatick offers software testing services at pleasant prices. It offers discounts to old customers and free testing for new customers.

Core Services: Regression Testing, Mobile Testing, Functional Testing, Automated Testing, etc. It offers more than 20 types of QA services.

Prominent Clients: SpiralScout, Subscribe Pro, WebShadow, Negotiation Experts, Hubrick, etc.

Verdict: TestMatick provides the top quality testing services. It has 125 testers and 68 clients worldwide. It has experience of testing 945 sites and 219 mobile apps testing.

Website: TestMatick

#10) Codoid


Headquarters: Tamil Nadu, India

Revenue: $19 Million.

No. of Employees: 51-200 employees

Service cost/Package: As per reviews, Codoid has an average hourly rate of less than $25 per hour and the minimum project size of $5000+.

Core Services: Automation Testing, Regression Testing, Agile Testing, Web Service Testing, etc.

Verdict: Codoid was founded in 2012. It has a team of 120 testers. It has experience in testing more than 700 mobile apps. Its testing services are available for various industries like Telecom, Travel, Healthcare, etc. It can provide 24*7 support to projects.

Website: Codoid


Regression testing services can help give you peace of mind that any updates to your software haven’t introduced new errors. There can be many types of updates, from ones you can control (adding new features) to ones you can’t (a new browser or OS version introducing a problem with your app).

Making sure that your app or site works across all of your supported browsers/devices is a must these days.

It can be challenging for businesses to get regression testing services at a reasonable cost. The companies recommended above can help you make the best use of your QA budget, without sacrificing quality.

Mindful QA, Cigniti, ThinkSys, TestingXperts, and TestIO are our top recommended Regression Testing Services. Mindful QA is the overall best solution, as they offer flexibility, provide highly experienced American testers, and can perform testing across 200 browser/device combinations.

Their client list includes companies and software of all shapes and sizes, and regression testing is one of their most popular services.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top Regression Testing services. We hope it helps you choose the right QA company for your needs.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 25 Hours
  • Companies researched online: 16
  • Top companies shortlisted for review: 10
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