Top 9 JDE Scheduler Alternatives Of 2023

Are you looking for JDE Scheduler Alternatives? We have compiled comprehensive reviews of the best alternatives to the JDE scheduler:

Job scheduling basically refers to the process of setting a time or condition for an event to happen. The job scheduling applications allow users to:

  1. Set a time for a job/task to start (for example employee attendance).
  2. Set a condition or dependency for a job to start (for example: if one employee is absent, another will be authorized to take up the tasks, or when Job 1 gets completed, Job 2 has to be started immediately).
  3. Monitor the performance of each job.
  4. Get automated notifications on the completion or failure of a job.
  5. Integrate with other systems to monitor job progresses.

JDE Scheduler – Job Scheduling Platform

JDE Scheduler Alternatives

JD Edwards

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a popular, easy-to-use, highly trusted job scheduling platform. It helps businesses in running batch jobs by offering the following features:

  • Lets you schedule a job
  • Schedule recurring jobs
  • Revise a previously scheduled job
  • Review all jobs
  • Select a specific time zone in which you want to schedule a job
  • Set the location in which the job will run
  • You can pause a job, monitor jobs, and more.

Refer to this page to learn how each feature works.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne scheduler is a reliable job scheduling platform. But it lacks some modern, advanced scheduling options (different calendars for scheduling, error alerts, advanced automation, building dependencies, and more) that are offered by many of its alternatives.

Companies find it challenging to locate software that provides such an extensive range of features in one platform because Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is not just a scheduling software but a powerful, integrated ERP software suite.

Thus, we have included some software in our list that can integrate with JD Edwards and offer advanced scheduling tools to overcome the limitations of JD Edwards.

Integrations for JD Edwards: Job Scheduler

By integrating JD Edwards with other apps for advanced scheduling, automation, or other features, businesses can centralize a lot of operations. This allows businesses to get enhanced visibility and control over their cross-application environment.

To improve operation efficiency and achieve real-time interactivity, businesses are investing in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP integration tools.

Who is this article for?

We did research to find out the solutions that can fulfill the shortcomings of the JDE scheduler. So the users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne scheduler, who are looking for an alternative, or those who are looking for a good job scheduling platform, would find this article to be very helpful to them.

How have we selected these solutions?

We have tried and tested various scheduling software and shortlisted solutions that are secure, easy to use and have advanced automation features. We have also checked the customer reviews to filter out and then selected the best ones based on all these factors.

Job scheduling

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In this article, you will find a list of the top best JDE scheduler alternatives, a comparison of the best of them, and detailed reviews about each one of them, so that you can get to know which platform is the most suitable for your business.

Market Trends: According to a report by Grand View Research, the global workload scheduling and automation market had a net value of USD 2.22 billion in 2019, which is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.5% over the years from 2020 to 2027 and reach a net worth of USD 3.65 billion by 2027.

market scheduling

Expert Advice: A business must look for the following features in scheduling software:

  • Advanced scheduling tools and automation.
  • Security features, including access controls, encryption, etc.
  • If one-on-one onboarding training is offered, it would be great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is meant by job scheduling?

Answer: The process by which businesses can set a time, or condition for different jobs to happen, is called job scheduling. Jobs can be scheduled by using software that offers tools for scheduling a number of jobs for a specific time.

You can also schedule recurring jobs with a specific time interval, or set dependencies for a job to occur, check their progress, and get notified of the completion of a job.

Q #2) How does job scheduling work?

Answer: Job scheduling usually works in the following way:

  1. Set a time, a condition of completion of an event, etc. for a job to start.
  2. The scheduling software integrates with your systems to send notifications to the specific person/system, to start a job at the scheduled time/condition.
  3. You can monitor the progress of each job from the software’s dashboards. You can also edit predefined jobs.
  4. You can also set automation for alerting you in case an issue arises, when a job completes, etc.

Q #3) What is a tidal scheduling tool?

Answer: Tidal is an advanced scheduling tools provider. Tidal automation allows scheduling cross-application processes, offers built-in error alerts, lets you build dependencies, and much more. They offer customized prices, as per your needs. You can try the platform for 30 days for free.

Q #4) What software do companies use for scheduling?

Answer: Tidal Automation, RunMyJobs, Smart Scheduler, JAMS Workload Automation, Kantion Rev Scheduler, Cantara Integration Program, Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software, Job Scheduling are the top software for job scheduling. They offer advanced automation and job scheduling tools.

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Q #5) How do I choose scheduling software?

Answer: If you are looking for scheduling software, you must look for the following main features:

  • Allows you to schedule jobs based on different scenarios, including time-based, event-based, etc.
  • Send you notifications on the completion of a job or on the failure of a job.
  • Good visualization tools, so that you can monitor all scheduled jobs.
  • It offers standard security features.
  • Easy to use.
  • It offers advanced automation to simplify complex business operations.
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List of the Best JDE Scheduler Alternatives

Top picks for competitors of JDE Scheduler:

  1. Tidal Automation
  2. Redwood RunMyJobs
  3. Smart Scheduler
  4. JAMS Workload Automation
  5. IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  6. Kantion Rev Scheduler
  7. Cantara Integration Program
  8. Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software
  9. Job Scheduling

Comparing the Top Competitors of JDE Scheduler

PlatformBest forMost suitable forBenefits
Tidal AutomationA feature-rich, scalable workflow automation platformBusinesses of all sizes● A 30-day free trial
● 60+ calendar options
● 24/364 support
● Constant innovations
● Access controls
Redwood RunMyJobs End-to-end process orchestrationBusinesses of all sizes. ● Offers standard security features
● 24/7 support
● Easy to use
● Advanced automations
Smart SchedulerA number of advanced scheduling tools that are absent with JDE Scheduler.Businesses with complex operating models. ● Easy setup
● Minimal technical knowledge required
● Intuitive dashboards
JAMS Workload AutomationA powerful, scalable workload automation platform Businesses of all sizes● A 14-day free trial
● Works with Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM i, zOS, or OpenVMS operating systems
● Granular security and access control features

IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOneCreates integrated processes without special coding.Businesses with complex working models● Supports multilingual environments
● Supports AIX, HP-Itanium, Linux, Solaris, Windows, and z/OS operating systems
● Simplifies complex business operations

Detailed reviews:

#1) Tidal Automation

Best for being a feature-rich, scalable workflow automation platform.


Tidal Automation is an ERP scheduling platform that helps in centralizing workload automation.

Watch this video to see how Tidal Automation works:

It is a feature-packed, scalable workload automation platform that offers configurable dashboards, out-of-the-box reporting, automated monitoring of SLAs, access controls, 24/364 support, constant innovations, and almost everything that you want in a workload automation system.

Why it is a good JDE Scheduler alternative:

Tidal offers tools for creating workflows quicker with the help of its no-code/low-code approach. I found Tidal automation to be more intuitive and the 60+ pre-defined business and regional calendars they offer are droolworthy.

The platform offers Adapter for JD Edwards ERP, that allows businesses to respond to job failures, incorporate cross-platform dependencies, and much more.

Features we like most:

  • Tidal has a pre-built connector that integrates with your business’s cross-application processes.
  • Offers built-in error alerts and notification tools.
  • Tools for connecting to Orchestrator and EnterpriseOne jobs, with the help of their specialized adaptors.
  • Time-based scheduling automation tools for global time zones.
  • Tools for building dependencies with other application workflows.
  • Applications to facilitate file transfers with JD Edwards and other software.


  • A free trial for 30 days
  • Integrations for JD Edwards Job Scheduler
  • 60+ calendar options
  • No scripting required
  • Mobile application
  • Flexible pricing


  • Can be a bit difficult to use for beginners.

Our review: Some of the leading enterprises of the world trust Tidal Automation, including Adobe, Hasbro, Oshkosh, Merkle, and Pratt & Whitney. With this platform, businesses can orchestrate workflows on-premises, in the cloud, as well as in their hybrid environments.

Their customer services are good and their ratings are outstanding. The platform can simplify the workload automation process. I would recommend Tidal Automation to businesses of all sizes.

Price: Contact directly to get a customized price quote.

#2) Redwood RunMyJobs

Best for end-to-end process orchestration tools.

Redwood RunMyJobs

Redwood RunMyJobs is an award-winning, reliable workflow automation platform. It supports over 25 scripting languages and interfaces like Python and R. The platform offers standard security through its TLS 1.2+ encryption, ISO 27001 certification, integrated SSO/SAML authentication, and highly-granular user permissions.

They offer 24×7 support for SEV-1 issues and 24×5 support for all other tickets. Their team is well-trained for helping businesses migrate smoothly to Redwood RunMyJobs with the help of their proven five-step migration methodology.

Watch this video to know more about workload automation and job scheduling with Redwood RunMyjobs:

Why it is a good JDE Scheduler alternative:

RunMyJobs offers some highly useful scheduling and monitoring tools along with automation, like preventing errors, resolving them, real-time status overviews, audit trails, and much more. I like its UI and the ease of use they offer.


  • Seamless automation tools for on-prem and cloud applications, OS activity, and web API interactions.
  • Tools for notifying you about performance issues or delays in the processes.
  • Provides secure movement, management, and copying of files across business systems.
  • Tools for orchestrating processes with business logic so as to link critical ERP transactions and ensure data integrity.


  • 24/7 customer support and training services
  • You can achieve seamless integration between JD Edwards and your existing operating models.
  • Guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Drag-and-drop tools for building processes with the help of templates
  • Built-in predictive SLA monitoring


  • Many of their clients have stated the need for a direct Excel export option.

What we like: RunMyJobs is an advanced workflow automation platform with Xerox, Apple, Google, VMware, and many more as its clients. The customer reviews about the platform are outstanding.

I found the platform to be easy to use and highly suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

#3) Smart Scheduler

Best for offering a number of advanced scheduling tools that are absent with JDE Scheduler.

Smart Scheduler

Smart Scheduler is basically a premium JD Edwards solution with a constantly improving, rich feature set.

They have happy customers from many industries, including Manufacturing, Asset Intensive, Distribution, and Real Estate. The platform works for all releases of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ranging from XE through 9.2 across different platforms. You can run Smart Scheduler and the Standard JDE Scheduler simultaneously.

Why it is a good alternative to JDE Scheduler:

The platform offers an interface that is familiar to JDE Scheduler, thus would be a good option for those looking for an alternative after working with JDE Scheduler. Smart Scheduler is built in order to overcome the limitations of the standard JD Edwards scheduler. There are a lot of features that Smart Scheduler offers that are absent with JDE Scheduler.

This table outlines the advantages of using Smart Scheduler in comparison to JDE Scheduler.

Scheduler Comparison Matrix 

JDE Scheduler Smart Scheduler
Standard JDE Interface Fat Client Only 
Dependency Management Limited(Single Threaded Queue)Job & Stream  
Smart Notifications ✖ 
Email Attachments ✖ 
Transfer Outputs ✖ 
Recurrence Between  Time Interval ✖ 
Event Based Scheduling ✖ 
Time Zones & Daylight Saving ✖ 
Data Selection &  Processing Override ✖ 
Stream Hold ✖ 
3rd Party Adapters ✖ 
Interactive Dashboard ✖ 
Mobile Ready ✖ 
Lite Access for Users ✖ 

Features I like:

  • You can get a full view of the job schedules and statuses through their dashboards and reports.
  • Tools for automating actions based on job status and other conditions.
  • Tools for creating job sequences, dependencies, and even non-linear or multi-dependent sequences.
  • Integrates with JDE and the other apps you have to deliver a seamless user experience.
  • Lets you schedule jobs in multiple time zones.


  • Easy setup
  • JDE scheduler integration
  • Requires minimal technical knowledge to maintain
  • Mobile access
  • Tools for sending notifications with attachments.

Our review: Smart Scheduler claims to save an average of 1,733 hours of workload per year. Since the platform is specifically built for overcoming the shortcomings of standard JDE Scheduler, it will be a great choice for those looking for a JDE Scheduler alternative.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: Smart Scheduler

#4) JAMS Workload Automation

Best for being a powerful, scalable workload automation platform.


JAMS Workload Automation is a powerful, cross-platform solution for job management, monitoring, reporting, and alerting. JAMS offers tools for synchronizing JD Edwards processes with external applications, so that you can get a centralized business solution for automation and monitoring tools.

JAMS is easy to use and scalable. Their customer support services are outstanding.

Why is it a good alternative to JDE Scheduler:

JAMS Workload Automation helps in eliminating the drawbacks associated with JDE Scheduler. It offers more visibility, combined with automated notifications, a detailed audit trail, plenty of integrations, and much more. Plus, you will get impressive returns on investment with the JAMS Workload Automation platform.


  • You can run a number of jobs together to minimize business interruption.
  • Job execution is based on events like receipt of a file, change of a variable, etc.
  • Granular security and access control features.
  • Monitoring tools that offer you real-time status of all the scheduled jobs.
  • Offers reports that provide job history and other information.


  • Outstanding customer support.
  • JD Edwards Scheduler integration and other huge integrations.
  • Tools for combining the real-time status of JD Edwards processes with external processes in a single console.
  • A free trial for 14 days.

Why we choose this: JAMS is a powerful platform that can be used for automating jobs on any platform, whether it is Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM i, zOS, or OpenVMS. It also offers native app integrations. I would highly recommend JAMS to businesses of all sizes.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: JAMS Workload Automation

#5) IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Best for creating integrated processes without special coding.

IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a powerful platform that offers tools that help apps to interact with data on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. The platform allows you to interact with the JDE EnterpriseOne server, as well as perform certain tasks, without having to perform special coding.

The platform works with a number of operating systems including AIX, HP-Itanium, Linux, Solaris, Windows, and z/OS.

Why IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne would be a good alternative to JD Edwards:

IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne allows for creating integrated processes, including the exchange of information with a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server without special coding.


  • The IBM WebSphere Adapter uses business objects to send or receive data from the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server. Business object is a structure, which comprises data, information about the action to be performed with the data, and additional instructions.
  • Outbound request processing tools that support different operations including creating business objects, deleting objects, checking for the existence of incoming business objects, retrieving the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne component, and mapping component data onto the business object, and updating the corresponding component with the incoming business object.
  • Inbound processing for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The adaptor looks for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server at preset intervals, for events, when it receives an event, it converts its data into a business object and then sends the object to the component.
  • Offers the Adapter Connection wizard tool, that is used for establishing a connection to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server, discovering services, and generating business objects, interfaces, and importing as well as exporting files.


  • Supports multilingual environments
  • Integrations for JD Edwards: Job scheduler
  • Tools for creating integrated processes without the need for special coding.

Our review: IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a reliable platform that offers tools for simplifying complex workflow operations. The platform offers a standard interface so that you do not need the component for understanding the lower-level implementation details or the data structure of the app.

I would highly recommend the platform for businesses of all sizes.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: IBM WebSphere Adapter

#6) Kantion Rev Scheduler

Best for cross-platform scheduling for any number of jobs.

Kantion Rev Scheduler

Kantion Rev Scheduler is a cross-platform job scheduling platform that helps in enabling JDE sites for managing batch jobs and their dependencies within JD Edwards and other apps. You get tools for synchronizing JD Edwards’ processes with other apps, for instance, BI reporting and EDI tools.

Here is the video of how Rev Scheduler enterprise job scheduling for JD Edwards works:

You do not need additional hardware to run Rev Scheduler.

Watch this video for learning how their ‘Error scanning, alerting, and distribution’ tools work:

Why it is a good alternative to JDE Scheduler:

Rev Scheduler’s event-based batch job processing offers more flexible JDE batch job scheduling. The platform helps in correcting the scheduling limitations of JDE’s internal job scheduler and platform-specific scheduling tools.


  • Offers secure and centralized visibility of the scheduling activity.
  • Consolidates all the jobs/schedules of JDE and other apps into a single job scheduler tool.
  • Offers filters for viewing jobs by application, business unit, server, job status, date range, etc.
  • In case of any issue with a job, an email is sent to the staff. The system also generates visual as well as audible notifications when an issue occurs.


  • Provides multiple, flexible calendars.
  • Change the month and dates of jobs with easy steps.
  • No limit to number of users or jobs.
  • Helps in scheduling JDE and apps running on Windows, IBM i (AS/400), AIX, Linux, or Unix.
  • Gantt charts and flow diagrams for schedule planning.

What we like: The platform lowers the training costs by offering a single product interface for all hardware platforms. Users can get their training services through the internet or as a one-on-one or classroom-style session. In addition, they offer User’s Guide and Installation Guide in technical documentation to assist clients with the platform’s initial setup.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: Kantion Rev Scheduler

#7) Cantara Integration Platform

Best for offering advanced job scheduling tools to fit enterprise-scale businesses.

Cantara Integration Program - JDE Scheduler Alternatives

Cantara Integration Platform is built with the aim of removing the complexities related to integrating with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It is a highly scalable platform that delivers robust integration points for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

The platform helps the users of JD Edwards get the most out of it. Businesses from industries, including mining & resources, logistics, manufacturing, service providers and local government, compose the main market of the platform.

Here is the video illustrating how the Cantara Integration Platform works:

Why it is a good alternative to JD Edwards:

We can say that Cantara Integration Platform is basically not an alternative but a compliment to JD Edwards, as it helps JDE users to tackle its shortcomings by integrating the platform with Cantara and getting the features of both platforms.

Features I like:

  • Tools for defining services that give access to all JD Edwards functions, data, reports, and media objects.
  • Schedule jobs based on dependencies.
  • Notifies you of job completion or job failure.
  • Offers tools for auditing data and streamlining the administration process.


  • Tools for deploying secure, REST-based services in minutes.
  • Gantt chart visualizations.
  • Code-free service development and publishing services
  • Mobile applications are available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Microsoft .NET, Java, and the Spring MVC Web platforms.

Our review: Cantara Integration Program is built with the technology that can handle large projects involving complex workflows, co-dependencies, and large capital investments. The platform’s advanced job scheduling functions can fit the needs of an enterprise-scale business.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: Cantara Integration Platform

#8) Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software

Best for integrated scheduling for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software - JDE Scheduler Alternatives

Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software offers powerful scheduling features and integrated scheduling for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. They provide a Robot Schedule interface to Oracle EnterpriseOne.

The platform allows you to automate EnterpriseOne jobs and offers tools for reacting, securing, and reporting on their status, from a centralized location. You must have an IBM i 7.2 or higher system for running Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software.

Why it is a good alternative to JD Edwards:

The robust and flexible job scheduling features offered by Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software help in reducing the number of job schedulers needed to juggle.

Watch this video of a webinar, illustrating the top features offered by IBM i for scheduling and workload automation:


  • Tools for viewing a job’s completion status.
  • Tools for scheduling jobs in reaction to the completion of another EnterpriseOne job.
  • There are tools available for encrypting RUNUBE profiles and passwords, as well as restricting access to EnterpriseOne objects within the Robot Schedule interface.
  • Tools for turning on logging for single EnterpriseOne jobs, scheduled in Robot Schedule.


  • Offers standard security features.
  • Tools for establishing dependencies on Windows, UNIX, and Linux with Robot Schedule Enterprise.
  • Variable UBE parameters.
  • Sends notifications if a job ends abnormally, with Robot Alerts.

Our review: I must say, Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software helps in improving the efficiency of job schedules. Plus, their flexible pricing structure allows you to pay for just what you actually use.

It is an all-inclusive solution for batch and real-time workload management. I would recommend it to mid-sized businesses.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software

#9) Job Scheduling

Best for smart add-ons for JD Edwards. Job Scheduling - JDE Scheduler Alternatives Job Scheduling is a powerful batch process scheduling tool that makes your JD Edwards job scheduling efforts easier. You can get this scheduler software from within JDE, as it’s built with the standard JD Edwards toolset. It can also be assessed via a web application.

It offers powerful job scheduling tools including advanced dependency management, stream management, notifications, multiple dashboards, visualization tools, and more.

Why it is a good alternative to JD Edwards: Job Scheduler aims at eliminating the downsides of the standard JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Scheduler, for example, Single threaded job queues and poor dependency management.


  • Batch process scheduling tools and add-ons, built with the standard JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 toolset.
  • Offers tools that let you have full control over the jobs.
  • Interactive dashboards that give you a full view of the status of the standard JD Edwards toolset of jobs.
  • Tools for creating job streams by module, interface, or any other group.
  • Advanced dependency management can be done in one centralized location.
  • The scheduler sends emails when a job completes.


  • Automated notification tools.
  • Dashboards to give you views about Scheduler Status, Jobs on Hold, Jobs in Error, currently running jobs, currently running streams, and Active/Inactive streams.
  • Easy setup.

Our review: The platform claims to incur a low total cost of ownership with them. The customer reviews about the platform are good. I found Job Scheduling to be a highly suitable platform for small to mid-sized businesses. It is easy to set up and maintain.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: Job Scheduling


A scheduling platform can be highly useful in maintaining the efficiency of business operations. It saves a lot of time of the administration, keeps a record of the progress of each job, and saves you from forgetting an important event/task.

JDE scheduler is a well-known, popular scheduling platform, but lacks some of the advanced batch scheduling features offered by its alternatives.

Tidal Automation, RunMyJobs, Smart Scheduler, JAMS Workload Automation, IBM WebSphere Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Kantion Rev Scheduler, Cantara Integration Platform, Fortra IBM i Workload Automation Software, and Job Scheduling are the top platforms for scheduling, that can be used with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne scheduler or can be used alone.

They offer innovative, advanced scheduling tools suitable for businesses of different industries.

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Research Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: We spent 16 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of tools with a comparison of the top 5 for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 33
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 09
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