TOP 15 Best Mobile Testing Tools In 2020 For Android & iOS

List and Comparison of the Best Mobile App Testing Tools And Automation Frameworks:

Are you looking for ways to take your mobile testing strategy to the next level? There are countless methods for doing this but you have limited time and money.

There is always room for improvement even if you consider yourself an expert in mobile app testing. You need to know which strategies to implement and most importantly which tools to use.

In this post, we will explore 50+ best mobile testing tools to increase coverage, efficiency, and accuracy of your Android and iOS mobile testing.

Best Mobile Testing Tools

The mobile domain is growing rapidly. Mobile Applications presently includes all types such as from video up to mobile banking apps. We all know that testing mobile app is a quite complex process.

There are numerous platforms and Operating Systems, types of testing scenarios, and a variety of network connections and carriers in the picture for mobile applications.

Android & iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems. There are millions of apps designed for these platforms that need to be tested.

What is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile Application Testing is the process in which applications designed and developed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs or phones) are tested for its functionality, consistency, and usability.

Mobile Testing falls in the following categories:

Mobile Testing Tools1

  • Functional Testing: Basic type of Testing used to check functionalities of the application as per requirement specification
  • Performance testing: Performed for testing client application performance, server performance, and network performance
  • Memory testing: Mobile devices come with limited memory as compared to computers, this type of testing is performed to test the optimized memory usage by an application
  • Interruption Testing: Used to check for interruptions due to incoming call or SMS, low memory warning, low battery warning, etc while running the application
  • Installation Testing: Installation Testing is used to check for the easy and smooth installation process includes updating and uninstalling as well
  • Usability Testing: As always it used to check the efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction of application

Categories of Mobile Automation Testing Tools:

  1. Best Mobile App Testing Tools
  2. Cloud-Based Mobile Testing Tools and Services
  3. Mobile App Distribution and Crash Reporting Tools for Developers
  4. Mobile Performance Testing Tools
  5. Mobile Emulators to Test Websites Online on Mobile Devices
  6. Mobile Optimization A/B Testing Tool
  7. Mobile Defect Logging and Test Management Tool
  8. Mobile App Testing Services and Service Providers
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50+ Best Mobile Testing Tools In 2020

Mobile application testing can be manual or automated. There are several mobile test automation tools used for it, not all but some of them are listed below according to popularity and usage.

Here we go..

#1) TestComplete Mobile


  • With TestComplete, you can create and run repeatable and robust UI tests across native or hybrid mobile apps.TestComplete comes with support for Android and iOS devices.
  • Automate your UI tests on real mobile devices, virtual machines, or emulators. With TestComplete, there is no need to jailbreak your phone or tablet.
  • Use script-free record and replay actions to create automated test scripts or choose from programming languages such as Python, VBScript, JScript, or JavaScript.

Download Link: TestComplete Mobile

#2) 21 – AI Test Creation And Analytics For iOS And Android

21labs Logo

21 is a sophisticated, self-learning test automation and analytics platform for iOS and Android applications.

21 offers:

  • Fast and intelligent authoring – AI-assisted authoring empowers users to create automated functional and UI tests in under 5 minutes.
  • Results you trust – Seamless algorithmic locators system ensures stable results across all frameworks. No locators needed.
  • Eliminate maintenance and flaky results – self-learning maintenance autonomously updates tests and assures your team can focus on developing new features while relying on test results.
  • Release with confidence – Production integration uncovers the data needed to close the feedback loop, analyze actual coverage, and point to areas in the app that will maximize your ROI. Use data when releasing.

21 is fully SaaS, requires no installation or devices to create or execute tests. It offers access to dozens of devices seamlessly.

Download Link: 21

#3) Apptim – Fully Test Your Mobile App In Every Build (Android & iOS)


Apptim empowers mobile developers and testers to easily test their apps and analyze their performance to prevent any critical issues from going live. Measure app render times, power consumption, resource usage, capture crashes, and more on Android and iOS devices.

  • Native App Testing: Apptim evaluates the performance of native Android and iOS mobile apps while running them on real devices.
  • Performance and Bug Reports: After each test session, the tool generates a report with the performance metrics and bugs that you may find during your test session with Apptim.
  • Out-of-the-box JIRA Integration: Publish and track bugs directly in this project management tool.
  • Easy to Use: Apptim’s user interface is elegant and intuitive, making it a simple tool to use. In addition, on the website, you can find detailed documentation that will help you through your first steps with the tool and you have support available every step of the way.
  • Compare Two Test Sessions: If you repeat a test for a particular feature once a new version of your app is ready, you can compare the results to see if there are any big differences in the performance.

Download Link: Apptim

#4) Test IO – Solving Your Mobile Testing Needs


test IO is a leading SaaS platform for software crowd testing: the continuous testing of web and mobile applications by skilled human testers using real devices. We understand the difficulties you may face in rigorously testing quality mobile apps, so let us help.

  • Test on real devices – Expand your coverage to hundreds of devices, platforms, and real people in real-world conditions. Make sure your software works on iOS, Android, and every OS version.
  • Get feedback from real humans – Our professional testers have a fresh and unbiased eye on your product. Testers will find bugs that your internal team might not catch.
  • Release faster – Human-powered doesn’t mean slow. Remove the QA bottleneck with on-demand, flexible testing that scales up with your needs.

Download link: Test IO – Solving Your Mobile Testing Needs

#5) Kobiton (iOS And Android Device Cloud)


  • Kobiton is a mobile device cloud platform that provides access to real devices to run manual and automated tests on native, web and hybrid Android/iOS apps
  • Built on top of the Appium open-source framework
  • Continuously adding the latest hardware and OS updates to the device lab
  • Test across devices without script modifications
  • Automatically generated activity logs, commands, screenshots, and metadata allow for faster identification of issues
  • Prepaid minutes of testing time that never expire.

More information: Sign up for a no-commitment, free trial

#6) Robotium (Android)

Mobile Testing Tools8

  • Robotium is an Open-Source library designed specifically for Android UI testing
  • It is an Android test automation framework provides support for native and hybrid apps
  • It is used for automated black-box testing for Android applications with TestDroid Recorder and uses JavaScript to prepare test scripts
  • With the test scripts, it also allows writing function, system and user acceptance test scenarios
  • System Requirements: Android SDK, Eclipse to build the Test project, ADT (Android Development Kit), JDK (Java Development Kit), Latest Robotium Jar file

Download Link: Robotium

#7) Appium (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools2

  • Appium is an Open-Source tool for automation of native, mobile and web as well as hybrid apps on iOS and Android platform
  • It is good for apps that are written in Android or iOS SDK
  • Appium supports Safari on iOS and all other built-in browser apps on Android
  • No need to modify any app code for testing as it is suitable to run on Android or iOS using the device or emulator
  • This tool is used for Automated Functional Testing of Android and iOS mobile apps

Download Link: Appium

#8) MonkeyTalk (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools5

  • MonkeyTalk automates functional interactive tests for Android and iOS apps
  • It is an open-source tool consist of three components such as IDE, Scripts, and agents
  • IDE creates test scripts using record and playback, Agent is a test instrumentation library links with the app and Scripts include keywords, syntax, and Java execution engines
  • Everything from little “Smoke Tests” to the tough data-driven test suits for native, hybrid and web-based apps

System Requirements:

  • The PC running the MonkeyTalk IDE and the device running the app under test must be on the same wifi network
  • Eclipse
  • The source code of the application
  • Android SDK

Download Link: MonkeyTalk

#9) iOS UI Automation(iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools6

  • iOS UI Automation is Apple’s open-source test automation framework specifically for iOS apps
  • Helps to automate interface tests through test scripts
  • JavaScript programming interface is used to specify actions to be performed on device UI
  • It does not work well with other tools, methodology, and framework as it is a proprietary tool
  • It helps to reduce procedural efforts and time needed for software product development

System Requirements:

  • iOS SDK (4.0+) installed(latest one is recommended)
  • 4.x simulator/device

More information: iOS UI Automation

#10) UI Automator (Android)

Mobile Testing Tools7

  • UI Automator is an open-source framework which allows testing the UI using automated functional test cases
  • Able to run against an app on one or more devices
  • The UI Automator API is packaged in the UI Automator.jar file under the /platforms/ directory, this API includes classes interfaces and exceptions
  • UI Automator framework uses the scripts that are written in JavaScript

System Requirements:

  • the latest build ofAndroid Studio
  • a device or emulator that runs Android 4.3 or higher
  • a basic understanding of JUnit

More information: UI Automator

#11) iOS Driver (iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools9

  • This tool is an open-source tool capable of complete integration with the selenium grid and automates iOS native and hybrid mobile applications using Selenium/WebDriver API
  • This tool runs efficiently on an emulator rather than devices, some of the recent versions run on devices but they are comparatively slower than on the emulator
  • No need to change any app code or load any additional app for testing the app on the device

System Requirements:

iOS-driver is built upon 2 different frameworks from Apple.

  • For native apps, it uses the UIAutomation framework from Apple.doc You need Xcode with an IOS SDK > 5.0. To check: $ xcodebuild –showsdks
  • For mobile web, or UIWebviews in hybrid apps (beta), it uses the remote WebKit debug protocol. That requires ios 6+ and safari6+. If you don’t have that, the native part of iOS driver will still work, but you won’t be able to test mobile web pages on Safari or to Interact with UIWebviews using dom selectors

Download Link: iOS Driver

#12) Ranorex Studio


Ranorex Studio is an all-in-one solution for mobile app testing. Used by over 4,000 companies worldwide, Ranorex Studio is easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface and helpful wizards, but powerful for automation experts with a full IDE. Supports iOS and Android testing, including native mobile apps and mobile web apps.

Features include:

  • Reliable object identification, even for web elements with dynamic IDs.
  • Shareable object repository and reusable code modules for efficient test creation and reduced maintenance.
  • Test on real devices without jailbreaking
  • Run cross-device tests in parallel or use Appium WebDriver for mobile web tests
  • Customizable test report with video reporting of test execution – see what happened in a test run without having to re-run the test!
  • Integrates with tools like Jira, Jenkins, TestRail, Git, Travis CI, and more.

#13) KeepItFunctional (iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 10

  • KeepItFunctional(KIF) is an iOS integration test framework used for Functional Testing that builds and performs test cases using standard XCTest testing target
  • It is an Open-Source framework designed to test mobile app UI and allows easy automation testing of iOS apps

System Requirements:

  • iOS 5.1 and above (including iOS 8)
  • the libKIF static library directly into the application
  • framework

Download Link: KIF

#14) Selendroid (Selenium for Android)

Mobile Testing Tools11

  • Selendroid also an open-source framework simultaneously interact with multiple devices and emulators
  • It is driven of UI of native as well as hybrid apps and also mobile web hence the test should be written via Selenium 2 client API
  • Test code of Selendroid is based on Selenium 2 and WebDriver API

System Requirements:

  • Selendroid can be used on Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • Java SDK (minimum 1.6) must be installed and JAVA_HOME configured (IMPORTANT: If JAVA_HOME is pointing to a Java runtime environment, Selendroid will produce errors because tools like the jarsigner are not available)
  • Latest Android-Sdk must be installed and ANDROID_HOME set
  • If you run Selendroid on a 64bit Linux machine, please install:

sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386

  • At least one Android virtual device must exist or an Android hardware device must be plugged into the computer

Download Link: Selendroid

#15) eggPlant (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools13

  • eggplant is a Commercial GUI Automation Testing product designed and developed by TestPlant used for Android and iOS app testing and is named as eggOn
  • It is useful for UI Automation and functional, Image-Based Testing, Mobile Testing, Network Testing, Web Testing and Cross-Browser Testing
  • One script for all devices and platforms, Full device code are some additional features of this tool and also there is no need for any single change in the app code to test the app under test

System Requirements:

  • Processor: 1.5 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB or more
  • Operating System: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP. Windows 7, Windows 8, or 10.

Few Additional Tools

#16) iPhoney (iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools14

  • iPhoney provides pixel-accurate web browsing environment
  • It is used as emulator but it is not exactly an emulator
  • Allows to test images and code in 320 by 480-pixel perfect form powered by Apple-Safari
  • Normal features such as portrait, landscape modes, full screen, and zoom
  • System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later

Download Link: iPhoney

#17) Silk Mobile by Borland (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 14

  • Silk Mobile is an automated Functional Testing tool developed by Borland
  • This tool is used to automate functional mobile testing on real devices and mobile emulators
  • Silk Mobile supports testing on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and HTML5
  • Supports both open-source and commercial environment
  • As per organization needs the visual scripting or advanced scripting can be chosen

Download Link: Silk Mobile

#18) Testdroid (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 15

  • Testdroid is a set of mobile software development and testing products by Bitbar Technologies Limited
  • This tool helps in Agile development and Testing of mobile apps
  • Testroid provides API through open-source software which is available on GitHub
  • Helps to test Android and iOS apps on real devices with automation and manual testing

#19) SOASTA TouchTest (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 16

  • TouchTest is an automated functional testing tool launched by SOASTA
  • This tool helps in continuous testing for native, hybrid and mobile web apps
  • Speed up mobile testing on both open-source and commercial platforms

Download Link: SOASTA TouchTest

#20) Test Studio by Telerik (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 18

  • Test Studio is an automated Functional testing tool designed by Telerik
  • Test Studio is used to test native, hybrid and mobile web app for both Android and iOS
  • Test Studio is a commercial mobile testing tool

Download Link: Test Studio

#21) TestFairy (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 19

  • TestFairy is a Beta Testing platform for mobile apps
  • TestFairy helps to perform testing with video recording for both Android and iOS apps
  • This is a free mobile testing tool with open-source plugins and API

Download Link: TestFairy

#22) TestObject (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 20

  • TestObject is a mobile testing tool to perform manual as well as automated functional testing
  • TestObject helps in testing native, hybrid as well as mobile web apps for both Android and iOS
  • This testing tool performs manual and automated testing with multiple open-source and commercial frameworks

Download Link: TestObject

#23) Frank (iOS):

Mobile Testing Tools4

  • Frank is an open-source iOS only test framework represents combined features of Cucumber and JSON
  • Helps to write structured acceptance tests and requirements and also includes Symbiote app inspector
  • There is no need for any modification in app code
  • The only challenge is, it is difficult to use directly on the device but best suited for web-based apps and native apps

System Requirements: A machine which will be hosting iOS Simulator

Download Link: Frank

#24) HockeyApp (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 21

  • HockeyApp allows distribution of Beta version of mobile apps on Android, iOS, Mac OS etc. and also used to collect live crash report and feedback from the user
  • HockeyApp is open-source freeware

Download Link: HockeyApp

#25) Sauce Labs (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 22

  • Sauce Labs provides cloud-based testing for native and hybrid apps on Android and iOS
  • It is based on Appium open-source projects
  • Supports scale testing on Android and iOS simulators and emulators
  • Performs testing on both open-source as well as a commercial framework

Download Link: Sauce Labs

#26) Mobile Labs Trust (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 23

  • Mobile Labs Trust is used to automate the Functional and Regression Testing of mobile apps
  • Supports testing on Android and iOS native apps
  • This is a commercial tool with a single trial version

Download Link: Mobile Labs Trust

#27) DeviceAnywhere by Keynote (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 24

  • DeviceAnywhere is a mobile testing tool designed by Keynote Systems, Inc. is known as Keynote Mobile Testing
  • It is cloud-based that automates functional testing of mobile apps on Android and iOS
  • Keynote DeviceAnywhere provides two free tools to support development and testing on various devices and platform such as Device Planner and Test Planner

Download Link: Keynote DeviceAnywhere

#28) Keynote Mobile Testing Tools (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 25

  • Keynote Mobile Testing Tools helps to ensure the quality of mobile apps on real devices
  • Provides ability of testing apps on Android and iOS both along with on BlackBerry and Windows Phones
  • Keynote Mobile is a commercial tool provides automated Cloud-Based, Functional and Regression Testing of mobile apps

Download Link: Keynote Mobile Testing Tool

#29) SeeTestAutomation by Experitest (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 26

  • SeeTestAutomation testing tool designed by Experitest provides automated mobile app testing on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone on real devices and emulators
  • Supports responsive UI Testing and continuous integration environment
  • SeeTestAutomation is fully commercial testing tools

Download Link: SeeTestAutomation

#30) Testmunk (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 27

  • Testmunk helps testing app on all versions and devices of Android and iOS
  • Automated UI Testing along with continuous integration
  • Testmunk is a commercial mobile testing tool

Download Link: Testmunk

#31) Testin (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 28

  • Testin has developed the third party QA solutions that support functional and compatibility testing of mobile apps
  • Automated testing on both Android and iOS and performs cloud-based testing on real devices
  • Testin is an open-source mobile app testing tool available for free

Download Link: Testin

#32) RobusTest (Android and iOS)

Mobile Testing Tools 29

  • RobusTest is free mobile testing tool provides cloud-based testing on real devices for Android and iOS
  • Automated rapid and advance manual testing, scriptless automation testing, functional and performance testing
  • Helps to perform rapid automation testing along with continuous integration and open API

Download Link: RobusTest

#33) Mobitaz (Android)

Mobile Testing Tools 30

  • Mobitaz is advance Automation Testing tool which performs testing on native android apps
  • This tool is used to perform functional and performance testing on multiple android devices and versions
  • Mobitaz is a commercial mobile testing tool that helps to identify real-time changes

Download Link: Mobitaz

#34) Reflector (Android)

Mobile Testing Tools 31

  • Reflector is wireless mirroring tool that helps in iOS device screen mirroring to Android phones and tablets
  • This tool is used to perform functional and performance testing on multiple android devices and versions
  • Reflector available as both open-source and commercial framework

Download Link: Reflector

#35) Experitest

Experitest Logo

Experitest: Accelerate mobile testing cycles and increase the quality of your releases with high-volume automated android testing

  • Create & execute hundreds of automated tests in parallel on real Android devices in the cloud
  • Easily create your first Appium test
  • Run advanced mobile test automation directly from your IDE
  • Automate any type of application, gesture, and scenario
  • Integrate with your CI/CD tools and workflow
  • Automated mobile testing under real-life conditions
  • Integrate into any IDE, testing framework & CI for rapid application delivery
  • Access visual test reports and advanced analytics

Cloud-Based Mobile Testing Tools and Services

#36) Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab (Android and iOS)

Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools 1

  • This tool Continuous Quality Lab offered by Perfecto provides cloud-based manual, automation, performance testing, and monitoring
  • Enables testing of Android, iOS, and WindowsPhone throughout all stages of SDLC
  • Supports all commercial, free and open-source platforms

Download Link: Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab

#37) Xamarin Test Cloud (Android and iOS)

Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools 2

  • This tool supports cross platforms such as Android, iOS and Mac, etc
  • Performs cloud-based automated UI Acceptance Testing
  • It is a non-commercial, open-source tool for developing, testing and maintaining the compatibility of mobile apps

Download Link: Xamarine Test Cloud

#38) Remote TestKit (Android and iOS)

Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools 3

  • Remote Testkit supports cloud-based testing on Android, iOS, and tablets
  • The tool integrates with IDE like Eclipse and CI tools like Jenkins
  • It is a commercial testing tool supports automatic testing using Selenium

Download Link: Remote Testkit

#39) pCloudy (Android)

Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools 4

  • Supports cloud automation service and location-based application testing
  • Available as free and commercial frameworks
  • Analyzes performance, CPU usage, memory consumptions and network usage

Download Link: pCloudy

#40) Scirocco (Android)

Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools 5

  • Scirocco is a tool which provides automated UI testing for Android
  • Performs tests on several real devices and generated screenshots and test reports
  • Supports web-based test management system by ROR
  • This tool is open-source and free to use

Download Link: Scirocco

Mobile App Distribution and Crash Reporting Tools for Developers

#41) mobi (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Distribution 1

  • This tool is for app distribution, bug tracking, crash reporting and visual feedback
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phones
  • It is a commercial tool provides cloud service

Download Link: mobi

#42) Crashlytics (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Distribution 2

  • Crashlytics is an open-source tool for crash reporting, mobile analytics, and beta distribution
  • Performs real-time processing and in-depth integration of workflow
  • Supports both Android and iOS SDK

Download Link: Crashlytics

#43) Applivery (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Distribution 3

  • Applivery is a free beta and app distribution system
  • This system is supportive for Android and iOS
  • Supports multiplatform, user management and analytics

Download Link: Applivery

#44) UX Recorder (iOS)

Mobile App Distribution 4

  • UX Recorder tool is used for website usability testing on iOS devices built by Foraker Labs
  • Records user’s interaction and do not support other native apps on iOS
  • UX Recorder is a free tool available for all iOS devices

Download Link: UX Recorder

#45) Adobe Edge Inspect (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Distribution 5

  • This is an application which is used to preview and inspect contents across multiple mobile devices
  • Allows wireless pairing of Android and iOS devices to the computer
  • It is a non-commercial tool available in free and paid both versions

Download Link: Adobe Edge Inspect

Mobile Performance Testing Tools

 #46) Dynatrace (Android and iOS)

Mobile Performance Testing Tools 1

  • This is an Application Performance Monitoring tool helps in the continuous identification of issues
  • It is a proprietary tool supports Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • It is a cost-effective tool that delivers high performance and high availability

Download Link: Dynatrace

#47) NeoLoad by Neotys (Android and iOS)

Mobile Performance Testing Tools 2

  • NeoLoad is a load and performance testing tool built by Neotys used to improve the quality of mobile applications
  • Supports live monitoring, cloud integration, real device integration etc. on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry
  • NeoLoad is commercial software which provides detailed reporting of with in-depth analysis and data flow

Download Link: NeoLoad

#48) Marlin Mobile (Android and iOS)

Mobile Performance Testing Tools 3

  • Marlin Mobile provides mobile website and application performance testing for all mobile apps
  • Supports testing on real devices and beneficial for E-Commerce retailers, financial organizations and mobile advertisers etc.
  • Proprietary tool that performs testing across multiple devices, operating systems and locations

Download Link: Marlin Mobile

#49) Crittercism (Android and iOS)

Mobile Performance Testing Tools 4

  • Crittercism is a mobile application performance management system for delivering quality mobile apps
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone hybrid apps on multiple devices
  • Open-Source and the free tool provides mobile application performance monitoring and crash reporting for multiple platforms and frameworks

Download Link: Crittercism

Mobile Emulators to Test Websites Online on Mobile Devices

#50) Google Mobile Friendly Test tool (Android and iOS)

Mobile Emulators

  • This tool understands different devices like mobiles, tablets, multimedia phones and featured phones etc
  • Supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone and helps to avoid common mistakes, supports responsive web designs
  • It is a free tool that helps to make the site mobile-friendly

Download Link: Google Mobile-Friendly Test

#51) Mobile phone emulator (iOS)

Mobile Emulators 2

  • The Mobile phone emulator enables testing the display of the website on the mobile terminal designed by Pixmobi
  • This emulator allows viewing designs on different phones such as iPhone4 and HTC HD 2
  • Allows to set different orientations, shows default browser and other technical information

Download Link: Mobile phone emulator

#52) MobiReady (Android and iOS)

Mobile Emulators 3

  • MobiReady is an online testing tool from dotMobi, allows to test your website to check whether it is mobile-friendly or not
  • Helps to test website on several parameters as whole or a single page
  • Provides free reports along with an in-depth analysis as per industry standards

Download Link: MobiReady

#53) ScreenFly (Android and iOS)

Mobile Emulators 4

  • Screenfly is an emulator which supports 25 device and 5 kinds of tablets with different platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry etc.
  • Checks how your website looks on different devices and enables scrolling and rotates the display
  • Helps testing visual elements and interfaces on devices with different resolutions

Download Link: Screenfly

#54) GoMoMeter (Android and iOS)

Mobile Emulators 5

  • GoMoMeter is an emulator identifies the speed of the websites on smartphones and assigns a score out of 4
  • GoMoMeter analyzes your site and gives recommendations to make your site mobile-friendly and supports platforms and technologies like Android, iOS, HTML5 and web apps
  • This open-source free software checks for site loading speed and provides crash reporting and mobile analytics

#55) (Android and iOS)

Mobile Emulators 6

  • me emulator is used to test the current state of your website on smartphones and tablets
  • Supports devices such as Apple iPhone 5, HTC ONE, Google Nexus 7, Apple iPad Mini etc.
  • Rapid and supports keywords to reduce the time required for performing testing

Download Link: me

#56) Genymotion (Android)

Mobile Emulators 7

  • It is fast, simple and user-friendly emulator for developers and QA testers
  • AOSP-based Android emulator that test your Android apps
  • Supports 20 pre-configured devices, CPU and OpenGL acceleration, Java API and custom devices

Download Link: Genymotion

Mobile Optimization A/B Testing Tool

#57) Taplytics (Android and iOS)

Mobile Optimization 1

  • Taplytics is A/B and multivariate testing tool that supports both iOS and Android both platform
  • Provides advanced analytics, custom segmentation
  • Easy to set up and known as the world’s first visual A/B testing platform for native apps
  • A commercial tool that enables Code-Based A/B Testing for complex and featured A/B tests but the basic plan is available for free up to 25000 users

Download Link: Taplytics

Mobile Defect Logging and Test Management Tool

#58) Snaffu (Android)

Mobile Defect Logging 1

  • Snaffu is an in-app bug reporting tool that supports easy and effective bug logging for Android
  • Strengthen capabilities of issue tracking tool such as the issue is directed to the tool from your app
  • Does not require any previous experience, non-registered users also can use the tool as it facilitates collaborative issue reporting along with user accountability
  • Also possesses features like crash reporting, video recording, screenshots with annotation, issue queuing
  • Free tool integrated with frameworks like Selendroid and Appium

Download Link: Snaffu

Mobile App Testing Services and Service Providers

#59) Ubertesters (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Testing Services 1

  • Ubertesters platform helps to execute and control mobile beta testing
  • Easy to set up, supports Android and iOS and allows App Project Manager to control the testing process
  • The open-source tool contains In-app bug editing and marking reporting
  • Cost effective and helps to speed up testing

Download Link: Ubertesters

#60) Applause (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Testing Services 2

  • Applause is a 360-degree app quality tool company
  • The company’s major differentiator is its uTest community, made up of more than 200,000 users providing “in-the-wild” app testing
  • Applause combines in-the-wild testing services, test automation, mobile beta management and mobile sentiment analysis
  • Applause is a mobile analytics tool which enables mobile beta management
  • Allows functional testing, usability testing, localization testing, load testing, security testing for Android and iOS apps

Download Link: Applause

#61) UserTesting (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Testing Services 3

  • UserTesting allows testing your apps on Android and iOS devices
  • The mobile recorder works on the stuff that is displayed on mobile device and App creator is used to find the working area and non-working areas of the app
  • Free service that one can use to detect and fix the bugs/defects earlier and easier

Download Link: UserTesting

#62) AWS Device Farm (Android and iOS)

Mobile App Testing Services 4

  • Amazon Web Services Device Farm is a service that is used to improve the quality of Android, iOS and Fire OS apps on real devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Performs testing in minutes and integrates with development tools like Jenkins
  • Customize tests with open-source frameworks like Appium

Download Link: AWS Device Farm


Mobile app testing is an exciting task but sometimes may become complex due to some advanced features added as per the need of new changing technology. Use of such Mobile Testing Tools in automation testing of mobile apps reduces the complexity and helps to make it faster and flexible with the right proportion of security and robustness!!

Have you used or using any of these mobile automation testing tools? Which tool do you think is the best?

In our next tutorial in the mobile testing series, we will discuss more on Appium Tutorial.

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  1. Hi,
    I have come to know that MonkeyTalk is no longer present, can you confirm it, because it was one hell of the best automation tool for everyone and easy to use as well.

    Please let me know through this comment reply.

  2. The description of Reflector is a little bit misleading. I use it as a tool for mirroring ios and android devices to desktop, so that I can record screencasts of bugs

  3. I find your description is inaccurate for some items. For example, a listed tool/service being open source when it is not, or listed as free when it is not. Specific examples: Testin, Ranorex, Reflector, and I noticed on Adobe site they mentioned that Adobe Edge Inspect is no longer actively developed.

  4. We have created a tool called Bugfender that it’s a really good companion to all testing tools mentioned here.
    It will help you to find bugs while testing your app on these tools.

  5. We haven’t completely decided yet on our automation tool. But we are using Perfecto as our mobile lab. We also have enterprise UFT. Is there anyone else out there using UFT in Perfecto?

  6. Very informative article related to the various mobile testing tools. Apart from all these tools, I would like to add the tool named TestingWhiz. This is a code-less test automation tool which provides various testing solutions related to web, database, mobile, etc. This tool provides mobile test automation solutions to help you verify and validate the functioning of mobile apps in a continuous integration workflow.

  7. Find it very strange the HPE’s Mobile Center did not make the list!?!? Check out this website to see all of the cool, state of the art, latest and greatest functionality available through this solution: This is the absolute best solution for testing iOS, Android and Windows based mobile devices! Simplicity, scalability and integration capabilities and just a few of the many awesome and powerful features. I dare you to go check it out now!

  8. This is a huge list of Mobile Automation tool. A person can’t learn could you please advice which are the one which are going to be market leaders in coming decades.

  9. Hi,
    Mobile Testing falls in following categories: In this module, there is a spelling mistake of TESTING you people made Resting instead of Testing in “Interruption Testing”.

    Mohana Kumari.

  10. Hi,

    We at Testunity provide on-demand testing services for Mobile Apps and Websites. We are having pool of 1200+ experienced testers. Looking forward to connect with you for all kind of Mobile Apps/Website testing requirements.

  11. This is an immense rundown of Mobile Automation device. A man can’t learn would you be able to please exhortation which is the one which will be showcase pioneers in coming decades.

  12. The exceptionally useful article identified with the different portable testing instruments. Aside from every one of these apparatuses, I might want to include the instrument named TestingWhiz. This is a code-less test computerization instrument which gives different testing arrangements identified with the web, database, portable, and so on. This instrument gives versatile test computerization answers to enable you to check and approve the working of portable applications in a constant reconciliation work process.

  13. List is Helpful

    Make sure It is that the websites are not redirecting to invalid links

    This mentioned link is point to some adult website Kindly Correct

    #40) mobi (Android and iOS)

    Mobile App Distribution 1

    This tool is for app distribution, bug tracking, crash reporting and visual feedback
    Supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phones
    It is commercial tool provides cloud service

    Download Link: mobi

  14. Great list. Helped me a lot during my work on my applications. Just to say that you paid so little attention to security testing though it’s very important now for any app and any developer. You mentioned Applause. Great, but there is a great free online tool for testing app security – I used it many times and just wanted to share with you, folks. Keep it up. Great work you do for the community. Respect.

  15. Even though it says this list was updated on Sept 8, 2019, it seems outdated.
    Micro Focus Mobile Center is by far one of the best tools out there for mobile testing and it is not in the list

  16. I would like to suggest including MMECS ADB-WebUI mobile application testing tool.
    It is the fastest mobile test generation tool available and requires no coding. Simple
    intuitive interface designed for use by non-SDET testers. It also is usable for unit,
    integration, and acceptance testing.

  17. “Top 15” and “Best” in “Top 15 Best Mobile Testing Tools” both suggest there is some sort of metric applied to either quantitatively or qualitatively compare various tools. This ‘best of’ is nothing more than an attempt to exhaustively list available products in the space. This article is misleading and of very little use.

  18. Anyone using bot-based solutions like Mobot for usability testing? I’d like to learn more about this type of solution.


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