11 BEST Culture Amp Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

This tutorial reviews and compares the top Culture Amp Alternatives and Competitors with pricing to help you select the best Alternative to Culture Amp per your requirement:

Culture AMP is widely known for its culture and people management capabilities. In fact, it is quite revered in industry circles for the unique user experience it offers. The software excels when it comes to driving employee engagement, understanding employee sentiments, and helping employees develop new skills as they work towards accomplishing organizational goals.

The software is easy to use and comes with flexible pricing plans that make it ideal for all types of businesses. Its incessantly growing customer base testifies to the success it enjoys across the globe.

However, Culture AMP isn’t a perfect tool for performance management. As preferences and tastes vary, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

So it is only natural to be privy to the existence of tools that share Culture AMP’s DNA but deliver an altogether different experience. Fortunately, competent people/performance tools aren’t rare in today’s technology-driven environment. There are tons of tools, both new and old, that not only match Culture AMP regarding the quality of services rendered but also surpass it in many crucial aspects.

Top Culture Amp Alternatives

Culture Amp Alternatives

The best Culture AMP alternative will understand people better, create a healthy culture of feedback, help people develop new skills, and keep them motivated.

In this article, we will look at 11 such tools that we believe are some of the best alternatives to Culture AMP being widely used today. We will dive deep into each of their features, learn about the price they charge and ultimately let you decide whether a tool best suits your business’s professional requirements or not.


  • Culture AMP is known for its clean and user-friendly interface. So a good alternative to the aforementioned software must also possess a clean, attractive, and clutter-free interface that is easy to use.
  • The software must help with performance management by offering features such as goal tracking, 360-degree feedback, and automated reminders.
  • The software must facilitate learning management by offering features such as 1-on1’s, skills assessments, and multi-media coaching.
  • The software must provide users with robust, flexible, and comprehensive reports that are data-driven and help with decision-making.
  • The software must allow integration with third-party applications.
  • Make sure the price mentioned is clear, flexible, and does not exceed your organization’s budget.

Fact Check: According to a study conducted by Globoforce trying to determine key workforce management challenges, 47% of the manager’s study claimed employee retention and turnover to be a major challenge they face. On the other hand, 34% of the managers listed culture management to be their biggest challenge.

Globoforce survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What kind of tool is Culture AMP?

Answer: Culture AMP is an employee/culture management tool that aims to simplify the processes associated with managing people hired by an organization. Such tools are often employed to evaluate performance, drive employee engagement, and understand how employee goals can be aligned with that of the organization.

Q #2) What are some of the most prominent features offered by tools like Culture Amp?

Answer: Performance management, conducting engagement surveys, feedback management, applicant tracking, and employee coaching are some of the most prominent features offered by tools like Culture Amp.

Q #3) How much do tools like Culture AMP cost?

Answer: Tools like Culture AMP do not reveal their prices up-front. They follow a flexible pricing model that normally depends on how many employees an organization hires. The price can start from $5 per employee and go as high as $200/per employee.

Q #4) How does a people management tool manage data obtained from employees?

Answer: Most cloud-based people management tools use a centralized database to securely store vital employee data. This data can be accessed by managers anytime, from any device. The data is also used to design reports that aim to give actionable insights pertaining to employee performance and organizational health.

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List of the Best Cultural AMP Alternatives

Here is the list of popular Alternatives to Culture Amp:

  1. Trakstar (Recommended)
  2. Reviewsnap
  3. PerformYard
  4. Bambee
  5. QuestionPro
  6. Leapsome
  7. Glint
  8. Lattice
  9. Engagedly
  10. Officevibe
  11. 15 Five
  12. Qualtrics EXM
  13. TINYpulse
  14. SurveyMonkey

Comparing Some of the Best Cultural AMP Competitors

NameBest ForFees Ratings
TrakstarEnd-to-End Cloud-Based People ManagementContact for PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
ReviewsnapA simple, customizable, and automated performance management platform.Get a quoteStar_rating_5_of_5
PerformYardFlexible and streamlined performance management solution.From $5-$10 per employee per month.Star_rating_5_of_5
BambeeAssistance from Dedicated HR ProfessionalStarts at $99/monthStar_rating_5_of_5
QuestionProEasy migration of employee data from Culture AMPFree plan available with limited features, $85/month for advanced plan, 10-day free trial availableStar_rating_3.5_of_5
Leapsome Full-Service HR managementRequest Custom Price Quote, Starts at $7 per user, per month Star_rating_4.5_of_5
GlintFully Integrated Platform for Employee EngagementContact for PricingStar_rating_4_of_5
LatticeDriving employee engagementContact for pricingStar_rating_4_of_5

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Let us review the list of the best Culture Amp Alternatives in detail.

#1) Trakstar (Recommended)

Best for fully integrated cloud-based Performance/People management.


Trakstar is easy to use fully automated people/performance management platform. It harbors tons of advanced features that together simplify the processes associated with employee management and performance evaluation. You can handle an employee’s entire lifecycle within the firm using Trakstar.

The software boasts of an intuitive applicant tracking system that allows HR managers to source only the best candidates for the job. It also benefits new employees by providing them with the means to easily onboard themselves.

Trakstar also provides users with a plethora of customization options that personalize the process of performance reviews. It can create a company-wide culture of feedback. The software also facilitates automatic reminders to ensure raters give their feedback to employees in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the software also helps devise training programs that help employees improve their performance or develop new skills. Managers can employ multimedia coaching tools in the form of video/audio tutorials and text documents to help employees improve.

Managers can also conduct pulse and engagement surveys to uncover vital information pertaining to employee sentiments. The revealed information can help managers make rational decisions.


  • 360-degree feedback
  • Multimedia coaching
  • Applicant tracking
  • Customizable performance reviews
  • Conduct Pulse and Engagement surveys
  • Data-driven reporting and analysis

Verdict: Trakstar should satisfy users that seek to simplify their people management process, right from onboarding to eventual employee exit. It combines multiple imperative features in a single intuitive tool to deliver a convenient culture/performance management experience to both managers and employees. Trakstar is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Culture AMP.

Free Demo Available

Price: Pricing based upon the number of employees an organization harbors. The more employees a business has, the less it pays per employee. You can contact Trakstar to know more about how much it will cost you.

#2) Reviewsnap

Best for a simple, customizable, and automated performance management platform.


Reviewsnap is a web-based performance management software that is flexible, easy to use, and fully automated. It is suitable for organizations of any size and type. It has all the capabilities for small & medium-sized businesses to replace their paper-based performance management processes with the online performance management system.


  • Reviewsnap has a feature of note-taking that is helpful for the feedback between managers and employees.
  • It provides the features of e-signatures, automatic email notifications & archiving, etc.
  • You will get unlimited job-specific templates with Reviewsnap.
  • The tool increases employee engagement through 360 Degree Feedback.
  • The statistics dashboard will show you real-time data.

Verdict: Reviewsnap is a simple, customizable, and fully automated performance management platform. It has an easy-to-use interface.

Price: Reviewsnap follows a quote-based pricing model. It provides the solution with an affordable 3-tiered pricing structure. You can request a live demo.

#3) PerformYard

Best for Flexible and streamlined performance management solutions.


PerformYard is a web-based performance management solution that focuses on the individual needs of each organization.

The solution allows for customized review cadences, 360 feedback, continuous feedback, goal setting, and various other modern performance management tools. However, PerformYard is easily customized to use any or all of these tools as the organization sees fit.

Managers and employees are presented with a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to use and allows for efficient review completion and sign-off. PerformYard reduces the stress and wastefulness of the review admin and gives time back to the organization to focus on performance and people.

PerformYard provides dedicated customer success managers for every customer to manage them from onboarding to employee training, to ongoing support regardless of company size.


  • Fully customizable review structure and timing.
  • 360 feedback, continuous feedback, and goal setting.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to all customers regardless of size.
  • Intuitive dashboard layout to easily determine review cycle progress at a glance.
  • Integrates with most major HRIS/Payroll systems including ADP, BambooHR, Gusto, Rippling, UKG, Paycom, Workday, and Paylocity.

Pricing: From $5-$10 per employee per month.

#4) Bambee

Best for Assistance from Dedicated HR Professional.


Bambee makes it to my list of Culture Amp alternatives for one major reason. Hiring Bambee as your HR management partner, allows you to seek help from some of the best HR managers in the industry. These HR managers can help train your employees, take actions to fill HR gaps, create custom HR policies, and update existing HR policies. 

You can also rely on Bambee to make sure employee onboarding and termination take place in accordance with labor laws. Besides this, Bambee also excels at guided payroll management. It ensures employees are paid accurately and on time while complying with existing wage and hour regulations. 


  • Employee Training and Coaching
  • Guided Payroll Management
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Creating Custom HR Policies

Verdict: Bambee’s in-house team of expert HR professionals is what helps it earn a place on our list of Culture Amp alternatives. Bambee acquaints you with an HR solution that helps you stay compliant with existing policies and government regulations. 

Price: Starts at $99/month

#5) QuestionPro

Best for easy migration of employee data from Culture AMP.


QuestionPro is a great alternative to Culture AMP for people management solutions that emphasize employee engagement. It allows managers to design, manage and analyze surveys with the help of multiple ready-made question types, logic, and personalized branding tools. It provides users with a data-rich dashboard resulting from conducted surveys, the contents of which can be harnessed by managers to make important decisions.

Apart from featuring a fully customizable survey-creating function, the software can also help simplify the process of performance evaluation and create a company-wide culture of feedback. If you’ve been using Culture AMP and want to switch to QuestionPro with all your previous data intact, then you can do so by migrating the employee data you’ve gathered throughout the years into your new QuestionPro account.


  • Fully customizable surveys
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Create performance reviews
  • Real-time reporting and analysis

Verdict: If you’ve been an avid user of Culture AMP and seek change, then QuestionPro is the right tool for you. You can easily migrate all the data you’ve gathered from Culture AMP into QuestionPro without a hassle. We recommend this tool to design surveys that feel more personalized. Plus! You can subscribe to this tool’s services at half the price of what you would’ve paid for a basic Culture AMP plan.

Price: Free plan available with limited features, $85/month for Advanced plan, 10-day free trial available

Website: QuestionPro

#6) Leapsome

Best for full-service HR management.


Leapsome is an all-in-one performance management tool that provides tons of features that simplify processes associated with employee evaluation and engagement. It aims to align employee goals with that of the organization by handling major functions throughout an employee’s life cycle.

You can use Leapsome to set goals and track their progress in real-time via a visually comprehensive dashboard. Moreover, the tool can create an organization-wide culture of feedback, thanks to its 360-degree/multi-rater feedback system. It is also quite efficient in conducting surveys that reveal key actionable insights. The information can be used to drive employee engagement and reduce the company’s turnover rate.


  • Goal setting and tracking
  • 360-Degree feedback
  • Conduct engagement surveys
  • Real-time reporting and analysis

Verdict: Leapsome is a great tool to have in place to help employees develop and stay motivated while sharing a common goal with the organization they serve. It establishes robust communication channels across the entire organization to ensure employees and managers understand each other clearly. It is a great Culture AMP competitor if you seek a tool that incorporates several key functions associated with the management of employees and company culture.

Free Demo Available

Price: Request custom price quote, Starts at $7 per user per month

Website: Leapsome

#7) Glint

Best for a fully integrated platform for Employee Engagement.


Glint positions itself as a people’s success platform that emphasizes employee engagement and development. It allows managers to implement customizable survey programs that give clear insights into employee sentiments in real-time. These programs can be implemented to span an employee’s entire life cycle.

The software also presents a relatively more modern approach to employee development by facilitating 360, 180, and anytime feedback. Managers can later access such diverse and holistic feedback to understand their employee’s core strengths, development areas, and who the top performers are.

Glint really excels with its visual representation of employee data. Data gathered from surveys or feedback is presented in a way that helps with rational decision-making. The software integrates seamlessly with your existing HRMS system.


  • Conduct engagement surveys
  • Create coaching programs
  • Multi-rater feedback
  • Visually arresting reporting on employee data

Verdict: Glint can seamlessly integrate with your existing HR management system to make the processes associated with employee engagement and performance evaluation more simple. It is a great tool to launch scheduled customizable surveys and help devise coaching programs that help employees improve.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Glint

#8) Lattice

Best for driving employee engagement.


Lattice is a people management platform that is more focused on driving employee engagement above anything else. You can design, manage and launch scheduled surveys that aim to uncover key insights into the sentiments employees harbor throughout their time in the organization. The resulting data can be harnessed to implement programs intended to keep employees motivated and happy.

The software also offers a list of intuitive features that simplify the process of performance management considerably. You can establish a multi-rater feedback system, set up 1-on1’s and track goals in real-time using Lattice. Ultimately, Lattice presents the employee data as it gathers in a comprehensive and visually arresting format.


  • Schedule and conduct engagement surveys
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • 1-on-1’s
  • 360-degree feedback

Verdict: Lattice excels when it comes to creating customizable surveys that reveal information important to drive engagement and retain top performers. The software is also visually impressive, presenting data pertaining to employee performance and feedback comprehensively.

Free Demo Available

Price: Request for pricing

Website: Lattice

#9) Engagedly

Best for consistent performance management.


Engagedly is a full-service alternative to Culture AMP that facilitates continuous performance management. It does so by essentially letting the process span an employee’s entire life cycle, right from their onboarding to eventual retirement.

It arms managers with the tools needed to conduct regular performance reviews and skill assessments to keep track of an employee’s performance throughout their career.

Engagedly is also best known for establishing OKR’s and tracking their progress in real-time. It also employs frequent check-ins and a 360-degree feedback system to enable a more diverse and holistic approach to employee evaluation.


  • 360-degree feedback management
  • Real-time OKR tracking and setting
  • Skills assessment
  • Conduct engagement surveys

Verdict: Engagedly helps establish a performance management system that runs continuously at the behest of the organization. It performs several critical functions that together help employees grow and work towards accomplishing organizational goals assigned to them.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Engagedly

#10) OfficeVibe

Best for team building and collaboration.


OfficeVibe takes a slightly different approach to performance management as it focuses more on team building. However, the fundamental purpose of the tool is similar to Culture AMP. It wants to create a consistent culture of feedback to help organizations better understand and manage their employees.

It helps managers collaborate with other hiring managers and recruitment specialists in the organization to source the best candidates for their team. You can also use OfficeVibe to conduct 1-on-1’s or pulse surveys that aim to strengthen the relationship between managers and employees. It is also a great tool to set goals and track their progress in real-time through a comprehensive dashboard.


  • Peer reviews and feedback
  • Set and track goals
  • Set 1-on-1’s
  • Conduct pulse surveys

Verdict: OfficeVibe offers a slew of advanced features like 360-degree feedback, pulse surveys, goal setting, and 1-on-1’s helping managers hire, manage and retain employees for their organizations. It is a great tool to have if you seek automation tools that help with smooth team-building.

Price: 14-day free trial, Free Plan available, $4/month per user Premium plan

Website: OfficeVibe

#11) 15 Five

Best for performance reviews and employee engagement.


15 Five arms its users with a plethora of advanced features that automate and simplify processes associated with employee engagement and performance evaluations. The user experience while undertaking these operations is further exalted by its attractive and user-friendly UI.

It helps set up a multi-rater feedback system wherein peers and managers can share their feedback with employees. The software ensures employees receive feedback in a timely manner with the help of automated reminders.

Apart from this, 15 Five also helps conduct pulse surveys that reveal important information pertaining to employee sentiments. The collected data is presented in comprehensive reports that promote strategic decision-making.


  • 360-degree feedback
  • Conduct engagement surveys
  • Customize performance reviews
  • Data-driven reporting and analysis

Verdict: 15-Five offers a tool that performs employee reviews, drives engagement, and sets goals, all in a single user-friendly software. It is further complemented in its robust functioning with an interface that is clean and attractive to look at.

Price: $7 per month per user for the Basic plan, $14 per month per user for Plus plan.

Website: 15Five

#12) Qualtrics EXM

Best for AI-driven analytics and advanced IO Psychology.

Qualtrics EXM

Qualitrics EXM claims to be a tool designed to enhance employee experience. One look at its features and you realize this claim is true. The software helps establish a 360-degree feedback system wherein employees can collect feedback from peers and managers alike.

It also helps conduct surveys that reveal true employee sentiments, the contents of which can be harnessed to improve employee experience and keep them motivated throughout their run. The tool also enables frontline action and strategic transformation by arming managers with AI-driven tools.

Equipped with advanced statistical and human language tools, the software helps managers tackle problems before they affect a company’s work culture.


  • 360-degree feedback
  • AI-driven analytics
  • Conduct surveys
  • Optimize onboarding process

Verdict: Qualitirics EXM is a unique tool as it is the only software on this list that is advanced enough to employ AI-driven analytics to help enhance employee experience. This, combined with multi-rater feedback, onboarding/exit optimization, and other capabilities, makes it one of the best alternatives to Culture AMP.

Free Demo Available

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Qualitirics EXM

#13) TINYpulse

Best for Employee Engagement and feedback.


TINYpulse is an employee management tool with features that drive employee engagement and help customize performance reviews. The software makes it possible for employees to receive and deliver anonymous feedback in real-time. You can also set up a 360-degree feedback system that creates a company-wide culture of feedback.

The tool especially excels in the survey department. Users get tons of science-backed templates to choose from to design surveys. The tool also drives engagement by publicly rewarding and recognizing an employee’s efforts. The software also helps establish 1-on-1’s and skill assessment programs to help employees improve.


  • 360-degree feedback
  • Tons of science-backed questions and survey templates to choose from.
  • Use rewards and recognition to drive engagement
  • Skills assessment to create coaching programs

Verdict: TINYpulse is a great Culture AMP competitor if you seek a tool that creates a company-wide feedback mechanism and drives engagement with customizable surveys. The tool is easy to operate and caters to the needs of both small and large teams alike due to its flexible pricing model.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: TINYpulse

#14) Survey Monkey

Best for free online survey tool.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is widely popular as a free online survey tool. However, few know of its performance management capabilities. You can use the tool to design fully customizable surveys to drive employee engagement. There are tons of questions to choose from when creating a survey.

You can also establish a 360-degree feedback system wherein both peers and managers can share their feedback with an employee. This helps in keeping employees motivated while also helping them overcome roadblocks in their performance. Apart from this, the software can also be employed to conduct market research and customer surveys as well.


  • Conduct engagement surveys
  • Multiple survey templates to choose from
  • 360-Degree feedback
  • Data-rich reporting

Verdict: Survey Monkey is a popular market research and customer survey tool that also features an impressive engagement driving system. It equips users with multiple survey templates that help managers ask effective questions with the aim of uncovering true employee sentiments. Its feedback management feature is also easy to use and gives the results one desires with regard to performance evaluation.

Price: Starting $25/user/month

Website: Survey Monkey


Culture AMP is undoubtedly one of the best tools we have when it comes to driving employee engagement and efficiently managing an organization’s culture. It is excellent when solving issues pertaining to performance management, thanks to its expert researching capabilities.

Although it caters to all types of businesses and offers almost all features vital for the efficient management of employees, it may not cater to everyone’s sensibilities. Some may not like its UI, others may not agree with its price.

Fortunately, there are a number of great people/performance management tools that can qualify as ideal alternatives to Culture AMP. All the above-mentioned tools harbor features that not only offer the same features as Culture AMP but in many ways also provide a better user experience than the aforementioned software.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for an end-to-end people management tool that helps drive employee engagement with customizable pulse surveys, then look no further than Trakstar. For a tool that specializes in engagement surveys, you can either opt for Lattice or QuestionPro.

Research Process

  • We spent 12 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what Culture AMP alternative will best suit you.
  • Total Culture AMP Alternatives Researched – 25
  • Total Culture AMP Alternatives Shortlisted – 11
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