Write and Earn Author Jobs – Freelance Work From Anywhere Job

If you are good at writing and creating self-learning text or video tutorials and courses then we have the best opportunity for you!

You can work with us on various part-time freelancing work opportunities as a author and earn decent side income (even by working few hours per week). If you are willing to spend more time you can earn even more.

You just need to share your expertise as we already have the platform of 2 million+ monthly readers.

Work Opportunities:

You can work from anywhere, anytime on the following opportunities:

1) Write tutorial courses
Plan the topic based on your areas of expertise and write series of tutorials on it. It could be any broad topic divided into small tutorials. We generally pay from $100 to $2000 per course (text tutorials from 5 to 20) that you create.

2) Write Articles
Plan the article topic and write a tutorial on it. Share your expertise/skills, plan article outline and cover detailed tutorials in the range of 1000 to 4000 words as per the guidelines shared by us. We generally pay from $20 to $100 per tutorial.

3) Create Video Tutorials
Plan the topic and create video tutorial as per the guidelines.


1. Which topics should I write?
You can suggest topics based on your areas of expertise. It can be any technical or non-technical topic where you have hands-on experience.

2. What is the payment process?
Payment will be done via online bank transfer or Paypal. You will be paid weekly for the work you complete.

3. How much Can I earn?
Rest assured that the rate per article or per course will be the best in industry. You can even earn more based on your content quality and experience level.

4. Do you have other work opportunities?
Yes, we provide other work like online course instructor, project work etc. to our authors only.

How Do I Apply?

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